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Second Corinthians: Unlocking the Scriptures for You

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This nontechnical commentary on Second Corinthians analyzes the continued problems the church in Corinth faced. It provides a look into the historical, cultural, and religious contexts surrounding the epistle, and illustrates how the message of First Corinthians is still contemporarily relevant in today’s churches.

Top Highlights

“One of the marks of Christian spirituality and maturity is that a Christian has matured to the place of being a humble servant to others.” (Page 69)

“(3) We have peace with the world. While life may pr” (Page 22)

“Paul contrasted the powerful with the powerless and the temporary with the permanent. The ‘jars of clay’ is a symbol for the Christian. A jar of clay was a crackable, fragile, and inexpensive vessel. In one sense, Christians are ‘crackpots.’ Inside of these fragile vessels is God’s greatest treasure. Imagine it! God’s diamonds stored in cereal boxes!” (Page 70)

“Every individual needs a purpose beyond himself in order to find fulfillment as a human being. God’s mercy gives that to us. Christians are not saved to sit, but saved to serve.” (Page 65)

“Gentleness comes from meekness. Gentleness means the ability to put up with unbearable situations. It means consideration for others.” (Page 160)


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    Digital list price: $9.45
    Save $2.46 (26%)