• Look out! This is one of those buy two now, get four later deals. As many of you know, this is produced by the same publisher as the Evangelical Exegetical Commentaries (EEC) which was originally offered for sale as early as 2010 and still has less than 1/3 of its titles published (13 of 44) eleven (11) years later despite promises to purchasers to produce earlier. Please note that the FOUR unpublished, forthcoming books are scheduled for release as follows: Pentateuch. 2021 Historical Books, vol 1. 2022 Historical Books, vol 2. 2022 Poetry & Prophecy. 2023 Please note these four titles do not even have a list price yet; they have not yet been written. They are in development. Just letting you know so there are no bad feelings if there are several years out before they are actually released. I have the two available copies and they are EXCELLENT. WHEN the new titles are released I'm sure they will also be EXCELLENT! Just want you to be able to temper your expectations.
    1. So the forthcoming books included in the Bundle price, right? You buy 6 volumes but only get the 2 that are currently available and then you slowly get the other 4 as they are being released?
    2. Just to inform you, the Pentateuch volume and both the Historical Books volumes are fully written and submitted to Logos/Lexham. Currently the Poetry & Prophecy volume is 2/3 written and edited, with an essay submission deadline of 7/1/21, so I am quite confident the volume will be fully written and edited before Thanksgiving.
  • I am very interested in this series but have several observations and unanswered questions I'm hoping FAITHLIFE/LOGOS staff can help me with. I posted here in hopes it might help others in my same predicament. It appears the first volume of this series (Ezra & Nehemiah, Lamentations, and Philemon) published for download by Logos as early as 2011--8 years ago. Today, it appears only about 23% of this series is complete and ready for download: 8 entire volumes (18%) and 4 partial volumes (Song of Songs, Lamentations, Philemon & Jude are available) (5%) of the 44 titles in this series. It appears only about 20% of the series has some level of production activity associated with it today: 4 of the incomplete partial volumes (Ecclesiastes, Jeremiah, Colossians, and 2 Peter) are surely being written since half of each of these volumes is already available for download; 4 of the 44 titles seem to be "in writing" and 3 of the 44 titles seem to be "In Review with Series Editors." Concerningly, eight years after the first volumes published in this series, 25 of the 44 titles (57%) seem to have no production activity affiliated with them at all: 21 have writers that have been designated; Proverbs, Jeremiah, Romans, 2 Corinthians, and James do not have writers designated yet. I am concerned about paying $999.99 now for series that is only 23% available after eight (8) years of production and with only 20% of the titles currently with some level of production activity. That leaves over half (57%) of the series with no production activity at all. Could you please provide guidance as to how you are billing (perhaps as a pre-pub when each title is published or as a current series release as a collection price with the full amount due today), when this entire 44 volume series will be available for download from LOGOS and if you would anticipate any future price changes before the series is fullly released? This information (billing method, timeline and possible future price changes) would be very helpful in determining a purchase/investment strategy. Thanks for your help and guidance!
    1. If it 8 more years for the next one I will be in my 80's.
    2. It would fair and is expected by the buyers of the EEC, to be periodically informed about the progress of the realization of the missing books. When I bought the commentary, there was for every book an estimated date for the availability. These information disappeared and never updated. Is that an honest way to treat the customers? Other companies would inform and if necessary offer a money back possibility. I also belong to the older customers. I expect a clear answer to this situation. Sandro
    3. Brad Bardin wrote 9 months ago: "You are right to be concerned. I was one of those who purchased it when it first came out for $1000. It is the worst use of money I have ever made in Logos. Over the years dates were promised for release of books then mysteriously removed." When it first came out in 2011 the price was $699.99 (plus tax). The current price appears to be $999.99, though.
  • Is this resource in English or Chinese? I am interested in the English version.
    1. Thanks Joe for your help. The collection is pricier than what I'd like to do. Maybe it will be released in English as a monograph someday. Again, thanks a lot for responding and giving me some direction; I really appreciate that!