• The new interlinear function is a great tool! I had asked for something similar to this in both UserVoice and the forums, but never seemed to get much interest. I have a few suggestions/questions, not bug reports: The documentation says that NT texts with interlinears are compatible with this dataset. Is there a reason why the new Vulgate interlinear isn't supported? Can you please include a standard Print/Export function so we can export the aligned columns to an Excel spreadsheet? Or at least support copying/pasting the columns into correct spreadsheet format? Can you please remove the translations that are not compatible with the dataset from the translation input field? Thanks for your hard work!
    1. Hi Brian. The comparisons are actually curated a bit, and we've only presently looked at comparisons English editions of the New Testament that also have reverse interlinear data. The information contained in the new Vulgate reverse interlinear was not available to us while curating (it's that new!), but including this information is on our list of ways to further improve textual comparison. I'll file reports of the other two issues you mention (export/print/copy/paste and the translation list).
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