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    May 24 2020 -
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    ReadBetter Together
    Connecting People with People
    A Breath of Fresh Air

    Last Sunday while at Drive-In Church, Rhonda Strange and family enjoyed the beautiful morning as they sat in lawn chairs between the two family vehicles.

    With the current guidelines for social distancing relaxing a bit, people are allowed to get out of their cars to stand or sit near their vehicles. There are still guidelines in place about not mingling between families and staying the same 6 feet apart, but this new freedom is a breath of fresh air.

    Please only sit together as families if you leave your car. We are trying to be respectful of the guidelines we are asked to follow. We appreciate everyone's help in this matter!

    See you Sunday!

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      May 10 2020 -
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      May 17 2020 -
    3. Blessed because of the Fort 🥰🥰
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        ReadWhat Happens Next?
        Are we ready yet? Are we?
        What's Changing?

        Restrictions are slowly lifting on how we meet and gather together. You may even know of some churches who have fully opened their doors to their congregations.

        Choosing to err on the side of caution, we are not rushing to re-enter the church building, but we are working out the details and taking the necessary steps so that when we do, we will have taken every precaution to keep us all safe.

        We plan to finish out the month of May (the 17th, 24th, & 31st) with Drive-In Church and then will communicate to you our plans for the first Sunday in June.

        Please continue to join us on Sundays in the parking lot and invite your friends!

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          May 10 2020 -
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          ReadChanging Times
          How Long?!
          When Will We Meet Back in the Building?

          We promise, we're excited, too! As quickly as we would like to return to normal, our first priority is to keep everyone safe and well.

          Pastor Jim has been working closely with local authorities on a return plan. Please be patient, as we prefer to err on the side of caution.

          In the meantime, Drive-In Church is still on! See you Sunday!

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            May 3 2020 -
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            ReadIt's a Learning Process
            Practice Makes Perfect
            Security Team

            If you've been to The Fort Ministry's Drive-In Church, you know that our top-notch Security Team has been working hard to keep us in compliance with local authorities and guidelines during COVID-19.

            Please make their job easier and stay in your car the whole time you are with us. We are restricted to 10 people outside of their cars and our current team makes up all 10 people. If you get out of your car, you put us in violation of Wyoming Statewide Public Health Order #2, and the Mills Police can shut us down.

            In addition, the security team asks that you follow their parking lot directions both when you arrive and when you leave

            Give these hard working guys a big "Thank You!" for all they do when you see them.

            (Photo used by permission of Dan Capeda, Oil City News)