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    Proverbs 31:28 "Her children rise up and call her blessed..."

    Crisis Care Kits – Items Needed

    We are continuing to gather items for the Crisis Care Kits that we will take with us to the Annual District Assembly in June. The Nazarene Church ships these kits around the world to help people in times of crisis.

    This week we are asking for hand towels (not wash clothes like pictured). They can even be dish towels as they are usually much cheaper to purchase.

    We appreciate those who have contributed thus far and thank you in advance for your generosity.

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      Thank you to all who served!

      Last Sunday, April 25th, 26 people from The Fort Ministry gathered after the 9:30 AM service to head out into the community of Mills to do yard cleanup. Three houses and the old Mills School were targeted for the cleanup of leaves and branches.

      It was hard work and between 80 and 100 industrial size garbage bags were filled to the brim, along with several truck loads of branches taken to the mulch pile.

      We are excited to continue to serve in this manner and will set up other community cleanup dates throughout the spring and summer.

      You can contact us if you would like to be a part of the next cleanup by emailing us with your contact info. to: connect@thefortministry.com.

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        Powerful Prayers | The Lord's Prayer | 9:30
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        ReadThis Sunday: Mills Community Cleanup
        Wear your work clothes to church!

        It is not too late to get involved in our first ever Mills Community Cleanup this Sunday following the 9:30 AM church service.

        Here's your chance to show up to church in your work clothes, ready to hit the streets of Mills to serve both the community and its people. We will gather together in the parking lot at 11:00 AM to receive our marching orders to begin the yard clean up around town at pre-selected homes.

        This has all come about because of the conversations we had last week with the new Mills Community Service Officers. We asked what we as a church could do to help this community in which we worship and they emphatically said, "Help with yard cleanup for those who struggle to do it themselves." So we answered the call

        and are excited to begin serving our church community starting this Sunday.

        Don't worry if you are not able to jump in to serve this Sunday as there will be other opportunities throughout the summer. And there will still be an 11:00 AM church service for those who want to attend. Children's Ministry will still be at 11:00 AM as well.

        If you have yard tools, please bring things like trimming shears, tarps to load up leaves and branches, and work gloves. We will not be mowing this early in the season, so lawn mowers are not necessary this go-around.

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          ReadCleaning Up the Neighborhood
          Abide, Acquire, ADVANCE!!

          Our First Community Clean-Up Project

          You may have heard us mention our meetings with officials of the City of Mills and our plans to work together to bless our community. One of the things we learned is that Mills has a lot of residents who, because of age or ability or income, are unable to comply with City Code in regard to keeping their properties clean and free of overgrowth. We would like to bless them by helping them clean up their yards!

          Beautifying Mills is a top goal for the city. It will foster a shared sense of pride in our community, making it a better place to live and bringing people together. We at The Fort have the resources to make that happen: You!

          On Sunday, April 25, we invite you to come to the 9:30 AM church service in your work clothes so that at 11:00 AM we can go out in teams to serve these folks who struggle to do the clean-up themselves. This is an example of what it means to "ADVANCE" as we step out and begin to serve those around us in need. Bring your gloves, rakes, trimmers, trucks, lawn movers and your servant hearts, and be ready to work HARD!

          There will still be an 11:00 AM service and Children's Ministry for those who do not wish to participate. And for those of you would rather participate another time, April 25 will be just the first of more community clean-up days to come.

          Please let us know if we can count on your help by emailing us at connect@thefortministry.com.