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    Hi all, I'm looking for a recommendation for a reputable and skilled auto mechanic. I am between mechanics and hoping to find someone who I can trust and is good with diagnostics and repairs since I am currently having some form of transmission issues with my wife's car. If anyone knows someone that is trustworthy (preferably a Christian or maybe even a part of the 2RC body if possible but neither a hard and fast requirement), that would be fantastic. Any recommendations would be helpful. Thanks!
    1. Great Christian auto mechanic; “Mercy J” Higley & McKellips area. 480-830-9445
    2. Salem Boys Auto on Warner Road in Tempe is where we take our vehicles. Also on their website they have recommendations for other auto repair shops that specialize in transmissions etc.
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    Hello church family! It’s feels kind of weird to be posting something promoting my ministry because that’s not my personality type at all, but God told me “what better place to spread the word about your ministry than the church?”So I want to be faithful to that and see what happens! I’ll try to keep it short.  My name is Nathan Oz and last year God led me into launching my very own missions based landscaping company named “Recovered Landscaping.” Specializing in clean up’s and landscape maintenance. “Recovered” because after a history of being “in recovery” to drugs, I am now fully “Recovered” by the blood of Christ. That is full and complete freedom from my past, with no desire to return to it or identify with it anymore.  “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a NEW creation; old things have passed away; behold, ALL things have become new. 2 Corinthians‬ ‭5:17‬ ‭NKJV‬‬  This for-profit ministry that God has started through my company has two missions: Mission #1: To work hard cultivating God’s wonderous land by magnifying its beauty for all to share in its glory. Mission #2: The ministry! 100% of our employees are completely sober and in drug/alcohol recovery. Employees are to be discipled into greater intimacy with the Father, learn their identity in Christ, and work to achieving the fully “Recovered” and abundant life Christ died for us to have. How can you help?  Great question! I am in the building phase of this still and could really use help spreading this message in hopes of acquiring more partners (properties) to bring God glory through. So, if you feel the Spirit leading you to help at all, a few ideas include but are not limited to; switching from your current landscaper to us, sending this business card/post to your friends and family, or sharing this post to social media. It would truly be a dream come true to landscape the home of and work beside all of you brothers and sisters. Thank you very much for your consideration and support.  With love, Nathan Oz💙
    1. Hi Nathan, this is Kathy Geraty with Coldwell Banker Realty. Please give me a call at +14804151704. I have a business contact for you.
  • I have a job lead for a PT and/or FT administrative assistant at a CPA firm in Mesa. The owner is a Christian.
    1. Hi Maisha, this is "Grandma Dier", How can I contact you? I may have someone who is looking for job. Love You, Diann
    2. You can email me at Maisha.hagan@gmail.com
    3. Hi Maisha, my friend Cheryl Amick will email you soon. Thanks and pray for her.
  • Good morning. I would like prayer for an upcoming open heart bypass surgery on August 30th. Prayers for my wife would be appreciated as well. Thanks ahead of time.
    1. I am having a nuclear stress test for my heart on Wednesday. I am trusting God that my heart valves are good. Please pray with me. Thanks!
      1. Thanks! Everything went well!
      2. Praise God! Thanks for the update
      3. Thank you Lord! Paula, thank you for the update.
    2. Please pray.

      Please pray for my vacation to the beach in CA next Wed. To Wed. We are staying with a friend in Pico Rivera. Thanks. Chip and Susan Coyne! Blessings
      1. Requesting prayers for my Brother Thomas as he undergoes Bypass Surgery of his legs to increase circulation.
        1. David & Ilsa, My thoughts and prayers are you with you and your family at this time. I am so sorry to hear of Thomas' passing. May the God of comfort be with you.
        2. I’m so sorry for your loss. I will be praying for you and your family.
        3. Richard & I offer you our sincere condolences. May you and your family know the comfort of our Lord through this terrible time.
      2. Praise God the murder of babies has ended. Millions of children will now live
        1. Praise God!
      3. Hi everyone! We are in need of VBS decor! If you have any decor to lend that would help give the feel of ancient Jerusalem, please drop off in Kerry/ Lyz's office (In the River). *Label bottom of items with your name using masking tape (so items can be returned). ITEMS such as: vases, baskets, blankets, clay pots... anything you can think of that would help make this look awesome for the kids! Text Kerry @ 847-877-3527 with any questions
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          Hello 2RC Family, Currently we have a high functioning male adult with Autism in urgent need of a room to rent. His current landlord is selling the home where he rents a room so he will be in need of a new residence very soon (within the next few weeks). He has stable employment through Fry's grocery store and can afford $500/month for his housing needs. He has faithfully paid his rent over the last several years. This young man has been part of our church community for many years and works closely with Pastor Tim. If you or someone you know would be able to assist, please contact Pastor Tim as soon as possible: timwerking@2rcaz.org God bless!