• Week 2, part 2 of #SabbathasResistance 1. How might we help those who have alternative schedules and may not be able to truly have a time of work-stoppage find rest? 2. Have you put any of this into practice? How has it gone?
    1. 1makes me think of working moms like you and my daughter. I try to help out with kids and occasionally give relief to her with a meal or a little cleaning. 2im trying to be more intentional about resting in Jesus. Maybe on my sabbath I need more devotional/reading time and less tv/social media time. I also have a devotional time every morning before I start my day which is a great way to rest in Jesus.
    2. Ugh, I feel like I can't answer either of these questions currently. 1. I think we can find ways to offer help and take something off their plates. I love what Diane said about simply helping with kids, cleaning, or cooking. I also think being a listening ear so they don't have to carry it all alone. I know this week I needed all the people around me that I could get. They couldn't necessarily do anything to remove the workload, but they were there and listened when I needed them, and gave lots of hugs. 2. Since I am just watching part 1, I have not put anything into practice, but I will. I haven't even been able to do my Bible study in the mornings, which also affects how the day starts. I have been making sure that I don't make phone calls on my way to school this week so I can simply be in the car, listening to the music and just spending time with God. And, maybe in the end, that I the time I make my Sabbath each day. It's the only time I can almost guarantee that nobody needs me.
    3. Love This thank u for Sharing
  • Welcome to week 2 of our study on Sabbath as Resistance. I look forward to being in conversation with you this week as we think about Sabbath as resistance to anxiety. #SabbathasResistance
    1. Sorry a bit slow responding. I love that you said resting could include things you do but enjoy. For example when I sew it gives me joy and rest however it may make some anxious. Now I need to work on my list.
    2. there is no such thing as being slow to respond in this type of study! It's 100% at your own pace. Blessings on list-making.
    3. Jacob says that we really liked this video. As for my thoughts/reflections, I clearly failed this week with my Sabbath. I said last week that Saturday afternoons would be my Sabbath, but I worked from about 5am-4:30pm today! It was a really rough week and nothing got done when it would have normally gotten done (for school). Then I would come home just emotionally exhausted and not do any of the home stuff. Now I am trying to play catch up with school stuff and I still have my college course work to finish! Thankfully, Bryant and the kids cleaned today, so that is one less thing! I do try to be intentional in what I do, but sometimes we just have those weeks that our out of our control. So I wasn't able to do it for an afternoon, but I did take a moment to listen to music and just pray. Now to make that list and be even more intentional next week!
  • Here is part 2 of the book study this week. Let's be in conversation! For the sake of our conversations: Sabbath is defined as a time of rest with God where you can take time to reset your thoughts, values, mindset to God's ways, not the ways of this world. 1. Pick one day that you could truly be at rest, or a half-day. What do you usually do that day/time and make a list of those activities? Make a pretty complete list. So if you pick Sunday, make a list of everything (even the small things) you do on Sundays most weeks. Underline the activities you find can be characterized at Sabbath restfulness for you. Circle the ones that are anxiety-inducing. (PS, make a real actual list on paper or in your phone/computer. Keep it for next week) 2. Share in reply to this post what you wish from this exercise and anything it may have taught you. 3. Pray for the person above you. #SabbathasResistance
    1. Sundays are days I try to make sabbath. I find I waste much time on devices and tv which isn’t really productive rest.
    2. This is something I am not good at! BUT, one of my goals for this year is to be healthier and part of that is giving myself time off-less working and spending more time with family. I think I will have to start gradually, so I am going to say Saturday afternoons will be my Sabbath. We usually spend Saturday mornings cleaning the house since things pile up during the week (with some intentionality, this could change). I am also the most productive in the morning so I try to get work done then.
    3. My plan is to have Sunday be my Sabbath. So far, not going as planned, so I am taking time on Sunday afternoon, last Sunday and today, to just sit....be it watching football, a nap in the recliner....unplug from the phone and the needs of others.
  • Welcome to our first virtual book study! Check out our first video and let's be in conversation! Then come back later this week and join in part 2 of the conversation. #SabbathasResistance
    1. This is interesting. Seems I rest a lot being retired but to rest in Jesus strikes me as something to be more intentional. Sundays growing up included going to church and family dinner and visiting grandparents. A day of rest. I think current working conditions may be similar to those in the Bible. Work more for same pay. Thanks for leading this pastor. May have to get this book.
    2. . It is a very good book- I got the audio book first and then had to get the paper copy! I am really struck by and pulled to thinking about how we rest in Jesus and how that looks different than just resting. I wonder too how can we, the church, be an intentional Sabbath community-- a place where people find that rest, if for a day or an hour?
    3. I agree with Diane that it definitely sounds intentional. I will be the first to admit that I am not good at resting. Like, I sit sometimes and sometimes I choose to do nothing on the weekends. In those moments, my body is resting, but my mind isn't. I am always thinking about what needs to be done or a way I could do something, etc. It's that invisible workload that gets talked about. I started a new devotional this year that focuses on simplicity, which obviously includes rest, and that has been a good reflection time for me each morning. I think I am most "at rest" and with Jesus when I am driving because then I am listening to the music and the word through music-it also helps that I get to see the amazing sunrises that God delivers each day. It is in those moments that I do the most praying as the songs always come on and speak to me in some way.
  • Hi all! I am currently reading this book and I am so impressed by it! It is so fantastic I have to share more with you and talk about it! I will talk some in my sermon on Sunday about it, but starting next week I am going to use this platform to lead a pop-up discussion group on it. You don't need to buy the book to join in, just pop on when you can and reflect with me!
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