• Excellent, another new member... I'd still like this group to somehow galvanise Faithlife to introduce a representative to the UK or to promote the product for UK users. Thoughts?
    1. Is anybody aware of whether Faithlife hire stalls at Christian bible festivals or music festivals eg. Spring Harvest, New Wine, Greenbelt etc? I'd love for a lot more UK users to have access to the resources that Logos offers, but I don't think I've ever seen them attempting to demonstrate their product in the UK.
      1. I've never seen one - but it's a while since I have been to such an event - needs a UK rep to make this happen I would think
      2. Would it be worth us requesting a UK Logos rep? Do you think it would be helpful to UK users? I can see, potentially, a lot of adult education functionality that could be possible were more people to sign up.
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    6. I've started loading up the accessible UK university undergraduate reading (and pre-reading) lists to Logos to try and get the work of more UK based theologians into Logos. It seems to me that the more UK users take advantage of the software, the more benefit we'll all gain from it. I'm more familiar with English universities and some bible colleges, but if you could all make suggestions re. Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish institutions to the Suggestions board, that would be great.
      1. When they discussed Logos at my college 2 years ago, it was felt that the libraries available simply didn't contain relevant material. Even the baptist faculty thought it was too American baptist. Since you wrote this ten months ago things have improved but we still don't have McGrath's Introduction, Newbigin, Webster, Church of England Liturgy, Bosch Transforming Mission, Church House Publishing etc. They are winning over students but they need to win over faculty by providing all the core texts. Also constantly suggesting people can get the benefits of original languages without learning them kinda puts real scholars off.
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