• Update: please pray for my son , he isn’t do good , he is still in ICU. He is receiving a blood transfusion now. They have tried to stabilize him . They wanted to wait until the whole surgical team was there , but they are preparing him for surgery please pray
    1. They admitted my son back to ICU. Requesting prayer please.
      1. Update my son is getting admitted back to university hospital. they haven’t come to a decision of the diagnosis yet requesting prayer
        1. Please pray for my son, Merida Jones they are calling a ambulance to take him to the ER
          1. Update Merida is holding own right now, still running a low grade temperature. Wait him for blood and urine cultures and other blood work to know the best antibiotic to treat him They removed one drain this morning. Plan is to stabilize him , send him home with Home health and heal while waiting to start chemo
            1. Requesting prayer for my son , Merida , they we’re taking him back to surgery , which was a bit ago, he was in holding when I got the message. I am broken. We need God to move
              1. Update on my son, doing better, they got him up in the chair today thanks for your prayers
                1. Update on my son, he was doing better last night when I left the hospital. But he was frustrated and getting a little aggressive with the doctor and nurses . He has a N/G tube , open abdominal incision, several drains, Foley catheter, ostomy , Oxygen , and several IV lines. This is frustrating to him, a person that’s never really been sick. This journey is frustrating. It is a repeat of his dads journey with cancer. Please continue to pray for him and for peace and patience in him
                  1. Praying!
                  2. Praying now! For all of y’all
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                  My son’s condition is declining please pray, I am trying to get to the hospital as fast as I can but the fog is bad
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                    Please pray for my son , they are moving him to ICU