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  • Please pray.

    Jovonne called. Jana appreciates the prayers and is at peace with what is happening. Perry is declining. His afib is back and he is on a heart drip. He is agitated and cannot carry on a conversation. He is in ICU and "guarded".
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      Saturday, November 21st  •  10 am – 5 pm
      1. For Food Pantry Got word yesterday that we will get turkeys on Wednesday, not sure of the time yet. I'm looking for a few strong bodies to help unload 120 turkeys. If you're able please let me know.
        1. Praise the Lord, I am home recovering, with a 6 week low activity order, but no new deficits! The biopsy went well and in about a week to two weeks I will know the next steps in my treatment plan. My mom is here through the weekend to help Christopher and I and big thank you to Jan for dinner last night, so we could settle in. Chris has gone to get my puppies so I’ll be so excited to get some snuggles in.
          1. this literally caught my breath this morning when I saw it! UBC is definitely my miracle during this time! Love you all so very much!
            1. Church services for October 25 and October 28 Please join us electronically for our church services on October 25 and October 28. We are responding for the safety of our church and community to a notification that an individual was on campus for a volleyball game and has tested positive for COVID-19. Our doors will be open, and if you join us in person, masks are needed. We encourage you to join us ONLINE via facebook or through our website @ utopiabaptist.faithlifesites.com/sermons . Please be in prayer for our school, our community, and our church as we prayerfully, faithfully and obediently, seek, share, and serve the kingdom of God and His righteousness in our efforts of evangelism and discipleship. May God be glorified!
              1. This is what Utopia ISD posted to facebook. October 22, 2020 Dear parents and community members, Utopia ISD has been notified of a positive case of COVID-19 within the community. The individual was on the Utopia campus for a Volleyball game. For the safety and well-being of the students, faculty, and community and in an effort to prevent any spread of the virus we will be closing school and suspending ALL school activities beginning today at 2:45 PM. Normal activities will resume on Tuesday, October 28th, 2020. School buses will run at their normal time that morning. This afternoon school buses will run at 3:00. If parents are unavailable to pick up their children at that time at school or when the bus drops them off administration will be staying at the school to facilitate a late pickup. The fall festival will be postponed until Saturday, October 31st, 2020. Other details concerning other school activities including sporting events will be forwarded as soon as they are available. While school is not in session custodial staff will perform a deep and thorough cleaning and disinfecting of all areas. If you have any questions please contact Superintendent Michael Derry via email at mderry@utopiaisd.net or phone at 830-966-1928. Thank you again for your understanding! Michael Derry Superintendent Utopia Independent School District
            2. Erica B. tested positive for covid this morning. She is relatively young with a young daughter. She is worried about her mom and also her best friend that is her roommate with health issues. Please be in prayer. (This is in response to a Facebook re-post of Prayer Meeting and Bible Study last evening.)
              1. From Chaplain Jack McCarty, Pastor McCarty's Dad and Chaplain at TDCJ Clements Unit, Amarillo. Please pray for incarcerated Billy. He is "doing the stuff" leading DBS's, training others, and DMC. He is praying, baptizing new believers, and leading against a dark tide. > His wife was attacked early Saturday morning by a man breaking into her home, trying to molest her. She doesn't know who it was even, but she is physically "fine, just bruised-up some." But "spiritually and emotionally broken." > She notified me by email before telling him, because she didn't want him "to go off!" God ministered to her, then I called Billy into the office so he could call her. > I told him that she had an incident, but was ok. We prayed together before we called her from my office on speakerphone. > Billy handled the call well, but the helplessness, the pain, the fear and love for his wife mixed with hard questions that come when we feel unjustly treated when we have been "serving You, Lord! Why did You let this happen?!?!" >  > God please speak and hug them close!! >  > Billy and his wife need an incredible experience of the Presence of the Lord like Peter must have had when he was chained in prison, before the angel released him. >  > Thank you!!! It’s good to have someone to call on when we need prayer!
                1. Update: God is indeed answering our prayers together! Billy and wife are experiencing the tangible and comforting presence of God. Keep praying please.
                2. Praying for Billy and his wife. For peace and comfort and spiritual health
              2. Please pray.

                Jack & Jovonne Calk family - Perry -Jack's brother - has Parkinsons and now has Covid. They have discovered potential heart damage. The medical team is trying to transfer him to San Antonio from Del Rio. Editha - Perry's wife - has dementia and is recovering from a broken hip in a facility in Del Rio. Jana - Perry and Editha's daughter - is their nurse and caretaker. She is at home with Covid and not able to care for her parents.
                1. Please pray.

                  Kelly is recovering from his procedure. He was alert and talking. He wasn't in pain. He should go home tomorrow.