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    Having been homeless since the first of May and on the streets since the 17th of June, the LORD has greatly enforced my walk for HIM!!! I'm fully aware of all that is going on around me, especially when it pertains to the BODY of CHRIST. Folks, truthfully I wish I wasn't led to say this(but must be obedient), but it is far from that which it should be. The only saving grace for the CHURCH, is the fact that GOD has planned it this way. We had best open our eyes, open our Bibles and open our hearts to the true calling upon us all !!!!!!!
  • If there was any time that I'd love to ask for donations, it'd be now. No power, little food, no internet to mange the ministry or business(One Tree Photos(sales on Facebook) and real close to losing the apartment!!! But the LORD has forbidden this ministry to "ask" for donations, so I WON'T!!! HE knows the needs and I'm well grounded in HIS faith. What HE says, I shall follow, come death do I part this world :{)))
    1. Praise the LORD!!! Having a ball with the adversary today. Not working for man(no income), but in a way this is a blessing. For with the main system going down this morning, I'm being blessed to do a "Recovery." If you don't know what that is, it a complete wiping of the system drive and rebooting of a recovery drive. Hence, losing ALL files that were on that hard drive :{))) That's part one. Plus I'm being blessed to redo the laptop's browser. Since Firefox needed to be updated and it didn't save any of my tabs(17 running always.) Am about halfway there at the moment!!! The hard drive(C) failed due to a bad cable and for some reason it locked it up!?! Replaced it with a new one which was on hand and then HAD to start the recovery process. That's been running for an hour and is a big 15% complete. Praise the LORD, it looks like it's going to be a looooonnnngggggg day :{)))
      1. Lessons for such a time as this: Ephesians 1:21 ~  far above every ruler and authority, power and dominion, and every title given,  n not only in this age but also in the one to come.(HCSB) Verse 21 describes the supremacy of Christ as the ruler over all powers; the text in Greek continues without a break from verse 20, “above every rule …” etc. Most translators will find it better to begin the verse with a new sentence, as TEV does. The four synonyms (RSV “rule … authority … power … dominion”) indicate spiritual powers which are here not primarily regarded as evil, but which simply exist. In Jewish thought these powers were viewed as angels, of which there were ranks and degrees, or as spirits (evil); in Greek thought they were seen as lesser gods and powers. The author here takes their existence for granted and does not argue about it. See a similar list in Colossians 1:16, where the words appear in the plural; of the four words used here in Ephesians 1:21, three of them are also in the Colossians passage; the only difference is that Colossians has “throne” (first word) and Ephesians has “power” (third word). It is good if translations will indicate, as TEV has done, that these powers and authorities are spiritual, or heavenly. Since these were thought of as real beings and not simply as abstract forces at work, it may be necessary to say “those spirits (or, angels) in heaven that rule and have authority.” In a number of languages it is not possible to distinguish neatly and clearly between rulers, authorities, powers, and lords. Moreover, it may not be easy to speak of “ruling there above.” However, the first part of verse 21 may be expressed in some instances as “there Christ rules with more authority than any and all who may rule in the sky.” It may be necessary to use “sky” rather than “heaven,” since the use of “heaven” would seem to imply that Christ was ruling over God. To complete the list the writer adds “and every (other) name that is named not only in this age but also in the coming (age).” The word “name” here stands for titles of authority; see the same thought expressed in Philippians 2:9–11; Hebrews 1:4; 1 Peter 3:22. In some languages the term for title is simply “the name for a task,” that is, a name which defines a function. Accordingly, he has a title superior to all titles of authority may be expressed as “the name which Christ has for his task is greater than any and all other such names.” The Greek word translated world means “age,” and the expressions “this age” and “the coming age” define history in terms of time. In Jewish thought “the coming age” was the Messianic age in contrast with the present age, which is the age before the coming of the Messiah. The New Testament concept sees “this age” as essentially bad, under the power of evil spiritual beings or the Devil; “the coming age” is the one in which God, with Christ, will abolish the power of evil and reign supreme. The Greek word can also mean “world”; see Hebrews 1:2; 11:3; and so here the translation this world … the next is possible (Phps and others). The whole phrase is meant to say, quite succinctly, “in every time and place”: nowhere at any time will there be any power greater than that which belongs to the exalted Christ. There may be a number of problems involved in rendering in this world and in the next, since it may suggest a cosmology quite different from what is intended in the Greek text. One of the simplest equivalents of in this world and in the next is simply “now and for any time in the future” or “now and always” or “what now exists or what will exist.” - from: Bratcher, R. G., & Nida, E. A. (1993). A handbook on Paul’s letter to the Ephesians (pp. 35–36). New York: United Bible Societies. - via Logos 7 #lessonsforsuchatimeasthis #christjesus #theword #studyscripture #god #biblestudy #bible #jesus #faith #dailydevotions #devotional   #holyspirit #vineofchristministries #bookexcerpts
        1. "How long must we in America go on listening to men who can only tell us what they have read and heard about, never what they themselves have felt and heard and seen?" - from: Tozer, A. W. (1986). The root of the righteous. (p. 100). Camp Hill, PA.: WingSpread. - via Logos 6 This needs also to include the churches of the world. For the "sickness" which decays our American churches, has been communicated to those around the globe!!! :{)))
          1. We worry, well at least many do, over all the things of this world, which we've no control over. "What will I do if this happens" or "if this." Why worry, when, is it not the same GOD that created the universe with but a WORD, standing by your side protecting you??? Why worry, when not a single sparrow falls to the ground without HIM having an intent for it??? Why worry, for even if you shall die, will not you be at home in HIS bosom??? Trust GOD and know that all is well !!!!!!! :{)))
            1. A Devotional for such a time as this: “I know their sorrows.” — Exodus 3:7 The child is cheered as he sings, “This my father knows”; and shall not we be comforted as we discern that our dear Friend and tender soul-husband knows all about us? 1. He is the Physician, and if he knows all, there is no need that the patient should know. Hush, thou silly, fluttering heart, prying, peeping, and suspecting! What thou knowest not now, thou shalt know hereafter, and meanwhile Jesus, the beloved Physician, knows thy soul in adversities. Why need the patient analyze all the medicine, or estimate all the symptoms? This is the Physician’s work, not mine; it is my business to trust, and his to prescribe. If he shall write his prescription in uncouth characters which I cannot read, I will not be uneasy on that account, but rely upon his unfailing skill to make all plain in the result, however mysterious in the working. 2. He is the Master, and his knowledge is to serve us instead of our own; we are to obey, not to judge: “The servant knoweth not what his lord doeth.” Shall the architect explain his plans to every hodman on the works? If he knows his own intent, is it not enough? The vessel on the wheel cannot guess to what pattern it shall be conformed, but if the potter understands his art, what matters the ignorance of the clay? My Lord must not be cross-questioned any more by one so ignorant as I am. 3. He is the Head. All understanding centres there. What judgment has the arm? What comprehension has the foot? All the power to know lies in the head. Why should the member have a brain of its own when the head fulfils for it every intellectual office? Here, then, must the believer rest his comfort in sickness, not that he himself can see the end, but that Jesus knows all. Sweet Lord, be thou for ever eye, and soul, and head for us, and let us be content to know only what thou choosest to reveal. - from: Spurgeon, C. H. (2006). Morning and evening: Daily readings (Complete and unabridged; New modern edition.). Peabody, MA: Hendrickson Publishers. - via Logos 6 #devotionalforsuchatimeasthis #christjesus #theword #studyscripture #god #biblestudy #bible #jesus #faith #dailydevotions #devotional #holyspirit #bookexcerpts #vineofchristministries