• Congratulations to our two sisters an a very happy birthday too!
    1. Team work makes the dream work.....Thank you Westside Church of Christ for serving such a delicious celebration meal on this October 4th. I do appreciate your time, love and support in keeping our Church Ministry events ongoing.
      1. You are invited to....... join us for Bible Study classes at 7:00pm every Monday and Wednesday. Don’t miss the blessings GOD has just for you! If you’re having trouble with the online ZOOM contact: itministry@wcocjax.com
        1. 2020 Grad!!!

          Congratulations to our very own “William Johnson”. We are so proud of you!!

          1. Congratulations on your many accomplishments! May God continue to bless and keep you, the best is yet to come
        2. posted an announcement

          Class of 2020!!!

          We want to congratulate our graduates and all students who have successfully completed such an unprecedented school year and are moving forward to the next level in their education. Share your accomplishments with us.
          1. Hi, Westside community, Jesus is the answer for the world today and prayer is the key. We calling all the TEAM to be on the bus...... So call your friends and make sure they are following our live streaming. Team work makes the dream works!
            1. posted an item for sale

              Booster Fundraising Projects....A lovely light gray hats, with green lettering and cross, anybody interested in purchasing one or more please call Linda Richardson
              1. This would make great Father’s Day gifts......Thanks to the members for purchasing our hats....we will continue the sale until we sold out! Contact #904-345-9035.
            2. Hi family, please to join us for Bible Study today at 7pm.