Grow in the Light


Who We Are

We’re a tech company committed to the Church.

Our team is always creating new ways to deepen your faith and help you grow. It’s what got us started in 1992, and it drives us to this day.

Our Story


In 1986 Bob Pritchett creates the precursor to Logos Bible Software: an MS–DOS program for searching the King James Bible in plain text.

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We use technology to equip the Church to grow in the light of the Bible.

This is the mission behind everything we make—from Bible software, to Christian books, to mobile apps, and more.

Church presentations

Church presentations made easy


Faithlife Proclaim is presentation software made just for churches. With automatic formatting and intuitive design, it makes building service slides a breeze.

“Proclaim has helped relieve a lot of the stress in ministry.”

— Claude Atcho, church planter

Recent Acquisitions

Faithlife has acquired Wordsearch Bible Software and is transitioning all customers and resources over to Logos. Customers can no longer purchase products from Wordsearch moving forward, and the brand will eventually be phased out.


More Faithlife Products

Faithlife Sermons provides pastors, church staff, and leaders access to high-quality sermon content and professional church media.


Beacon ads connects the leading Christian websites with trusted Christian advertisers.


Bible Study

Grow in the Light


Logos helps pastors, scholars, and other Christians get more out of their Bible study.

“Logos Bible Software is a huge blessing to me . . . I am so thankful for this robust and intuitive Bible study tool.”

— Mike Johnson, missionary

Christian education

Revolutionizing theological education


Faithlife provides unprecedented access to theological education through Mobile Ed.

Listen to Elyse Fitzpatrick describe how Mobile Ed is changing the lives of busy moms who want to grow in their faith.

“I think it’s the method of education for the future.”

— Elyse Fitzpatrick on Mobile Ed

More Faithlife Products

Faithlife Ebooks brings you the best Christian titles on any mobile device, providing a virtual Christian bookshelf that goes anywhere you go.


Listen to Christian audiobooks, lectures, or sermons while commuting, exercising, doing chores, or whatever else is keeping you from reading.


Learn from top scholars around the world on a broad range of Christian topics—from book studies on Revelation to Christology, counseling, leadership, and more.


Faithlife Curriculum is the learning platform for small groups, Sunday school classes, ministry teams, and families exploring the Bible, theology, and Christian living.


Faithlife Reftagger lets blog or website visitors instantly view a Bible passage just by hovering over or tapping the reference.


Study the Bible online with the help of dozens of free resources. Look up any verse, consult a commentary, share notes and reading plans with your church or small group, and much more.


Biblical scholarship

Ancient Truth. Contemporary Conversations.


Faithlife’s premier academic publishing house, Lexham Press creates Bible study materials, scholarly works, and pastoral resources to increase biblical literacy, thoughtful Christian reflection, and faithful action around the world.

Read how Lexham Press rescued an important theological work from being lost to history.

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The Abraham Kuyper Collected Works in Public Theology

“Lexham Press is unique in the publishing world.”

— Grant Osborne, Professor of New Testament, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.

More Faithlife Products

Didaktikos helps graduate professors of Bible, theology, and related disciplines fulfill their scholarly vocation in service to the Church.


Kirkdale Press, the trade imprint of Lexham Press, focuses on publishing titles in Christian living, leadership and professional development, memoir and faith-informed fiction.


Bringing God’s Word to the World

We are committed to increasing biblical literacy and accessibility
for every Christian around the world.


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Statement on
Diversity and Unity

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Core Values

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