5 Ways Your Family Can Thrive While Stuck at Home

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So, your kids are home from school. And just like that, you’re a homeschool parent (at least for the time being). What do you do now?

Is it really possible to get your work done, give your kids edifying things to watch and read in their free time, and build healthy habits in a season filled with so many unknowns?


And to help you do just that, we’re giving away two free months of Faithlife Connect, our subscription bundle of Christian movies for kids of all ages, Bible software, Christian books, and more. (Ordinarily, the free trial is just 14 days.)

Read on to discover Faithlife Connect and a bonus free resource that will help your family redeem the time you now have at home.

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1. Keep Their Minds (and Hearts!) Active

If you have older kids who are hungry to learn more about Scripture, you’ll love the courses included in Faithlife Connect. From theology and the Bible to evangelism to leadership, each course is broken into brief segments around 10 minutes each, making it easy for you and your kids to dip in any time. You get access to one free course of your choosing during your two free months of Faithlife Connect. Access it on mobile, desktop, or even your TV.


2. Do Kids’ Church with Biblical Videos

While you might not have a nursery where you can drop your kids off during the service, you do have access to quality programming they can watch while you and your spouse participate in worship remotely. Faithlife TV has lots of programming for children, including our most popular: Bible Agent 7. That way, both you and your kids can be making discoveries about Jesus through age-appropriate content.


3. Don’t Neglect Your Own Spiritual & Mental Health

"The kids are going stir crazy, but I’m fine. No. Really. I’m fine . . ."

The fact is, spending long stretches at home is going to be taxing for anybody, even if you are Supermom or Superdad. You simply must take time for your own spiritual health, and Faithlife Connect has just the thing. It comes with Logos Bible Software, a personal Bible study platform complete with a digital library. You can dig deep into any Bible passage and instantly see fascinating insights from your library that will stretch your thinking and engage your heart.


4. Deepen Your Family Devotions with Classic Resources

Just because church is cancelled doesn’t mean your faith journey ends. Your version of Logos Bible Software (included in Faithlife Connect) includes Charles Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening, the Heidelberg catechism, Martin Luther’s catechisms, and the Westminster shorter and longer confessions. And with the free Logos Bible apps (available on iOS and Android) and web app, you can read Scripture and other enriching content anytime.


Bonus: Find a Book to Get Lost In

Your kids may not be going on the same kinds of adventures as usual—but they can go on whole new ones with classic literature like Robinson Crusoe, White Fang, and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Get those volumes and dozens more for free and read them on any smartphone, computer, or tablet. As a special bonus, we’re giving away a bundle of classic literature your kids will love.

Download free classic literature

Want free access to these books for every account in your family? Create a Faithlife family group, and check out here with the number of licenses you need.

Redeem the Time at Home with 2 Free Months of Faithlife Connect

We’re here for you during this unexpected season. Get your two free months and engage your kids’ hearts and minds with edifying videos, books, and more.

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