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    ReadBE THE BEACON...
    JANUARY 17TH, 2021

    Tomorrow Morning at South Coast Church

    Tomorrow Morning we will be presenting our Livestream Service at 10:45 and we have the distinct pleasure of hearing from our wonderful Student Ministries Pastor!

    Pastor DeAndre Cherry will bring a very special and timely message called, "BE THE BEACON" and this great message is sure to uplift and challenge each one of us.

    So be sure to tune in on Facebook, YouTube or the sccib.com website and we'll have a great Sunday Morning together!


    ps... We will be online only for the remainder of January.

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      ReadA Special Call to Prayer
      January 10, 2021

      Let's come together to pray...

      This Sunday we are calling for a solemn assembly, a special time to come together and to pray in unity, as believers, for the great needs of our Nation, our World and each other.

      We will meet outside at 10:45 this Sunday Morning as we have done previously. Be sure to bring your chairs and maybe a jacket. The weather is forecasted to be approaching 70 degrees with no chance of precipitation.

      We will also have a special Broadcast with prayer instructions at the same time as our gathering that can be viewed on Facebook, YouTube or our sccib.com website.

      With that said, we pray that you will join us in person. There is something very special and critical about the "gathering together" that will be even better when you're with us!

      Have a great next few days and hopefully we'll see you soon!

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        Read2020 Hindsight
        January 3rd, 2021

        This Sunday at South Coast Church

        Happy New Year! Hopefully you are enjoying your New Year's Holiday and are gearing up for the first full week of 2021!

        This Sunday we're going to take a look back at this last year in a message titled "2020 Hindsight" in which we'll remember the great and not-so-great things that we all experienced together. Then we'll look ahead to this new year with the reality and the promise that God never left us and never will!

        So be sure to tune in this Sunday morning at 10:45 by way of any of our internet options and let's have a great first weekend of this New Year together!

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          ReadLift Up Your Head
          December 27th, 2020

          Tomorrow Morning at South Coast Church...

          We trust that you had a wonderful Christmas Celebration and are well on your way to having a fantastic weekend!

          Tomorrow morning our own Pastor Kurt Rothwell will be bringing a great message to bring this 2020 Year to a close called "LIFT UP YOUR HEAD" and it will be a very timely, appropriate and encouraging word for all of us.

          So be sure to "tune in" at 10:45 on Facebook, YouTube or our sccib.com website or phone app. Be sure to include those "Hey Everyone" and "Amen" comments as the Livestream plays.

          Also, we want to give our sincere thanks to all of you who have been so faithful in your financial contributions this year and also we want to remind you that we are coming to a close for 2020. If you would like to give a "current year" donation to South Coast Church, you can mail a check to "South Coast Church" at 588 9th Street, Imperial Beach, CA 91932. You can also use our exterior mail drop just south (left) of the main church entry doors or give through our online giving options. Thank You, again, for your faithfulness... especially this year!

          As we see 2020 come to a close, we want to remind you all that you are in our regular prayers and that we are believing for healing for our land, healing for our government, healing in our homes and healing for His church! We believe that God is still on the throne and He is not confused, worried or the least bit stressed! We believe that "greater things" are just around the corner for us all!

          Keep the Faith and we'll see You soon!

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            ReadImmanuel: The Rest (BEST) of the Christmas Story
            December 20th, 2020

            This Sunday at South Coast Church...

            Tomorrow we'll complete our IMMANUEL Series with a message from the 1st and 2nd Chapters of the Gospel of Luke.

            "The Rest (BEST) of the Christmas Story" is our sermon title and it will be a great time in the Word as we focus our thoughts on the reality of the reason why we celebrate Christmas Day. That reason, of course, is the birth of our Lord and Savior: Jesus Christ!

            So please tune in to our Livestream Service tomorrow morning at 10:45 by way of Facebook, YouTube or on our website at sccib.com and you will be glad to have been with us!

            ALSO! Please remember that we're going to have a special in-person Christmas Gathering this Sunday Night at 6:00 and YOU are invited!

            We'll have Campfires, Candles, Carols, Cookies, Cider, Hot Chocolate and the Christmas Story.

            Be sure to bring your chairs, coats and maybe even blankets for this very special outdoor event.

            It will be great to see each other once again and we hope to see you too!

            Have a great day and we'll see you soon!

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              ReadChristmas Gathering
              December 20, 2020

              Please join us this Sunday Night at 6:00!

              We're going to have a special Christmas Gathering this Sunday Night at 6:00 and YOU are invited!

              We'll have Campfires, Candles, Carols, Cookies, Cider, Hot Chocolate and the Christmas Story.

              Be sure to bring your chairs, coats and maybe even blankets for this very special outdoor gathering.

              It will be great to see each other once again and we hope to see you too!

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                Read SOUTH COAST CHURCH Missionary Window
                DECEMBER 14, 2020

                Let's remember our Missionaries during the Holidays!

                Good morning, Church Family. How much we sometimes take things for granted. Wouldn’t we all choose to be inside our church worshipping, fellowshipping, listening to our shepherd’s message in person! Well, let’s be grateful that we can still do the majority of these NO MATTER WHERE WE ARE because our Lord is EVERYWHERE. 

                Especially during these times, All 29 of our missionaries continue to need His Church (US) to pray and support their efforts to take the Lord’s WORD to all the world as He commanded. Today let’s pray for all of them (where there is no last name or specific country it is because it is too dangerous for publication):





                MICAH & KARISSA ADAMS                             BOLIVIA


                JOHN & JOANNE BASS                                      USA (INDIAN TRIBES)


                TOM & CONNIE                                                    SOUTHEAST ASIA


                DAN & JANELL CAMPBELL                              USA


                DAVID & MARSHA CLEAVELAND                 USA (INDIAN TRIBES)


                GILBERT & VIRGINIA CONTRERAS                ARGENTINA


                TROY AND GINNETTE DOUDY                        PERU


                DOUG & SHERRI                                ARABIAN PENINSULA


                JJ & NELIA FERRELL                                           ROMANIA


                MIKE & DODY FILES                                            SOUTH AMERICA



                JUDY GRANER                                                      COLUMBIA


                LARRY & MELODEE GREUTZMACHER           MEXICO


                KARLA & JIM GUTEL                                           USA (U.S. MISSIONS)


                LEVYS & BONNIE HERNANDEZ                       NICARAGUA


                KIRK & YVONNE JONES                                     PANAMA


                BRANDON KERTSON                                           CHI ALPHA (USA)


                DAN KLEPEL                                                          THAILAND


                MARY MAHON                                                      COSTA RICA


                AMERYN                                               ARABIAN PENINSULA


                DAVID & CAROL SCHMIDT                               CAMEROON


                STEVE & BARBARA SCHULTZ                         ROYAL RANGERS INT'L


                OSMAR & LINDA SILVA                                     PORTUGAL


                STEVE & LIZ SKIPPER                                       LATIN AMERICA


                RANDY AND BECKY TARR                                WEST AFRICA


                BOB & JUDY WILLARD                                      USA: URBAN CHURCH


                DAVID & MARGOT WOODWORTH                 COLUMBIA


                DIRK & BOBBIE CURRIER                                THAILAND


                STEVE AND EVI BARTEL                                   COLUMBIA





                Please be praying for all of our South Coast Church Missionaries

                and remember to continue your monthly giving to support

                their work for the Lord around the world.

                The Mission of the Church is Missions

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                  Read"I am the Lord's Servant."
                  December 13, 2020

                  We continue our IMMANUEL Series tomorrow!

                  Be sure to join us online tomorrow morning at 10:45 as we continue our IMMANUEL Series with a message centered on the response of this young Woman who God supernaturally used to bring the Savior of the World to mankind. "I am the Lord's Servant" is our message title for tomorrow and you won't want to miss it!

                  So be sure to catch us (again at 10:45 tomorrow morning) on Facebook, YouTube or our sccib website or phone app and let's make it a great Sunday together!

                  Also, we want to give a great big "THANK YOU" to all of you who continue to generously support the ministry of South Coast Church! If you have not been able to donate due to our not meeting in person lately, please feel free to mail you gifts to the church at 588 9th Street, Imperial Beach, CA 91932 or take advantage of our on-line giving options.

                  Also, please make plans now to join us next Sunday Night (12-20) for a special in-person, outdoor gathering that we're calling our "Campfire & Candle, Christmas" which will include Carols, the Christmas Story, Sitting around multiple campfires, Hot Chocolate, Apple Cider and Cookies! Bring your own jackets, blankets and chairs and we'll take care of everything else! We'll start at 6:00 that night and this will be an addition to our morning's Livestream service. The evening promises to be a great time together!

                  Have a great rest of the weekend and may God continue to bless and protect you all!

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                    ReadIMMANUEL God is with Us!
                    December 6, 2020

                    We begin to celebrate the birth of our Savior this Sunday at South Coast Church!

                    This week we begin a series of messages centering on the birth of Jesus Christ, the Savior of the World!

                    In our "busyness" with all the business of this Christmas Season, let's be sure to keep the "main thing" the main thing as we remember and we rejoice that Jesus came down to be with us human beings. He became flesh... just like us. He walked this Earth... just like us and He experienced some of the same things that we experience.

                    Best of all... Jesus Christ came to give His life for each one of us and it all starts with His birth. It starts with the day we set apart as Christmas!

                    "IMMANUEL" which means "God is with Us" will be the topic for tomorrow and we look forward to sharing this message with you. Please join us on line on Facebook (South Coast Church) or YouTube (South Coast Church Imperial Beach) or on the sccib website or phone app.

                    Have a great rest of the weekend as we start the celebration together with Jesus Christ at the center of it all!

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                      Read Love is... Love isn't...
                      November 29, 2020

                      Coming this Sunday from South Coast Church...

                      Now that the Thanksgiving gathering is over for this year, it's time for a little bit of self-assessment. How did you do at showing love to your family and friends? Did you succeed at loving people this week or did you allow the stress of the moment to cause that "occasional "victory loss" with the accompanying frustration, shortness of patience with the strong possibility of curtness and/or rudeness?"

                      If this sounds familiar around the Holidays or at any other time, you are not alone and this week's subject is just right for you! "Love is... Love isn't" is the title for our time together this Sunday and it may be a little difficult to apply for some. But if we take God's Word to heart, I promise you, we will all be better off for it and our lights will shine so much better.

                      So... be sure to join us on line at 10:45 this coming Sunday Morning on Facebook, YouTube, the sccib website or our sccib phone app. You will be glad that you made time for the Word of God.

                      By the way... I 'm sure grateful that we serve a God of second chances, third chances, fourth chances... aren't You?

                      Have a great weekend and we'll see you soon!