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    Read Love is... Love isn't...
    November 29, 2020

    Coming this Sunday from South Coast Church...

    Now that the Thanksgiving gathering is over for this year, it's time for a little bit of self-assessment. How did you do at showing love to your family and friends? Did you succeed at loving people this week or did you allow the stress of the moment to cause that "occasional "victory loss" with the accompanying frustration, shortness of patience with the strong possibility of curtness and/or rudeness?"

    If this sounds familiar around the Holidays or at any other time, you are not alone and this week's subject is just right for you! "Love is... Love isn't" is the title for our time together this Sunday and it may be a little difficult to apply for some. But if we take God's Word to heart, I promise you, we will all be better off for it and our lights will shine so much better.

    So... be sure to join us on line at 10:45 this coming Sunday Morning on Facebook, YouTube, the sccib website or our sccib phone app. You will be glad that you made time for the Word of God.

    By the way... I 'm sure grateful that we serve a God of second chances, third chances, fourth chances... aren't You?

    Have a great weekend and we'll see you soon!

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      Dear God, I Remember...

      This Sunday from South Coast Church...

      As you all are busy making all the plans, buying all the food, deciding whether or not to invite those extended family members, please don't forget to join us this Sunday for a special Thanksgiving Message called "Dear God, I Remember" that is certain to help keep our focus on all that God has done for us.

      So please watch us online by way of Facebook, YouTube, our sccib website or the sccib phone app. We'll broadcast the service right at 10:45 Sunday Morning and we pray that you will be with us.

      Have a great weekend...

      Have a great week...

      Have a great Thanksgiving and be sure of this:

      We are thankful for all of you!

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        ReadMissionary Window Update
        November 15, 2020


        Missions Logo

        Good morning, Church Family. MASK, SOCIAL DISTANCE AND PRAYER.  While the majority of our world leaves out the last element, His people (that’s US) know it is a blessing for us to be part of God’s plan to take the Good News of our Lord throughout the whole world in order to fulfill His Word.  Most of these efforts are through our missionaries.  So much is happening worldwide effecting missionaries, now coupled with the Corona Virus, that God has placed a desire in our hearts to pray for them as we receive communication from them.  We ask that you join us. First, pray for the universal needs of virtually all missionaries and then briefly hear individual requests.




        o OPEN DOORS 


        o BOLDNESS






        o FOR TRAVEL 




        Karla and Jim Gutel– National Field Representative for Specialized Intercultural Missionaries; SoCal Missionary Care Specialist


        We asked for prayers for this family a few months ago. Isn’t it terrific that the Lord does not grow weary of hearing from us.!! At that time Jim was coming through multiple serious issues with  his heart. Also, during this time Karla made a transition in ministry to serve as the SoCal Missionary Care Specialist to provide support for our Southern California Assemblies of God World and US missionaries to maintain health and growth in their personal lives and ministries. In addition to this, the National Office of the Assemblies of God Intercultural Missions asked her to serve as a National Field Representative to Specialized Intercultural Missionaries where she provides leadership for missionaries who serve throughout the United States. She supports, coaches and develops missionaries from recruitment through retirement. Jim continue as he is able in his role to assist their son, Joe, in Riverstone Chapel of Chatsworth.


        Since our last prayer requests, their daughter Tracie had surgery on October 16; Jim continues to be quite ill; Karla’s brother died suddenly on October 20 and she was not able to go to Kansas for the funeral because of the health of Tracie and Jim. Karla’s request to us is, “my heart is heavy with grief right now so I would appreciate your prayers.”  Let our Lord hear from us for this family!

        Osmar and Linda Silva – Missionaries to Portugal


        This family served as pastors for our San Ysidro Church for 9.5 years before the Lord called them to Portugal to help develop the severe shortage of pastors and pastoral support in the country.  Linda’s parents, sister and niece/nephew live in Portugal. For the last month both Osmar and Linda have been recovering from Covid while still helping support the families who attend the numerous small churches they serve. In late October Linda’s precious dad went home to be with the Lord. Her mom (and the entire family) has been struggling through this loss. Osmar and Linda are also being supportive of Linda’s sister (who has suffered the mental deterioration from a benign brain tumor ),and her niece/nephew as well as continuing on with the work for which the Lord sent them. Pray for our hometown family!


        Juan Carlos & Colette Gonzalez – Missionaries to Japan


        This family has been working diligently to acquire property for the building of their church during these last years as they continue to hold services at a school and provide the activities needed for the families to continue to grow in their knowledge and understanding of the Word. Now they have been told that they can no longer meet in the school. And this couple, who still has  the most hopeful smile on their faces in their last video despite the fact that they also learned the land they were attempting to purchase for their church was sold out from their reach. The owner said with covid type delays, he could no longer wait for them to get the remainder of the money. The property was sold to someone else! They now ask us to “DREAM WITH US” for their Momochi Symphony Church! Meanwhile, they are working out having ‘church’ in their home. Encourage them, Lord.


        Steve & Elizabeth Skipper – Missionaries/Supervisors of the LAC Strategic Network in Latin America


        Just less than a month ago the latest newsletter from these long term and amazing missionaries said that they had received their 3rd and final extension to complete their itineration by December if they were going to be able to continue. They needed $392.42 of monthly support. A great number of our itinerating missionaries are up against the closure/shut down of churches and struggling to gain access to Christians who will continue to support their work.  “WOW” was one of the words we responded back. A few weeks later we received an email in which Steve said that, “WOW in the Skipper dictionary describes two missionaries dancing and shouting around the house as they had received $325 in pledges that week!”  And he got his doctorate.! Keep us looking up, Lord!



        Please be praying for all of our South Coast Church Missionaries

        and remember to continue your monthly giving to support

        their work for the Lord around the world.

        The Mission of the Church is Missions

        So All Can Hear

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          "We will serve the Lord" November 15, 2020

          This Sunday (from) South Coast Church...

          After review of the most-recent State and County Guidelines for churches regarding our County re-entering the "purple tier" connected to the Corona Virus, we have decided to pursue Sunday Services via our online options only for for the remainder of November. Please be sure to join us this coming Sunday Morning using Facebook or YouTube as we will be Livestreaming the Service at 10:45.

          We will continue our LESSONS FROM THE LIFE OF JOSHUA Series with a special message called "We will Serve the Lord" and I am certain this is something that we all need to hear in these days.

          Please make plans to watch the service and we continue to pray that God will keep on blessing, protecting and directing all of You!

          Please pray for us, as well, for wisdom, discernment, grace and courage as we continue to navigate these days.

          Let's have a great weekend!


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            "Be Strong and Courageous" November 8, 2020

            This Coming Sunday at SCC...

            The Weekend is here and a little rain never hurt anybody!

            This Sunday we move on through our LESSONS FROM THE LIFE OF JOSHUA Series with a very special message with a title that quotes what God said to Joshua (three times) in Joshua Chapter One. Friends, this command from the Lord to Joshua is so right and so fitting for such a time as this and applies just as clearly to every one of us in these days.

            "Be Strong and Courageous" was and is the command, the charge, that still rings true today! So join us this Sunday Morning at 10:45 for our in-person service inside the Sanctuary or watch this same service on line using one of our internet options also at 10:45.

            We are very sorry and even embarrassed with the Livestream internet presentation that we have broadcast these previous weeks. However, our hard-working staff believe that, finally, all is in place and this week's presentation will be closer to what we want to be sending and, prayerfully, what you want to be seeing. Please take the time and opportunity to join us on line if you can't be with us in person.

            May God continue to bless, strengthen and protect you all and keep His divine hand of protection on these United States!

            See You soon!!

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              "A Person of a Good Report" November 1, 2020

              This Sunday at South Coast Church...

              Happy Saturday Afternoon!

              Tomorrow Morning we begin a new series called LESSONS FROM THE LIFE OF JOSHUA and I'm sure that this teaching will both bless and challenge each one of us. Our first topic is taken from Numbers 13 and 14 and covers the concept of being "A Person of a Good Report" which is something we all need to both consider and commit to in these crazy times.

              So... be sure to set your clocks back one hour before you go to bed tonight (if you still do such things) and join us tomorrow morning at 10:45 for our in-person service in the Sanctuary or on line using one of our internet options.

              Have a great rest of your Saturday and we'll see you soon!

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                ReadACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER

                THE POWER OF PRAYER

                This coming Sunday Morning we'll conclude our ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER Series through the Book of James with a special Message called "The Power of Prayer" and we're certain that it will be a blessing to you! Be sure to join us at 10:45 for either our in-person service inside the Sanctuary or on-line by using one of our internet options.

                Have a fantastic weekend and we'll see you soon!

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                  ReadKeep On Keeping On
                  This Sunday at SCC

                  October 18, 2020

                  "Keep on Keeping On" aren't just words from some old song or a cute saying. They're a very real truth and a point that the Book of James makes very well in the middle of Chapter Five as it talks about Patience and Endurance. This will be our topic tomorrow morning here at South Coast Church as we continue learn from our ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER Series.

                  So please join us tomorrow at 10:45 for either our in-person experience inside the Sanctuary or catch our livestream broadcast. I believe the time will be a well-spent blessing to your day and a great beginning to your week!

                  Please also note that we will again host a special in-person Prayer Gathering tomorrow night at 6:00 also in the Sanctuary. So sleep well tonight and we'll see you in the morning!

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                    Our "ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER" Series Continues

                    "HEY... YOU RICH PEOPLE"

                    Please join us at 10:45 tomorrow morning as we jump back in to our Actions Speak Louder Series through the Book of James. The title of the message is “HEY… YOU RICH PEOPLE” it is certain to be both e challenge and a blessing. We have two options for you tomorrow morning.

                    OPTION ONE: We will meet INSIDE for our in-person service in the Sanctuary. We will check temperatures at the door and face masks/shields are still required. Children will continue to sit with their families.

                    OPTION TWO: We have installed new cameras in the Sanctuary and we will be attempting to LIVESTREAM the service. It can be viewed on any of our prior internet options.

                    Either way, we will have church together!

                    Also, starting this Sunday Night at 6:00, we are launching a special “Call to Prayer” also in the Sanctuary. We will intercede for our nation and for various things that need the help of our all-powerful God. I pray that you will join us.

                    Have a great rest of your day and we’ll see you soon!