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  • 🍂 Happy Thanksgiving! We are so so thankful for our church family.🧡 **Quick reminder: Ladies, remember to get your RSVP in for the Christmas Party so the elves can get your gift ready for you! 😉 https://tinyurl.com/Ladies-Christmas-Party-2021
    1. Please pray.

      Please pray for our friend, Denise, who has been in the hospital here in Melbourne since Friday. They've found a mass and she has uncontrollable, severe bleeding. She has so far required nine transfusions. They are trying to stabilize her enough to transport her to Orlando today to do a biopsy and surgery to help her.
      1. Update: Denise was transported to Orlando last night after her 10th transfusion. She is having a PET scan this morning. Their Thanksgiving is looking much different than expected. Please keep both Denise and her husband Terry in your prayers.
      2. Jenni, We will be in prayer or Denise. So sorry to hear at such a time as this, but, we know our God is with her and her family.
      3. Update: They were unable to do a scan today. They did do a biopsy. She has cervical cancer. She will have the PET scan tomorrow at noon. Please continue to pray.
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      Ladies: Put on your festive holiday gear and come join the jolliest bunch of ladies this side of the North Pole for a Christmas party on December 4th at 10 AM! Have an outfit that shows off your favorite Christmas movie? This is the perfect place to wear it! Hope to see you there! *PLEASE RSVP so the elves know how many gifts they need. 😉🎁
      1. A Big Thank You to our church for a great "Catch Up" Sunday offering! We exceeded $39,000 for the week which helps us tremendously! If you missed it, no worries! We have 7 more Sundays to finish the year strong! This helps us tremendously get ready for our 2022 budget! May God bless His ministries here at Eau Gallie First! To Give: egfirst.org/give
        1. Domino Night is starting back on the third Friday of each month beginning November 19 at 6:00 pm in the fellowship hall. Bring a favorite food item and drink to share. If you have questions please contact Carl Niswander at 321-757-5361. Hope to see you there.
          1. As much as we would love to see you at church early tomorrow, we know that extra hour of sleep might do us all good! Don't forget to set your clocks back an hour tonight when you go to sleep!
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              Catch Up Sunday is here (November 7). Help us get back on track with our 2021 budget. We have fallen behind and need to catch up. Maybe you missed a week or have never given...now is the time to start! This will enable us to get a better picture of where we want to be with our 2022 budget. Thank you in advance!
              1. NOVEMBER LIBRARY NEWSLETTER I know you have been waiting for this!! So, here is the list of new books for this month. UNDER THE TEXAS MISTLETOE is a short story collection written by Karen Witemeyer. We hope you enjoy these Christmas stories. AFTER MATH is a stand-alone suspense novel written by Terri Blackstock. CLOSER THAN SHE KNOWS is written by Kelley Irvin. ON THE CLIFFS OF FOXGLOVE MANOR is written by Jaime Jo Wright. She is a new author for us. Please let us know if you enjoy this novel. THE SEEDS OF CHANGE is written by Laurine Snelling. This is #1 in a new series titled Leah's Garden. THROUGH WATERS DEEP & ANCHORS IN THE STORM are written by Sarah Sundin. They are #1 & #2 in a new series titled Waves of Freedom. A DOUBLE DOSE OF LOVE & MATCHED & MARRIED is written by Kathleen Fuller. They are #1 & #2 in a new series titled The Amish Mail-Order Brides. We are looking forward to seeing you here in the library. We have had 9 new families sign up to enjoy our library---what are you waiting for!!