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  • Ladies, we are so enjoying our new Kingdom Woman study. All ladies (7th grade and up!) are welcome to join us Tuesday mornings at 9:30 or Wednesday nights at 6pm. Here's a little peek into what we've studied so far in Kingdom Woman: 1. The VALUE of a Kingdom woman. You are valued by God more than you can even imagine & He wants you to know it! We ALL need to know we have worth! 2. The MAKING of a Kingdom Woman. You are like a diamond. You have to be mined, brought out of the dirt, BUT even in the dirt you are still a diamond! What you've been through doesn't change your worth. This week: The REFINING of a Kingdom Woman! Join us this week for a reminder that God sees you and loves you just as you are, and oh how encountering Him changes everything! You are absolutely welcome to join us tonight (Wednesday) at 6pm. We would love to have you! Hope to see you there! **If you can't come, but you would like to do the study, message me and I'll be happy to help you get a book & access to the videos.
    1. I am glad that you are will, Pastor Matt.
      1. Correction to the September 2021 Library Newsletter. The title to the book written by Buzz Aldrin should be NO DREAM IS TOO HIGH ! Sorry about the typo.
        1. LIBRARY NEWSLETTER FOR SEPTEMBER 2021 NEW FICTION: CHASING SHADOWS is written by Lynn Austin. This is a story set in the Netherlands during World War II. Those of you who enjoy learning or relearning a little history will enjoy this book. RISING DANGER is written by Jerusha Agen. This book was given to us by a new member and we really appreciate this book. This is an action packed story of a K-9 handler and her canine partner trying to stop a bomber before it is too late. Suzanne Woods Fisher has written a new 3 book series titled THREE SISTERS ISLAND. #1. ON A SUMMER TIDE #2 ON A COASTAL BREEZE #3 AT LIGHTHOUSE POINT THE THIEF OF BLACKFRIAR'S LANE is written by Michelle Grief. This is a new author for us . Please let us know if you enjoy this book. ALONG A STORIED TRAIL is written by Ann Gabhart. This is a story of a librarian who goes on horseback through the mountains to deliver books. We hope you enjoy these books. NEW NONFICTION: NO DREAM OS TOO HIGH is written by Buzz Aldrin. It is subtitled Life Lessons From a Man Who Walked on the Moon. This book is donated in memory of Ed Fannin for years of dedicated service to the Space Program by his beloved wife, Nancy Fannin.
          1. Please pray for Tom Lindsey who is at hospital after a heart attack ysterday
            1. Heart cath scheduled at 1pm Monday . Holmes Reg melbourne
            2. Praying.
          2. Please pray.

            Please pray for Marisol Jara who was hit by a school bus and injured.
            1. Ladies, I'm so very sorry, but I need to wait one more week to start our new Bible study. We're still recovering and though I'd hoped to be back to normal by now, it just didn't happen for me. The new start date will be Tuesday, August 31st at 9:30am or Wednesday, September 1st at 6pm. I'm so sorry to have to change it. Please forgive me. I'm so looking forward to seeing all of you. I've missed being together! If you still need a book, let me know. ❤
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                Please pray.

                Urgent prayer needed for Angela Ratee. Angela is my middle son’s girlfriend. She is on a ventilator, in ICU,not doing well, due to COVID. Angela has a three month old baby and a young son and she really needs all of our fervent prayers.
                1. Praying.
                2. Praying
                3. Praying
              2. Prayers are requested by Diane Dotson for her son, Chris, and daughter-in-law, Laura. Both have Covid. Laura is in the hospital with low oxygen levels and pneumonia.
                1. Praying for Diane and family.
                2. Praying for Diane and family
                3. Praying for Diane and family.
              3. August 17, 2021 Prayer Messenger