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  • Is there a future feature planned to make the concordance have the ability to copy the verses into a Word document?
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      I'm working with an article in a book of collected articles. I would like to search my library to find all the resources in which that article is identified by the Concordance Tool as a "Work Cited." Is there a way to do this?
      1. Every time I use the concordance tool it has to generate which takes a long time. I thought after you do it the first time I would not have to wait each time, is this true?
        1. , in the history menu (the drop down arrow next to the back and forward buttons in the top right of the panel), you can pin a resource to save its index. Unfortunately, Bibles get rebuilt often to fix issues and add more functionality, so your indexes will need to be rebuilt fairly often. Looks like there's a bug on the Mac version right now, where the pin icon isn't visible or clickable. It's to the left of the resource title. We'll get that fixed.
      2. Unable to find documentation explaining the significance of the numbers I have outlined in a red box.
        1. Not sure, hopefully someone can shed some light.
        2. Those numbers are numbered in your lexicon where there are multiple words with the same spelling. The number differentiates the words one from another.
      3. One of the potentially great tools that Faithlife has left undeveloped.
        1. It would be great if the verse references could be exported with the lists as well
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          I can't agree with this more...to not be able to export the verse references AT THE VERY LEAST (if not also the word-used-in-context text) frustrates me to no end. To me, it seem like this should be one of the most basic functions of any digital concordance tool, and yet it is a function that doesn't exist in one of the most advanced Bible study software programs out there. At the risk of being presumptuous, I think I speak for a LOT of other users when I say that being able to merely LOOK at the references and the word usage in context is little more than unhelpful. I think most of us are wanting to utilize the data produced by the concordance tool in our study or teaching notes. This is currently impossible and extremely frustrating. No copy/paste??? No export to passage list??? No exporting to Excel that includes the references and context use??? No export to pdf or Word??? 🤯 Please, PLEASE do something about this... (using Logos 9 v.23.2.35)
        3. I agree! And I would like to save my current list (1 Corinthians) so that I can reference it again without having to repopulate the list again. When you pin it to the tools menu it only says "concordance" I wish I could pin it with a title.
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        Hi, I used to able to generate word count for several books from NICNT, NICOT, but can't generate them anymore, except for Matthew. I wonder if anyone could help? Thank you! P.S. please see the screenshot
        1. I've been watching Camp Logos from 2020 and in the Concordance section of his teaching his Concordance gives the Bible reference to the left of the Bible text in the Concordance box. Mine does not show any Bible references. Is there a way to enable this? Is it a bug?
          1. Hi. Although when I generate a concordance search I save it, as I close it and start it again every time I have to generate it anew. I suppose it shouldn't be like that