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  • I saw a MP video about the potential of the favorites feature, and I grabbed onto it. I found moving things around a little like playing with jello. Then next thing you know I lost two links. I ave accidentally deleted whole notebooks, but there you can undelete something. Here It seems it is gone. I'm afraid to us it again. Like why bother?
    1. Looks like Logos 10 Desktop Favorites doesn't have a sort feature. Am I missing it?
      1. No, just need to reorder all.
      2. Got it. I'll let the team know. cc:
      3. I saw a sort feature in a MP video. I kept looking for it and couln't find it
    2. Hello. Does anyone else have the same problem as me, that is, not being able anmore to insert my personal documents in pdf into the favorites tool as I have always done so far?
      1. Hi , this is a known issue and the team is investigating it. We will let you know when this has been fixed. Thank you for your patience!
    3. Hi. I have so many items collected in Favorites tool that it would be great if it there was a search system within the tool
      1. , we agree. We're planning to add search to Favorites in a future release.
      2. I would love to see this feature added too the Favorites tool!
    4. I use my Favorites Tool as if it were a file cabinet: I have established an alphabetical system of file folders and sub folders, sub-sub folders, etc., on Theological topics, Bible references by Book, Chapter, and Verse, search results and whatever else I want to save. When I run a successful search, I will save the results into the appropriate "file folder." I also place syntactical search results in the various folders as well. So, to me, the Favorites Tool is like a never-ending file cabinet with unlimited drawers and an ever changing/increasing collection of Folders and embedded sub-folders. Every once in a while, I will go through and consolidate added search results that have been collected but not "properly" filed into the most appropriate folder (or sub-folder) just to try and keep everything organized.
      1. Nice Bill, but is favorites searchable? If I am not mistaken searchability has been wanted for it for a long time.
      2. After 3 years of trying to make sense out of Logos and constantly getting overwhelmed by Random notes and clippings, I finally came to the same conclusion as Bill. Someone said that the notes weren't meant to replace the word processor and that helped me accept the fact that I wasn't going to be able to store my (Harvard outlined) sermons in the notes for later retrieval. (Evernote and hard drive). **Favorites** helps me get back to an actual file structure. Now I can gather notes, clippings and whatever else applies without having to get lost in a sea of confusion. I do wish they would give it just a little more respect by giving some search capability, single click 'collapse all' and maybe some tags, but, I can use it like a file cabinet as Bill said. I thought I would share this here in case someone else is looking for a way to make sense of it.
      3. I would appreciate a single click 'collapse all" also.