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  • Hi! I'm mostly new to Logos and and am going through the Help Center videos and articles. I would love to rename the already existing highlighters. But when I right click on the highlighter, I'm not able to select anything on the menu that pops up.
    1. How can my friend make his custom highlighting palette of Genesis public so I can use it?
      1. As I just mentioned, I have lost all highlighting in all resources. I have made sure that the highlight options are checked under the "visual filters" icon. I also can create new highlighting. This is a real problem because I had a lot of highlighted passages!!!! Please help!!
        1. I have lost all highlighting in all my Bibles. I have tried choosing previous layouts, but even those no longer show any highlights. Any ideas?
          1. Thanks! I'll give it a try!
          2. Hi Adam! Well, I've tried your sugguestion, but no luck. From what I did find it looks like the highlights disappered around the middle of November. I only showed 77 deleted notes, so I restored all of them.. but that did not restore the highlights. I have double checked the Visual Filters settings - they look right. Additional suggestions?
          3. Sorry, those are the obvious/easy fixes I can think of. Sounds like it would be best to get in touch with Support. https://www.logos.com/contact-support
        2. I have created pallets and styles to go with those pallets, but they are not showing up under the Visual Filters menu. Visual filters is checked and expanded, but there is nothing showing under that menu. Please help!
          1. I upgraded to Logos 10. Soon after, I discovered the image options in the Highlighter tool. Now, several days later, the image options are gone. How do I get them back?
            1. Hi I recently saw an article on Logos about custom highlights for inductive bible study where the relationship between a 2 parts of a sentence for example could be highlighted a specific color but also have a name such as contradiction or action as part of the highlight. Can anyone remember the article please? thanks Ross
            2. Is it possible to highlight text in a resource without creating a corresponding note? e.g., There are times when I would like to highlight a key thought in a commentary without creating a note, as the quantity of notes is getting rathe large. :) Thanks
              1. I have this same question!
              2. , , if I understand what you're asking, the answer is no. But let me explain, since "note" is used in at least two different senses. In the broader sense, it's the name of a tool that stores your highlights, your notes, and your responses in input fields in resources. Every time you create one of those three things, it will show up in the Notes tool. In that sense, then, no, you can't create a highlight without having it create an item in the Notes tool, since that's what stores all your highlights. In the narrower sense, a note is a kind of item stored in the Notes tool where you can capture your thoughts on a passage, topic, word, etc. You can add a note to highlighted text. But that's entirely optional. So, in that sense, yes, you can highlight without creating a note. But I think you're all asking in the broader sense. If you feel like your highlights are getting in your way as you're using the Notes tool, you can filter down and view only notes. I'd love to better understand what you don't like about the current system and how you wish it were different.
            3. Unnecessary clutter. The highlight marker telling me how many other people highlighted this verse is useless to me. I don't care. How do I get this off?
              1. Hi Jeff. Not sure if you're still looking for an answer, but you can go into the Visual Filters menu (the three little circles at the top of the resource panel, then under Resources uncheck "Popular Highlights." Hope that helps.
            4. I'm seeing things highlighted by other people in my logos. How do I stop this from happening?
              1. Hi Rhonda. Not sure if you're still looking for an answer, but you can go into the Visual Filters menu (the three little circles at the top of the resource panel, then under Resources uncheck "Popular Highlights." Hope that helps.