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  • I must be missing something. I have no option to add media in the tool. Also I do not have the 'add media' button in the Notes toolbar. Using v9 on Windows 11
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      I'm having so much trouble with this media tool, in adding tags, for instance, and even in deleting my user media
      1. I am having the same issue. I add tags, and they do not stick. Have you received any answer?
    2. Whenever I'm editing a bible slide, the media editor opens a blank page. There's nothing to edit, nothing to view. I've uninstalled. Reinstalled. Updated to the latest version, and still it doesn't work. It works for every other type of slide (heading, quote, etc) but not for a reference slide.
      1. Hi Austin, yes, its still happening. I'm using this version of Logos: Logos Bible Software 9.5 SR-1 —, and I'm running it on a Mac with macOS 11.4 (20F71).
      2. Happening to me as well. Happens often, usually a restart works but not all the time.
      3. Happening to me too. I open up the visual copy tool and it doesn't put the verses onto the slides. Sometimes it's blank, sometimes it's just a word.
    3. Is there a way to search unsplash photos in the Logos Media Tool?
      1. The help file in Logos says this: Media Upload Next to the search box is a drop-down menu for Logos Media and User Media. Switching to User Media displays all uploaded images. To upload media: 1. Click Upload Media 2. Select the desired image(s) 3. Click Open However, when I open the Media Tool the dropdown menu to the right of the search box (Find) has the following options: Recently Used; Uploaded (newest first); Uploaded (oldest first); Relevance; Title. I have included a screenshot. How do I upload my own images for use as background to sermon slides? Thanks!