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    Can I subsection be added for the Prayer Requests, such that we can *First, Create a Prayer List (e.g., Faithlife) *Then create a sub-notebook (e.g., Peter Paul Gensen) *Then track the requests offered in prayer for that person (e.g., Prayer for help with sermon preparation, Son has run away from home - pray that he'd return, etc.), such that each individual prayer request for that person is tracked, and can be marked as answered. Lastly, can the feature be added that allows us to view the history of when we prayed for a particular request--we can then view how consistent or inconsistent we were, how long we had been praying for a particular request.
    1. Dear Jesus, send your Spirit on us so that we will be taught to pray. Prayer is hard, requiring great effort, but when done, effortless. I confess I have never liked to pray. Prayer is too much like begging. So I have to pray that your generous Spirit will teach me to beg. I beg you to help all of us discover that our lives are constituted by prayer, so that we may be in your world one mighty, joyous prayer. Make us so rested by such prayer, so content to be your people, that we kill no more. AMEN. Hauerwas, S. (2003). Prayers Plainly Spoken (p. 24). Wipf and Stock Publishers.
      1. Suggestion: A Toggle to keep answered prayer list in the active list or send to the answered prayer category. Prayers for an individual my be many and if one is answered others are not. It's too cumbersome to re-create the prayer list of an individual each time one item may be answered and others are yet top be answered. e.g. My children are on my daily list, and I pray for several items for each child, some get answered and some are more long term. I'd like to be able to see both columns, answered and unanswered on the active list as I am praying through the list each day. Being able to see past answers to prayers are an encouragement to continue to pray for the items yet to be answered. Thanks!
        1. A very valid request from my point of view! Ken
      2. How to organize a prayer list by days of the week instead of having one long everyday list ? Are there any LOGOS responses to the previous comments?
        1. For each request, in the bottom right, there is a check box to "Pray for this Item every day." The "every" and "day" words are links to change "day" to week, month or year. I use this feature extensively.
        2. Thanks Bill I will shape my prayer list around that variation. Steve from Australia
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        Is there anyway you can create a date for each time we pray for a list on our prayers. As we pray for the different lists, it would be great for Logos to create a way for us to know when we prayed last time for this list and how often we prayed in a given year? Thank you!
        1. Please pray.

          Pray for Singapore covid cases rising by day. May GOD have mercy for infected patients , reaching 1000 pax today
          1. Is it possible to change order of prayers rather than having them listed alphabetically?
            1. Hi guys... I'm wondering if the prayer list feature has any way of tracking past prayers, like a journal? Any record-keeping capabilities? (Thanks)
            2. Don, past prayers should appear below. Green boxes mean there was an answer entered for the prayer. Grey boxes mean the prayer "timed out" in the sense that if you put an end date on the prayer, once past that end date, it was moved below and the checkbox turned grey.
            3. Thanks, Van. Good idea. It took me awhile to see your reply, eh?