• Is there any plans to release a spell checking function in sermon builder? I find without one I am better sticking to Pages or Word. (Forgive me if I have missed this and it already exists.) I think the sermon builder has real potential and reading through other comments it seem clear it will be a powerhouse in the future.
    1. Thank you both for the replies and information. It must be a setting on mine as I have no red lines under my mis-spelt words. Can anyone advise how to turn this on as it would certainly be a game changer for me. Screen shot attached showing lack of spelling notifications. On a Mac as well.
    2. , in Program Settings, make sure you have "Check Spelling While Typing" set to YES.
    3. Thanks!
  • What would be the process for building a series for the future without a specific start date or set amount of messages? 1. I want to keep it at the top of my sermons manager list. 2. I want to have a few of these "future" series. 3. I want to keep them in order.
    1. While there wouldn't necessarily be a way to "pin" the list of sermons you wanted to the top of Sermon Manager, my suggestion would be to use the "Filter" feature to your advantage in this situation. I put a screenshot below on a quick example I created, but if you built a series and gave it a "Series" name, then the filter capabilities within the left sidebar can be utilized but also the "Series" portion of the toolbar can be sorted quickly. Having even more control over the appearance of your sermons in the Sermon Manager feature is something we have discussed internally and will continue to talk through.
  • I'm trying to find a sermon in which I know that I used a quote by let's say Philip Yancey... BUT I have no idea what the date/text/title/etc of the sermon in my Sermon Manager is. (Now, if my sermons were all prepared in Word format, and grouped in one folder, I would simply go to that folder, use 'Yancey' as search term, and all the files that contain the term in my sermon notes would pop up...) I can't find a similar search function in Logos 9; How do I search all of the content of all my sermon notes in sermon manager?
    1. I just tested this by putting the name "Yancey" in one of my random sermon documents. From there, I went to the main Logos 9 search feature. To filter the results easier, I changed the search from "Search All Text in Everything" to "Search All Text in Your Documents" and put "Yancey" into the search box. It then located the sermon it was in and allowed me to open that document. Hopefully this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.
    2. Thank you Austin!
  • I would like to make a suggestion: I like how I can use keyboard shortcuts to assign styles to text (e.g., H1, H2, etc). Why can't shortcuts be assigned to the Blockquote, Illustration and Prompt styles? Ctrl-Alt-6-8 are not being used in the Sermon Builder for any other action, so please assign them to these other three styles.
    1. Thank you for the suggestion. I will talk with the development team about this.
  • I have seen many people mention about the sermon builder in Logos (throughout the faithlife platform) Is there a reason that the slide editor cannot be developed to be very similar to the editor in Proclaim? If a selling point of Logos for ministers is the sermon manager (maybe it isn't? idk, it was for me), and the ability to publish sermons directly to proclaim from Logos, it kind of defeats the purpose to have to create slides in photoshop and upload, or log into proclaim after the fact and edit a bunch of stuff ( which (the edited content) DOES NOT show up in the preview of the Preach interface). What about pastors who do not have those types of skills? I have been blessed to work in careers that have helped me to gain those skills BUT what about the ones who have not? Also, any time I make a custom change (to text styles) in the sermon slide editor, and save it, it eventually reverts back. I love Logos Bible Software and I Love Proclaim but I'm seriously considering dropping Logos since I find myself using other Bible Software a LOT more lately. The main appeal to me was the proclaim/Logos integration - and that is VERY lacking, imho. Btw, I've been using proclaim since it FIRST came out. I have implemented it at EVERY church I've been at. The content editors in Proclaim are AWESOME! I have been able to train 12yr olds to use them without any issues. With that being said, I was kind of expecting the same kind of capabilities in the sermon builder's slide editor. I do see where there have been comments six(ish) months ago where enhancements were coming but it would be great if this was a little bit of a priority. I have definitely heard A LOT of people complain about it. Hope I don't come across as harsh. I am a very direct person.
    1. Nathan, Thank you for your very honest post. Please know that I share a lot of this sentiment and understand it's a big need to help connect the Logos and Proclaim relationship together much better than what exists as of today. Recently, we have gathered the two development teams (Logos and Proclaim) together to map out the biggest needs to address this very issue and concern. Going forward, there will be much more intentional communication between these two teams so that at the forefront, we are always thinking about the entire sermon story from the very beginning of the planning process to the very final phase of the presentation and archiving of it. I will be following this post up with a personal email to you as I would very much enjoy discussing this matter further and gathering more specific ideas on how Logos-Proclaim can better be integrated that would help you and your ministry. We of course have many ideas already but I want to make sure yours are properly represented on the list. Again, thank you for your time to bring this up. We are definitely not running away from this issue, but instead are very committed to running directly at this issue to properly address it for the benefit of our users.
  • Any news on when the printing feature will be updated in sermon builder?
    1. Some time ago I was asking if the printing could match the preaching mode like it looks in the web browser. Right now everything runs together with no line spaces. I was told the printing format was a topic for an update.
    2. We have already begun work to identify all the enhancements we want to add to the current printing capabilities. This is an area we hope to begin on later this year. This absolutely has not been forgotten about and it still ranks high on our priority of things we want to accomplish soon. I think there are multiple ways we will be able to add value in this area and I look forward to getting this underway soon.
    3. Cool. Thank you. Are there any updates in general coming for sermon builder? I've read of a number of requests over time.
  • It would sure be nice if on the Handout or Questions tab I could hide all of the indexing material at the top. I just need the title and the passage. All of the tagging and such should be hidden (and much smaller).
    1. This suggestion has been noted. Thank you for submitting it.
  • How do I show and hide the slides feature on the left side of the sermon builder layout? I've looked all over and just can't seem to find it. Thanks!
    1. Look for the three vertical dots in the upper right hand portion of the Sermon Builder feature. When you click on that, one of the options near the top of that menu is the option to "Show slides" or not. If you see it with a check mark, clicking that button should then eliminate the slides from being in view on your sermon document.
    2. That was way too easy. Can't believe I missed it! Thanks so much
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    Is there a simple way to turn off the auto-generating slide feature when adding a heading? I only want a few slides that I would insert in the Sermon Builder.
    1. Dwight, Here are my recommendations. Perhaps one of these will work for your situation... 1) After creating a "Heading" and the slide is generated, right click on the slide image and click "Delete" to remove it 2) If having the heading isn't vital to be in the left sidebar's "Outline" area, and your sermon body text is primarily done in medium or large fonts, then you could also opt to just use the "Normal" type but then use size XL or size XXL in the font size options. As of now, there's no way to toggle that capability on and off. Of course, a user can tell Sermon Builder to not show any slides at all, but it sounds like you do want at least some to appear. Therefore, if that's the case, those two options above would be what I'd recommend to do for now. We can consider this as an additional option to provide to users in a future update. Thank you for writing in about this.
    2. Thank you Austin for your reply. I was aware of those options, so I will be waiting for an option in an update. Another option would be to allow a bulk delete in the slide viewer. Otherwise, I love the program.
  • I have an idea. Instead of 'styles' for the Sermon builder, what would be the possibility of getting the highlighting tool working in the Sermon Builder program? I could not begin to tell you how great that would be - as I could highlight my Scripture and such in my notes as in my Bible, as well as assign keyboard shortcuts to self-made 'styles' in the highlighting palette. Please, please - can we get this? Please?
    1. Pastor Scott, This is very much in line with some thinking we have for some future enhancements. We are discussing ways to add capabilities with how Sermon Builder connects with the Bible, notes, etc. I will include this specific request within that discussion. Thank you.
    2. If / when you implement, please do so where you can assign or use the same hotkeys as you can in the Bible program. (I have my highlights setup w/ hotkeys and I'm using a stream deck in my studies, so it's all very fluid... I highly suggest a similar layout. I use it for highlighting the Bible, and in sermon prep, by adding Bold / Italics / Fill-in-the-blanks & such quite rapidly. If anyone is interested, I'd be glad to post pictures.