• 30 Words Daily Devotion

    I started a new devotional and wanted to share with everyone for discussion. Please read and join me. https://faithlife.com/okchope/documents/17156

    Word 1 - FAITH

    Scripture - https://biblia.com/bible/esv/Jas2.17

    “Faith in God includes faith in his direction. #30WordsBook”

    1. Rate your faith on a scale of 1–10. Be honest.
    2. What is something you’ve done recently to demonstrate your faith?
    3. Discuss examples of people throughout Scripture who have boldly expressed their faith.

    Resource - - Wilson, J. (2016). 30 words: a devotional for the rest of us. (2nd Edition, Ed.) (pp. 4–5). Bellingham, WA: Kirkdale Press.

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    21 Days of Prayer & Fasting

    We will officially begin this Friday!

    As I have been seeking the Lord's direction, “Reset” is the word that has been resonating in my heart. Remember, our theme for the year is Following Jesus! I want everything I do to be reset with a new process of putting Him first and everything from there being filtered through the lens of His will, not mine. I would love to hear what the Lord is saying to you too.

    If you would like to get additional information or resources to equip your during this time, you can reach out to Pastor Chris or sign up here - https://hopechurch2.typeform.com/to/BHCCem

    1. Remember that fasting is not earning an answer to prayer. God cannot be black mailed by human effort. God wants to answer our prayers and He answers out of grace. Fasting simply prepares us for God’s answers
  • Let's study together!

    I started a group reading on 14 Days on Hope. Today's reading was Psalm 33:1–22. What was the Lord saying to you?

    1. Day 31: Practice of Serving

      I am very grateful to all those who have served their country in the various branches of the military, putting themselves in harm’s way to protect us! They swore to an oath to obey the commands given to them by their superiors. As followers of Jesus, we make a commitment to give our lives in serving others. Notice the similarities between military service and discipleship. 1. “Tour of Duty”: Serving for a specific period of time. As disciples, we have made a commitment to serve God, and if necessary, to give our lives serving Him. God has the days of our “tour of duty” numbered. He knows when we will be born and when we will die.   2. “Harm’s Way”: Willing to die for a cause greater than themselves. The follower of Christ is willing to suffer for Christ even to death. 3. “Brotherhood”: The military has a definition for brotherhood (camaraderie) much like that of a disciple of Christ. As Disciples we think of God and others first. As a part of the Body of Christ, we are knit together (family of God) in the love of the Lord. Matthew 16:24-25 says, 24 Then Jesus said to his disciples, “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me. 25 For whoever wants to save their life[f] will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will find it.” We find life in giving our lives in service to others.  

      Today: One big difference between the military and discipleship is that the military is looking for leaders while God is looking for servants. Servants make the best leaders! Think-About-It today!

      1. Speak Lord your servant is listening
      2. Yes and Amen!
    2. Day 27: Practice of Serving

      Bonhoeffer says, “He who would learn to serve must first learn to think little of himself.” Romans 12:3 says, “Let no man think of himself more highly than he ought to think.” Ouch! These verses go along with what James 4:10 says, “Humble yourself in the sight of the Lord and He will lift you up.” Self-promotion and serving have nothing in common. Walking around trying to get people to notice how important you are is the opposite of what a Christ-follower does. Thinking little of yourself means not thinking about yourself all of the time. A servant focuses on the needs of those they are serving. We used to say that a person who thought they were some big shot was “stuck-up.” The truth is that the more a person talks about how they are this or that really shows how insecure that person is. Listen, God chose us to be His children! That knowledge should humble us! Understanding that we are the object of God’s love should compel us (2 Cor. 5:14-15) to want to serve Him and the people He created.  

      Today: Take some time to meditate on how much God loves you.  Let that humble you today. Make that the fuel that drives you to serve.

      1. Day 18: Practice of Service

        The “living” part of being a “living sacrifice” is another aspect we need to look at. A pastor once said, “the problem with living sacrifices is that they tend to crawl off the altar.” That is why Jesus said in Luke 9:23 that we must die to SELF daily. When we daily practice the Discipline of Service we daily put our “SELF” on the altar. We all know that pride can and will creep in at any moment. Practicing something has the idea of doing it frequently or constantly. That’s why the Spiritual Disciplines are to be practiced. The Spiritual Disciplines are the things Jesus did all the time…daily. As long as we are alive…and if you are currently reading this you are…you need to make serving a daily practice. What? Do you mean every day? Yes! It really is a matter of Spiritual life or death! Pride brings Self-destruction. Meaning, it will eventually kill you Spiritually and physically. Seriously! Remember; “Pride is concerned with WHO is right, while humility is concerned with WHAT is right.”  Today: Practice, Practice, Practice. Practice putting God first. Practice serving others before your-SELF.