• Prayers of Fire: Daily Devotion

    Is He all you need or are you still trying to take control of things? It's enough just to be with Him, He knows the best pathway for our lives anyways. When I think about this, I am reminded of the story of the woman in Luke ch. 7. She was forgiven of many sins and showed Him great love.

    I encourage you to take time to pause in His presence, relinquish control of everything and just worship Him for His great faithfulness and forgiveness. He is Worthy!

    - All I Need -

    You lead me with your secret wisdom. And following you brings me into

    your brightness and glory!

    Psalm 73:24

    Lord, thank you for your infinite mercy and grace. So often I get stuck in my head, wasting time trying to understand matters that are too difficult for me—things which only make sense with your wisdom. It’s not possible to be led by my spirit when I let my mind take control. I only end up complaining about things and feeling miserable. If it weren’t for your compassion, I’d never find peace.

    Yet, in spite of my whining, you draw me close and comfort me with your counsel. Your kindness opens my eyes, so I can see again. Forgive me for trying to analyze every finite detail of life instead of trusting you with the sheer abandon of a child. Nothing in the whole world compares to you. Your love is all I ever need.

    The glory of your presence protects me. You whisper secrets that calm my raging thoughts. You anoint me with peace. I don’t have to understand everything. I only have to stay near you—coming closer and closer until imaginations are illuminated by your truth. This is the place of joy. This is life with you.

     Simmons, B., & Rodriguez, G. (2017). Prayers on fire: 365 days praying the psalms. Road Racine, WI: Broadstreet Publishing Group, LLC.

    1. Prayers on Fire: Daily Devotion

      This one hit home, especially after what He's been speaking to my heart about "The Journey".

      Do you trust Him with full abandon, that your destiny is in His hands? Is He your joy, filling you with awe and humility?

      Do you know Him?

      The Beautiful Path

      "For you bring me a continual revelation of resurrection life, the path to the bliss that brings me face-to-face with you." ~ Psalm 16:11

      What great love is this, which so profoundly surrounds me and leaves me utterly undone? It is you, Lord—my portion, my prize, and my delight—the One I have chosen over all others.

      Every moment of my life, you are here. I’m totally and completely secure in your unfathomable love. You continually reveal the overwhelming privilege of following you—a beautiful path of resurrection life on which I am honored to travel. I trust in you with full abandon. My destiny is safe in your hands.

      You counsel and correct me with such wisdom, I’m left with no rebuttal—only a deep sense of awe and humility, which compels me to praise you with lifted hands and surrendered heart.

      In the night you whisper words that fall upon my heart like costly jewels. So precious is your love for me. Even while I sleep and my body rests securely in your presence, my heart and soul explode with praise. You are my eternal and exquisite joy.

      Simmons, B., & Rodriguez, G. (2017). Prayers on fire: 365 days praying the psalms. Road Racine, WI: Broadstreet Publishing Group, LLC.

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        Prayers on Fire: Daily Devotion

        One of my favorite Psalms, I am so thankful for His unending grace! v2 You are my soul's celebration! Wow! Do we take the time to praise Him for His goodness to us??

        His immense goodness makes me want to serve Him more. Our days are so few, I would prefer to spend every second being led by Him.

        Have you surrendered your will to His plan?

        - Entirely Yours -

        You’re so kind and tenderhearted to those who

        don’t deserve it and so very patient with people

        who fail you! Your love is like a flooding river

        overflowing its banks with kindness.

        ~ Psalm 103:8 TPT

        I was thinking today about how merciful you’ve been to me. How in spite of all I’ve done, you kissed my heart with forgiveness. You rescued me from hell and saved my life. When I lost sight of you and ran around in circles feeling alone and confused, you rushed to my side. I don’t deserve your tenderhearted love and I don’t understand your patience, but I’m thankful for both.

        I dedicate myself to you. With all of my heart, I pray there will never be any part of me that is not entirely yours. I want to live a life of celebration, never forgetting your miracle of kindness. You have satisfied my deepest desires with the substance of your love. Sometimes this crown that you’ve placed on my head feels too big, but I accept the honor of representing you in the earth. I bow before you in wonder—my whole life surrendered to you.

         Simmons, B., & Rodriguez, G. (2017). Prayers on fire: 365 days praying the psalms. Road Racine, WI: Broadstreet Publishing Group, LLC.

        1. Prayers on Fire: Daily Devotion

          Light in the Darkness

          At each and every sunrise I will awake to do what’s right

          and put to silence those who love wickedness,

          freeing God’s people from their evil grip.

          I will do all of this because of my great love for you!

          Psalm 101:8

          Lord, when you examine my life, I pray you will find integrity, honor, and compassion as the theme. I live in a world of corruption, where anything goes and righteous standards are frowned upon. Let it not be so in my family. For generations to come, may we be an example of wisdom and love for others to follow.

          I will choose to keep the pure and godly as my closest friends, but help me to never be prideful or shun anyone. Though I will not be named among the wicked, let my kindness attract them. When they look to me for counsel and support, anoint me to speak from a heart of compassion, with words of godly wisdom. May I shine with the glory of your Spirit within me to a world smoldering in darkness and desperate for your touch.

          The deepest cry of my heart is to live a life that reflects you into the world around me. May I walk humbly with you all of my days and see this passionate pursuit of godliness continue for generations.

          Simmons, B., & Rodriguez, G. (2017). Prayers on fire: 365 days praying the psalms. Road Racine, WI: Broadstreet Publishing Group, LLC.

          1. Lord, when you examine my life, I pray you will find integrity , honor, and compassion as my theme. These 3 words describe my dad. He’s been gone since March 19,1995. Maybe one day my kids will remember me this way. You set the bar high, dad.
          2. I pray we all can leave a legacy like that. With the Lord’s help, nothing is impossible, even for a wretch like me!! :)
        2. Prayers on Fire: Daily Devotion

          Is your passion for Him so contagious that others want to join you in praising Him?

          - No Holding Back -

          Everyone come meet his face with a thankful heart!

          Don’t hold back your praises;

          make him great by your shouts of joy!

          Psalm 95:2

          God, I’m not sure whether to kneel in reverence, honoring you as the mighty God, or to wildly celebrate you as Creator. When I think about how great you are, my heart soars.

          At times, my joy is uncontainable, and at other times, I’m so overwhelmed by your majesty I can barely stand. One moment, I’m dancing and singing your praise, and the next, I’m prostrate before your throne. In one hand, you hold the mysteries of the whole world, and in the other, the world itself.

          I cannot refrain from proclaiming your greatness. If everyone truly understood how magnificent you are, they would dedicate themselves to you, wholeheartedly. I pray my passion would be contagious, Father, so everyone would join me in praising you.

          I am thoroughly convinced of your power and love. With untamed praise and deepest reverence, I will honor you eternally.

           Simmons, B., & Rodriguez, G. (2017). Prayers on fire: 365 days praying the psalms. Road Racine, WI: Broadstreet Publishing Group, LLC.

          1. Prayers on Fire: Daily Devotion

            "Set Apart"

            “Because I love him and treasure him,

            my faithfulness will always protect him.

            I will place my great favor upon him,

            and I will cause his power and fame to increase.”

            Psalm 89:24

            Lord, I feel your great power surrounding me. Like David of old, I am sustained by your grace, anointed by the oil of your Spirit. You are my Father and strong Savior. I overcome whatever I face, because you have destined me for victory. Your covenant is an unbreakable promise—I trust in it fully.

            Lift me higher and higher, until I soar on the wings of favor. Set me apart to be a gracious dispenser of your glory. I honor you and bow before your marvelous splendor, knowing that without you I am nothing. Though power and fame may set me before kings and queens, my success is found in your triumph.

            I owe everything to you. You are astounding—the only standard for truth. Not even the mighty angels compare to you. You outshine us all with glory that reaches to the sky, yet you have chosen to manifest yourself through imperfect vessels. King of Glory, I rejoice in your unceasing grace and astounding blessing upon my life.

            Simmons, B., & Rodriguez, G. (2017). Prayers on fire: 365 days praying the psalms. Road Racine, WI: Broadstreet Publishing Group, LLC.

            1. Prayers on Fire: Daily Devotion

              ”Fill Me”

              This one has been so perfect for our study on guidance. I hope your prayer has been for Him to fill you with more of His Spirit!

              “I will feed you with my spiritual bread

              You will feast and be satisfied with me

              feeding on my revelation-truth like honey

              dripping from the cliffs of the high place.”

              Psalm 81:16

              Father, you are my God; there is no other. I will worship you from the depths of my spirit and never take your love for granted again. Your mercy is so beautiful to me. When I lived according to my selfish fantasies, I was miserable—always grasping for something to feed my ego. All it took was surrendering my stubborn heart and yielding to your lordship. Then I tasted what life with you was like and I will never turn back.

              Give me grace to faithfully follow your footsteps. Empower me to live my days before you with an undivided heart. You have delivered me from bondage. When I open my mouth to speak, fill it with the truth of your Word and let every promise come to pass. Your revelation is sweeter than honey. 

              Feed my spirit with spiritual bread that satisfies my greatest hunger. Let me feast upon your presence. Thank you for your mercy—for understanding my struggles and unveiling the work of your Spirit in me.

              1. Prayers on Fire: Daily Devotion

                Nothing Compares

                "Just one day of intimacy with you is like a thousand days of joy rolled into one! I’d rather stand at the threshold in front of the Gate Beautiful, ready to go in and worship my God, than to live my life without you in the most beautiful palace of the wicked." ~ Psalm 84:10 TPT

                God, the most extravagant longings of my heart cannot be satisfied by anyone but you. You are my strength, my motivation, my reason for living. Tether me to your love. Your kindness has led me to repentance. Wrap me in your arms and look me in the eye—nothing is hidden from you.

                Your presence is a shield of protection around me—I will rest there always. Thank you for your gift of grace. For filling me with relentless desire to know you. I’d rather stand at the gate that leads to you than to stand in beautiful palaces apart from you. Nothing compares to being near you. No one can match your power. No one rivals your love.

                Fill my life with the brilliance of your glory. Illuminate my paths with your radiant splendor, so I will never lose my way. I lack nothing when I’m with you. You provide more than enough. Your faithfulness is euphoric; you never fail me. God, you are the answer to every prayer and I will trust you forever.

                Simmons, B., & Rodriguez, G. (2017). Prayers on fire: 365 days praying the psalms. Road Racine, WI: Broadstreet Publishing Group, LLC.

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                  Daily Devotional: Confession Day 27

                  James 5:16 tells us to “confess our sins one to another…” I’m sure you’re asking who is the “another?” It’s like you just read my mind! What a great question! If the “one” is you, then who are you going to confess to “another?” James 5:16 in the Message translation says, “make this your common practice: Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you can live together whole and healed.” Here we go! I’ve heard people say to me that their life is pretty good except when people get involved. That “another” is other people. We are all members of the Body of Christ. We are to live together “whole and healed.” We are tied together. We are family! We sin against each other, and we confess our sins to each other. All I can says is that we better get good at confession! That is why it is so important to PRACTICE these Spiritual Disciplines daily.  

                  Today: Why does the Bible say we are the Body of Christ? What does that mean to you?

                  1. The Practice of Submission - Day 31

                    Give in to someone today! That’s right let someone else win! Oh, what a feeling! Practicing Submission eventually frees us to “Give In!” This freedom allows us to not have to have our own way all the time. It’s not weakness! It’s the ability to put others needs before our own. This freedom helps us to genuinely love our neighbor as much as we love ourselves. Without the practice of submission, I don’t think we can do what the Bible says is one of the “Greatest Commandments; Love your neighbor.” Mark 12:31 at the end of the verse says, “There is no greater commandment than these.” How can I love my neighbor if I don’t even think about them? If I only think about my needs, I will never have time to think about their needs.  

                    Today: Try to spend some time (maybe at a stop light) to think about the needs of someone other than you. Do you know any of their needs?