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Moody Classics Complete Set: Includes 19 Classics of the Faith in a Single Volume


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This package includes the entire collection of the Moody Classics Set: The Confessions of St. Augustine, Hudson Taylor's Spiritual SecretThe Apostolic Fathers, The Incomparable Christ, OrthodoxyAnswers to Prayer, The Christian's Secret of a Happy Life, Power Through PrayerThe Imitation of Christ, The True Vine, The Pilgrim's Progress, How to Pray, All of Grace, Born Crucified, Holiness (Abridged), The Overcoming LifeThe Secret of Guidance, Names of God, and Prevailing Prayer.

Of all the factors influencing our spiritual growth and development, pivotal books play a key role. Learning from those who have walked the path and fought the fight brings wisdom and strengthens resolve. And hearing the familiar chords of kingdom living sung by voices from other times can penetrate cultural barriers that limit our allegiance to the King. To this end, Moody Publishers is honored to present all nineteen books of its spiritual classics series. Selected for their enduring influence and timeless perspective, these new editions promise to shape the lives of spiritual pilgrims for generations to come.

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  • Title : Moody Classics Complete Set: Includes 19 Classics of the Faith in a Single Volume
  • Authors:
    • Augustine, St.
    • Taylor, Dr. Howard
    • Taylor, Mrs. Howard
    • Fathers, Apostolic
    • Sanders, J. Oswald
    • Chesterton, G.K.
    • Mueller, George
    • Smith, Hannah Whitall
    • Bounds, E.M.
    • A'Kempis, Thomas
    • Murray, Andrew
    • Bunyan, John
    • Torrey, R. A.
    • Spurgeon, C.H.
    • Maxwell, L. E.
    • Ryle, J.C.
    • Moody, D.L.
    • Meyer, F.B.
    • Stone, Nathan
  • Publisher: Moody Publishers
  • Publication Date: 2010
  • ISBN: 9780802482587

AUGUSTINE OF HIPPO (354-430) was one of the foremost philosopher-theologians of early Christianity and the leading figure in the church of North Africa. He became bishop of Hippo in 396 and held that position until his death. Before becoming a Christian, Augustine lived a very secular life. His mother Monica prayed for him diligently and at age 32, during a trip to Milan, Augustine heard the preaching of St. Ambrose, was convicted by the Holy Spirit, and became a Christian. His numerous written works, the most important of which are his Confessions and City of God, shaped the practice of biblical exegesis and helped lay the foundation for much of medieval and modern Christian thought.

DR. FREDERICK HOWARD TAYLOR (1862-1946) was a British missionary to China and the son, James Hudson Taylor, the founder of China Inland Mission. He completed his diploma at the Royal London Hospital in 1888 Howard and his wife, GERALDINE, wrote several books about his father¿s ministry and their own experiences in China.

The Apostolic Fathers featured in this collection are Clement, a foreign secretary in the church of Rome; Ignatius, a bishop of Syria; Polycarp, a bishop in Smyrna who was eventually martyred; and several anonymous authors. Their writings collected here span approximately AD 70-155 and reveal ways the early Christians understood and applied the teachings of the original apostles.


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    Digital list price: $22.99
    Save $18.00 (78%)