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  • The Center for Discipleship, "The C!" A place to connect and to grow together. Discipleship is best defined as "doing life together" as we pursue Him. Let's make the most of every opportunity as the days are evil and the time is short!
  • For the Ladies: Honoring Your Husband... Keep a mental list of little things your husband does that save you time and effort, and thank him for them as often as possible. When he feels he's meeting the "small" as well as the big needs of his family, his self-respect increases, and he will often begin to feel a deeper love for his appreciative wife. From It Takes Two to Tango by Gary and Norma Smalley.
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      Isaiah 55 The Passion Translation

      Invitation to an Abundant Life

      55:1 “Listen! Are you thirsty for more?

          Come to the refreshing waters and drink.

          Even if you have no money,

          come, buy, and eat.

          Yes, come and buy all the wine and milk you desire—

          it won’t cost a thing.

      Why spend your hard-earned money

          on something that can’t nourish you

          or work so hard for something that can’t satisfy?

          So listen carefully to me

          and you’ll enjoy a sumptuous feast,

          delighting in the finest of food.

      Pay attention and come closer to me,

          and hear, that your total being may flourish.

          I will enter into an everlasting covenant with you,

          and I will show you the same faithful love

          that I showed David.

      See! I made him a witness to the nations,

          an example of leadership,

          as prince and commander of peoples.”

      Look! You will summon nations you’ve never heard of.

          Nations who have never heard of you

          will come running to follow you

          because Yahweh, your God, the Holy One of Israel,

          has glorified you!

      God’s Mercy Greater than Man’s

      Seek the Lord Yahweh when he makes himself approachable;

          call upon him when you sense he is near.

      The wicked need to abandon their ways,

          and sinful ones need to banish every evil thought.

          Let them return to Yahweh,

          and they will experience his compassionate mercy.

          Yes, let them return to God,

          for he will lavish forgiveness upon them.

      “For my thoughts about mercy are not like your thoughts,

          and my ways are different from yours.

      As high as the heavens are above the earth,

          so my ways and my thoughts are higher than yours.


      “As the snow and rain that fall from heaven

          do not return until they have accomplished their purpose,

          soaking the earth and causing it to sprout with new life,

          providing seed to sow and bread to eat.


      So also will be the word that I speak;

          it does not return to me unfulfilled.

          My word performs my purpose

          and fulfills the mission I sent it out to accomplish.”


      For you will leave your exile with joy

          and be led home wrapped in peace.

          The mountains and hills in front of you will burst into singing

          and the trees of the field will applaud!


      Cypress trees will flourish where there were only thorns

          and myrtle trees instead of nettles.

          These will stand as a testimony to Yahweh’s renown,

          everlasting signs that will not be cut off.

      1. The American holiday of Thanksgiving (חַג הַהוֹדָיָה) undoubtedly has its roots in the Jewish tradition of giving thanks to God, and some historians believe that the early "pilgrims" actually derived the idea for the holiday from the Biblical festival of Sukkot (i.e., "the feast of Tabernacles"). Before fleeing to the “New World,” the pilgrims lived for a decade among the Sephardic Jews in Holland, since Holland was considered a safe haven from religious persecution at the time. Since the pilgrims were devout Calvinists and Puritans, their religious idealism led them to regard themselves as "new Israel," and it is likely that they learned that Sukkot commemorated the people of Israel's deliverance from their religious persecution in ancient Egypt at that time. After they emigrated to the "Promised Land" of America, it is not surprising that these pilgrims may have chosen the festival of Sukkot as the paradigm for their own celebration. As the Torah commands: "Celebrate the feast so that your generations may know that I made the people of Israel dwell in booths when I brought them out of the land of Egypt: I am the LORD your God" (Lev. 23:39-43). The highly devout pilgrims regarded their perilous journey to the new world as a type of "Exodus event" and therefore sought the appropriate Biblical holiday to commemorate their safe arrival in a land full of new promise... It is interesting to note that the Hebrew word for “turkey” is tarnegol hodu (תַּרְנְגוֹל הוֹדו), literally, “Indian chicken,” which is often shortened to hodu (הוֹדוּ). It is a happy coincidence that we customarily eat turkey on Thanksgiving, and this reminds us of the “thanks” connection: "Give thanks (hodu) to the Lord for he is good," for His love endures forever." [Hebrew for Christians]
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          Glory Stories 2

          A few years ago, we collected testimonies from many people and published them in a booklet we called "Glory Stories" The booklet had a head shot picture of each author on the back cover with the page number of their testimony with it. We are ready to do it again! This tool is an excellent conversation starter in our area as many people may know one or more of the writers. Then, having opened a spiritual conversation, they perhaps can be drawn into a deeper relationship with Him! We're ready to do "Glory Stories 2" and feature your story! Please submit yours by February 18, 2022 so we can have it ready for distribution at our next Appreciation Banquet in March. We are so excited to read and publish your stories!
          1. Attached is a promo piece that shows how Glory Stories booklet might look.
          2. Here is a PDF version of the original Glory Stories booklet that we published in 2017. Enjoy reading through the stories! Maybe this will help spark something in you to share!
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          Excited to offer a fresh new website presence! Our previous site was not mobile friendly. The new FaithLife site is and gives viewers the opportunity to see the information about The C and all we do in an easy to navigate, clean new format! You can still access it @ TheC.website or https://the-center-for-discipleship.faithlifesites.com/
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              Sunday, November 28th  •  1:00–2:30 pm (EST)
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              Independence Village- Oxford
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              1. Hi Randy, Just want to make sure we're healthy enough before we decide if we can go!
            2. I've been thinking a lot about shifting and re-alignment. I know we are creatures of comfort, and that we REALLY like our routines and familiar places and people. But what about the stretching out of our tent stakes and the enlarging of our territory that is mentioned in Scripture? How can we say no just because we want to remain comfortable and undisturbed? Ask Job or Jonah or Paul about that! Even ask Jesus Himself who for the joy set before Him endured death, even a death on the cross!! So when your pot is getting stirred, ask Him what He has for you to do and not to take away your uncomfortable feelings! He could be dislodging you from something nice and easy so that you can go and advance His Kingdom!
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                Sunday, December 5th  •  5–7 pm (EST)
                The Center For Discipleship
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