• Please pray.

    Update on Scott Skinner's mother. Rose Marie Skinner passed away this afternoon at Washington Memorial Hospital. Please keep the Skinner's in your prayers. They have asked for no phone calls this evening as they are trying to discuss things and grieve together as a family.
    1. Please pray.

      Good Afternoon Ephesus Family,  We had a great time of worship this morning. It was such a blessing to see so many hanging around after the service to fellowship and enjoy one another's company. Following the service, I received an urgent request for prayer from Scott and Connie Skinner. They got word that Scott's mother, Rose Marie Coppedge Skinner, was being taken by EMS to Washington Memorial Hospital. They don't know any further details at this time, other than Scott's mother coded on the way back from a short trip to the beach. They are on their way to the hospital at this time. Please be in prayer for their safety as well as for Scott's mother and her family. We serve a great God who wants to hear us praying for each other, please lift this need up now and throughout the day. I will send another message out after I learn more about the situation. Love you all!  Until He Comes,  Pastor Wayne
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        Stock the Pantry Wedding Shower

        Good Evening Ephesus Family, 

        Sue Staton would like to invite you all to join her in celebrating the upcoming wedding of Christina Rose Strickland to Aidan Sheehan by participating in a Drive-thru "Stock-the-Pantry" Wedding Shower on Saturday, October 23rd from 2:00pm - 3:00pm. Along with your pantry stocking gifts, Sue would like to request that you bring your favorite Scripture Verse written out on an index card or sticky note with your name attached. If you have any questions, contact Sue Staton. God bless you all and have a great evening. 

        Joyfully His, 

        Pastor Wayne

        1. The Power of Your Prayers Before God! Join us this and every Sunday morning @ 10am as we worship our Risen Christ! We offer a variety of ways you can worship with us! You can worship in-person in our parking lot via 87.9FM, or via our LiveStream on YouTube. Today, Pastor Wayne Sullivan continues in our sermon series titled "Pray and Go!" Today's message is titled, "The Power of Your Prayers Before God!" Join us as Pastor Wayne reminds us of the need for expectant, Holy-Spirit empowered, consistent prayer in our lives today. We will leave this doctrinal/practical series of sermons in two weeks and return to our verse by verse exposition of 1 Corinthians. At Ephesus Baptist Church, we believe in the authority and sufficiency of the Word of God. Our families are all striving to be one family of faith giving our all to love God, love people, serve Jesus, and be disciples who make disciples who will change our world. That is our mission, our purpose, why we exist as a church. We truly hope you are encouraged and spiritually nourished by our corporate service of Worship. You can contribute to our ministry by donating through our website: ebcspringhope.com/give. If you need to speak with Pastor Wayne about a spiritual issue in your life, he can be reached at pastor.ephesusnc@gmail.com. May Christ be glorified!
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            Urgent Need: Skinner House Fire

            Greetings Ephesus Family and Spring Hope Community!

            We all hope and pray that our lives will be full of joy and void of trouble. Sadly, we live in a fallen world where bad things can and will happen throughout our lives. None of us are immune to this truth. On Monday, September 27th, Scott and Connie Skinner witnessed this painful reality firsthand as their house caught fire. Thankfully, no one was injured and our skilled Spring Hope Fire Department responded quickly and eliminated the fire with minimal water damage. Unfortunately, the aftermath was a house that is heavily damaged by fire, heat, and especially smoke.

            Now for most of us, we have homeowners insurance to kick in and help get us back on our feet during an event like this. Sadly, Scott and Connie had fallen on some difficult times financially and their insurance had lapsed. They are a caring, hard-working family who would do anything to help others, they are now in a difficult spot and need our help.

            In the early days of the Christian Church, we read descriptions like Acts 2:44-45 (ESV),

            "And all who believed were together and had all things in common. And they were selling their possessions and belongings and distributing the proceeds to all, as any had need."

            The Church was known for taking care of their own. Scott and Connie are our own!

            James, the step-brother of Jesus Christ, wrote in James 2:15-17 (ESV),

            "If a brother or sister is poorly clothed and lacking in daily food, and one of you says to them, "Go in peace, be warmed and filled." without giving them the things needed for the body, what good is that? So also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead.

            "Pastor Wayne, what are you getting at?"

            What I am saying, asking, pleading with you, is that we as the Church and community that Scott and Connie Skinner are a part of need to come along side of them and help them to get back on their feet. Their need is great.

            Spiritually, they are hurting and in shock, therefore they need our prayers, our encouragement, our kind words and thoughts, cards, texts, and calls. They need to feel an overflowing sense of love and support from all of us during this time. Imagine how you would feel if you were in their shoes.

            Financially, they are in great need. There are going to be storage costs, clean-up costs, and repair costs involved, not to mention replacement costs for furniture and household items. I am asking all of you to consider how you can donate and help support them during this extreme difficulty.

            At Ephesus Baptist Church, we have established a fund that will be used to pay for their repair expenses and the remainder of any funds collected, 100%, will be given to them to use to get back on their feet. You can donate to this fund in one of three ways:

            1. Attend one of our worship services and place in our offering a check designated to "Love Offering - Skinner House Fire."
            2. Visit our church website at https://ebcspringhope.com/give and be sure to change the fund from "General Fund" to "Love Offering - Skinner House Fire." Our online giving platform is handled by FaithLife Giving and is safe and secure.
            3. You can mail us your check designated "Love Offering - Skinner House Fire" to

            Ephesus Baptist Church

            P.O. Box 489,

            Spring Hope, NC 27882

            Please consider how you can give financially to help the Skinner Family. Talk with your workplace, your church family, and / or other groups you are affiliated with and see if they would consider making a donation to help. Spread the word any way you can and help us care for the Skinner family.

            Physically, you can help by providing the following:

            1. Labor - (Contact one of us - Contact information is below).
            2. Restaurant Gift Cards
            3. Grocery Store Gift Cards
            4. Gallons of Water
            5. Water Bottles
            6. Wet Wipes / Baby Wipes / Paper Towels
            7. Trash Bags
            8. Boxes or Plastic Storage Bins

            Contact Information

            • Scott and Connie Skinner - 252.382.1478 - email: onnie1972@aol.com
            • Pastor Wayne Sullivan - 252.886.0634 - email: pastor.ephesusnc@gmail.com

            As their pastor, I thank you in advance on behalf of the Skinner family and our church family, for all of your loving support in the days ahead. Please know that the greatest need is spiritual and financial. Please love on the Skinners and help them through this difficult season. There will be some work days scheduled in the future as well, so please keep an eye on our Facebook page. Please share this information with everyone you know. Together, as a community, we can help this family get back on their feet. Thank you again!

            Joyfully His,

            Pastor Wayne Sullivan

            1. EBC Celebration Service

              Good Evening Ephesus Family, 

              We had a beautiful Sunday morning to celebrate our Risen Christ today! It was really good to see many of your faces again. For those that were in attendance at our worship service today, you've already heard this announcement. But for the sake of those who could not make it, today we announced a special worship service coming up on Sunday, October 10th at 10am.

              We are going to be having a Celebration Service, celebrating the rich history of Ephesus Baptist Church from 1880 until today, as well as looking forward to what God may do in the future. Sadly, we had to cancel our plans for Homecoming 2021 due to the pandemic. The Deacons and I wanted very badly to still do something, so we decided to replace Homecoming with a special celebration service this year. There will be no fellowship meal or guest speaker, rather we want to hear from you. 

              Sunday, October 10th, will be a chance for you to share some of your special memories, or special memories that have been passed down to you from your parents or grandparents. The majority of the service will be an opportunity for you to share what God has done down through the years at Ephesus. If you have a special memory, story, or piece of history, then please contact one of our deacons or myself before October 5th at Noon so it can be included in our service planning. You can reach me by phone or text at 252.886.0634 or by email at

              pastor.ephesusnc@gmail.com. You can find our deacons contact information in your directory.

              Also, in lieu of our normal Homecoming Offering, we are asking you to consider donating to a special offering to help us repair our Church Steeple. It is in desperate need of repair before we have water problems in the future. In addition, the deacons would like to see us add a cross to the top of our steeple. We are asking you to help us raise a Goal of at least $3000.00 during this special service to help offset the repair costs. 

              We know this doesn't fully replace Homecoming, but we hope it will help us to find reason to rejoice as we celebrate what God has done. Hopefully, by this time next year things will be different and we can gather for the biggest homecoming celebration in our church's history. Until then, let's get together on the Sunday, October 10th and Celebrate what God has done and may do in our future. God bless you all! 

              Joyfully His, 

              Pastor Wayne

              1. Great idea about the steeple! Looking forward to homecoming
            2. posted an announcement
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              Fall Outdoor Tailgate Worship Service

              Beginning Sunday, September 26th, we are planning to take advantage of the beautiful Fall weather and move our worship gathering outdoors in the form of an outdoor, drive-in styled, Tailgate Worship Service like we enjoyed in the Fall of 2020. We hope that it will allow as many as possible the opportunity to safely gather with us weekly for worship. The service will begin at 10:00 am! Like last year, you will be able to sit in your car and tune in on FM station 87.9, or sit on your tailgate or in a lawn chair under a tent or under a tree and enjoy our worship gathering. If you do sit under the tent or near others, we ask that you continue to wear your mask. Also if you mingle please practice social distancing and wear your mask. We are planning to continue livestreaming the service for those who are unable or unwilling to gather together at this time. We would like to recommend to each of you to take advantage of our online ministry throughout the week as much as possible. We will be posting information, bible studies, devotionals, and videos on our various internet platforms. Our primary platform is going to be our church-based FaithLife platform which you can join via https://faithlife.com/ephesus-springhope/activity . When you sign up under this platform, you can ask questions, send prayer requests, post encouraging Scriptures and thoughts, view our calendar of events, give safely online, and fellowship through group chats. For those of you who donʼt enjoy Facebook, this is the perfect place for you online. Our other online platforms include: our church website accessible at https://ebcspringhope.com (you can give safely online through our website); our Facebook Page accessible at https:// www.facebook.com/ebcspringhope ; our Facebook Prayer Group for up to the minute prayer requests accessible at https:// www.facebook.com/groups/131298435743811 ; and our YouTube Channel accessible at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZpw0XdHGjvcwhI7VMZ5TyQ .
              1. Good Afternoon Ephesus Family,  Are you overflowing with joy, are you excited to offer up praise to the Glory of God? Are you weary, are you heavy-hearted? Tell it to Jesus, tell it to Jesus with other brothers and sisters in Christ as we gather for our weekly online Zoom prayer gathering. Join us every Wednesday night at 6PM by following the link below! We look forward to boldly approaching the throne of grace with you all!  Sweet hour of prayer, sweet hour of prayer, that calls me from a world of care and bids me at my Father's throne Make all my wants and wishes known!  In seasons of distress and grief,  My soul has often found relief,  And oft escaped the tempter's snare by Thy return,  Sweet hour of prayer. Join your church family by clicking the link below: ​ https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85096919637