• The wiki Faithlife Assistant Commands (logos.com) offers this example of a Faithlife Assistant command "Search BDB for left dislocation" which produced no results for the simple reason that there are none to find in the BDB. So I thought about "left dislocation" likely being a discourse grammar phrase and tried LDHB in place of BDB. However, Faithlife Assistant flagged LDHB as unknown. So I tried the full title and the full title within quotation marks .... nothing worked. Is there a limited number of resources that Faithlife Assistant recognizes? If so, where is the list of those resources. Or was I doing something wrong that kept it from recognizing the resource?
    1. There are two resources whose title starts "Lexham Discourse Hebrew Bible", the glossary and the introduction. I'm guessing it can't determine which one you mean? I was able to succeed with "open the lexham discourse hebrew bible introduction" (though it also failed once: I'm not sure why).
  • Is this the appropriate link that Logos (but note Verbum) would supply? There appears to be a bug in that the question "Find all the Greek imperative verbs in Ephesians" is accepted with an okay but the search argument built is simply for a verb not an imperative verb.
    1. No, the correct query would be <LogosMorphGr ~ V??M????> Faithlife Assistant is not actively being worked on at this time, so there are quite a few areas for improvement.
  • We want your feedback on Faithlife Assistant! We are especially interested in: - the kinds of questions people need help with. - the way people ask questions (try asking the same thing in different ways). - how well FA did at finding an answer. Please give us your feedback here: https://goo.gl/forms/NnIO7Hj7IZeDmjhc2
    1. No plans as this time.
    2. Just saw this feature on Logos 9, I thought it was really awesome but am now pretty discouraged to see 3 year old comments in this forum which haven't been fixed yet.
    3. The assistant just crashed Logos 8 repeatedly when looking up Philip.
  • Looks interesting.  Things I would like to see implemented. 1. It recognizes the names of books in my library. 2. It understands the short title of books in my library. 3. Link all bible dictionaries to link set A - replace dictionary with commentary, etc. 4. Create a reading plan for "Daniel: The Vision of the End" 5. Who is the strongest man in the Bible? 6. Who is the wisest man in the Bible? 7. What is the name of the man swallowed by a fish/whale? You get the idea. This type of AI helps the Church unlike anything that is available, and this can be done without the ads of a search engine. Will more feedback later. I really like where you are going with this.
    1. Decided to have some fun: My questions/remarks start with  "L" Hello! Type “help” any time to find out what you can ask me. Today at 8:02 AM L. hello Hey! L. hi Good day! L. howdy Howdy. L. morning How are you this morning? L. I am fine Sleep is important to your health. Rest up for a bit and we can chat later. L. who is your father? Sorry, I don’t know “your father”. L. Who is your creator? Sorry, I don’t know “your creator”. L. Who created you? I didn’t understand that. Please try again or ask for “Help”. L. when were you born? Who can say exactly when an idea is born? L. how old are you? I don't really know. L. You are 25 years old. L. Who is your mother? Sorry, I don’t know “your mother”. L. Would you like to dance? I didn’t understand that. Please try again or ask for “Help”. L. Can you dance? You can ask me: Open my bible to John 3:16. Search the Bible for faith. Tell me about grace. Read today’s reading. Open a passage guide on Colossians two. Who is Martin Luther? L. Who is the oldest man who ever lived? According to Genesis 5, Methuselah son of Enoch lived 969 years.
  • Tongue completely in cheek here, but I'm disappointed that "Write my sermon" comes back with "Sorry, I'm not sure what you said."   On the other hand, "Help me write my sermon" comes back with a number of suggested followups.  So ... not all bad.  :-)
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      If you have an idea, share it in a new post. Then add it to the Faithlife Assistant Ideas sheet (linked to in the Recommended Links section in the sidebar) with example queries it should support and a link to your post. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ZNp5MAvdPwmAi9diqgyo2LCf0xgnHzkU_1pNsgQ0egc/edit#gid=0 If you see an idea there that you like, you can upvote it by incrementing the vote count up by one. Honor system. :)
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        We’re working on a new feature called Faithlife Assistant, and we’d like to give you a sneak peek of a very early version and get your feedback. Faithlife Assistant is a conversational AI bot that allows you to interact with the Logos desktop software (and eventually Logos web, Logos mobile, and other apps and sites) using natural language. It uses machine learning to get smarter over time. It will eventually support voice input and output and have richer contextual awareness that enables it to respond to your present request in light of your previous request (and maybe even what’s open on your screen, whether you opened it via FA or not). While most people will likely benefit from it at some level, it’s geared primarily for those who need a little help getting around in the software. You may not see direct application for yourself, but you’re likely to find some tasks that make sense to do through FA simply because they save time (e.g., “show me all the verses where Jesus spoke to Peter,” which opens Bible Browser to the verses view and applies the speaker:Jesus and addressee:Peter facets). Eventually it will merge with the command bar. (It currently supports many, but not all, of the command bar commands. We’re working to make sure it supports all of them.) Since this is backed by a web service, you need to be online to use it. When you’re online, we’ll use FA. When you go offline, we’ll fall back to the current command bar. This isn’t a beta yet. We still have a lot of work to do. It’s a very early pre-beta preview just for Faithlife employees and our forum MVPs. We’ll be moving it into an opt-in public beta in a future release. Before we do, we thought it would be good to get some feedback from you all. 1. What’s your general impression, both for yourself and for the broader user base? 2. What do you like most about what it can do presently? 3. What did you expect it to do that it doesn’t yet? 4. What do you wish it could do that would make it more valuable to you and others? Here’s how to get the preview: 1. Accept my invitation to join the Faithlife Assistant Faithlife group (https://faithlife.com/faithlife-assistant/activity). If you didn’t receive one, you can ask to join. Group membership will grant you a temporary license to the feature. 2. Open Logos on your Windows or Mac computer and launch Faithlife Assistant (https://ref.ly/logos4/FaithlifeAssistant). It’s located under the Utilities section of the Tools menu. We’re looking forward to hearing what you think! Here are some things to try: Try some of the current command bar commands. Type Help. Hi. Hello. What can you do? to learn about some of the things you can ask or tell FA. What’s today’s verse? Verse of the day Show me verses where Satan speaks to Jesus. Open the ESV. Open the NIV. Open Ephesians. Go to Ephesians. Open John 3:16. Take a note on John 3:16. Open the RSV to Luke 22. Open BDAG. Define atonement. What’s the definition of atonement? Run a Passage Guide on John 1. Passage Guide on John 1. Run an Exegetical Guide on John 1. Exegetical Guide on John 1. Run a word study on love. Word study on love. Tell me about grace. Who was Jesus? Compare John 3:16 in multiple versions. Are there any updates available? Update my resources. Pro tip: If the focus moves away from FA, you can jump it back by using Ctrl+Tab (on Windows and Mac). We’ll probably create a shortcut/hotkey soon as well.
        1. just tried that question and FA still doesn't know where Jesus was born. Is anyone from listening?
        2. It is October 23, 2021. Is Faithlife Assistant down? No matter what I do, I get a complete blank space. No option to type or use my microphone. Are they removing this feature, or have they already removed this feature? Am I missing something?
        3. , thanks for the report. We're looking into it.