• I want to change the dictionary used in the info card section. How can I do that?
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      I really want to be able to add media to a canvas. But I can't seem to find any way to do that except to draw it. Logos has a lot of excellent media, such as charts and pictures and maps, etc. Let us put this into a canvas.
      1. Hi, I have already marked a bible text in Logos with my personal markup system and now I would like to import this text with my markups into the Canvas tool. Is that possible? Alternatively, is it possible to use your personal markup system in the Canvas tool - I have not found this function. Thank you very much!
        1. Just started using Canvas. I would be helpful if ... 1. We could lock the scree somehow. It's very sensitive. A wrong swipe and the whole screen moves. 2. Like the issue above, it would be helpful to have a lock feature for the "text." Again, it's very sensitive, and I am often moving the text by accident. 3. I am unable to move/reorder the "pages" at the bottom of the screen. They remain in the order in which they were created. It would be extremely helpful to be able to rearrange the so I can cycle through them in the correct order I wan the in. Maybe I'm missing these features?
          1. I would love to be able to re-organize the Canvas Pages I've been working on too. That's basic. It's a Must. "Come on, you can do it Charlie Brown." love
        2. I just started Canvas last weekend, working on Is. 53 and reading John MacArthur's "The Gospel According to God: Rediscovering the Most Remarkable Chapter in the Old Testament". I know from the Canvas video in support/training that I can search for a Bible passage to add to the canvas, but can I search any other books, like expository dictionaries, commentaries or Strong's?
          1. Hi there. New to Logos 9, using it on Windows. I really want to like Canvas as a feature and there's so many great things about it. But I've run into two main issues that are a dealbreaker for me. Number 1, as was mentioned in a post by B Johnson a few months back, there seems to be a character limit when importing text. I can't simply import a whole chapter of the Bible if it's too long. Number 2, I want to be able to put every verse on a new line. I understand I can do this manually by grabbing the verse number and moving it onto a new line. But this is pretty laborious when you have a long chapter. Is there no way of making this happen automatically, or even being able to use the keyboard to do it? Thanks in advance for any thoughts Faithlife Team!
            1. And I suppose a number 3 that would make it even better but isn't a dealbreaker - it would be great to have canvas on the Android app. It seems like the perfect format to be used with a stylus, but at present can only be done on my PC.
          2. Still wondering if the ability to add jpegs or other images onto the Canvas will be supported? This has been done in NOTES, but not yet into Canvas.
            1. , yes, we'd definitely still like to do this. No timeframe yet, unfortunately. I see you've already voted for it here: https://feedback.faithlife.com/boards/logos-desktop-app/posts/allow-adding-images-in-canvas.
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            Also having trouble with the Export option. It does not open my computer operating system's file saving dialog as describe in your help center, and thus is not saving the image to my computer.
            1. Me too. Has this been addressed elsewhere?
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            Hello, Does an inserted passage have a maximum allowable number of characters? I'd like to insert, for example, Amos 5:4-27, but it cuts off at Amos 5:20 no matter the size of the font. Thanks for your help.
            1. There are serious issues with this feature. Many of the texts boxes I try to include in the canvas will not let me click on them to edit the text. The idea of canvas is pretty cool but the execution of it is kinda poor. It stinks that I can't edit what I want to edit
              1. , can you provide more detail? Include screenshots?