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    Logos 8 Notes & Highlights FAQ

    Why can’t I find “Corresponding Notes and Highlights”?

    This feature is coming back in 8.3. I demonstrated how the Corresponding Notes and Highlights visual filter will markup the same words as notes that you’ve taken in another resource (just as in Logos 7), but I forget to mention that this feature is currently in beta. Sorry, guys! —Adam

    Why don’t I have “Add Highlight” in my right-click menu?

    This is another feature in beta and I forget to mention— I mean, uh, SURPRISE! Brand new feature coming your way soon! … Right? 😳—Adam

    When will Reference sort order be available?

    Reference sort will be available in 8.3, which is currently in beta, and scheduled to release to all user March 4. 


    Can I store a note in more than one notebook? No. A note can be assigned to one notebook, or no notebook.

    Can I merge two or more notebooks together? We don’t have a special “merge” function, but you can move all notes from one notebook into another notebook. Multi-select the notes (remember: click, scroll, shift+click) and set to another notebook in right-side “edit” pane, or drag to another notebook on the left.


    How do I share my notes? To share notes, put them in a notebook, and share that notebook. The easiest way to share a notebook is to make it Public in the Notes tool: click the three-dot menu on the notebook ( ), and click Share.

    Can I share to a group, not Public? Yes, you can share to a Faithlife Group from documents.logos.com.

    How do I select all notes in the list?

    A technical limitation prevents us from selecting more than 300 notes, so we haven’t enabled a Ctrl+A / Cmd+A keyboard shortcut to “select all.” That’s something we plan to add in a future version. For now, multi-select using standard controls: Click the first note, scroll, then hold the Shift key and click the last note, to select all the notes in between.

    Can I export my notes to Microsoft Word, etc.?

    Yes, you can do this through the Print dialog. Please note: at the time of this webinar, only your written note content prints. It will not include reference anchors or the highlighted text of a resource. We are working on restoring this very soon.

    Does the Logos mobile app have the new version of Notes? 

    Yes. A few introductory videos are posted in the Logos Help Center.

    How can I get more training?

    You can always ask for help in the Logos Notes group, or check out our Help Center article.

    For other frequently asked questions, see https://www.logos.com/faq/notes.

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    Here’s an edited version of today’s webinar: https://faithlifetv.com/items/626730. We hope it’s helpful. Please post your follow-up questions and feedback to this group, and we’ll do our best to answer and address them as quickly as we can.
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    Welcome to the Logos Notes group. This is a place for users of Logos Bible Software to talk about the new Notes tool in the Logos desktop, web, and mobile apps. Share and learn tips, ask and answer questions, and show some of the cool ways you’re using Notes to help you do better Bible study—and let us know how we can make Logos Notes even better.
  • A Load of Questions

    If I share a notebook (make it public), what happens when I stop sharing it?

    Does it disappear from people who have opened it or what? I was the dolt who shared the Logos 8 Bugs and Feature Requests Notebook and now I think that stuff probably belongs somewhere else or possibly needs to be shared as a collaborative notebook in a group so others can edit it. But since Adam Borries (Faithlife) linked (is that the right term?) to it, I don't want to yank the rug out from under him, so to speak.

    Which is the right place for questions, bug reports and feature requests?

    Logos has this and other FaithLife groups and support forums. Assuming FaithLife is the new right placem this leads to my last question.

    Why can I not join this group and can only follow it?

    Do I have to build credibility first or something?

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    1. I am sorry that I missed the webinar on the Note feature. I have watched the video and it was very informative and helped me to understand the new feature better. It goes without saying that I will be watching it multiple times stopping and starting while I practice the tips. I did notice that the Logos screen was clipped off on the top and bottom. That was a problem when Adam was selecting things that I could not see. But hey, it was great and I look forward to more Webinars on Logo 8 desktop AND the iPad app also please!. Thanks Logos (Adam)!
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        Here's another funny one! A word after a passage (be) fused with the passage link.
        1. Ha! I'm _guessing_ this is caused by the " : " after the reference. Nice find!
        2. I can actually make it happen without the ":" too :) If I am sloppy and do not hit space after the verse, and then adding the space afterwards, the word remains linked to the passage.
      2. Hi! There's a funny bunny in the notes tool when using the arrow keys. The behaviour has dissappeard as for now, but it seems to come and go from time to time.
        1. Your video seems to have disappeared
      3. On the ipad: in the Notes Tool: I am not able to enlarge the working notes panel - there is no enlargement icon. Any other way of doing it.
        1. 8.2.0 of the app - currently in beta testing - supports full screen note editing on iPads. I'm afraid there isn't any option for this until that release is generally available.
      4. Is there a way right now to add labels to notes or is that only for highlights through the highlight tool?
        1. Ah, ok! That was what I was wondering.
        2.  — Edited

          We added labeling UI to the editor, right above the tags. But we're not going to ship it until we have a Labels facet, since labels on unanchored notes without the ability to facet by or search for them wouldn't be very useful.
        3. this is an interesting concept of putting labels on unanchored notes.
      5. When you high light a text from a bible in logos and right click on it, is there a way that the drop down menu could include the "make note" option?
        1. When you right-Click, the context menu does include the Make Note option. Are you not seeing that or am I missing your point?
        2. , I assume you’re talking about the context menu(?). If so, this is already available. Select some text (in any resource), right click on the selected text to open the context menu, make sure you choose the text selection on the right, then “add a note” should appear towards the bottom of the left side.
      6. Please consider an option to sort notes files alphabetically. I have a topics note folder containing topics which I began before Logos 8. Rather than put them in alphabetical order now, it adds new notes to the bottom rather than in alphabetical order. Also, please consider the option in notes to choose the default text size. I was able to do this in previous versions. This makes it convenient to copy and past to a document with a certain text size. Thank you.
        1. Thanks for the feedback. We'll look into bringing alphabetical sort back. We're planning to address the text size issue.
      7. You might want to consider doing future webinars on an installation of the software that is the current release, not a beta installation version. I think that it would cut down some of the confusion. My expectation for this one was that it was going to go over what the users (non-Beta) already had available. This consideration of not using a Beta version for future webinars would not be just for Notes Tool webinars. It would be for any "teaching" webinar. If you want to do a webinar about something coming in future releases, obviously you can do it. But just promote it that way. Thanks for your consideration of this concept.
        1. Thanks, Paul. That's a valid position, but I think it's a trade-off. I think you are right that it caused some confusion to demo features that are in beta; but since these are some of the most frequently-requested features of the Notes tool, I wanted to demonstrate that we are actively addressing those needs.
        2. Fair enough...
      8. Please need more specific introduction on how to do a sermon , can you send me a video ?
        1. Sorry - what do you mean by "do a sermon" in this context? Please clarify / expand.