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    Here’s an edited version of today’s webinar: https://faithlifetv.com/items/626730. We hope it’s helpful. Please post your follow-up questions and feedback to this group, and we’ll do our best to answer and address them as quickly as we can.
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    Welcome to the Logos Notes group. This is a place for users of Logos Bible Software to talk about the new Notes tool in the Logos desktop, web, and mobile apps. Share and learn tips, ask and answer questions, and show some of the cool ways you’re using Notes to help you do better Bible study—and let us know how we can make Logos Notes even better.
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    I've just moved to Logos 8 and am unhappy with some changes to the Notes feature, namely the removal of note titles and the month, day, and year the notes were added. Both have been extremely important for my work, and I'm shocked that they're no longer there. I used words in titles to help me search for certain topics, and the dates (timestamp?) helped me track the progress of my research.
    1. Hi, , I'm sorry you're unhappy with some of the changes. You can still see the created and last modified timestamps by hovering over the time label in the notes list. Will that meet your needs? If not, can you provide some more detail on what you need? The first paragraph of the note is effectively the note's title. Can you explain what you're missing by not having a note title in a separate field?
  • Instead of having the sidebar with all the notes in a notebook listed, which takes up considerable screen space, I would prefer to be able to just scroll through the note file as I have been able to do in previous versions
    1. Scooter, the problem with this is that there is no longer such a thing as a "Note File" or "Note Document" as they were called. You have a notes database where each note is its own individual entity. You can, however, scroll through the notes as before (though this may be a beta feature I am not sure) I believe it is called "Full Preview"
    2. I understand, but it does not seem to fit how I've been using the note files since day one (1990's) which is to compile a personal commentary with links to resources.
    3. Yeah I think the "Full Preview" (currently in beta) will accomplish what you are looking for.
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    Greetings Logos team. Thanks again for your hard work! I've mentioned this before, but just want to throw it out again in hopes that it can be fixed in a future update. I've been using Logos since version 4 and so - long before note tags existed I had created my own tagging system that I've developed over 10 years (modern Logos tags, in version 8, are almost developed enough for me to switch over, but they're still not editable from mobile and it's going to take me many years to convert everything so I still use my old tags). In version 7, and earlier, I could search my notes as shown in the example below, and filter to exactly what I wanted - but in version 8 the problem is that the search no longer respects quotation marks. If I enter a query with quotation marks I'm expecting it to be like - "FIND EXACT PHRASE", but instead it treats it like - "FIND ANY OF THESE WORDS". This means it doesn't filter down to the notes I'm looking for and I still have to wade through a long list... I REQUEST THAT THE SEARCH BAR, WHICH IS AT THE TOP OF THE NOTES PANEL, BE FIXED TO BE A RESPECTER OF QUOTATION MARKS. (In the attached example you'll see the search at the top in quotation marks compared to the "in-note-search" (which IS an exact phrase search by default), and you'll see that even though the note is part of the query results, it does NOT contain the phrase searched for). Thanks
    1. Hi, Jonathan, thanks for the suggestion. We do plan to make the "search notes" bar more sophisticated over time, but it's not on the immediate roadmap. In the meantime, You can use the Basic Search panel set to "Your Documents" for phrase searching in note content. Search>Your Documents also supports results for tags, anchored references, and notebook titles. I hope that helps.
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      Thank you for the suggestion. Unfortunately that doesn't really help much with what I want to do because - if I could - I would filter down the list by searching an "old tag" and then add a "new tag", and "select all" and "apply all" and thereby tag 30 notes at a time. This would help turn a years long project into a months long project. If there's any chance to encourage this update any sooner, that would be very much appreciated! :) But I understand that you have a lot going on. So, whenever it can be added to the search, I will be very grateful. Thank you
  • Is it possible to put a URL link (or anchor) in a note that cross-references another note?
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      You can Tom. After selecting the note you want to link, from the 3 dot menu to the right of the blue 'New' button in the notes tool, you can choose copy location as 'L4'. You can paste this as a link in a new note, and make it pretty by highlighting some friendly link text and then using the link button in the note. I am on the beta channel, which may be relevant if you cannot repeat these steps. Cheers
    2. Thanks, Kevin. This worked like a charm. Exactly what I needed. In fact, it's even better. When I hover over the like, I get the content preview so I don't even have to open the note. Man, I love Logos 8.
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    Need help. I'm new to using Notes in Logos and am having a problem. I added a public notebook but its causing problems. It added over 7,000 unanchored highlights and I am unable to find a way to delete this resource. When I select a note it is locked and blocks me from removing it. I never had many personal notes/ highlights so I'm fine if someone can help me just remove all notes/ highlights from my account and start scratch if needed. Thanks for any advice.
    1. Switch to the Notebooks tab in the left sidebar, find the notebook, and delete your copy by dragging it to the trash or choosing delete from the menu. You can also delete it in the Docs panel or at documents.logos.com.
    2. Is it possible that Logos is still syncing? If so, those notes might disappear when syncing is complete. If not, you may have run into a bug. The simplest fix might be to close Logos, delete your notestool.db file (tech support can help with that), and open Logos again.
    3. I'm almost positive there was a bug. I did a clean install of Logos 8 and everything was fixed. Not sure how it happened but probably a weird syncing error. Thanks for all the help.
  • I want the possibility to export all notes/highlights from a resource into one document
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      Wish granted: Ctrl+A to select all notes is shipping in 8.5 on May 28.
    2. Brilliant! This will be a great timesaver!
  • I am still a little confused about the relationship between highlighting and notes. I want to highlight a passage in ESV for example and see the corresponding highlights later in NASB. Currently after I highlight in ESV I go into Notes and select the recent highlight and assign it to a Notebook "ESV." Then I can selest "ESV" in NASB Corresponding Notes and Highlights. There must be a simpler way to make a highlight in ESV and have it show up in NASB without having to edit each individual highlight. I am missing something I hope. . .
    1. Yes. Just open/load the ESV notebook, select all via Ctrl/Cmd+A, and then set them all to "No notebook" from the bulk actions pane.
    2. Ctrl A does not select all notes. Had to select them a couple of hundred at a time using click and shift click. But after that, piece of cake.
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      Sorry. I forgot that that's still in beta. It'll ship with 8.5 on May 28.
    1. Ok you are going to have to explain to me how that accomplishes this....I'm confused.
    2. It was a total joke....basically "counting them one character at a time." :D ;)
    3. Agree. It's on the list. Not sure when we'll get to it.
  • Is there a plan to add “set notebook” functionality to the highlighting pane, otherwise when your reading on a mobile device and are highlighting, you have go back to the notes to assign them to a notebook, it creates twice the work?
    1. Or, if you can assign the notes from a particular WF to go to a certain Notebook?
  • Trying to access my notes in my iOS iPhone app and it doesn’t show me the reference just the translation. It doesn’t even look close to the desktop app, how am I supposed to know which passage is for which note
    1. , could you verify that your ESV is downloaded on the device? If so, the verse references for highlighted text ranges should appear.