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    Here’s an edited version of today’s webinar: https://faithlifetv.com/items/626730. We hope it’s helpful. Please post your follow-up questions and feedback to this group, and we’ll do our best to answer and address them as quickly as we can.
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    Welcome to the Logos Notes group. This is a place for users of Logos Bible Software to talk about the new Notes tool in the Logos desktop, web, and mobile apps. Share and learn tips, ask and answer questions, and show some of the cool ways you’re using Notes to help you do better Bible study—and let us know how we can make Logos Notes even better.
  • Slunce I started using the new Notes system in Logos on Android, I can not figure out how to set default icon, highlight and document for new Notes. Old Notes remembered these but now I always have to change the default setting sady from yellow icon, no highlight and no document.
    1. At least in 8.7 beta, new notes retain the last used setting for those. Don’t remember when the change was made.
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    A couple of bugs: If I type “Matt 24-25” followed by some tabulators and then type “1 Thess”, the «1» is included in the “Matt 24-25” bible reference hyperlink, and “Thess” is unformatted. Also, for the lack of tables I like to use monospaced fonts to make tables. However, when some text is formatted as a Bible reference, the default font is forced on that reference, and thus messing up my table layout...
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      Greetings Logos team, I've noticed that, as I'm reading through the text, I typically will not take the time to check out notes of the past, as I pass by them. It's too much of an ordeal to click each one and wait for it to load. And the load time isn't consistent. I just clicked on a note, moments ago, that took over 40 seconds to load... (I'm not operating from a super-computer, but it has a 2700 mhz quad core and 12 GB or RAM which should be sufficient). Anyway - the point is - I don't feel that I can take in my notes from the past "at a glance" as I would like to. However, I do more often take the time to hover and get the preview. This feature is great! It's quick. It's easily accessible. You feel like you can do it in passing. It's closer to the experience of just reading notes that we used to jot on the side margins of our Bibles. However, the main reason I don't bother to hover, is because I have a sense that my note will suck me in, but then leave me hanging as the text runs off the small preview window. My idea/request would be to consider making the hover...maybe just...larger? To make it a resource that people feel they can access quickly to see their whole note. This is something I would use more frequently if it could be expanded beyond just a preview of how my note starts. Thank you!
      1. Hey Dude, I've given related though slightly different feedback previously. Part of the problem is that notes are not treated as a typical logos book (eg a commentary) though they should be. It'd make sense to be able to view all my notes together as I move through the verse in a similar way to a commentary without having to click to open each time, this will also allow me to filter what I see between verses that are merely referenced and verses that are Anchor verses. I do agree that they've done an impressive Job in trying improving notes.
      2. I too would love to see the preview popup be resizable and/or be scrollable!
    2. Do any of you want to share your system for using the various note icons? I have a system, but I've been trying to improve it. Curious whether any of you are using them in any kind of systematic fashion.
      1. I have 3 baselines that I go to most often: 1. White plain box for notes that are simply tagged (I used to write my hashtags in the body of the note before real tagging became available. Actually...I still do, because tags aren't available on mobile devices) 2. Light Gray box for tags with basic/typical notes 3. Light Gray box with + symbol for notes that are anchored to more than one passage. (I used to use the X, but recently the + became available, which makes more sense. I'm currently switching notes over and may use the X for chiasms in the future). Each of these ^ I use with the standard "Use Icon Color" highlighter, and the gray keeps things looking pretty clean. I'll sometimes use the next shade darker gray if I'm making a note on a single word or two that are already within a larger highlighted area. This helps the highlight pop out so I know what content is annotated. Beyond that, I occasionally have traditionally used different colored triangles for different doctrinal notes and the golden circles for notes on the theology of God (although, in retrospect, the triangle might arguably be a better icon to represent God :) These get used with various custom highlighters I have created. And I probably use highlighters to distinguish various topics, moreso than note icons. My most common is just the light gray box. Also, I'll occasionally use a yellow box for notes that are not anchored to any passage. This is less common for me, but everyone works differently. I would encourage you not to feel pressured to use every tool in the arsenal, but judiciously pick out a few simple/clean icons and highlighter types that will begin to set the visual palette of the text you're reading every day! God bless
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      Greetings Logos team. Again - thank you for offering and moderating this page. I'm sure it's difficult, but your work is much appreciated. My question for today: Can you let me know if there are any plans to eventually make notes sortable by note icon? I believe this was possible in older versions. There seems to be some new icons that were added recently. In some cases I'd like to migrate old icons to one of the new ones (that seem more applicable). Sorting by Note Icon would help this migration take minutes to hours, instead of years. By the way - I'm thankful for, and love the fact that we can manipulate multiple notes at once. Thank you for that feature!
      1. , I don’t know what the current timeline/plan looks like but I know they had hoped to eventually filter by note icon/color among other things.
      2. My understanding is the same as
    4. Is there a tutorial for sharing Files, Notes etc..?? I tried to share a notebook but it says it is out of date, so I must be doing something wrong. I also want to be able to LOCK the notebook so it cannot be edited.
      1. > I also want to be able to LOCK the notebook Unlike other Logos documents, notebooks are published as "read-only." Other Logos users won't have edit access, and the notes will always be up to date with your latest changes.
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      I am having a problem migrating to the New Notes Tool. In my old notes, I have links to files and folders on my hard drive (docs, pdfs, videos, etc). They no longer work in the new system (even though you can still do this on the shortcut menu, favorites, etc). They just don't work in the new notes. This is probably the last issue keeping me from making a permanent switch. Is there another way to make links to non-Logos files in the new notes system? Is there a reason why this is no longer supported in the new notes (especially since it still works other places in Logos)? Thanks
      1. We were planning to add support for this as part of feature parity with the old notes system, but it may have slipped through the cracks. I'm not sure what the ETA is. I'm alerting to look into it.
      2. Thank you so much for responding.
      3. Any update?
    6. I have 1 question and 1 suggestion. Question: I see the power in the new notes tool, but, for the most part, it is power I will not use. The old version suits me much better in its simplicity, and in its thrifty use of the screen. In the Notes Tool FAQ there is a link to an article that is supposed to tell the user how to work with the old version of Notes. When I click that link it takes me to this page. Can I use the old notes, rather than the new? If so, how? Suggestion: Regardless of the notes tool I am using, I would love it if I could make the notes panel link to other panels, just as we do with the Bibles and commentaries.
      1. , the ability to switch to the old system was added for those who use functionality that didn't ship with 8.0 (such as labels). Most, if not all, of such "critical" components have been added to the new system, and without a doubt the ability to use the old system will go away in the future (I have no "inside" knowledge of this, it's just common sense). I would NOT look back. It would be better to push for improvements in the new *current* system. Your screen real-estate concern is shared by many, and various proposals have been tossed back and forth for how to minimize the footprint while keeping it intuitive and accessible. I too would love to see it be more space efficient (especially width-wise). What behavior would you like to see with putting Notes into a linkset?
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        >I see the power in the new notes tool, but, for the most part, it is power I will not use. The old version suits me much better in its simplicity, and in its thrifty use of the screen. , did you know that you can close the sidebar and expand the editor to the full width of the panel? Does that not meet your needs? If not, can you provide some more detail? >Regardless of the notes tool I am using, I would love it if I could make the notes panel link to other panels, just as we do with the Bibles and commentaries. We have a spec for enabling panel linking for Notes, and we've discussed doing three things: (1) filtering down to the notes relevant to the linked panel, (2) ordering those notes in the order of the linked panel, and (3) navigating to the milestone location in the notes list. I'd still really like to see us get to this, but I'm not sure at this point when we will.
    7. A slight annoyance with logos notes (using mac desktop) is that there is a slight lag between when I type and when the text appears, it makes writing lots of notes a little annoying. Switching logos to offline mode (or turning wifi off) seems to solve the problem, so I reckon it's a synching issue.
      1. I imagine it’s macOS since he’s on a Mac desktop...😉 Network bottlenecks are an ongoing issue in a number of areas.
      2. wow. I'm hoping he just edited his post. 😂
      3. - Thanks for your comment, very helpful. as Reuben pointed out, mac desktop == MacOS, (i'm on Mojave to be more specific). Please let me know what you'd like me to edit and i'll do my best to help.
    8. Strange. When I click on this note from my NASB, it grays out the notes panel and says that it cannot save...
      1. Note File. Got it. Regarding your question... - not sure. I'm just seeing what's shown in the image above. I've actually been getting this warning quite frequently (few times a week) from various actions. However the notes seem to be saving okay, even though it says they're not. So I've just come to live with it...
      2. Does this ever happen when offline? I’ve seen it once when my network dropped suddenly (which happens frequently). If it’s a sync issue (as I suspect) then it shouldn’t happen if you have set “use internet” to No or have your WiFi off (just a thought towards diagnosis).
      3. Good thought. That may be the case. I never work offline for extended periods, but it may be that I'm in patchy internet situations when it happens. Perhaps the warning, if it truly is reacting to a lack of connection, would be more clear if it read, "Unable to SYNC the note." Thanks for that suggestion. I can try to keep an eye out for that moving forward.