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    Here’s an edited version of today’s webinar: https://faithlifetv.com/items/626730. We hope it’s helpful. Please post your follow-up questions and feedback to this group, and we’ll do our best to answer and address them as quickly as we can.
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    Welcome to the Logos Notes group. This is a place for users of Logos Bible Software to talk about the new Notes tool in the Logos desktop, web, and mobile apps. Share and learn tips, ask and answer questions, and show some of the cool ways you’re using Notes to help you do better Bible study—and let us know how we can make Logos Notes even better.
  • In the new notes system, it’s sorting the most recently edited note to the top. I don’t want that. I want to be able to have my notes manually sorted, and the new system kind of jumbled up my notes in my notebooks. I’d at least like to know how I can get back to manually sorting my notes rather than the auto date moving them.
    1. You can sort your notes by Notebook order, which defaults to oldest to newest by creation date but allows you to manually reorder them by dragging and dropping. When you open a notebook, it will automatically switch to Notebook order.
  • Where di Cain's wife come from?
    1. Mike, are you saying that Cain's wife might have taken him, like those "sons of God" who took the daughters of man? (Gen 6:1-2) Any ideas on who/what the sons of God were?
    2. I think my wife’s first husband was one.
    3. The bible doesn't list the daughters of Adam and Eve. It's likely that they were having daughters interspersed with the sons listed. And as weird as it sounds.....there ya go! We see that it was still not that bizarre for bros to marry sisters even by the time of Abraham.
  • I've noticed that Notes seems to be overriding my links whenever the text I'm linking looks like a scripture reference. For instance, when I quote Augustine's Expositions of the Psalms (abbreviated en. Ps) I include a citation of link at the end of the quote (i.e. en. Ps 37.6). I select the relevant text from the passage, copy the location as a URL link, add an anchor to the note, and link the citation at the end of the quote to the passage using the URL link I had copied. My problem is when I go back the citation later, it's linking to Psalm 37:6. Is anyone else experiencing this problem? Is there a way to stop Logos from overriding my links?
    1. It seems to work for me to wait until the automatic linking has already occurred and then select the now hyperlinked text and hit the "clear formatting" button (circled in red). This removes the auto hyperlink and you can now add the URL link that you want.
  • Can we share notes over the web or mobile app? Share notebooks and notes within the church?
    1. Not to the best of my knowledge. You can share notebooks at documents.logos.com if that helps at all
  • I'm wondering if Logos is aware of this bug or bad behavior of the notes tool. The notes tool creates 3 columns, the left column being a sidebar that can be made invisible. I usually have it invisible to give max space to notes. However if you make the panel the notes tool is in narrow to gain room for other panels, the notes tool will force this sidebar to be visible. Try it. It's rather annoying because when I scrunch up that panel, the note tool suddenly clutters itself up making the tool rather useless. If you expand the panel, the sidebar will disappear again. It's actually the opposite of good behavior.
    1. Sorry about this, Jim; yes, it's a known issue that we have on our backlog to fix. In the meantime, you can work around the problem by clicking the diagonal double-arrow to make the note editor full-screen in a narrow panel.
    2. Good to know. Thanks, Adam!
    3. I would advise, monitors are really cheap and would be worth the investment that you have already made, get an external monitor. And I don't see Logos fixing that real soon because even on a 27" some of those windows look better on a second monitor. {like text comparison with 5 or 6 bibles}.
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    Greetings, I feel as though my notes have gotten noticeably slower lately. I'll click - nothing will happen, cursors won't appear, typing won't show up for 20-30 seconds (not every time, but I would say - multiple times every morning), notes will freeze, or won't open when I click and icon, I'll need to close them/reopen them, etc. I don't think it's my laptop specs. Those haven't changed for some time...I know my 5400rpm spin drive is my bottleneck. but it's at only about 1/3 of it's capacity, so its not space... Are there perhaps maintenance or user-best-practices that I should consider? I typically have a few different tabs open, each filtered to different notebooks. The largest being my Bible Notes notebook which is at about 8,600 notes. Could either of those (multiple tabs, notebook size) play a significant role in what seems to be a noticeable shift in delays lately? Thanks
    1. I'm sorry about the trouble, . Neither of those ought to affect performance, but we aren't sure what's going on. Would you please follow the directions below to profile your Logos session, and then send me the log? That will help us narrow down the problem.
    1. This would be a nice feature, but no definite plans at this time, I'm afraid. Would you say more about your use case?
    2. This is how we plan to implement Community Notes in the new Notes system, when we get to it. No time frame yet.
    3. for example, I work with a group of teen boys at my church on lesson plans. I would love for each of them to be able to submit notes on a passage (they all use Logos) and it show up in the others softwares but not be able to edit each others, only their own. It's collaboration but it doesn't give chance to mess up someone else's work.
  • Is there a way to assign new notes to a particular notebook by default?
    1. , you can still assign a highlight palette to a particular notebook, but probably better to keep it as "most recent." For notes, if you are using the "N" key or the "add note" button on the selection menu, the note will get assigned to the most recently active notebook, provided you have at least one notes tool instance filtered by notebook. This makes it really nice if you have a couple different notebooks that you wish to assign to frequently, since you can have multiple instances of notes open and filtered to the respective notebooks, then simply make bring the desired tab to the front before adding a note.
  • I noticed in my notes that I have by notebook then resource and reference do not work. I like my notes to be in numerical sequence like John 1:1, John 1:2 and so on how can I do this?
    1. I will try to explain. When I have a notebook open let’s say 2 Corinthians and I open a new note which might be 5:10, then maybe tomorrow I open a new note maybe 3:13, and tomorrow 1:1 all in 2 Corinthians I want all this in numerical sequence 1:1, 3:13, and 5:10, not 5:10,3:13,1:1. I know I can move them around but a key stroke would be nice. Thanks for your reply.
    2. I found is Mp tips and tricks. Open note the open note go to left by the notes icon and funnel, click on funnel and anchor reference. Now notes are in numerical sequence.
    3. Once you have notebook open and a note open now click on funnel then click Bible Book select the same book as your notebook is in the go to top middle of page see by reference click the down arrow key now click reference.
  • Can anyone suggest a "Notes System" that I can use? This question may have already been asked, and if it has I apologize. Just want a starting point. I have seen only one suggestion on a Youtube video, but it wasn't given in detail, not yet anyway. I appreciate it! Also, I am new to this group, so again, sorry if I am asking what has already been asked :)
    1. Thank you! Oh man. Well, I am wanting to use this for personal study as well as study for school. I am currently getting a Certificate of Ministry :) So I would say for all of the above lol Definitely for personal study, course work, and possibly journaling.
    2. Trea, I had this same question when Logos converted the notes too to a database last year. I had ten years of notes and clippings arranged topically. Morris has a useful training video on the notes tool and he suggest a few different methods for arranging and tagging notes. That helped me to understand the overall functional capabilities of the tool. In the end, I created my own personal taxonomy. I use 'notebooks' based on both topical work and books of the Bible. Then I have a system of 'tags' that I attach both to notes, and (less frequently) to bible verses. This enables be to find research I have done on topics and texts, and to 'hyperlink' or cross-reference that information as it relates to a book of the Bible. If you journal, you may want to create an entire notebook for the annual journal, then tag months or days (depending upon how detailed you want to be). You will then be able to find your journal entires based on year, month, bible reference...anything you tag, you can later use as a sort feature. Bible verses are automatically stored and searchable in notes. Ill post a few screen shots, feel free to connect with me if this is not clear. I highly suggest you review the Notes tool training video, I found that every helpful.