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    Here’s an edited version of today’s webinar: https://faithlifetv.com/items/626730. We hope it’s helpful. Please post your follow-up questions and feedback to this group, and we’ll do our best to answer and address them as quickly as we can.
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    Welcome to the Logos Notes group. This is a place for users of Logos Bible Software to talk about the new Notes tool in the Logos desktop, web, and mobile apps. Share and learn tips, ask and answer questions, and show some of the cool ways you’re using Notes to help you do better Bible study—and let us know how we can make Logos Notes even better.
  • I can find no help on the link button in notes
    1. To use the link button: 1) Copy the thing you want to link - https://support.logos.com/hc/en-us/articles/360022299852-How-do-I-create-links-to-content-in-Logos 2) Select a portion of text in a note 3) Click the Link button - to show a text field 4) Paste in what you copied in (1) above 5) Click Save Does that help?
  • Hello, I have been browsing through the forums looking for a tip that enables me to print/export a note with the 'Text' of the referenced scripture printed with the notebook notes. I select the notes in a notebook and then the three ellipses at the top right with print/export to Word. The printout ONLY gives me the scripture reference and then the attached notes. I want to put these notes into a binder with the related scripture text. Is there a way to do this? To DATE, nothing has worked.? Thank you.
    1. In some of my notes, I choose to paste in the referenced text, most of the time at the top, other times at the bottom (below the notes). It depends upon what I want to see in the pop-up preview of the note when I hover over the in-line note icon.
    2. I am learning to include page numbers in notes as well. The information is all there in the database, but the notes export code just doesn’t have the capability to export well. This is one of the weakest part of the product.
  • Is there any way to have your notes scroll alongside your Bible passage (like when linking to a panel of another translation)? Context: that is how Life Bible operates and I love it, so the only reason I haven't switched to mainly using Logos is because I'm having a hard time utilizing my notes effectively.
    1. I'm sorry but this isn't currently possible
    2. Ok, thanks for letting me know!
  • Does anyone know if there is a way to set my SBL Greek font near the top of the font list in Notes? Or, better yet, is there a way to set a shortcut key to switch from my default font to SBL Greek while typing?
    1. Anyone notice typing in notes to be laggy? When typing into desktop version especially. When typing in web version of logos it is very snappy but the words appear a couple strokes behind me typing them on desktop app. Could there be a setting I need to change?
      1. I'm not experiencing any lagging on my desktop when using notes. Tech support may be of assistance.
      2. This happens to me when my computer is overtaxing its processing power or when Logos is indexing.
      3. I am having the same issue. It seems to be constantly trying to sync/save the note. I have an older (2016) MacBook.
    2. As far as I can tell, exported highlights still do not include citations. It seems a bit clunky to have to go back to the resource and copy and paste the text into a document. Shouldn't this be an easy fix, since the citations are included in copied and pasted text?
      1. Hey guys! I Use notes primarily for my highlighting I am currently wanting to use anchors for the names of the various gods of other religions that are mocked by the Prophets and the psalms as a compendium so I can see in the note who and what they were. my current issue it my anchors are translation-specific, and I cant figure out how to make a non-translation-specific anchor of single words.
        1. I have a small timeline of Israel's history in a spreadsheet. I would like to be able to either import it or copy and paste it into a Note. The only import option for Notes seems to be for images. I can create an image and import it, but then the information in the image is not indexed nor can it be searched. When I copy and paste it, under either "paste" or "past without formatting" options I lose the spreadsheet format of columns and rows. I have had many instances where being able to create a small table of columns and rows in a Note would be very helpful. Does anyone know if it is possible. Thanks.
          1. , it's not currently possible, but it's definitely something we'd like to support in the future. You can voice your support for it here: https://feedback.logos.com/boards/logos-desktop-app/posts/add-support-for-tables-in-notes. In the meantime, perhaps paste in a screenshot to preserve the display and paste in the content to make it searchable.
        2. Hi, when I try to print or export my notes it omits the Bible passages that are anchored to those notes. Is there a way to change this so that it prints/exports the anchored bible passages?
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            Do you mean the full text of the anchored Bible passage, or just the reference? When I export the note, I get all the references of the anchors, but not the full quotation of the anchored Bible text. When I anchor a selected text rather than a reference, then the selected text is included in the export. For me it works just like I want, but maybe not for you.
        3. Hello everyone, I successfully linked one note inside other note using hyperlink and location of other note. It opens too. But whenever i open the note using that link, the note opens at the end location of the note. How do i make it to the top on the note. I thought it might be because of the long location url like logos4:NotesTool;EditNoteId=8db0d49e47c14bfc84a6947485c30612;IsEditorFullSize=true;IsSidebarExpanded=false;IsTrashExpanded=false;ShowFullAnchorText=true;Sort=modifiedDesc;ViewMode=compact but i trimmed it like logos4:NotesTool;EditNoteId=8db0d49e47c14bfc84a6947485c30612 Still it opens at the end of the note. Do you guys know any workaround ?