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    Here’s an edited version of today’s webinar: https://faithlifetv.com/items/626730. We hope it’s helpful. Please post your follow-up questions and feedback to this group, and we’ll do our best to answer and address them as quickly as we can.
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    Welcome to the Logos Notes group. This is a place for users of Logos Bible Software to talk about the new Notes tool in the Logos desktop, web, and mobile apps. Share and learn tips, ask and answer questions, and show some of the cool ways you’re using Notes to help you do better Bible study—and let us know how we can make Logos Notes even better.
  • I have a couple of questions / thoughts on the notes tool. There are a couple of things that are really causing issues for me. 1. I have notes that are anchored to lots of different verses. If I reference a verse in a note, I like the note to be anchored to that verse. However, I can't find a way to filter on say all the notes that are anchored to verses in I Timothy, for example. In my Genesis notebook, all notes are anchored to a verse in Genesis, then a lot of them are anchored to additonal verses as well. When I switch over to the filter sidebar with the Genesis notebook selected, the Bible Book filter only shows Genesis. After playing around, that filter only represents the first anchor on a note and not the rest of them, so how would I find every note that has an anchor to a verse in I Timothy? 2. Not all my tags are showing up on the filter sidebar and I cannot find a way to do a search for them. Right now, only tags with 17 or more hits show up in the filter sidebar and I haven't been able to find a way to search for the rest of the tags. 3. One last thing. When is notes going to be part of the search panel Everything search? Thanks, Carla
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    1. Perhaps a more involved notes training that deals with finding old documents and bulk moving them would be helpful. I am willing to pay for this training, and even do it in person. That is more useful than manually retagging a decade of work.
    2. Maybe a spreadsheet list view that shows all notes and tags similar to library would be helpful? then you could sort on the tag column. Change the notebook in the notebook column, etc. Similar to the library?
    3. >Maybe a spreadsheet list view that shows all notes and tags similar to library would be helpful? Hmm. Maybe. The data seem more varied than resources, so it could at times be a strange experience. Notes don't have official titles anymore. Some notes don't have anchors. Others don't have content. They may or may not be in notebooks. They might not have tags. But it may still be valuable. We'll give it some thought.
  • Does anybody have thoughts on a good naming convention for Logos Documents/Notebooks? I was finding it hard to find certain things as my content started to grow and proliferate, and needed a method to narrow down my documents when I was searching for something. So, I developed a method that's working, but am curious what other approaches people use. For my method, I have categorized documents into 6 broad genera. For each genus, I precede the document title with a letter and use a period as a separator. By using a letter, I also create a hierarchy to the genera. A. Bible Book materials (e.g., notes or clippings on the Epistle to the Hebrews) B. Bible people materials (e.g., notes or clippings on Paul) C. Bible places materials D. Topics (e.g., Faith, Baptisms, Creation, doctrines, etc.) E. Devotions (e.g., confessions, journaling, sermon notes that I take at church) T. Materials I author (E.g., Bible studies, sermons) What do I do when a document overlaps? I try not to worry too much about it, and classify it in what I consider to be the principal genus. I'm thinking about eliminating the "T" genus and merging it in the appropriate other category and finding some other way to flag those. On notes because of how great tags and other facets are, this scheme is becoming unnecessary (although, I could always name the tags with this method). I'm curious how others handle this issue.
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      Tags. Notebooks aren't kept in hierarchies in my system. I tag everything so that I can find a note on Paul and 2nd Temple lit or a devotional/sermon note on Paul. Both are tagged with "Paul" and are one tag search away.
  • This is a crosspost from the forums at https://community.logos.com/forums/p/180235/1042039.aspx#1042039 : In L7 we could set a default icon/color which would persist even after an icon was changed on a new note. I do see advantages to the current approach of remembering the most recent styling per note type... but it doesn't quite "cut it." I'd like to suggest: •Make this remember "per Notebook". The latest style for No Notebook would essentially serve as the global memory (which the first note in a new Notebook would pull from). •Further divide the per-type distinction into 4 categories: 1. Highlights 2. Unanchored Notes 3. Reference Anchored Notes 4. Selection Anchored Notes I'd say that the per notebook distinction is the more important, but I'd like to see both of these incorporated.
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    1. I don't disagree. Thanks for the feedback. We'll consider improving this behavior in the future.
  • Referenced Passages. Often when i'm making a note with an anchored text, I may "reference" another verse within the note. Is there a way for this to show up when i'm on the verses I've mentioned that aren't anchored? In the image below, the notes were make from a workflow, but are anchored to a verse range and even if I mention many verses within that range, I would have to check each one individually to see that.
    1. PS, Thanks for responding by the way :)
    2. Thanks for the additional detail, . You raise an important issue. I'll take this up with the team.
    3. Ah it's a Joy! I'm a product nerd so stuff like this is super interesting to me :D - really proud of the work done with Notes :D
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    Prior to version 8.3 the 'List' column in Notes was minimized and the full 'Edit' pane was open.  Now every time I re-open Logos or change Layouts I need to minimize the 'List' column.   I typically have three or four notes tabs open and it is a little annoying having to minimize them so often. Is this the future design or a bug that will be fixed with a future release? If this is the design, how are other users dealing with it?   Please advise.  Thank you.
    1. Hi Rick, this is a bug and we have a case for this. Thank you so much for reporting this.
    2. Thank you. I am enjoying Logos 8 and the new Notes. Thank you for your work, it is a blessing.
  • How can I make reference notes on the Logos mobile app?
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      , assuming you're in a resource, here's the best way: iOS: 1. Tap the vertical ellipses menu in the top right. 2. Choose the right Bible reference. 3. Tap "Make a note." Android: 1. Tap the vertical ellipses menu in the top right (on Android). 2. Tap "Make a Note." 3. Choose your reference. 4. Add your note content. If you forget to start that way, you can also go this route: 1. Select some text. 2. Tap "Note." 3. Add a reference anchor. 4. Remove the text range anchor. 5. Add your note content. You can also do it from a Notes tab: 1. Tap to create a new note. 2. Tap to add an anchor. 3. Choose your Bible reference. 4. Add your note content. You might need to be running the latest beta for this to work: https://testflight.apple.com/join/ftLCn5d6.
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  • Is there any way to stop workflows from creating Notebooks?
    1. Right. I think with the facets based on the workflow names and the ability to set which notebook the notes go into, the workflow notes become much more useful.
    2. Oops... edit: " _not_ in the near future"
    3. I appreciate you both always listening! The progress that is being made is great! I hope the ideas we share doesn't discourage or overwhelm! :)
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    Hi Logos team. Thank you again for being so great with receiving and providing feedback here. I really appreciate it. I found a little bug today whereby using the right-click spell-corrector would not only convert the word I misspelled, but would actually delete/convert a large swath of my note (or in some cases, the whole thing). I'll share some examples below of trying to right-click-correct the word "reoccuring":
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      It may appear like this bug just replaced text up to where my cursor happened to be blinking (see the "before" example above), but when I experimented with the cursor in different locations it would always replace the paragraph up to the same spot. Thank you
    2. Thanks for the report. We noticed this in testing months ago, and I'm pretty sure we fixed it. But it appears to have come back. We'll investigate and fix it.
  • I love the new notes system. It's a helpful upgrade. One missing (but upcoming) feature I would appreciate is seeing my notes in both the 'My Content' and 'My Documents' sections. This is critical to using Logos and having everything in one place. Thanks for all your work!
    1. I am excited about that coming back as well. But yes, it is a DEFINITE upgrade to the old system.
    2. These should be shipping in 8.4 on April 15 and will be in beta testing next Monday, I think.
    3. Phil, that is great news! Notes are one of the most important tools for me in Logos and I appreciate the attention and priority given to that.
  • Requesting a little bit more clarity between list column and editing column: 1) When I click on a note icon from my resource, it opens the note in the editing column, but this does not seem to sync the list column. I'm often desiring to reference the last edit date. (And looking forward to when the exact date will pop up on hover!). 2) Even if I can find the corresponding note in the list column, there seems to be an inconsistency in the shading of that listed note. Sometimes the shading is distinguishable at a glance, and sometimes it's not...? (Comparison examples attached). Thank you
    1. That said, I would also like to kindly request the option to go back to "in-line editing". This was my format of choice back in Logos 7. Thank you again