• Does anyone else have difficulty diagramming on Mac OSX? I've tried several times over the years on multiple OS's (currently on Sonoma 14), and once I add more than one or two lines to the diagram, I start getting the spinning color wheel. It's so bad, that every time I have tried in the past, I just gave up and hoped that the next version of Logos would improve it. I got so frustrated this evening that I downloaded Accordance just to see if there diagramming tool was any better. It was, though lacked some of what Logos is supposed to do with the tool. I'd prefer not to have to use two systems. Any thoughts?
    1. Are you able to share a document that causes this issue for you? You can also download the macOS logging utility and click the "Sample" button while you are getting the spinning color wheel and post the logs here.
    2. Link to the logging utility for Logos on macOS: https://fl.vu/LogosMacLoggingUtility
  • Today is 12/8/23. Ever since the latest update, this feature, which I use every day, has switched to a weird cross between light mode and dark mode. That is, the background is still in dark mode, but the canvas itself is in light mode, so because my default setting is dark mode, my words are in the default setting, which is white, but since the canvas background is white, the only words I can see are the prepositions (because I changed those words to orange). Yes, I could change the colors of the words, but that is besides the fact. Not only does this defeat the idea of having dark mode, but I would have to go back and switch thousands of outlines just so I can see them. I hate this new layout. Can you please give us the option to switch it back to what it was prior to the update?
    1. It is kinda pathetic that there has been zero response to fix this issue as of 1/3/24
  • It sure would be nice if we had the ability to use a dotted line when diagraming sentences so that we could connect the relative clauses.
    1. Thank you sooooooooo much.
    2. Do you have anything like this on Col. 1:15-17?
    3. I just picked a sample from shared documents ... I'd have to look at what all is out there.
  • apparently Logos only wants you to work within their "world". no way to get to real word processing programs so that you can simply print the product you have created for use offline away from a screen. No support, no instructional tutorials of any substantive value apart from spending huge sums of money either with logos or their training "partners".
    1. Why don’t you just print the PDF?
  • This is a total waste! There is no way to export diagrams to Word, they default to 11X14 even when you set the page to US Letter. All of my investment in Logos seems to be a complete waste!
    1. , I'm sorry you're having a difficult time. I've flagged this with our team, and someone should be reaching out soon to help.
    2. - the complex layouts that it's possible to create in sentence diagrams are often not reproducible in Word, which is one of the reasons why we only offer a PDF/XPS export. If you want to view your diagrams in Word, I suggest exporting them to a PDF and then importing the PDF into Word: https://www.adobe.com/acrobat/hub/how-to-insert-pdf-into-word.html
  • The tool bar on the left does not move to allow me to access all the tools, is there a way to stack it or rearrange it?
    1. I'm looking for a way to rotate the words to line up with diagonal lines (e..g adjectives under the subject). Is that possible?
      1. Does Logos have an OT Hebrew Diagramming tool? I am working on diagramming Exodus 16:13-17 for a class project and have not done diagramming in more than 30 years. I have no clue what I am doing.
        1. L3mm31n thank you, is that a link or something?
      2. So, I see this forum doesn't get much action... not enough people diagramming? At any rate, here is my question: In the Sentence Diagramming tool on macOS Monterey using Logos, I get two very strange behaviors. 1) I can only go so far and then the canvas stops. I have to drag items outside of the canvas for the canvas to extend, and then it only extends to the bottom of the text. 2) I cannot scroll to the left or right, so pages on the right-hand column are truncated. If I drag a diagram partly off of the screen and then hit print, I can see the whole diagram on the page properly displayed. I don't dare leave it like that because I couldn't access that part of the diagram by any means. I suppose those are my two conundrums and I'm not sure if it's my system, a setting I am unaware of, or if it's just a bug in the feature on Mac. Thanks for any help that might be forthcoming!!!
        1. Regarding your second image, I believe this is normal behavior. The canvas only seems to extend when moving something "off screen." I'm using Windows 10 and have the same "issue." I'm not sure about the left/right scrolling issue. Same thing, though - there won't be any space to scroll to unless you move something "off screen" to extend the canvas size. But once you do so, you should see a horizontal scroll bar appear at the bottom of the canvas. I have to click and drag the bar to scroll horizontally.
      3. When I attempt to print the Sentence Diagram doc Logos shuts down. What is wrong?
        1. I'm not able to reproduce this. Could you get your logs and upload them to the group Amber Vault and post a link here? This link has instructions on how to get logs. https://wiki.logos.com/Diagnostic_Logging
        2. I have no problem on a PC laptop Win 11. What operating system are you on? Do other apps print correctly on the same printer?
        3. David, were you able to resolve this issue? I'm having the same problem right now.