• Is anyone aware of a way to link your sentence diagram to a notebook within logos? I am prepping a paper and would like to have all my work in one notebook, or at least linked to one place. Any thoughts?
    1. Hy, You can try at list two ways : 1 - create a link in a note to your diagram (Use "Copy Location as") 2 - create an image of your diagram and paste it in your note (1) Copy Location as — This option is available outside of the Panel menu through the shortcut key combination Opt+Cmd+F (Mac) or Ctrl+Alt+C (Windows). The current location based on the active milestone will automatically copy to the computer’s clipboard in one of the following formats: • URL — An address, suitable for inputting as a hyperlink target in a word processing document, email message, or web page. Logos Help. (2018). Bellingham, WA: Faithlife. (2) How to create an image Right Click on your diagram/Select All Right Click on your diagram/Copy image Friendly Alain (France)
  • Logos 9 is consistently crashing on macOS Big Sur when I open and scroll through sentence diagrams, specifically this one: "RK Galatians 4:8-5:1 by Terry Cook". I've posted about this on the community forum and am getting some help there, I believe. Has anyone else experienced this? Logos on macOS Big Sur 11.0.1
    1. I too am having this issue. Even after Big Sur 11.2.2 , but I have not had good luck with almost anything since Big Sur came out.
  • What is the difference between the simple modifier and the partial modifier in the logos system for diagramming? The book on Diagrammatical Analysis I have on Logos does not mention the partial modifier but uses it everywhere. I can't find any example where they use the symbol for a simple modifier.
    1. I have been trying to download a file from Groups but it never transfers over to my docs. When I go to Public and download it transfers to my Doc just fine. What do I need to do to transfer from Group heading?
      1. Does anyone has an English or Greek Kellogg diagram of John 3:7?
        1. I'm just curious if any kind of update is in process to the Sentence Diagramming module? I've diagrammed all of Ephesians and 1 John. I'm beginning Luke. But some things just take more time than they ought. Some objects have two few anchor points. Some standard shapes don't exist. Has there been any movement here?
          1. Hi Lynn, the diagrams are in Greek.
          2. There is a Sentence Diagram add-on module in Logos where you can diagram any version including English. It does have some limitations which is why I agreed with Michael's suggestion of an update. I've been copying a chapter at a time into my word processor and doing the sentence diagramming in there. It is an extremely beneficial process that I have been teaching to others. It has been well-received. I would share one here but when I click on "Add Media" it says that kind of media is not supported and I tried both pdf and Pages formats. I could email it to anyone interested.
          3. Rita, thank you so much for sharing this. I agree that diagramming is extremely beneficial. I am beginning to teach Bible study methods again after some years, and still find this the most fruitful approach for me. If you wouldn't mind emailing me a sample I'd sure appreciate it: robinwoodpdx@gmail.com Also, is there a way to easily print 'manuscript' pages (double-spaced) in English (a manuscript study is something Intervarsity Christian Fellowship has used on college campuses for decades and is also a good method). I have been combining diagramming and manuscript method but it is very time-consuming and I'm looking for ways to simplify it so that it is more accessible for others.
        2. Ok, so the way I learned sentence line diagramming is that when you combine two clauses, whether independent or subordinate using a conjunction (and, but, as, etc), you use a "chair" to connect verb to verb with the conjunction on the "seat" (see image).  Logos has a shape that corresponds ("vertical continuation"), but here's the problem. It only has an anchor on one side. So, therefore, it doesn't "snap" to the sentence line that follows. This isn't a huge problem, unless I have to move that whole portion of the tree. Is there something I am missing in using the line diagramming tool or that shape in particular?
          1. Did you ever get any kind of response to this? This is a frustrator to this day.
        3. I am appreciative of the diagrams Terry Cook has labored to share, but I haven't figured out how ot import in my LOGOS 6. I downloaded, unzipped, found the folder in my hard drive where sentence diagrams are supposed to be, and put them there. From inside LOGOS, I typed "Import Sentence Diagrams" in the Command line. It seems to acknowledge this command is valid, but nothing happens. What am I missing? Thanks!
          1. For Terry Cook's diagrams suggest copying shared documents: https://faithlife.com/logos-sentence-diagrams/documents FYI: Importing Sentence Diagrams uses a Libronix folder path so documents can be copied into Logos 4 or newer.
          2. How can I get this document? Thank you.
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          When  I click on a link to a sentence diagram in Documents all I get is a blank page.  I am doing this from windows 10 in edge explorer surface pro 4.  I do not see any sentence diagrams.  Any ideas on what I am doing wrong or is there a general way I should be accessing the sentence diagrams.  I am very excited to see the diagrams.  Thanks I Think that I just figured it out.  After clicking on "Get copy" to the right of  the reference I looked in my documents in logos 7 and the diagrams were listed in the sentence diagram tab in the documents tab.  This is a tremendous service.  Thanks very much.
          1. Thanks very much, Keep Smiling 4 Jesus! I am now enjoying the sentence diagrams, more easily than I had hoped.
          2. I also cannot find the documents, could you please share to us again? thanks a lot
          3. Chris, I was able to open my Sentence Diagram documents by clicking on "Docs" at the top of my Logos 8 window and selecting the option "Yours" to the right of the search window. It then listed all of my document types. I then click on 'Sentence Diagrams' and it shows me all of my diagrams which I can open by clicking on them. If instead of clicking on 'Yours' above, 'Public' is selected, then I see everyone who shared theirs. If I try to open it I get a blank page. I can then select 'get copy' and it puts a copy into my documents. Then I go back and select 'yours' and it is in my list and able to be opened/viewed.
        5. Documents now has all the RK (Reed/Kellogg) sentence diagrams by Terry Cook. Keep Smiling 4 Jesus :)
          1. Thanks for posting those!  Is that all there is from the NT?