• Since the beginning of COVID-19, we have decided that it would be best practice to follow the governor's recommendations in our COVID-19 policies and procedures. In yesterday's press conference the governor re-issued a recommendation stating that both vaccinated and unvaccinated people should wear masks indoors where 6ft of social distancing is impossible. This is due to the fact that Louisiana is now #1 in the country for most new COVID cases per capita. It appears that we are in the fourth wave of COVID cases. With the uncertainty about the Delta variant and especially its ability to impact children, we want to be both careful and loving to those who desire precautions to be taken. With that said, we will again follow the Governor's recommendations. For now, this only means that masks will again be strongly encouraged at our Sunday services. Masks will be required for child-care workers, greeters, and ushers. Please watch for updates next week as this is a developing situation. Finally, please be gracious with others who have differing perspectives on these precautions. We are united by Christ, not by our perspectives on the risks involved in getting a vaccine or of being exposed to COVID. This is an opportunity to trust the Lord, love one another, and unite around the gospel of Jesus Christ. See you tomorrow! If you have any questions or need clarity, please don't hesitate to reach out.
    1. Our family is having a reunion next week please pray that the Lord will be exalted. Thank you !!
      1. Our family is having a family reunion next week. Please pray that the Lord will be exalted. Thank you.
        1. Hey everyone! I have had quite a few questions about the plan for tonight so I am going to let y’all know what we have planned and then if you have any questions, please let me know. Thank y’all all so much for your willingness to serve this week and continuing to serve by cleaning it all up tonight! So we will start dinner at 5 (but if you cannot come till later that’s fine too). We will plan to eat until about 6ish and then we will start cleaning up the food. We are going to eat all the leftovers from the week so there will be chicken Alfredo, taco salad, nachos, and spaghetti along with bread, cookies, watermelon and Rice Krispies. (We aren’t going to eat the jambalaya and we are saving that for the members meeting on Aug 1. Marylynn is freezing it. We have plenty of other leftovers). As people finish eating, everyone will start working on cards to follow up with everyone who attended VBS. We will divide into the groups you served with and then divide the names and conquer. As cards and food are finishing up, we will begin resetting and cleaning the church. There will be a white board in the foyer with all of the tasks that must be completed. I will attach a photo. Please just go to that board and pick a task and begin. If you need something or have a question about it, please let me know. When you finish a task, use the marker and mark it off the board. Side note: as we are cleaning rooms. It would probably be wise to clean the floors first before you refill and reset. That means the list does not have to be done in the specific order that it is written. For example: in the sanctuary it would be wise to vacuum, before all the chairs get put back in place. If you have any questions about anything at all while we are working, just let me know. Thank you again for all y’all have done and are doing.
          1. Don’t forget about follow up Friday tomorrow at 5:30pm!!! We will need help cleaning, disinfecting, and resetting the church. Thank you to all the leaders who helped this week!! ☺️
            1. This is actually the list of everything we have to do tomorrow in addition to writing notes to everyone. Please don’t skip out on this part. We have a bunch of yummy leftovers to enjoy too 🙂
          2. Thank you to our wonderful VBS team that rocked it this week. It all went so smoothly.
            1. T-Shirt update!  The company re-printed all of the shirts and shipped them out today, they should come in by Saturday so you can pick yours up Sunday! The new shirts will be blue. You can also have one of the grey ones because we don’t have to send them back but just know the front is a little crooked.
              1. I wanted to share this because it encouraged and convicted my heart so much this morning. Children are such a blessing of the Lord! All summer, Merida and Ray have been saving up spending money for our Disney trip in September. This morning when Merida woke up, the first thing she did was go straight to her money jar, and start pulling out bills and change. She asked me for a Ziploc bag, and then she wrote Timor Leste on it and said “fun isn’t more important than people”. I swear I’ve never been more proud in my life. Thank you Taylor, Gray, and Julio for teaching our children this week, and showing them they can be obedient to the Great Commission even as kids ❤️
                1. I totally cried
                2. Awe this makes me cry too😭 So sweet!! I need to remember what Merida said “fun isn’t more important than people”.
                3. So sweet!
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                I am beginning the planning process for our Fall community groups. They will begin the week of August 22nd. If you are interested in hosting a community group this fall, please let us know on the quick interest form below. Please note that not all who show interest will necessarily get to host this fall. We try to offer groups strategically throughout the surrounding areas.
                1. Going to VBS is hard work 😳😂
                  1. Zoe wore herself out digging through the sandbox lol
                  2. Awe Z! His poor neck! Rhett does that too when he falls asleep in the car!
                  3. Awe I love this! VBS blessing the kids & adults by wearing the kids out 😂