• I’m looking forward to gathering with you all tomorrow morning at 8:30 AM under the tents. Please get there early and park on the left smaller lot at first if you can. Parking will be an issue tomorrow (praise the lord) as this storm has drawn many people from the community to worship with us.
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      Tomorrow we will have a few mission teams with us serving at homes and we will open the supply center from 10-2. Comment here or text me if you want to serve in supplies or with a group at a home tomorrow 😊 Next week we are planning to do supply distribution on Tues, Thurs & Sat. Sign up for a 2 or 4 hr slot at the link below. Lastly, is anyone free to drive some supplies to Barataria Baptist Church this weekend? We received some that could be better used there
      1. I can work in supplies tomorrow
      2. I will be there Thursday, September 30th 10-2!
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      Would anyone have time today to take some baby items from our supply center to a mom, Zada, whose car was flooded during the hurricane? She lives in Kenner right outside of St. Rose at 721 Blair Ave. Zada needs size 5 diapers, wipes & baby food.
      1. I will be headed that way today and would love to drop it off!
      2. Jessie said she can!
    3. Hey! Is anyone available Thursday evening from 5-7 to do supply distribution? Many people have had to go back to work and cannot come during the day so I thought maybe we could do an evening time for them.
      1. I’ll be there!
      2. Dinner will be provided for you all serving at the church after
      3. Aidan and I can help. Probably showing up a little late since we’re at work.
    4. Good morning church family. I have two recliners and an office chair in my garage that need a new home. Good condition, no damage. Let me know if you or someone you know could use this.
      1. I don’t have great need like others but I have been looking for an office chair if no one else claims it!
      2. If you still have the recliner can you please let Ana know, thanks
    5. Supply Distribution Instructions: Thank you to everyone who will be serving with supply distribution this week. It is a great opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus as we care for our neighbors and show them the love of Christ. Some of you have served before so you know what to do and some have not so here are the general instructions: ⁃Set up pop up tent & table & chairs outside door if needed. ⁃Organize & restock main supply room before we open at 10 ⁃Separate large packs of items into individuals ⁃Let a few people in at a time, form a line outside if there are a lot of people. ⁃1 person can stay outside parking & greeting (2 if busy) -If busy have people pull all the way up and park close to the sanctuary building. ⁃Ask where people live: we want to give the supplies to St. Rose / St. Charles residents. Metairie Baptist Church & Williams Blvd Baptist church are distribution sites for metairie & kenner. -When people come in they can get a bag or box to put items in, they may need help taking items to their car. ⁃Each family should only take 1 of larger items like tarps, shovels, bleach/mold cleaner, etc. (come back if need more) tarps & shovels you can get for people from the back if they ask for one. ⁃If someone asks for help with their home, they should fill out the disaster relief form, find out as much info about their situation as possible so we know who to prioritize & how to help ⁃Do not use words like “definitely” with disaster relief assistance. We will add them to the list and try to help if we can. They should still look for other means of assistance as well. ⁃Do not accept clothing donations (we cannot take this on right now) or anything random that we do not need. Ask people to find someone to donate to directly. ⁃Church members & mission teams can get whatever supplies they need for themselves or others. ⁃Look for opportunities to point people to Jesus and salvation through him. Pray with people if the opportunity arises. -If there is extra help, organize supplies in back rooms or call people on our list to see if they still need help. -Do not leave cardboard outside in the open it will get wet. Store neatly inside or throw away in a contractor trash bag.
      1. Does anyone have a baby gate that fits a standard sized door that I could borrow for a couple of weeks?
        1. We do. You can borrow ours.
      2. We have a very large truck of supplies coming to the church at 8:00 AM tomorrow. Can anyone please be there to help unload this truck tomorrow at 8:00 AM. You will need to park in the small parking lot so the big truck can turn around in the big lot. We need a lot of hands.
        1. I’m coming and a coworker indicated she can come
        2. I can come but I’ll have Bailey. I don’t have any child care help right now. Is that okay?
        3. Yes. That’s okay!
      3. Would anyone be available after work tomorrow to help get our things moved to our storage unit in Kenner? We temporarily put everything in Katie and Terry’s sunroom at their house in Destrehan, but need to get it moved to our storage unit on Airline in Kenner. I’m going to try and rent a Uhaul big enough that we can get everything in one trip, so if we have enough people hopefully we can knock things out in a few hours! I’ve been missing you all the past few weeks, and am so glad we’ll be back in the city soon at a place in Gentilly (shout out to Zach Huhner).
        1. Nick or I could possibly be there depending on the time.
        2. Thank you all! I will be there starting around 2:00, so just come over whenever you can ❤️
        3. I’m so sorry to those of you who showed up today. It was a hot mess. I got caught up in Biloxi, and because I was late UHaul cancelled my truck. I managed to find a Penske truck for pickup tomorrow morning @9am, so fingers crossed things work out and Ray and I can manage to get everything loaded. My head will explode if there are any more Tropical Storm rains or truck cancellations to derail things tomorrow.
      4. Immanuel Community Church is going to bring 500 bbq plates tonight for our church & community. Pick up from 5-7. If you have any elderly neighbors that you know are alone please get some for them as well. Spread the word. Also if you have any damage you need help with please let me know, it doesn’t matter how big or small the project is. We may have someone who can assist, some teams that are coming to help can only do small projects and some are equipped to handle serious ones. Love you all!
        1. We think it wouldn't be a bad idea to get the back corner of our house a bit better covered before all this rain gets bad. Joey is working today and I'm not down there. It's not a top priority situation by any means, the main parts are covered with a tarp already. Love you guys!