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  • I was recently studying Jesus statement in John 14:15 "If you love me you will keep my commands." That got me to thinking about compiling all of Jesus' commands. Is there a way to search for all the imperatives in the Gospels?
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      The problem actually occurred because of different Bible Book Names. I would prefer that Bible Names also would be bilingual. English (standard) and local languages.
    2. I think Bible book names should be recognised in English when entering them into the reference box in an individual resource panel; we may not have applied that fallback logic to the {Milestone} parsing.
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      Even in this case (entering in reference box) there are problems. Perhaps it's better when I report the multiple and different problems with Searching and UI in a separate thread. Nevertheless, Thank you very much for your answer!
  • was Peter a visible disciple and submissive/yielded to the will of God
    1. Hi everyone! Is there a way of searching Paul's use of adverbs or adverbial datives with respect to the word-order? If they are put before or after of the word they qualify.
      1. hello guys, there's a way to search all the articular participles in new testament? or all the articular participles function as a substantive? thanks!
        1. I'm looking to search for all verbs noting the historical action of God noted by Stephen in his Speech in Acts 7.
          1. how do I find <Jesus as servant king>
            1. You could try something like - jesus NEAR "servant king" But what exactly are you looking for?
            2. If you are looking for Bible verses where Jesus is called 'king': <Person Jesus> INTERSECTS <Sense king>
          2. Is there a search for verses that start with the same character?
            1. How to search for "in Christ" that will include in him, in the Lord, etc. Michael Leach
              1. A Bible search for "in <Person Jesus>" will do what you're asking, but it may have a bit too much noise. You could modify that to "in <Person Jesus>" ANDNOT ("in his" OR "in your" OR "in my") to narrow the results.
            2. How do I search for where a person uses a lemma? For example  <Person Jesus> INTERSECTS <Lemma = lbs/el/μισέω> . I've tried this a number of different ways, but I can seem to get it to work.
              1. Is this what you're looking for? {Speaker <Person Jesus>} INTERSECTS lemma:μισέω (in the "Morph" search)
              2. To get "lemma:μισέω" I just typed "g:misew" and selected the right thing from the drop-down.