• Hello- I am new to Logos. Forgive my (hopefully not redundant) post. I am trying to locate a suffix, each occurrence in BHS. How would I do so? Also- Is there a "cheat sheet" of command functions or something like that out there? Thanks!
    1. I'm don't have time to verify these results right now, but try: https://ref.ly/logos4/Search?kind=MorphSearch&q=%3CLogosMorphHeb+~+RS3MP%3f%3f%3E+INTERSECTS+*%D7%95&match=nostem&exactref=true&in=raw:Single%7CResourceId%3dLLS:LHB (looks like this: <LogosMorphHeb ~ RS3MP??> INTERSECTS ו* but note that the asterisk was typed with my keyboard set to Hebrew so that the text direction is correct)
    2. That sort of did the trick- better than the 1,000 results I would need to sift through with the first suggestion. The majority of occurrences in Exodus 15 are present. I will look through the rest to verify the search- Thanks again!
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      Good thought on using the "INTERSECTS" command to find that Reuben! BTW Matthew, if you are curious about where to find more information about search operators like the "INTERSECTS" operator, you can find a good representation of them with explanation here: https://wiki.logos.com/detailed_search_help#The_WITHIN_and_INTERSECTS_Operators.
  • Hi all. I'm trying to get Logos 8 to show me all the verbs in a passage. Can anyone give me an idea if Logos is capable of doing this. I know Accordance has this feature, but I'm struggling to find it in Logos. Your help will be appreciated. Thanks.
    1. , this is done via a morph search (or visual filter if you’d like). Select “Morph” as the search type then type “@v” and run the search.
    2. Awesome! Thanks Reuben, this is very helpful. Much appreciated.
    3. You're welcome!
  • Could someone shed light on the difference in these results (8 vs 44)?
    1. Thanks, . FWIW, "matching skips levels" has no affect on the result count (and shouldn't since this all about on the same word). In ALL results the order should be the same in this search, but it's interesting that when I insert "unordered group" between Visual Word and Text Segments, I get 18 hits (still not 44). How would I allow intervening items between the two segments?
    2. You could slip an "Anything" between the Text Segments.
    3. This gives me 18 hits (same as putting "Unordered" between word and segments). I suspect it has to do with results where both accents are on the same segment. I say this because I get 26 hits when I combine all three accents on the same segment. Is there a way to have an "OR" for a particular segment?
  • How can I find a certain word at the first position in the verse using Cascadia (the option "appears at the beginning" in the context menue does not work for that purpose. Thank you! Thomas https://documents.logos.com/documents/d96905899a164bfd87ada173170bb607
    1. Thanks, I found my mistake
  • Dear friends, the diagramming module in Logos is disabled (in grey). I am using Logos 7 Academic. Kindly help how to enable it. Thanks, Joseph John
    1. Hi Joseph - did this use to work for you? It does require either a Feature Set or a Faithlife Connect subscription? Did you have a Connect Subscription that might have expired? Graham
    2. Thanks so much, Graham. Yes, I did talk to Logos personnel, they too advised me to go for a feature set, which is expensive for me at the moment. But what is this 'Faithlife connect subscription?' I am not aware of it.
    3. Faithlife Connect is a subscription service to gain access to Logos features, resources and other benefits. It is outlined at https://connect.faithlife.com/ To get access to the diagramming module you would need a minimum of Faithlife Eseentials - the different tiers with associated pricing are shown at https://connect.faithlife.com/pricing
  • Help needed for a reconstruction of 1Tim 1,15 in a search. Hello all, another Logos user and I tried to figure out, how 1Tim 1,15 (the construction of the adjectival phrase, split by the Subjekt) could be remodeled, but we could not succeed, maybe not possible or we did not understand how to do it - both is possible, the later more probable. Thank you ! Maranatha! Peter
    1. I don't fully understand why it works this way. But, I was able to figure it out (I had to work with gaps quite a bit back in the day). Three hits come back. Let me know if you have any questions.
    2. By the way, make sure you notice the Matching Skips Levels between the Gap and the Word1.
    3. dear Ryan, thanks goes to the Lord and to you - it indeed works and I could reconstruct your search on my system. It is able to provide further consideration for similar queries. I already thought: no way to get it. Simply great! Yours Peter
  • It looks like the Logos Pros have updated their videos on Syntax Search. I was pleasantly surprised and am finding them helpful. Maybe you will as well. Links are below: Syntax Search Part 1: Intro https://soundfaith.com/logos-media/921149-5444092-- Syntax Search Part 2: Templates https://soundfaith.com/logos-media/921153-5444018-- Syntax Search Part 3: Clause Visuals https://soundfaith.com/logos-media/921151-5444093-- Syntax Search Part 4: Custom Searches https://soundfaith.com/logos-media/921148-5444057-- Syntax Search Part 5: New Search https://soundfaith.com/logos-media/921147-5444140-- Syntax Search Part 6: Advanced https://soundfaith.com/logos-media/921146-5444021--
    1. I couldn't say for sure; they've been around for quite a while.
    2. Many thanks for the videos! Now Syntax Search is far more accessible for me!
    3. I do not see any Syntax videos for Greek? Where are they? And if not, how come?
  • How would I go about finding all the Hebrew words for "seeing" in a biblical passage range. Exodus 3:1-9?
    1. I don't think it has anything to do with syntax searching. But, I just read through and searched the senses (using right click). There were only two from what I could see. Searched <Sense to look> OR <Sense = to see> in ESV. Then made the section Exodus 3:1-9 only. Then clicked analysis and sorted by Lemma. Two Hebrew words from what I could see: ראה נבט Hope that helps.
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    I need some help. I was in John 16.4 today, and noted that the ἷνα clause is followed by a present subjunctive (more common is the aorist subjunctive). I wanted to built a syntax search to see how often in reality ἷνα is followed by an aorist subjunctive and how often it is followed by a present subjunctive. I can create the search relatively easily using a MORPH search, but am struggling to get the SYNTAX  search created. Can someone help me? In advance, thank you!
    1. Here you go! The only reason I put the word level (with match skipping levels) so that I could highlight the word in the search.  Let me know if you have any questions about how I came up with this.
    2. I actually took out the word level part of the query and got less hits. So, these are actually better results.