• hello guys, there's a way to search all the articular participles in new testament? or all the articular participles function as a substantive? thanks!
    1. I'm looking to search for all verbs noting the historical action of God noted by Stephen in his Speech in Acts 7.
      1. how do I find <Jesus as servant king>
        1. You could try something like - jesus NEAR "servant king" But what exactly are you looking for?
        2. If you are looking for Bible verses where Jesus is called 'king': <Person Jesus> INTERSECTS <Sense king>
      2. Is there a search for verses that start with the same character?
        1. How to search for "in Christ" that will include in him, in the Lord, etc. Michael Leach
          1. A Bible search for "in <Person Jesus>" will do what you're asking, but it may have a bit too much noise. You could modify that to "in <Person Jesus>" ANDNOT ("in his" OR "in your" OR "in my") to narrow the results.
        2. How do I search for where a person uses a lemma? For example  <Person Jesus> INTERSECTS <Lemma = lbs/el/μισέω> . I've tried this a number of different ways, but I can seem to get it to work.
          1. Is this what you're looking for? {Speaker <Person Jesus>} INTERSECTS lemma:μισέω (in the "Morph" search)
          2. To get "lemma:μισέω" I just typed "g:misew" and selected the right thing from the drop-down.
        3. Hi, how do I search for all passages that contain the phrase word of the lord and variations of this phrase? I tried using <Sense message(communication)> but I’m not getting what I’m looking for.
          1. , it depends what you mean by "variations of this phrase." If you know the variations, you could just string them together with the OR operator (e.g., "word of the Lord" OR "Lord's word" OR "word of God" OR "God's word"). Or you could try something like word WITHIN 3 WORDS (Lord, God). As far as senses go, you could try <Sense scripture> OR <Sense word of God>, but there are no OT results for some reason. You could try both together: "word of the Lord" OR "Lord's word" OR "word of God" OR "God's word" OR <Sense scripture> OR <Sense word of God>.
        4. Hi there. I was wondering if there was any way to search for instances of a particular use of Greek words such as extensive perfects or genitives of production
          1. <Person God> INTERSECTS (keepeth OR keeps) I was trying to find verses about God keeping His promises. This gives me a couple about Him keeping covenant. Just wanted to see if anyone had a better search. Thanx for your time.
            1. I would probably run a search more like this with some additional synonymous terms added in. <Person God> INTERSECTS (keep*,kept,covenant,mercy,promise*) This also adds in the * wildcard so that one entry of "keep*" finds "keep","keeps","keepeth", etc. Hope this helps.
          2. Search All Bible Text in Job in King James Version for ("I will" INTERSECTS <Person Job>) WITHIN 9 words <Lemma = lbs/he/לֹא> Give nothing. I think there are some that it should show. What am I doing wrong?
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              >I was looking in "https://wiki.logos.com/detailed_search_help#Wildcards" for "embedded operator" to be defined or listed, but did not see it. Could you give a definition, list, or example? Thanx "Embedded operator" isn't the right technical language. The technical way to describe this is that most operators cannot be used as the operand of a proximity operator. This thread explains the problem in a bit more detail: https://community.logos.com/forums/t/179392.aspx. We have a bug case in our system and hope to fix this in the near future.
            2. Thanx much for all you do. I appreciate all the helpers here.
            3. You're welcome. My pleasure!