• Is there a visual filters that separates nouns and verbs already out there?
    1. Here's probably the best place to search. Be sure it's set to All Users and then Visual Filters for the document type. https://documents.logos.com/allusers?offset=0&sortType=Date&sortOrder=Descending&privacy=All&documentKind=visualfilters
    2. thanks, but I should have narrowed it down to just the English verbs and nouns
    3. I'm not sure how you'd do that honestly. I don't think English words are tagged quite the same way, especially for morph searches and filters. Maybe someone would have an idea.
  • Hello. I love the Visual Filters on my Mac, but is this feature available for any of the following? 1) Android devices (both phones and tablets) 2) Apple iPhones 3) Apple iPads Thank you! GBU.
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    2. Hi , I am talking about the Visual Filters that allow you to highlight words based on the underlying Hebrew/Greek wood. My Android phone (one of the latest Samsung models) doesn't display them, so I am planning to get a new device soon, and I'd like to know if I should get an Android Tablet, an iPhone, or even an iPad, as long as I can see the filters when reading it from that new device. Look at the attachment please. Thank you.
    3. Got it. Thanks for clarifying, . Those are what we refer to as visual filter documents, which are a kind of savable/customizable search results. We don't support visual filter documents on any platforms for desktop (Windows and MacOS) yet, but we'd like to bring them to web and mobile (iOS and Android).
  • I have two related issues with visual filters. 1) From what I can tell, all the palettes are open when applying visual filters. That is there is no drop-down function as there is when using the palettes to highlight. 2) It is impossible to prioritize palettes above the built-in palettes by renaming them. If I'm right, I have to scroll down past the four built-in palettes, which are all open, to get to a palette I want. Is there any way around this?
    1. Is it Possible to have your visual filters mark up on your desk top , show up in your ipad?
      1. Thanks much Doc B. i do appreciate your info.
      2. As far as I'm aware, visual filters aren't available on mobile at all.
      3. Graham's right...I had highlights in mind when I answered. :-(
    2. I have recently been using visual filters to mark Hebrew lemmas as part of a literary analysis project. I cannot find any way to copy and paste passages that retain the filter markings, except that in Word I can retain basic character colors. It would be incredibly helpful to be able to either retain the markings outside the Logos screen or have a way in Logos to further massage the Biblical text. What I am trying to do seems relatively simple. I would like to be able to separate and indent passage portions to elucidate the literary structure and show the marked lemmas that contribute to the analysis decisions. If there is a way to accomplish this, I would be eternally grateful. If not, it seems that it would be a very helpful feature to further make use of the incredible power of visual filters.
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        It would also make a great teaching tool. Just added a request to the Faithlife suggestion box.
      2. Exactly. I'll put a vote in, too.
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      Just for the fun of it, I've adapted the Inductive Precept Visual Filters to use the default Inductive/Precept Highlights Palette from Logos. You will find the 5 shared Visual Filters as usual under Bible Study > Logos Documents. The 5 Visual Filters are named Inductive/Precept : Sense, Person, Place, Lemma, Morph. (You need to Follow this group to see the filters). Many thanks to Keep Smiling 4 Jesus :) for the original Inductive Precept Visual Filters and all the hard work that went behind them ! (Note that I had to remove a few elements which had no suitable matching highlight in the default Logos Inductive/Precept palette).
      1. How do I apply or get these filters online?
      2. In the Groups section on the left side, click on Logos Visual Filters. First you must click Follow to follow this group, otherwise you won't see the filters. Then click on Bible Study. Then click on Logos Documents. You will see the 5 Visual Filters named : Inductive/Precept : Sense, Person, Place, Lemma, Morph. For each of those 5 filters, click Action > Copy to create your own copy in Logos. Once copied in Logos, the filters are automatically applied.
      3. Hi, Thanks for your reply. I figured it out. Sarah
    4. Is there a way to make a visual filter for a vav consecutive on a qatal verb?
      1. Try the morph visual filter in the attached screenshot
      2. Thanks so much, !
    5. how come I don't have a resource selection so I can use the propositional outline
      1. Thank you very much for your reply. You answered my question. I don't have the Bronze. I'm just a laymen that loves to study the bible. I guess I'll just continue to phrase and diagram passages with Word. Thanks again, I was pulling my hair out trying to figure it out.
      2. You’re welcome sir
    6. What do you guys find as some of your most helpful markings to make in the texts and the visual filters to go with it? I have just started exploring and am in my second semester of Greek. I am trying to establish some good workflows when reading through the original language texts. Thanks!