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  • Still looking for a solution to the audio problem on the Mac. Updated the Proclaim software and audio is no longer working - Audio is selected - I'm not sure where else to look for a problem
    1. heyyyyy. After i have typed a song into proclaim for viewing by using add item, how to save it i my song media?
      1. hi I cant get access to my account - my wife can get in to the account on her computer as member of the group . But I cant get onto my work - it is like I have never registered . What should I do ?
        1. I have managed to cancel my access. - my wife can get on as group but I cant access my work and I am the pastor - what do I do
          1. I'm glad we got this figured out for you on chat, !
          2. thank you for your help
        2. I've been trying to search the posts, but have been unsuccessful. We are using Proclaim, sending the presentation to OBS via NDI, and using MIDI signals to control OBS. We are continuing to have random issues with it and I'm looking to use advanced scene switcher in OBS to try and clear up the issues. I thought there were some posts from , but I can't find them. If anyone has some sample on how they are using advanced scene switcher they would be willing to share, I would appreciate it. Thanks, Dave
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            Here's a link, , https://obsproject.com/forum/resources/advanced-scene-switcher.395/ Advanced Scene Switcher (AdScSw) has saved us so many headaches. For instance, one of the problems with Proclaim is that we essentially have 2 different services. One at 8:30, which isn't streamed and one at 10:30 that is streamed, that is one of the few differences, but the time involved when Pastor runs over became an issue and we often weren't able to load the second service and it was the one with the MIDI streaming cue. AdScSw gave me the option to have one MIDI note be picked up and have 2 different things happen. The first was that it would check the time and date (see the screenshot), if it is Sunday and after 10:00 AM, it passes to the next condition which is to start streaming. One of the things I did was to take advantage of the "Fire for each slide" checkbox. For instance, we generally place sermon slides in an Image Slideshow (unless I am filling in). Whenever there is a slide change it sends a MIDI note and OBS switches to a scene that has the slide superimposed next to the camera shot of the preacher. After he has finished discussing the contents of that slide, I switch to a camera only view, but it automatically switches back when the slide gets changed. I'm only scratching the surface.
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          Hello friends, does anyone know... How can we set up lower thirds key and fill signals (an alpha channel) so that we can use alpha keying on our ATEM switcher?
          1. You'll need external hardware that can pass the key and fill signals. Either a Blackmagic Decklink card in a chassis, Blackmagic Ultrastudio HD Mini, or something else along these lines. They each have multiple SDI outputs that you can assign separately to the key and fill signals, and then bring them into your ATEM.
          2. Can Proclaim generate an alpha key output? We use an ATEM Mini Extreme, YMMV.  The lower thirds output from Proclaim has transparency output set to green.  On the ATEM, we have an Upstream Key set to Chroma with the fill source as the lower thirds output from Proclaim. It’s not quite Alpha keying, but it works well for us. Happy to provide more detail if needed. Bruce
          3. Yes, Proclaim can generate alpha key, if you have the right hardware connected.
        4. Hello all, each of the last two Sundays, when we want to show Proclaim Lower Thirds tab content on our stream (via OBS), it has worked for part of the service, but then it has gotten stuck on a particular slide and won't sync/match with the current in-house slide being projected. We recently upgraded our Proclaim computer to Windows 11. The OBS computer is still Windows 10. NDI seems to be set up correctly in general. There is communication over the network, as the slides work as usual for a while. Any ideas as to what is happening with the slide getting stuck? Thanks for any help! God bless, Daren Butler First Baptist Church, Kingsville, TX
          1. I believe the .wmv files are converted to .mp4 upon loading into Proclaim on a Windows machine (.mov for those who are on a Mac). You could try converting the files to mp4 using a program like Handbrake (handbrake.fr) before loading them. I just re-read your post. You may have to download and/or enable the Legacy Windows Media player to your Win11 machine. Proclaim uses Windows Media Player for video playback in a Windows environment. I've been hoping that they could someday add code for VLC Media player. https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/all/windows-11-media-player/294467f3-42f2-4829-a7c2-849060a4d40e If none of that helps, I would send in my log files and ask the devs if they see something there that may help, .
          2. Thanks so much for your insights, ! I'll give converting the files a try as well as enabling Legacy Windows Media Player. Appreciate it! God bless, Daren
          3. Update: regarding the playback of .wmv files, ' information led to a solution. Legacy Windows Media Player was enabled when I checked, then I opened it and chose the Recommended Settings radio button in the initial setup window that appeared and clicked OK. After Legacy Windows Media Player opened, I tried the video in Proclaim, and it still had some issues. From there, here are the steps that led to the correct playback of wmv files: - Click on the Organize dropdown menu in the upper left of the Legacy Windows Media Player window, then select Options. - In the Options window, click on the Performance tab, then make sure to uncheck the box for "Turn on DirectX video acceleration for WMV files," then click Apply. After doing this, the WMV file that had been playing back incorrectly was playing correctly again. Thanks again for your help!
        5. I updated to Proclaim 4.4 and it's no longer recognizing audio from my MacBook (14.5)
          1. Double check that the sound is set to the right output.
          2. Yes, the sound is selected in the app as well as in system settings - in the end - it will just say "unable to find the recording, is your microphone enabled?" -
          3. Thanks for the report, You might also: 1. Check that your input device is selected in your Sound settings. 2. Make sure Proclaim has permission to use your microphone in your Privacy & Security settings. If you continue to have trouble, please submit logs from Proclaim's Help menu, and include the name of your input device. We'll take a look and see if we can get you going.
        6. Proclaim is not syncing with images uploaded into the Group Folder when we are on the network of the charter school where we rent space on Sundays. I'm sure there is some site detail that I need to give their IT manager. Does anyone know what information I need to pass along to him?
          1. Many schools use firewalls, that are often provided by their system/district. On these networks you often need to add sites to their whitelist. This may be the issue you are having. Someone from proclaim may be able to provide the exact addresses which may be needed. We were using internet provided by the school when we began using Proclaim, and did not have any issues with proclaim.
          2. Folks from Proclaim assisted me with the information and I have passed this along to the school's IT manager. If this resolves our issues, I will be glad to share what I learned.
        7. I need some help...the embedded bibe verse feature is not functioning. it only shows the double bracketed reference and does not pull up the verse more does it create a slide for the presentation
          1. When you type in reference passage there is a small arrow in the box if you press that it should look up the passage and create a slide. You should also find below the box options for single verse per slide or passage so make sure one of those is also ticked.