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  • Introducing Proclaim 3.0

    Faithlife brings you many new features with Proclaim 3.0 and sets the stage to help your church stay connected—whether they’re in the sanctuary or at home.

    Use NDI with true transparency to painlessly integrate Proclaim with your live stream setup. Forget about chroma and luma keys, use the new alternate content virtual screens to send what you want to the displays (e.g. Foreground only for a song, and duplicate for a video) while using full-slides in the sanctuary. Setting up NDI

    Display videos on the confidence monitor and add a video countdown to see how much time is left. (Enable this by editing your confidence template and checking the box, use video player when available, on the Current Slide Content)

    Mark up scripture and maps from the Proclaim Remote with the new on-screen annotations.

    Display chords on the confidence monitor for your band, save multiple arrangements per song, and more with our integration with Faithlife Music.*

    View the full release notes.

    *requires an additional migration for your group to Faithlife Music. The migration process is automatic. If you don't notice these new features, email us at support@faithlife.com and we can check the status of your group.

  • For anyone needing SongSelect to work with Proclaim right now (while we wait for them to work out the issue ): Add your own song in Proclaim, give it a title, then you can log on to your SongSelect account directly, select the lyric format only and copy and paste. Easy peasy.
    1. We are experiencing a problem when we transitions from one slide to the next slide. There is a black screen that appears then the next media image shows. I have also linked our YouTube post to show an example the media transition are the first five minutes of program https://youtu.be/iW78_qQnqrs
    2. Hello, Bethlehem Temple MB Church -- I have been able to reproduce the issue here. The issue appears to be our Circle Fade transition specifically on a Mac. The problem does not appear on a Windows computer. In Proclaim, go to Settings >> Presentation >> change to a transition other than the Circle Fade and you will not get the black screen in between Service Items.
  • Is there a way to use transitions on text within a slide? My pastor likes us to display his points as he is talking about it, not the full slide all at one time. I can add transitions to PowerPoint yes, but they don't seem to work in Proclaim. Always displays the full slide.
  • I'm having an issue adding a background to a content item in Proclaim. I did a few yesterday and then it just started having issues. I checked for an update and there was one, so I installed it but I get this error. I've renamed the file, tried other files, and nothing has worked
    1. HI , I'm sorry you're having trouble. Can you verify you've installed any pending Windows and driver updates? I can see the upload failures in your logs, and it's strange that they just came up all of a sudden like that.
    2. Hi Brandon, no. I updated my video card driver recently, but have rebooted since then. I've tried it from various locations on my computer as well. The other odd issue I've had is it doesn't install updates properly when it says "Relaunch and install" so it is like Proclaim isn't getting permissions correctly all the time on my computer.
  • I know this seems to be a recurring theme but I get the error “an error occurred getting results” when I try to add song from CCLI. I have tried what others have suggested: disconnect CCLI account, log out, back in and link accounts I have also checked and longed into song select website and every thing is active. any suggestions?
    1. Good to know - need to get my services ready today and tomorrow :)
    2. same issue
    3. Hi all, I just tried again just now and SongSelect is working for me now (it wasn't yesterday). Can you try again and let me know if it is resolved?
  • Is there a way to display multiple bible translations? We would like to show English and Spanish at the same time.
    1. Hello , we don't don't offer multiple translations as a feature at this time. To show multiple Bible translations you would need to use a Content item manually create an additional text box. Then you can copy and paste the desired scripture from a Bible item. If you'd like to submit a feature request I would encourage you to do so on our UserVoice page: https://proclaim.uservoice.com/forums/137112-faithlife-proclaim
  • I am attempting to do a live stream in the background with lyrics in front. I understand I need to change the background to transparent, I don't see that option in the background drop down...any ideas?
    1. When you click the background drop down it should be available as a map checkerboard pattern.
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    Hey I'm having trouble loading songs from my ccli account. I get the message "An error occurred getting results". Here is what I've done 1. I made sure the account from CCLI was up to date and logged into the CCLI website so I know it works. 2. I tried unlinking and relinking the CCLI account, closed and opened proclaim. 3. I restarted the computer 4. Submitted log files to Faithlife also everything worked last week, and as far as I can tell no settings were changed on the computer. Any suggestions?
    1. Sorry for the issues. At this point it appears to be a SongSelect issue, and we are attempting to get in touch with them to see what is wrong.
    2. Thanks for the heads up on an issue I'd prefer to forestall. I've a whole hymnal in Nihongo to encode for OMS Japanese Christian Church and, I estimate, as of 29 September 2020 none of the Entries therein are in either the Hymnbase at Faithlife Music or the CCLI SongSelect Database.
  • Remote issues. I am still having issues with the remote not staying connected. It says "slide change error" message. The wifi works well since all other electronics stay connected. I have the latest proclaim on the laptop as the main but the smartphone that we use as the remote keeps giving me same message or dropping the presentation. The phone stays connected to wifi its the remote app with issues. We got proclaim solely for the remote and it still has not worked. Suggestions?
    1. , sorry you're experiencing issues with the remote app! I'll DM you to get more information and log files.
  • Does anyone know if there is a way to add more than one pre-service loop to the same Proclaim services? For example, if we wanted to use pre-service loop A for our first service and use pre-service loop B for our second service...
    1. Thank you, Brian. We are moving to two services this Sunday and trying to find the best solution. Is there a way to bring in the same group of prepped and edited song slides to two different presentations and still have the ability to continue to edit a song, also editing in the second presentation? We would like to find a way for our projectionist to be able to edit a song within one service and have the same changes sinc in the other service. Is that possible?
    2. I would think it would be easier to just create Pre-Service Loop B slides somewhere within the same presentation, just somewhere where they won't actually be presented during Service A, and in between services use them to replace the Pre-Service Loop A slides.
    3. Hello, -- 's suggestion is probably the most efficient approach to doing this right now. We don't otherwise have the ability to modify two presentations at once.
  • How do you add two service times for the automatic video to start.
    1. you can use a semi colon like this screenshot. When you are done with first service, either leave it in the post service loop or go back to the pre service loop and the warmup will start by itself for the next service time