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    New in Proclaim!

    BlackMagic SDI support 😎

    Now you can send Proclaim to your BlackMagic SDI devices! Simply add a custom output, choose SDI from the dropdown, and then configure your selected device and mode settings. When you go On Air, Proclaim will send output straight to the device. You can now connect to production-level video switchers and capture cards, simplifying the setup and improving reliability.

    With virtual screens, our existing NDI support, and our new SDI support, it’s never been easier to run your in-person and livestream services straight from Proclaim.

    Also… offline song search!

    In addition to regular bug fixes, Proclaim users with Faithlife Music can now search their entire song library while offline. This is great for services in the park or those youth summer camps in the mountains where internet access is limited🌲🚴‍♂️.

    This is available in Proclaim

    Check out the full release notes here

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  • Since the last Proclaim update, Proclaim no longer remembers the song or hymn # from the last time that we sang the song. While that might seem like a small thing, it save a lot of time if I don't have to double-check that I have the right song # each week. It still appears that lyric changes are saved under 'My Songs' but the song numbers are not. Anyone able to tell me why? Thanks!
    1. Proclaim is locking up and not loading
      1. Hello, -- It appears that you are running on both a Windows computer and a Mac with version You might try depressing the CTRL key on the Windows computer (or the CMD key on the Mac) and try starting Proclaim while keeping that key depressed... We did just roll out version earlier today -- you might try downloading that latest version from faithlife.com/products/proclaim If Proclaim continues to fail while loading, see if you can't submit the Log Files as outlined here: https://support.faithlife.com/hc/en-us/articles/360007374091-How-do-I-submit-log-files-if-I-can-t-open-Proclaim-
      2. I've experience with Microsoft® Windows® 10.0.19043.1 and up. It's possible that a misconfigured or corrupted .NET 4.8 is throwing Proclaim; my own ASUS® CM1630-06 crashed proclaim.exe with access violations in C:\Windows\SysWOW64\NTDLL.dll, requiring the .NET Framework Repair Tool, downloadable at: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=30135
    2. Hi all - is there a way to change the 600mb video file size limit? If I try to bring in videos from the desktop or usb drive, etc - any over 600 are rejected as over upload limit. It isn't uploading or importing, it should just play directly from the file location. Any help would be appreciated!
      1. Thank you!
      2. How do you save your changes to our site? We continue to get a message that states if we leave a page, our changes may not be saved.
      3. Hi David -- It is always best to start a new subject in a new thread so that it will not be lost. Unless somebody picks this up fairly quickly I would do that with this question. If you do you should include the information that the message appears even after forcing a sync with this button.
    3. I put imported JPGs as foreground images in each of our sermons slides - 10 slides total today. The pics showed up on both computers used for editing (my laptop and our church's Mac Mini) this morning when we did a final check before the service. Our published Faithlife Bulletin shows the JPGs. Our confidence monitor showed the JPGs. In fact, everywhere showed the JPGs except.... the projector that the whole congregation sees, projecting to the front of our sanctuary. Text boxes and imported backgrounds worked fine. Just not the foreground images. I've imported JPGs before with no issues. The pics disappeared when we went On Air. They were also not visible across the bottom preview when we were On Air. I check my laptop when I got home... they were there and visible. Thoughts on how to troubleshoot this or what the problem was? Something with going On Air? Thanks in advance!
      1. very sorry about that. Normally this happens if the file did not get uploaded, but as you say, it showed everywhere else! do that rules that out. Can you submit your logs if you haven't already? We will take a look and see if we can find out what happened.
      2. Yes I can do that… Thank you! What you said about uploading jogged my memory. We restarted Proclaim this morning because one of the worship background loops hadn’t loaded. The restart did the trick for the lyric background. But now I wonder if that affected the JPGs. 🧐
      3. In the past we've had problems with foreground images on our Live Stream slides not showing up on our presentation computer even though they appeared on the computer used to prepare the presentation and both computers were fully synced. Not sure if this might be a related problem. I haven't used any foreground images like that for several weeks, so I'm not sure if this is still an ongoing problem.
    4. This week I opted to use the time saving aspect of using the NIV Bible Slides. In the past, I made a Power Point by copy & Paste of what my secretary provides me for the bulletin/script if you will. I would resize the font to 40 pitch and my congregation was pleased. However this morning, I used the NIV bible slides and unfortunately, the font size was unacceptable as a number of our members indicated they had difficulty making the words out on screen. Is there a way to resize the fonts for the slides available within Proclaim?
      1. Check out my screenshot. On the top of the screen, it gives you the options to format the font, size, etc.
      2. Also, in addition to the good information gave you, make sure there aren't too many words on each slide as Proclaim will shrink the font size in order to fit all the text on the slide.
      3. We routinely have to add physical page breaks to the slides and change to a non-serif font to make things easy to read. Of course, you can save styles and make changes to Smartmedia to make it less work weekly. Now that I have the hang of it, I am saving time and like the final presentation.
    5. SongSelect results not populating in search. "An error occurred getting results"
      1. I see them as well! Thanks for that
      2. yay! Thx so much
      3. I had same problem, but went to the CCCI site, found lyrics, then copied and pasted into Proclaim to get around the issue. Hopefully things work better next week.
    6. Is there a way for the preservice loop additional screens to also show the countdown clock?
      1. The Warm up only plays once and starts from the length of all the sub components, so if you have 5 items that add up to 10 minutes of content, it will start to play 10 minutes before your start time. If you want to have a loop of things that will play and keep playing until it is time to warm up then you need to use the Pre Service loop. and that will keep on playing until it is time for the warm up. Hope that helps - @Dave Food
      2. Thanks this works on my main screens but I created a separate screen during warmup for streaming but it doesn't show the count down clock on the slides as it does on the main view .. hope that provides clarity.
      3. That does provide clarity, . I'm not actually sure how the countdown clock in Proclaim renders. I could be wrong, but I believe it would take on the characteristics of a "foreground item," in which case the countdown clock wouldn't be part of that virtual screen that you created. Let's hope the devs at can offer some help here.
    7. how do I add an original song on proclaim?
      1. Add item > song > type in the original song name > scroll to the very bottom and you will see "create new song" > hit add song > write the lyrics and the song order. Next time you search in songs, your song will pop up at the top
    8. Hello, Is there a way to print a list of all the songs we have added to our Proclaim library? Thank you for your help!
      1. I think if you go to music.faithlife.com and are signed into your account, you can click on your group under Team Catalogs. In our case, our group is "Worship Team". Unfortunately, it looks like the list is in random order and I don't see any way to download or sort it.
    9. I am trying to get video capture via vMix on one computer that is Ethernet connected to a second computer that is running Proclaim. What I am trying to accomplish is getting video from in house camera to run behind lower thirds slides.
      1. they are on the same network hard wire to same router. I will look for the NDI plug-in. As usual you are very helpful.
      2. If you set Proclaim as NDI output (one of the screens), vMix will recognize the NDI as an input and should show you in the vMix camera inputs. If that doesn't work, then you can install a plugin type vMix Desktop capture from vMix website and try that.
      3. thanks for the information.