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    New in Proclaim!

    BlackMagic SDI support 😎

    Now you can send Proclaim to your BlackMagic SDI devices! Simply add a custom output, choose SDI from the dropdown, and then configure your selected device and mode settings. When you go On Air, Proclaim will send output straight to the device. You can now connect to production-level video switchers and capture cards, simplifying the setup and improving reliability.

    With virtual screens, our existing NDI support, and our new SDI support, it’s never been easier to run your in-person and livestream services straight from Proclaim.

    Also… offline song search!

    In addition to regular bug fixes, Proclaim users with Faithlife Music can now search their entire song library while offline. This is great for services in the park or those youth summer camps in the mountains where internet access is limited🌲🚴‍♂️.

    This is available in Proclaim

    Check out the full release notes here

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  • Is there any way to search this group for previous conversations before posting a new question?
    1. how do I fade or screen a background?
      1. Hey guys new to Proclaim! Past 3 weeks have been great but the song select has stopped working and I just get a red error exclamation mark. Can't search any recent songs! Would this suggest our CCLI subscription has expired? I feel like we just renewed it!
        1. Try disconnecting your ccli from proclaim. Then reconnect it. This happened to me when I changed my ccli password
        2. Hello, - Head to Song Select, make certain that you can sign into your account and check its status there. If you are able to do so, then inside Proclaim, use the path to "Link Your Accounts" as shown in the link below. "Remove" the link to your Church, then re-enter it again (that connection will sometimes need a simple "refresh" of removing it and then re-adding it). Please let us know if you continue to have difficulties getting the connection to work after that! https://support.faithlife.com/hc/en-us/articles/360007128252-How-Do-I-Link-My-SongSelect-Account-
      2. Hi all, can you change the speed of a motion background?
        1. Not to my knowledge. You have to choose slower backgrounds
        2. Ah, okay. I know that you can do it in ProPresenter, but I didn't know where to look for it in Proclaim. Thanks!
      3. .MOV video is upside down.
        1. Hello, - I've found that a quick run through Microsoft's Photos Program seems to lock a video in the proper orientation. It doesn't really change anything, but it does seem to "lock" the resulting video in its proper orientation. Open Photos Click "New Video" Select "Custom Video with Music" Browse to and select the video of interest Create Export I choose the longest/largest format, but that's up to you. The resulting video seems to always come into Proclaim correctly.
        2. Thanks for the tip Brian. I've tried to do that in adobe premiere cs6 but that older version does not support .mov. Too much of a pain to do on ipad with imovie so i just play it outside of proclaim.
        3. You could try converting it to MP4 using Handbrake.fr, . Then you can open it in Premiere and reorient it. Handbrake may do so automatically when you process it, not sure about that part, I've not had this issue.
      4. Hey guys, we have been noticing that our presentations recently are taking a long time to load and it isnt our internet as we have 250mbps download and 25mbps upload. We have tried on multiple computers and its the same issue. Why is this the happening
        1. Over the past few weeks, I have duplicated the most recent presentation as a starting point for the next week's service, but my worship leader has not been able to see that new, duplicated presentation ... and so she has duplicated the most recent herself, leaving us with multiple presentations for Sunday morning (and double the work, as I had already made changes to one, and she added music to the other). Generally, I have used my own MacBook Pro to duplicate, then she has used her laptop to do the same. On Sunday mornings, we use the iMac at church, where we see both presentations. (And I can see both on my laptop.) Any ideas why this might be happening? I just duplicated last week's presentation twice (on the iMac) to create services for 8/1 and 8/8; I made no other changes except the presentation title and date.
          1. Not an expert and never experienced this, but just a couple of thoughts: 1) Are you making sure the presentations are fully synced before closing? 2) Is it possible you have more than one presentation group for your church.
          2. Hello, -- I am sorry for the frustration of doubling the work -- we all have enough others things to do! Becky's laptop may not have the most recent versions of Proclaim, which could be cause this. She may go into Proclaim >> Help >> About Proclaim. It may say that Proclaim is up to date, but "Check again" should be next to that.
          3. Thanks, Brian. Yesterday she saw the two presentations I had made, but I’ll have her check for updates.
        2. Super rookie question with multitracks from worshiphouse media. Can you add them into proclaim presentation and play as a video? would the files bog down the presentation? If so what if the song ran in a presentation by itself? Our Livestream is through Vimeo, so we are not concerned about switching files during the service. Anyone out there know what I am talking about?
          1. You can certainly add video files to Proclaim. Whether they will bog down the presentation is largely a matter of the specs of your computer, primarily the video card. If you have a decent dedicated video card, you should be OK, but if you're running off of most laptops or a desktop with an integrated video card, you will likely have problems.
        3. Having an issue with my virtual screens. First screenshot shows my lyric slide, second one shows what my Livestream slide looks like in Proclaim and third screenshot shows what it looks like in OBS. The text which I deleted from my Live Stream slide still shows up in OBS.
          1. I spotted something odd with the bullet points in the Content item...When adding bullet points and setting the textbox to centre text, the bullet points stay on the left margin while the text is centred leaving a lot of white space between, making it hard to see what's a list and what's not.
            1. I’ve noticed this too - it forces me to use Left only margins rather than centered.