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  • Hi there. On Sunday we recorded the sermon, as we have done my times before. However, about 5 minutes into the talk the sound quality went all weird. The best way to describe it is that the speaker sounded like a 'Dalek' from Dr who. It sounds like the audio compression went astray. Can you help?
  • Hi. On Sunday, the operator opened another presentation (we were having a practice for next Sun) while still 'on air' and it now appears that the sermon recording has gotten lost. I can understand why the publish screen didn't show up but there is no recording available even when I look under 'Recordings' menu. Is it gone for good? Paul.
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    Hello. I'm adding Signals to my announcement slides, so that events will be added to my bulletin and to our group calendar, but the signals keep being wiped off. I have re-added them three times, saved & synced, checked Faithlife to see the calendar, but no events. So I go back to Proclaim but find that the signals aren't present. Any ideas? Cheers! Also - I have log files if that helps? Let me know if you need them & how I can pass them over :-)
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  • When certain members of our team log in and work on a set, when they leave the set duplicates itself... I know they are using "Open" to select the set they are working on (not "Duplicate") so how are we ending up with duplicates of our sets?  Thanks!
  • trying to record with proclaim.  Can't seem to figure out what to run from my sound board to my laptop.
  • Hello. I seem to have two groups for my Church on Faithlife and I wondered if Faithlife had created two by mistake. If not, are they for separate things? If it is an error, which one can I delete :-) Many thanks
  • Hi Proclaim team. I tried to use Proclaim for the first time on Sunday for our Main gathering but Proclaim could only see one monitor, although we use 3 monitors (two for Congregation and one on stage screen). So I had to quickly revert to our old / current software :-( Very sad, as I'd spent hours preparing all of the content in Proclaim :-( We use a HDMI splitter box to feed our various screens, could this be the issue? I am on a trial account by the way... just in case this feature is switched off to trail Users. Best Regards, Dean
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  • I wish to print a range of slides, not the entire service.  Is there a way to do that, apart from copying and pasting the slides I want to a new presentation?
  • I'm still having a problem with the automatic update of most recent published sermons.  When I select most recent sermon from this author, which will auto update when new sermons are published, it is still incorrectly showing my first sermon, not most recent sermon.  The Most Recent Sermon is called The Arbitrator for Peace, not The Catechism of a Thirsty Woman.  Please see the screenshot below. 2. I also noticed that when this bug was fixed, my playlist on my podcast page is missing my 2/12/17 Sermon entitled "The Synchronizer" sermon. The embed code includes the playlist and should have updated with my most recent publish, but it is missing this sermon.   Please see 2nd screenshot.  Let me know if you need more info.  Thanks! Note: When I click the "include playlist" check box, it updates the most recent sermon correctly.
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  • I am trying to use Proclaim remote on my ipad. The Presentation is on Windows 10. I have enabled the remote setting. I have entered IP address from Windows 10 to the ipad. The presentation on the ipad does not say Local and there is no interaction between the ipad and the Proclaim running on Windows 10.