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    New in Proclaim!

    BlackMagic SDI support 😎

    Now you can send Proclaim to your BlackMagic SDI devices! Simply add a custom output, choose SDI from the dropdown, and then configure your selected device and mode settings. When you go On Air, Proclaim will send output straight to the device. You can now connect to production-level video switchers and capture cards, simplifying the setup and improving reliability.

    With virtual screens, our existing NDI support, and our new SDI support, it’s never been easier to run your in-person and livestream services straight from Proclaim.

    Also… offline song search!

    In addition to regular bug fixes, Proclaim users with Faithlife Music can now search their entire song library while offline. This is great for services in the park or those youth summer camps in the mountains where internet access is limited🌲🚴‍♂️.

    This is available in Proclaim

    Check out the full release notes here

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  • Is there any way to prevent Proclaim from automatically opening the last file on startup? This really messes with our volunteers! Would absolutely love to turn off the auto load. Please help!
    1. Don’t take this as mean. But train them to look at the date. I love the auto load feature.
    2. Try opening a blank presentation just before closing the current one. Personally have never had an issue like that but this might work
  • Every time I try to post the recorded sermons it continues to tell me set up my church group. I have a church group but I don't know what else to do? Need some help
    1. All the sudden I have a proclaim water mark show up on the bottom right corner of my slides! 🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️
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        It’s an icon showing that slide has a “signal” associated. So if someone has their study bible app open it’ll pull up that text It is a location based feature so only activates with members using the app within physical proximity while service is live. Doesn’t work online or after the fact.
      2. Ok... That's a great idea!! Lol 🤦🏼‍♂️ glad I thought of it. Thanks for the info!! 😎
      3. Go to the “slide” tab on the slide and you should be able to turn that off if you like.
    2. Is anyone having issues this morning with digital signage? It just keeps spinning for us. Also our NDI slides are really glitchy. Not sure what's going on.
      1. I had issues with NDI slides being very glitchy this morning, too. Everything was working fine last week. Did you figure out how to fix it?
      2. No, I assumed it was my internet network since the digital signage wasn't working either. But digital signage worked fine on my phone. But maybe there was something with the update that came down from Proclaim this week? I sent them an email but haven't heard back yet.
    3. How do I get my custom fonts to sync back after updating Proclaim? Closed and opened the app a couple times but the font list remains empty. There should be some 20 fonts listed here.
      1. Since I need this working today I went through and re-added all the OTF and TTF files by hand.
    4. Hi! Does anyone know how to add lyrics to a blank slide on a CCLI song. We have a different set of lyrics than loaded. Example there is a Chorus 1 provided, but the Chorus 2 is not there and we want to add it. In Media Shout we could add text to a blank slide or create a new verse or chorus. I can't find how to do this in any of the help options available. Thanks so much for any assistance!
      1. Thank you! I see how to do it thanks to you. Once I add the extra lines, I type in "Chorus 2" and then type the new lyrics after that! I would have never understood from he instructions provided, so thank you!
      2. You're welcome! We love Proclaim and how they make things easy to do.
    5. I'm starting to use the new alternate formatting for virtual screens, but only want to do it for songs and nothing else. I found where to set the default media and got it to work for the songs, but I can't figure out how to make everything else default to Blank instead of Duplicate. I made some media templates that had everything transparent on it, but that is a cludge and doesn't work for some items like the on-screen Bible. Any suggestions?
      1. Not sure how t change the default, but you can select all those slides at once by using the CTRL key and then go to the livestream tab and change them to blank all at once.
      2. Thanks, but it would be better if we didn't have to do that step. In the 3.0 version, virtual screens defaulted to Blank, now in 3.1 they default to Duplicate. It would be nice if they gave us a choice.
    6. Hi everyone. Does anyone know why Song Select and CCLI might keep coming up with an error whenever I try to insert new song lyrics. I've reset my account with them as well as reinstalled Proclaim a few times but no joy! thanks all
      1. This happened to me When I changed my ccli password the other day. All my team has to log out of proclaim. Disconnect ccli. Reconnect it at it fixed it. Me changing my ccli password affected everyone on the team for some reason. Also contact tech support if you cannot get it fixed. They are great
    7. Over The last two weeks the time to process a published sermon video seems to go on forever. It used to publish in an hour tops but now its 3,4 hours and more. Any thoughts?
      1. Hello, -- I could find no Sermon Videos under Christ Church Cockermouth from the last two weeks to compare against anything previous. Perhaps you are referring to Sermons published from Proclaim? We would be happy to investigate further if we could know how you are creating and publishing these videos.