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    New in Proclaim 3.1!

    The latest version of Proclaim is available now, and will auto update the next time you restart Proclaim. (Don’t see the update? Download here.)

    Here’s what’s new:

    Custom alternate outputs for your live stream or multi-screen setup.

    Quickly and easily customize your alt-content outputs. Go to your alt-content tab, and start editing! Drag your lyrics down to lower thirds and change the background, or apply a Smart Media Template from the media browser. Learn more

    Find and choose from new Lower Thirds media. Choose Media > Browse Media, then, under Popular Tags, select the “Lower Thirds” tag.

    New 16:10 aspect ratio! Do you have a projector in 16:10? Now you can forget the letter boxing and use the entire projector with more aspect ratios coming soon.

    Customize stage messages by changing the color, font, and size.

    And much more! Check out our release notes for the full list of feature updates.

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  • Looks like a serious problem with Today's (1/19/2021) update. When you copy/paste from a previous week, none of the text comes with!! Anyone else having this issue?
    1. Thanks for the report Jim, you're not the first to report this. We'll have an update out shortly with the fix.
    2. , we just pushed out an update. Relaunch when you see the blue banner, or download the latest version at proclaim.faithlife.com/download
  • how do i add a powerpoint file into proclaim?
    1. found it, thanks anyway
  • Just upgraded to Proclaim 3.1 ( Having awful problems with duplicating or reusing slides and with Main Content boxes. They disappear or un-editable. Am I alone or are others seeing the same
    1. Thanks for your hard work. Well at least it is only Tuesday:-)
    2. Hi , we just pushed out an update. To get it, relaunch when prompted by the blue banner or download it at proclaim.faithlife.com/download
    3. Ta - doing it now.
  • We have just updated to the latest version ( and now duplicating content slides doesn't work correctly. The font settings and field locations are changing. We have experienced this on 2 different computers. Any ideas? Thanks
    1. Same issue here. Any ETA on solution?
    2. This has been fixed! thanks for your patience and sorry for the inconvenience. The update is out now,
  • unexpected crash - I am using on Windows 10. When I try to duplicate a field on a content slide (see pic) the program suddenly closes. (logs submitted)
    1. Thanks for the report , I was able to reproduce this. We'll take a look and get a fix going.
    2. , we just pushed out an update with a fix for this. To get it, relaunch Proclaim when you see the blue banner, or download it from proclaim.faithlife.com/download.
  • I just downloaded Proclaim. When I try to load a Powerpoint or start a new slide it repeatedly crashed each time. I have restarted my computer and uninstalled then reinstalled Proclaim. Nothing works. Proclaim still crashes. I have a Mac OS Big Sur 11.1.
    1. Thanks , we'll take a look and see what's up.
    2. With Windows systems, a misconfigured Microsoft® .NET™ Framework may have something to do with consistent crashes. .NET Framework Repair Tool 4.8.4072.nn may be downloaded from the Microsoft Corporation Download server: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=30135
    3. I have a Mac Os. The tool looks to be for Windows only.
  • Question: My church and I are new to Proclaim and so far it's looking promising. However there is one area that I haven't been able to find information about so hopefully someone here can provide some insight. Our youth group uses prerecorded worship videos. Due to our internet connection sometimes being spotty, we like to keep these videos organized on our own in house server that we can access them even if the internet connection is down. Is there a way for Proclaim to reference these video files and play them locally or do they have to be uploaded for syncing? And if that is the case, does that mean that our youth group services would be out of luck if our connection to the internet is down?
    1. while Graham is right for syncing, you can add a video locally on the computer, without dealing with uploading at all. Checking the box to use it on this computer only will skip the upload. Of course, this means you would need to add the video on the presentation computer
    2. so we could potentially work on the message slides midweek from home but then do the worship videos on the computer that is being used in the sanctuary and not worry about those special files having to sync?
    3. yes exactly! You could even add empty video items to your presentation and name the as placeholders. Then when you get to the church computer, import the files locally to your existing items
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    Help! I can't get the foreground lyrics to display on an NDI screen using my Windows 10 Laptop running Proclaim. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
    1. you will need to be 'On Air' for NDI to present to your output. I mention this because in that one screenshot I see you are not 'On Air'
    2. Got it. Those pics are just to show my settings. The confidence monitor and my lyrics screens do not work over NDI, they just have black screens on the NDI feed. However, “Display 1” and “Proclaim Slides” work over NDI.
    3. thanks for the clarification . That is odd that it works for Slides but not the alt-content or confidence. We will investigate more on our side
  • Why don't you create more media sets that have all the slides for a per-service loop like the Silence Phone, Website, Sermon Online, etc sets. I am having to constantly use the same ones over and over and my church pays for the Pro Media set. It is frustrating...
    1. Hello , thanks for taking the time to provide feedback. I'll be sure to communicate this to our team. In the meantime, the best way to see the newest media added to Pro Media is to set the "Sort By:" to Newest.
    2. Agreed