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  • Introducing Proclaim 3.0

    Faithlife brings you many new features with Proclaim 3.0 and sets the stage to help your church stay connected—whether they’re in the sanctuary or at home.

    Use NDI with true transparency to painlessly integrate Proclaim with your live stream setup. Forget about chroma and luma keys, use the new alternate content virtual screens to send what you want to the displays (e.g. Foreground only for a song, and duplicate for a video) while using full-slides in the sanctuary. Setting up NDI

    Display videos on the confidence monitor and add a video countdown to see how much time is left. (Enable this by editing your confidence template and checking the box, use video player when available, on the Current Slide Content)

    Mark up scripture and maps from the Proclaim Remote with the new on-screen annotations.

    Display chords on the confidence monitor for your band, save multiple arrangements per song, and more with our integration with Faithlife Music.*

    View the full release notes.

    *requires an additional migration for your group to Faithlife Music. The migration process is automatic. If you don't notice these new features, email us at support@faithlife.com and we can check the status of your group.

  • I am wondering if someone might be able to help. I am trying to start using Faithlife Sermons to publish to our current podcast but when trying to follow directions I am not seeing podcast under the share sheet. I see Wordpress but not a podcast feed
    1. I know that Proclaim accepts mov files. Does it accept RGB + Alpha mov files? It keeps erroring out.
      1. Hi , can you please submit logs? We can take a look at the logs and see what's going on. It is worth nothing that we don't really support transparent videos very well at the moment. Feel free to add a request on our feedback site for better transparent video support: https://feedback.faithlife.com/boards/faithlife-proclaim
    2. I have a question. We are working to pull our website together with our flife group and intro it to our church. I paused the bulletins from proclaim because we have been practicing. So I want to publish one of the drafts-while working in main church group/content/bulletins edit mode. I am able to delete the loop slides that I want, BUT, I don't see where the sermon editor slides are visible when I go into edit mode? Our Pastor is now doing his slides in logos sermon editor. If I publish what I can see, will his sermon slides be visible there? When I click delete on one loop slide- all slide are in delete mode and I re-click what I want. Am I missing something?
      1. Ps, sermon slides were imported, and I have the auto publish paused for the time being. We will manually publish prior to service on Sundays.
      2. Yeah there is a way for Pastor Bobby to export sermons to Proclaim as a new presentation, so either Pastor Bobby wants to make sure that he is importing into the already existing presentation or you would want to make sure your building your slides in the same presentation he created. As long as your both aware of this it should mean your building one presentation together and prevent this issue. In regard to working on the same Proclaim file/presentation you should both be able to work on the presentation at the same time with no issues, it is very common that people work on the same presentation at the same time on separate computers. The error your describing sounds like a separate issue that I'm not clear on which likely just happened to occur while collaborating. You should be able to essentially work on the same presentation though we would advise not working on the same slide at the same time as you may be overriding each others changes.
      3. Thank you!
    3. I've submitted a log with Proclaim. When projecting a PowerPoint that was converted to images, it only projected two of the power point slides. Thumbnails were visible but Proclaim wouldn't project the actual image. I was able to test on two other computers and I was successful in projecting all of the slides onto another monitor. Since this was the case, I thought it may be a computer problem...I just don't know the solution. Thank you.
      1. Hello, -- Thank you for reporting and for submitting the Logs. We'll look at the Logs and let you know what we find and what might be the next step.
      2. Hello, -- I didn't see too much that was telling in those log files. Is that resulting Presentation synced in the account? I can take a look at it here...
    4. Having trouble with a couple of slides. 1. The trivia starts out well but as the preservice rotates through sometimes it just shows a blank slide. 2. The giving thermometer the current amount override doesn't seem to be working correctly.
      1. I noticed today that when I mark up an image during my teaching, it isn't showing up on the video when I watch it at sermons.faithlife.com. Is that the expected behavior? And if so, has this been made known?
        1. Hello, Pastor - Yes, it is expected behavior since the published sermons capture stills of the projected slides. We will be adding language to our support articles to clarify this.
      2. Hello. 11/22/2020 At about 11:05 Eastern Time this morning our church worship service was interrupted by Proclaim freezing up and causing our computer to crash!! This has happened to our system before but never during our worship service, and this is the second time I have reported the problem on this blog. I have submitted the log files, but just now, because I didn’t want the service to be further interrupted. Details: Proclaim was ON AIR. I noticed when we came out of the pre-service loop, the Proclaim main screen icons in the Taskbar, at the bottom of the screen were showing up on the sanctuary projector screens, this condition did not change as we advanced thru announcement and content slides. We had some announcement slides to go thru and then started our worship videos. The Proclaim screen (mouse, keyboard) froze on a content slide when we tried to advance from the content slide to our third worship video. Without any other visual or audio warning, the system shut down, and restarted windows. Then I had to restart Proclaim manually and the program ran ok for the rest of the service. Please we need an explanation because we can’t have the live service interrupted again. How can I talk to someone about this issue directly? Thank you, Mike Wilson NHCC
        1. Hello , I’m very sorry about what happened during your service. Thank you for submitting the log files as that’s most helpful in figuring out what caused that to happen. Our team will review the logs and get back to you as soon as we have more information.
        2. Hello , do you have any time today for us to connect remotely so we can grab some additional Windows event viewer logs?
        3. Hello Slav, thanks for your response. I can be here front and center anytime after 12:00 PM Eastern time Wednesday
      3. Good Morning. Trying to upload our service to the site today and it continues to give me an error. I have compressed the file to as small as 910MB and it still wont load. Are you all having issues with your site? Thanks!
        1. I have been having error messages for about 2 months. I sent the log files to them.
        2. Hello , may I know which error message you're seeing? Also may I know where exactly you are uploading the file?
        3. Thank you for your responses. I contacted support and was informed the servers were overloaded. My file finally uploaded yesterday evening. Thank you
      4. Started getting this error when trying to import PowerPoint into schedule. We noticed this error a couple of updates ago, but it's back.
        1. We've been importing MSO365 for several years, now. As a work-around, we imported as images, which works fine. The problem seems to be tied to 'transfer control to PowerPoint'.
        2. Hi , Can you clarify how your importing when you had received this error? Also, I'm not seeing any logs submitted in the last few days through your account; can you submit your logs as well?
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          I submitted the logs via the help tab, just before sending this note, actually. We're importing "on this computer only" and "transfer control to PowerPoint". I think the error comes up when we try to display the PPT, actually.
      5. How do I import a Youtube video into Proclaim
        1. Use a Web Page item in your service and paste the link
        2. Hi , James is correct if your wanting to play the youtube video without having to download it. The only caveat is that we don't play monetized youtube videos, so if your video has ads embedded into it and you had pasted in the link for the video it will show as not available if there are ads. Otherwise, you can look into a tool to download the youtube video and once it's downloaded to your import the video into Proclaim. We don't manage copyright permissions for these kinds of things so we would encourage you to make sure your compliant in regard to copyright permissions. https://support.faithlife.com/hc/en-us/articles/360007127272-How-Do-I-Add-a-YouTube-or-Vimeo-Video-to-My-Presentation-