• New Beta Feature: Live Stream Cues

    Live stream setups can be confusing, so the Proclaim team came up with a solution that makes it easier: live stream cues in Proclaim.

    It’s as simple as turning on your webcam in Proclaim’s settings, choosing some lower thirds media, adding live stream cues, and going On Air!

    You can use any live stream provider, but we recommend Faithlife Live Stream for a more seamless integration. With a Live Stream subscription you can select your stream from the menu. If you choose another provider, type in your live stream information.

    This feature is currently in open beta and is only available for 64-bit Windows version of Proclaim. Support for Mac is forthcoming. Learn more

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    We experience two devices both on our network this AM that only allowed us to open an example presentation... had to run back home and grab my laptop that last night I tweaked our songs of worship on, and brought it back to our sanctuary w/ wireless turned off just in case it was our network and was able to run the service... taken the laptop that was also having the symptom to my home and it is giving the same symptom on my home here can anyone advise... evening service is in 5 hours! :-)
    1. Turns out that those two devices log in under the same account that may have got deleted and perhaps re-instated by our Church Secretary earlier this week and created one for our new pastor...
    2. Hi , Being on different account may be the issue here, if they are being logged into accounts that aren't in the correct presentation team.
  • Just submitted log files. Proclaim crashes when changing from one slide to another. Discovered this morning setting for service.
    1. , I'm sorry that you are having problems. Thank you for submitting log files.
    2. thanks again for the logs. Looks like the crash is related to the video input feature. A workaround for now is to disable that in Settings > Video Input, until we can get a fix out. I’m wondering what device you were trying to use with Proclaim?
  • Is anybody else having problems with Proclaim Remote this morning? I'm using the Android version. The app opens then when I select "control" the app shuts down.
    1. I'm having the same problem -- and Im on the same router -- not sure what to do
    2. Repeatedly, , today and last week. I finally got it to work after shutting the tablet down several times. Last week the only thing that the Proclaim Remote worked on was my Galaxy S9. The iPad Pro worked this week, but not last, and my Galaxy Tab A (SM-T580) FINALLY worked after uninstalling and reinstalling and crashing 5 or 6 times. According to the Play Store, the Proclaim Remote hasn't had an update since January 2019 . . . perhaps it is time to visit that?
    3. Yes it kept crashing for me too. My Android Samsung Note 10 refused to open a presentation - if I selected Follow or Control it would try and open and then just crash! Proclaim you really do need to work on your remote, it is just not stable. We're now using a Logitech Spotlight.
  • Bible trivia slides in pre-service issue? - Added a Bible Trivia service item to the pre-service loop, but Proclaim insists in making that item only 10s long. The more questions I add, the faster they fly by. Is this feature just not supported anymore and I am trying to do something that isn't doable?
    1. Doh! Just found solution - you have to click and change the question speed at least once for proclaim to calculate the timing- even if you are happy with the default speed setting!
    2. Sorry for the inconvenience James, and glad you found the answer. We’ll get working on a fix.
    3. How do you find the trivia game
  • Just connected my video camera into Proclaim so I can run the transparent lower thirds for Livestreaming. Got that working but now all my videos in the presentation play very choppy or just altogether stop. Brand new gaming comp with an I9 and a killer GPU so that is not the problem. Any ideas please?!?!?
    1. sorry for the trouble! This feature is still in beta and we have some performance issues with the camera input on Windows now, which we are working on fixing!
    2. Ok. Thanks Jordan. Also the proclaim remote app wouldn't work with the video feed running... Any idea on the timeframe these issues will be addressed?
  • I’m not sure if this should be a bug or feature request. I think the behaviour has changed with the change to keep displaying slides on the confidence monitor when the quick screens are used. We had a song item with background audio set to play to the end of the service item when we used the blank quick screen the music continued. I’ll submit logs (from Village Church Media) in case they are useful.
    1. We had another occurrence today where a background audio track that was set to play one through the playlist started playing on a couple of random slides completely unconnected to the cue that holds the audio. One was before the cue in question, and the other was a cue after the one with the background audio. I will submit logs at the conclusion of the service (from the Village Church Media account). I’ve changed the item in the presentation now to stop at the end of the service item to try and prevent it from occurring again in this presentation.
      1. My church is getting ready to adapt our service to meet in person outside under tents. We will continue to use proclaim for our live stream, but will not be able to provide screens for our in person members. I'm looking for an app that we can use to display song lyrics and other presentation slides. I've looked into the digital bulletin and the logos app, but these won't get signals to display the content that I need. So, I'm thinking of using the Proclaim remote app and have them follow. I've created a member login that I can hand out. However, is there a way that I can keep someone from being able to control the presentation? I just want them to follow it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
        1. anyone within the geographic location can follow your presentation without being a member of your group, and thus won’t be able to control. Another option is making a sign feed and have it set to ‘follow on air presentations’ this will let you distribute a web site for people to access on their phone, which is quicker than making everyone download the Proclaim app. I’ll look for a help article and post it
        2. Thanks for the ideas. Im trying the digital signage. I hadn’t realized that it was so adaptable.
      2. We have been testing out ways to use the live camera feed feature in Proclaim. We have an ip camera set up and the computer doesn't recognize it as a camera. This works well with OBS but Proclaim won't recognize it. We purchased a camcorder that can be connected as a webcam. The computer recognizes it and it works great. Proclaim recognizers it but there is an obvious and distracting lag in the video. It is both delayed and choppy. I can connect the same camera to my Mac and it works great! We generally use the PC for video presentation at church. Does anyone have any suggestions as to why it works so well on one rather than the other? It's only in Proclaim that we can tell a performance difference. Outside of Proclaim the camera has no lag and is smooth. We are willing to get a different computer, but I'm not sure what the problem is and want to know what will correct this.
        1. Thanks Sean, I submitted my logs on the PC. Yes, we isolated the issue to Proclaim. When we have it connected to OBS, it operates without issue. Thanks for looking into this for us!
        2. Apologies, I checked with the developers and this is a current shortcoming on windows, and they are planning to improve the performance of the live video layer soon. In the mean time you can capture live video on the Mac and this works well but you will have to use OBS to do the stream.
        3. I had the same issue using Proclaim's live video input. Using Chrome as my browser. I need a solution for integrating lower thirds with Zoom. Thanks for letting us know that the developers are working on this issue. Blessings.
      3. Since 2 updates, Proclaim crash when I go "on air". Did someone have the same problem ? It turns well when I uninstall the last version and install an earlier one (april).
        1. Very sorry to hear that. Thanks for the logs and we will investigate
        2. Hi Just a guess here but can you check if under settings your live video input is enabled? If it is enabled and you don't have a camera/webcam available to capture this could be causing Proclaim to crash when you to go air.
        3. HI - just picking up on this one. I understood this crash was fixed in Proclam - from the release notes: Wednesday, May 13, 2020 Don’t allow enabling live video layer when there are no video input devices. Fix crash caused by null video input device. Are there cases where this can still cause a problem or where you suggesting this in the case of Luc-Olivier not having the most recent version? Keen to know how careful we need to be regarding this! Thanks, Graham