• Hey all, is there a way to have the quick screens not show up in the lower thirds? I can’t seem to find a setting for that. Thanks!
    1. Thanks for the question , There's not a way to turn off the quick screens for your alt content altogether, but you can change them to something that better suits your needs. First, go to Settings > Default Media. Choose your lower-thirds virtual screen from the first drop down, then quick screen you want to set from the second one. Under Background, you can set the quick screen to something that fits better with your lower thirds.
  • Hi! I am preparing to have my church purchase your program, but I'm not sure which program is best for us, between level one and level two...honestly, I just want to be sure that I will have access to the music for worship services. Could you maybe give me some guidance, please? Thanks.
    1. The program is the same - the subscription goes up depending on the number in the congregation. It's an honesty thing - no problem for a church full of Christians -- not so good if the church is full of sinners.
    2. Do take advantage of the 30day free trial to assess your needs.
    3. On Air is the base-level requirement as it covers the usage during a church service, then Pro Media is for graphics that we provide from inside Proclaim, . You're welcome to call in for more assistance at 888-634-2038.
  • In trying to find the NIV that my pastor preaches from, I finally discovered the niv2011 version that is available. The text is correct, but the formatting is a real mess. Can you help with it? I think the screenshot is attached.
    1. I don't think that Sermon Notes is designed to be a content item! I take it that the sermon is developed in Logos. If that is the case then exporting the sermon to proclaim should give you the best experience.
    2. I'm just adding sermon content, including verses, to a "Content" item using the double brackets; [[Ephesians 2 (niv2011)]]. Using niv2011 the formatting is all messed up. When I do the same thing using niv (without the 2011), the formatting works as it should.
  • Good afternoon, I'm trying to create an SMS Text communication to new members. When I go into Group Settings, there is no option to get a Faithlife phone number. After my website, the next line asks for our tag line. How do I get a number to send a text? Please advise. Thank you.
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      This option is just for existing Equip customers, .
    2. oh ok, thanks.
  • After upgrading to 3.5 over the weekend, yesterday Proclaim crashed which in On Air mode 5 times. 3 times while editing an item (while On Air) and 2 times during the service and attempting to advance the slide. I submitted logs twice yesterday morning... just an FYI.
    1. Thanks for the report , and I'm sorry for the disruption. I see your logs and will investigate. Will you please verify that you have installed all pending Windows updates? You might also try restarting your computer if you haven't already.
    2. I am having the same problem as Proclaim is crashing continually when I am trying to paste an item onto a screen. All pending Windows updates are installed and I have restarted my computer several times.
    3. Thanks for the report , and for submitting your logs. It looks like your crash is different than Rick's, and unfortunately I haven't been able to reproduce it here. I'll have someone follow up to get more information.
  • How to remove bible versions from list at top?
    1. I assume you are referring to the translation list on the Passage slides window in Proclaim? Currently there is not a way to modify the translations listed here although that is great feedback that you can pass on to our team for a future update of Proclaim by posting here! https://feedback.faithlife.com/boards/proclaim
  • How do you search for an old post on this forum?
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      If you have the group pulled up, then type in the main search bar in the top, but before hitting enter, hit the option to "search posts for"
  • Anyone know how to turn off the 'Send to sign feed' option? Somehow a video that was in the Proclaim presentation found its way into the sign feed even though it should not be in there, which I reckon was because someone used that without knowing what it is for.
    1. Hello, - The 'Send to Sign Feed' function will send that video to the Sign Feed when you ask, but is not a permanent setting. You should be able to open the Sign Feed in Proclaim and delete the video which you do not want.
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      I already deleted it prior to posting but just wanted to see if there was a method of preventing that from happening again as I was not available to figure out what was going on at the time of the service.
    3. Has the issue with videos in the sign feed been fixed? I was told by tech support in a chat that there was an issue since the last update. I wanted to send to sign feed and a couple of issues with Faithlife Proclaim and our monitor resulted in an issue that a video would not run AND I could not delete it (because of a memory issue with the monitor and web browser. So I don't want to try again until the issue has been fixed.
  • 911 help needed. Someone accidentally deleted church group and this morning's presentation with it.
    1. Hello, - I see a Presentation "2022-01-29" and must assume that is what you need for today. Let me know ASAP if that is not the case!
    2. you rock! Thank you, sir. We're all good. Life saver! Send me a way to tip you.
    3. Thanks, -- No need for that -- just glad that you have what you need to worship.