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    New in Proclaim 3.1!

    The latest version of Proclaim is available now, and will auto update the next time you restart Proclaim. (Don’t see the update? Download here.)

    Here’s what’s new:

    Custom alternate outputs for your live stream or multi-screen setup.

    Quickly and easily customize your alt-content outputs. Go to your alt-content tab, and start editing! Drag your lyrics down to lower thirds and change the background, or apply a Smart Media Template from the media browser. Learn more

    Find and choose from new Lower Thirds media. Choose Media > Browse Media, then, under Popular Tags, select the “Lower Thirds” tag.

    New 16:10 aspect ratio! Do you have a projector in 16:10? Now you can forget the letter boxing and use the entire projector with more aspect ratios coming soon.

    Customize stage messages by changing the color, font, and size.

    And much more! Check out our release notes for the full list of feature updates.

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  • I've made a couple posts about having issues with the signal feature on Logos. I was wondering if it had anything to do with me being part of the beta tester through the Play Store. It seems like iPhone works fine but not my Samsung.
    1. is there a way to change the default font effects? We like to use one style for online broadcast and in house but have to go in and change every song every week... tiring.
    2. I am brand new to Proclaim. I have a few questions. 1) Can proclaim be installed on a Windows 10 PC for "All Users". My church has a laptop that is used to develop AND deliver programs on Sunday. Several different people use the same laptop and have their own Windows accounts on the laptop. 2) In a previous church life, I used SongShow Plus to develop memorial service programs. This would include: Opening: Looping slideshow (video) as people were coming in. Start: Static JPG image of the deceased with text overlay Next: Scripture reading (No problem here other than text formatting - Apostles Creed) Next: Slideshow video with music Next: Song lyrics (No problem here) Other steps similar to above. I have figured out workarounds for the static JPG image and the videos. I had a real problem with the Apostles Creed as I had to do a copy & paste from a web source into a "Content" insert.
      1. 1) Anyone who is part of your presentation team can modify your Proclaim presentation on any computer they are on. They just have to be signed into their Faithlife account. If they are all using the same computer, you should have them log out of Faithlife once they are done because otherwise others could get access to their personal Faithlife messages and information. https://support.faithlife.com/hc/en-us/articles/360007374391-How-Do-I-Add-People-to-My-Presentation-Group-
      2. Hi , as to item 2 here are the items that it looks like you are having problems with: Opening: Looping slideshow (video) as people were coming in. . . . What you want to do is add an image slideshow, or your appropriate video, or even content items to the PRE-SERVICE LOOP (blue arrow). These items will be set to automatically advance every 3 seconds. You can change this where the green arrow is in my screenshot. If you use Image Slideshow, click add images by the red arrow in the screenshot and add whatever you want. If you set a start time for your service (white arrow), these items will automatically loop until that start time. To add music, put your mouse over the spot that is next to the yellow arrow in my screenshot, a speaker icon will be visible. Click the speaker icon and a new dialog will popup to allow you to add music that will fade out as the start time is reached. If you place anything in the WARM-UP section that causes the PRE-SERVICE LOOP to exit however minutes long the items in your WARM-UP section (light blue arrow) are. In other words, if you were to add an appropriate countdown that is 5 minutes long and your start time is set for 1 pm, then your presentation will automatically exit the PRE-SERVICE LOOP at 12:55 and enter the WARM-UP section. Start: Static JPG image of the deceased with text overlay . . . . Use a Content item and add whatever text you like, you can place this in as many places you like within the service by right clicking and duplicating it. For instance, you could add it to the WARM-UP section with a special song that was meaningful to the deceased, then set the Content item to Automatically Advance based on the length of the time of the special song (You'll have to convert the time to seconds). Then duplicate this and remove the music and the auto advance and place it as the first item in the SERVICE section. as the music ends you will have a seamless transition into your service. Next: Slideshow video with music . . . . same steps here as Image Slideshow above. Add the Image Slideshow to the SERVICE section. Add the images, they will NOT be set to advance automatically, so you will have to use the item by the green arrow in the screenshot. Mouseover the speaker icon in my second screenshot and click it. Add your music, you will have to adjust the speed of the auto advance to fit the length of your music, or choose End of Service Item by clicking the blue letters at the bottom (third screenshot). Hope this helps
      3. I forgot to add the step to add the JPG to the Content item. Click Background in the top right
    3. Does anyone else have problems with Proclaim freezing for a few seconds and then start working again. This happens when building our presentation but I figure that it is updating and taking some time to do that. The problem is when it happens when we are live and it freezes while trying to change slides during the song service.
      1. Hi , That does not sound like normal behavior, typically syncing shouldn't cause any freezing that prevents you from doing a task. Can you make sure your operating system is up to date and also your version of Proclaim is up to date? https://support.faithlife.com/hc/en-us/articles/360007128092-How-Do-I-Update-my-Proclaim-Software-Manually- If your not up to date I would try and see if that resolves the issue. Once your up to date, if you find you are still freezing up you can submit your log files and we can see if we can catch any errors that might point to the issue: https://support.faithlife.com/hc/en-us/articles/360007374731-How-Do-I-Submit-Log-Files-
      2. If you do have to submit your logs please reply back here once you do so
      3. I will double check when I get back up to church and then I will follow through with this. Thanks!
    4. I can't seem to play a vimeo video through proclaim. I have followed the instructions in the help files to add the vimeo video and it looks like its there until I press play. It gives an error message. Does anyone know why this is happening and how to fix it?
        1. Hello , did you need any assistance with live streaming?
      1. My presentation for todays service was not listed under the 'recent presentation' tab. It was put together on a separate device and synced to the server, but was not available to load on our presentation device. I know it was synced to the server because our digital bulletin was published with the correct content. Luckily I was able to recreate the presentation from that bulletin. Has anyone else experienced this? Any thoughts on how to prevent this in the future?
        1. Our 10am service bulletin is listed, but not the 11am service. 😞
        2. Hi , can you confirm that you had the same presentation team selected on that separate device?
      2. When I am in preview the slides show on my second monitor but when I press On Air the presentation disappears from the second monitor. Any ideas?
        1. anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?
      3. When I attempt to link my CCLI account, and click on "Enter Info" a new window opens, but nothing populates. I just get a gray window with nothing in it. The same happens if I click on the other third-party apps, with the exception of worshipplanning. Please advise. I have attempted this several times.
        1. I have not had this problem with Proclaim, but have had this difficulty with other applications. You may have already tried it, but I would likely turn off my antivirus and take a look at firewall settings on your system just to see if that helps. Sometimes you can turn those off to get things connected the first time.
        2. Of course Faithlife support should be able to walk you through this issue. They have been a great help to us in the past.
        3. Hi , thanks for the report and the logs. Like Pastor Adam suggested, I would check your firewall settings and briefly turn off any antivirus protection, just long enough to get connected. After that, you should be good to turn them back on. If you continue to have trouble, please let us know and we'll investigate further.
      4. I have a "stage-monitor" question. My church is getting ready to purchase two flat screens to use as confidence monitors and they have asked me to get them. We're going to hang them on the edge of the balcony and I measured the distance to be roughly 40' from the choir loft to where the monitors will be. What size monitors do you recommend?
        1. If you're using the confidence monitor from Proclaim, I would shoot for a 55" TV. We have roughly the same dimensions that you are looking at and that size works great for us (we only have one TV).
        2. Get the biggest you can afford. We have an 85in about 60 feet away.
        3. Don't disagree with but we found the prices escalated pretty rapidly once we went past 55". That works for us.