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About this group
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  • Good morning, we have a problem with proclaim "losing" slide content on our church pc. After everyone has uploaded their content it is checked in church and sometimes there is content missing from some slides- the slides are still there just not with all the content. Then sometimes all is well when checked on a Friday, but come Sunday some content is again lost... I know for a fact that no one logged in between Friday and Sunday...Any help please?
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  • Our CMG graphics keep freezing in preview & on-air. What's the fix to this?
  • Good morning. The pre-service loop and post-service loop are not producing sound on one of our laptops. And most of my synced images show half way and videos keep lagging. Please help.
  • Good evening! I'm loving the recent upgrades to Proclaim, and we are finally using the sermon recording option. Here's my question... an oldie but a goodie... "When will the Graceway API be updated so I can quit downloading new media from their site and manually uploading it to Proclaim?" Guys, this shouldn't be that difficult to fix! What if I say, "Please??!?" :-) Still patiently waiting... This feature is one that makes Proclaim such a great program!
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  • When adding videos to my current presentation, all of the options are grayed out except for 'Show a countdown clock' & 'Use no transition'.  Please let me know what I need to do to enable the rest of the options.  I've not had this issue with any other presentation.
  • Any chance Proclaim can do "environmental" projection? We are wanting to build a 13' x 4' mounted projection wall to hang horizontally over our musicians. Not quite sure the best way to eliminate the "unused" space of the projection? Do we just make the tops and bottoms black so they aren't seen?
  • Is there an easy way to attach Proclaim logs when using this web page? I know how to do it using the old user forums, but not here. Perhaps the log file extraction routine built into the Proclaim help menu could be modified with the option to email extracted logs to the developers at the appropriate email address at Logos. Just wondering; I don't have anything to report at the moment. In fact, the app has been performing with absolute perfection in all aspects. We do run it on superior Mac products and publish recordings weekly, develop presentations from multiple locations, make last minute changes while on-air, and control our presentations using the local WIFI feature (sometimes on multiple iPads). Last week I even added the Pastor's last minute sermon notes remotely from out of state, monitored the slides using an iPad and cell phone, then published the recording remotely after the service concluded; the tech guy never gets a real vacation! Many thanks to the entire Proclaim team, you all have done a terrific job.
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  • Last week's top 10 media series. #Top10
  • Is it the recent upgrade or a flaw in my version that I cannot limit the media choices anymore.  It used to be that I could (when browsing media) select only the free or owned media.  Now it all comes up and I have to figure out whether it is free or not.   What gives?  I am not buying a media subscription and this isn't going to make me buy media, it just makes the software harder for me to use.
  • This is the first week we have used Proclaim to record our sermon audio. I cannot download the video feed of my recorded sermon, but the audio downloaded just fine. Is there a setting I need to adjust for this to work?