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  • Trying to create a smart media item... so I go to Media > Create Smart Media. I select Content... then I go to background... select my background and apply as background. Then some other slides background changes. This process shouldn't be so confusing or difficult.
    1. Can I choose a background color besides black or white? I can't figure it out.
      1. Also, how do I stop a background from moving. Just want it to be stationary
        1. IS there an "un do". Just deleted more than I wanted
          1. you can rightclick and hit undo. So if you deleted a service item you can rightclick on another one and hit undo. If you deleted a field or image you can rightclick on the slide canvas and hit undo
        2. hi a newbie here God bless us always..
          1. Does anyone know if you can find out who added what slides and when they were added to proclaim?
            1. On edit screen just above the slide deck
            2. If you hover over that, it should tell you who the original author was too
          2. This week I have a video(MP4) to play during the service it has a back background throughout. The issue is the video is 4.3 and our projector is 16.9. I have been trying to add a black background behind the video to fill the whole screen. Is it possible or do we just have to play it square? Thanks Jason
            1. By default, the unused dimensions outside of the video should render black . What's it currently showing up as?
            2. Hi Justin thanks for your reply. Yes it turns out I'm not as clever as I thought. The sides of the video are black when I press Shift-F5. I was looking at it playing in preview mode at work. Sorry to waste your time. It does amaze me that tech staff from a software company take such an interest in clients issues and respond so quickly on this forum, even outside business hours. Thanks for your help. We really do appreciate you guys getting involved.
            3. is a star at customer service. Today he came over to my office to personally show me exactly what the customer was experiencing so we could fix it right there and then. Superb! Thanks for recognizing his commitment !
          3. Thank you so much for making me be part of the Faithlife Proclaim family.
            1. how do I get a powerpoint to loop that is part of the service, not the pre-service or post service.
              1. Hello , You'll want to open your PowerPoint, and select File > Export > PNG/JPG to extract all your slides as images, and then add them to an Image Slideshow slide in Proclaim. Image Slideshows are the only slides that will loop and repeat images in the service section.
              2. Thank you
            2. I am trying to input a video filmed in portrait on an iPhone into a funeral presentation. Proclaim keeps auto-rotating the video to fit the landscape ratio, is there any way to avoid this?
              1. , Sorry about the trouble. Would you be able to send me the video file to support@faithlife.com?
              2. Hi Slav, just sent it over!