• Go online with Faithlife Live Stream!   https://fl.vu/live   In response to COVID-19, we at Faithlife built a new live streaming service to help church leaders reach people at home. The service was successfully released to early access customers last weekend. Now we're expanding the beta program to the community. Try it out free for the next 30 days and share your experience with our team.   To start your FREE 30-day trial, visit: https://fl.vu/live   To provide feedback, please post your questions, issues, and stories here in the Faithlife Proclaim group using the hashtag #LiveStream.   For more information on how to setup Faithlife Live Stream, read this article: https://support.faithlife.com/hc/en-us/articles/360040842192-Livestream-your-service-with-Faithlife-Live-Stream   Thank you and please let us know how else we can help your ministry.
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    ReadScrambling to Get Your Church Online? We Got You.

    During this time of crisis, we are running multiple live Q & A webinars to help churches.

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    New Feature! Confidence Templates

    Confidence monitor customization is one of our most requested features. We’ve heard you, and we made it happen.

    Choose between a few predefined templates, including Presenter View and Large Lyric Preview. If you don't like what you see, make your changes and save it to the group, or build your own confidence template from scratch.

    You can also preview the confidence output per item with the new Confidence tab available in the Edit view of every service item.

    Use Presenter View while controlling Proclaim from the pulpit—it shows you your notes and the upcoming slide in addition to the clock and any current timers, such as a confidence or recording timer. It can also be used on the back screen for those who want the next slide preview on their confidence monitor.

    Large Lyric Preview increases the size of the preview line and its brightness to make it more visible when the confidence monitor is far from the stage.

    You don’t have to use the same template for everything. Choose your own defaults for each item type within Proclaim in the settings. You can also override this default per item on the Confidence tab.

    What would you like to see on a confidence monitor? Video or motion backgrounds? Chords?

    We’d love your feedback! Let us know in the comments below. All the above is available in Proclaim version

    Check our support.faithlife.com to learn more about:

  • I'm having problems importing PowerPoint into Proclaim. When I select the file to import, the file window in my mac doesn't show the preview - it spins showing that it's trying to load the preview. If I click "add" without the preview, I get an error message from Proclaim. Is there a file size limit or something else I'm missing?
    1. Hi , sorry you’re having trouble. Can you go to Help > Submit log files? We’ll have a look and see what’s going on. As a workaround, export your PowerPoint as images, then add them to Proclaim.
  • Sometimes when we start Proclaim on an iPad to control the service, some of he slides are missing - see the picture. We restart the Proclaim app which normally works. Is this a known problem and is their a fix?
    1. Hi , This sounds like you have an unstable internet connection. Are you using local WiFi? If not, I’d recommend setting it up, as it’ll make a strong connection directly with your presenting computer. If so, can you send us your logs? Go to the menu in the top right and tap “Send support info”. https://support.faithlife.com/hc/en-us/articles/360007375871-Proclaim-Local-Wi-Fi-Remote
  • where are the security settings for proclaim...I'm trying to give permission to OBS for streaming.
    1. Hi . On Mac, they're in System Preferences > Security and Privacy > Screen Recording. I've not seen this on Windows, but I *think* running OBS as an administrator should work, as I'm not finding a way in Apps and Features > OBS Studio to modify the permissions like I can for other apps.
    2. I have two PC computers (Korean language), one runs the Proclaim and the other runs OBS. I'm trying to stream (really just record for video file after the worship) and use Proclaim (Picture in Picture) through OBS. After getting the scenes and sources set up the sources leaves the window stating "null" which the Proclaim instructions said that OBS needs to be given "OK" to use Proclaim privileges. Something like that...
    3. Have you tried running OBS and Proclaim on the same computer, ? Here is a screenshot of Worship from recording of last Sunday's stream. Our set up works like this. We use one computer to run Proclaim and OBS. We have 2 monitors in the booth for me to control the PTZOptics camera (which is controlled via an app in OBS) and OBS. We use the Proclaim app on a 10" Samsung (Android) tablet to perform slide changes so that we can keep OBS in focus to change scenes, camera angles etc. Here's a snippet from Last Sunday's stream so you can get an idea what it can look like https://drive.google.com/open?id=1-VgxVLfpR3LYoCcNoq9xwmGRaf8tJu8F
  • Is there anyway to view my notes when I go on air with my computer? When I use my iPad as a remote I can, but I would rather just use my computer.
    1. I use 2 computers with a large monitor. I stream with one and preach from the other with a presentation mouse.
  • How do I get small caps into my Bible text?
    1. Hi , To access small caps, select the word you want to small-cap in the text editor and click the caps button in the toolbar. The size of the caps depend on font support, so if you can't find what you're looking for, consider changing the font.
    2. Thanks Brandon. I needed to switch fonts as you suggested. Thad did it. Have a great weekend.
    3. That did it. :)
  • Hey proclaim I’m sure you are swamped. However I just noticed that many videos from YouTube are not working some are others are not? Never had this problem before. Any solution
    1. thanks. I have iTunes music was just trying to avoid getting music then Adding lyric slides separately and then scrolling through them while the music is playing. I’m a one man show 😂
    2. That was supposed to say Apple Music
    3. Now what would be amazing is if proclaim somehow worked with iTunes to import the lyrics so the scrolled liked the do in Apple Music now that would be sweet
  • I've been having problems getting proclaim sermons to upload. it keeps telling me that I need to create a presentation group even after I've done that. any help would be appreciated.
    1. I'm wondering if there is a way to post video from Faithlife TV into Proclaim other than the web page link. There's seems to be a drop in video quality if we use the link. Thanks
      1. Hey What media are you trying to post? Faithlife TV and Proclaim use different video codecs, so some may not work :( We have plans to improve this and some media items we already have. Can you post the links from Faithlife TV?
      2. I'm just thinking some of my sermons that get posted. We are going to try pre-recorded services instead of live stream to see if it irons out a few kinks we had Sunday (not with Faithlife, just streaming in general). I would like to post my pre-recorded sermon onto Faithlife TV and then plug in to the normal sermon spot in our service in Proclaim. Here is the link to one of my sermons: https://faithlifetv.com/media/738987
    2. I am signed up with Equip. How do I get access to the Proclaim software?