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  • Introducing Proclaim 3.0

    Faithlife brings you many new features with Proclaim 3.0 and sets the stage to help your church stay connected—whether they’re in the sanctuary or at home.

    Use NDI with true transparency to painlessly integrate Proclaim with your live stream setup. Forget about chroma and luma keys, use the new alternate content virtual screens to send what you want to the displays (e.g. Foreground only for a song, and duplicate for a video) while using full-slides in the sanctuary. Setting up NDI

    Display videos on the confidence monitor and add a video countdown to see how much time is left. (Enable this by editing your confidence template and checking the box, use video player when available, on the Current Slide Content)

    Mark up scripture and maps from the Proclaim Remote with the new on-screen annotations.

    Display chords on the confidence monitor for your band, save multiple arrangements per song, and more with our integration with Faithlife Music.*

    View the full release notes.

    *requires an additional migration for your group to Faithlife Music. The migration process is automatic. If you don't notice these new features, email us at support@faithlife.com and we can check the status of your group.

  • Verse number Issue with some Fonts. We are only using embedded included Proclaim fonts and we have had this issue for at least a year where if the verse is more than one character the first character is smaller superscript as it should be but the second character is normal size. Below are some examples. In this example we are using the 'Lato' font and it's embedded in a content item, but it is also an issue with the Bible Item.
    1. It would be nice if you get what is already in Proclaim working right before you add anything else. Since restarting worship services, entering scripture reference has been problematic at best. No matter what I do, the old scriptures keep coming back. I never had this problem before and even when I type the entire passage in, as soon as I hit the sync tab, it reverts back to the former passage.
      1. Are you talking about the On Screen Bible? If so, I have had this issue periodically as well.
    2. can I upload content from a remote (and it get included) even though the presentation is already on air?
      1. I guess so...I tried it and before the answer came it worked....great system
      2. by the way, the answer is yes :) lol
    3. We are getting some weird file compression/playback issues when playing some videos on a Proclaim display different from the Proclaim application. I have seen this happen on two different Windows 10 machines. The video freezes for about three seconds and then drops to a very dark image while it tries to catch up to the original. In the pictures, it is happening to our worship lyrics. 1. Cue up an MP4 video. 2. Set your slides to a display other than the application. (Two monitors total) 3. Click "On Air". 4. Problem happens about 75% of the time. Proclaim and Windows 10 Home 1909. Submitted the log files. Thank you!
      1. Hi , Sorry to hear you having those issues. I'm not quit sure what is the cause of this issue is for you. I would recommend making sure your windows media player is up to date on your computer. Windows Media Player is what Proclaim uses to play video as it's the default media player on Windows machines. Here is a bit on that process: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/17615/windows-media-player-12 I would also recommend updating drivers to improve your video playback performance: https://support.faithlife.com/hc/en-us/articles/360007375411-How-do-I-improve-my-video-performance-in-Proclaim- Windows 10 2004 is also out and I'm not sure if your just avoiding an update for some reason in that area but that also may benefit your playback. If your still having issues we can pull logs to see if there are any errors after updating that are occuring.
      2. Hi Sean, Thank you for your quick response. I did the following things: 1. Updated Windows 10 to the latest (20H2). 2. Updated my NVIDIA drivers to the latest (456.71) for my card (GeForce GTX 950.) 3. Made sure Windows Media Player 12 is up to date. And unfortunately, the problem still persists. I tried disabling hardware acceleration but Proclaim gets like 10 fps and is unusable. Any ideas? Thank you again, Jake
    4. Hi, We are still having issues with Bible Trivia not showing when we click Go On Air. It shows great if in Edit mode. I have re-submitted the log files. Any assistance would be appreciated.
      1. Hi , I logged into your account on my end and wasn't able to reproduce this issue on a Windows or Mac computer. I'm wondering if this is an update issue. Can you make sure your updated to the latest version of Proclaim: https://support.faithlife.com/hc/en-us/articles/360007128092-How-Do-I-Update-my-Proclaim-Software-Manually- You should be on, can you also check to see if you have any pending updates on your computer's operating system and try again.
      2. Hi , I was able to get this same thing last week. It happens when you’re using an alternate content virtual screen. I know we weren’t able to get a fix out this week, but I’ll check with the team and see if we’ve made any progress.
    5. Smart Media: Why isn’t it smart enough to give me all the text fields on a title slide? Or let me remove the ones that are there? Songs have an attribution field, why in the world can’t I plop that down on the page? Why can’t I remove the hymn number? What about a copyright field? The attribution field duplicates text and doesn’t wrap it. Surely smart media can be smarter than this.
      1. Hi , I'm sorry you're having issues with the Smart Media. If you would like I can take a look at the smart media and see what is going on, and help you how ever I can.
      2. Not really an issue so much as a lack of functionality.
    6. In the past I was able to use the copy and paste feature in tagging and in the title section when I imported media. On a Windows PC I still can do this, but not on my MAC. Am I the only one missing this feature?
      1. Thanks for the report Edward. The same thing is happening for me. I've passed this on to the developers.
    7. Can you add a video using URL rather than downloading?
      1. Hi , You can go to Add Item >> web page and enter in the url for a video. People often do this with youtube videos, though it should be noted we don't play adds so any youtube videos that are monetized will show as unavailable in Proclaim
      2. Hi , yes! Go up to Add item > Web page > paste the link to the video. Just a heads up, though, some videos won't work using the web page feature depending on their format. So if it doesn't work, then unfortunately you'll have to find a way to import it into proclaim. Most youtube videos should work.
    8. We have two virtual screens (one displaying just back ground, one displaying just foreground). We send the foreground via NDI to V Mix and the background to our main projector. This has been working fine up until now. When I go to change the display in output it will only let me use one of these displays at one time. I change the display and close the display settings, when I re-open the display settings Proclaim has changed it back to the other display. I have tried uninstalling and re-installing proclaim as well as deleting the virtual displays and re adding them. We are running the most up to date version of proclaim.
      1. I rolled back to and it resolved the issue
      2. Thanks for the report, we will take a look
      3. Ricky how do you roll back the update we are having the same problem.
    9. Crashing when switching presentations. Submitted logs. Can't get it to update to v.0040 yet, still running v.0032. But every time I try to run the installer for the update it says it can't download files. Working with company IT to see if they can resolve the installation problem. They wanted to uninstall Proclaim entirely and try reinstalling it (which I think would still run into the same problem). I REALLY don't want to do that because it takes AGES for Proclaim to sync all the presentations. :( Wish there was a way to bypass that, or at least have it sync most recent first instead of oldest??
      1. Hi , Oddly enough I don't see any crashes in your logs. We have fixed a few things since 0032, though, so it's worth updating to see if that fixes it. As long as you don't delete anything from your system you won't have to re-sync. Uninstalling and then reinstalling Proclaim from the website should work fine to get past 0032. I just tried installing from the website and got version 0036, then relaunched when prompted to update to 0040. We're investigating what's going on there.
      2. I just got off the phone with tech support. We finally got the download to work, but it only brought me up to 0037. ? I was going to ask if 0040 got rolled back for some reason.
      3. Ran it again, installer worked. But I'm still only on 0037. Hoping there aren't any significant fixes that will be missed for now.