• **Potential bug: FYI you might want to take a look at the media collection called spring branches. I have 3 in the package that are all Welcome slides. When I added one as smart media, it didn't say welcome (I just typed it in) and where it was supposed to say church name, it said 2019. Thanks!
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      Did you apply it over a slide as a template or add it as a new existing one? I tested out the series, and it does seem inconsistent with what fields are auto-filled. It is a Community Media item, so it's possible the creator forgot to select "Auto-fill with this text" for the Welcome slides.
    2. Added as new existing. It's not a biggie, just thought someone would like to know.
  • I just figured out something that I've tried to do for months and thought I would share. I use Logos to write my sermons and it can auto create an outline with fill in the blanks for the congregation. I could always print them, but they never showed up in the digital bulletin until later in the week. I have spent quite a bit of time on the phone with tech support and we couldn't ever figure out why. Answer: You have to publish your sermon. I always had them set to private. I published and boom there is the outline in the digital bulletin!
    1. Glad you got it up and running, thanks for sharing the solution with us !
  • How do I switch from one group to another within Proclaim, ie without having to exit and re-enter? Many thanks, Heather
    1. Hello , If you select your user icon in the top right of the program, there will be an option to "Change Presentation team..." in that menu.
  • Is there a plan to make the layer stack editable? As it stands All Text layers exist above Graphic Layers. Also, sometimes the text layers don't stack as expected. The expected behaviour is that the lower down the stack, the higher (z-index) the text layer shows on screen. However, sometimes it doesn't matter where it is in the stack, the text layer refuses to show in front of a lower text layer. Again, if there was a true way to edit the layer stack, then this would hopefully mitigate the issue.
    1. Hello , Thanks for sharing this! I think the intention is that the most recently added text layer is the foremost, and it's position in the stack will actually be the lowest. But I can see how it can be confusing with many different layers, I'll take this to the developers and see if there are plans to make this more clear or adjustable.
  • For the past few weeks I have not been able to get the spell check to work -- I have turned it off and back on -- still I find mistakes (when I would rather not find them - during the service) . Does anyone have an idea how to get it back?
    1. Brain has been working this too -- I'm on a mac and the spell check is enabled under settings -- I just tried to remove and reload program and I'm still having the same problem --- tried a fresh presentation and still it does not pick up misspelled words
    2. Thanks for the report , I tried it out on my Mac and I'm getting a similar result. We'll pass this off the developers!
    3. thanks for checking -- thought it was something I was doing (may still be)
  • Does anyone know how to delete a crawl text?
    1. Hello , You can either highlight and delete it from the same box you entered it in, or select the "x" symbol at the end of that text box to stop the crawling.
    2. Ok, thank you
  • I need to mass delete old media in my Group Upload Board. Without this, it's pretty tedious deleting old stuff one-by-one and then the Board has to refresh itself before I can delete the next media. It's way too time consuming. I have a lot of content in my Group Upload board. In addition, I am not able to easily find things that I need. Can someone please create an update that incorporates this feature of mass deletion in the boards?
    1. In the meantime You can use control/command and then select multiple items to delete all at once.
  • I purchased a Bible version in Logos, but it is not showing up as an option when I am making a Bible service item in Proclaim. Why would that be?
    1. Interesting. I do still have the other Logos account and that is where I bought the Bible version. It is cb*******2@gmail.com. But, when I clicked on "buy more Bibles" in Proclaim, or went to my Faithlife profile, it was pulling up the purchases on that other account.
    2. Can I merge my two accounts?
    3. Hello, -- Yes, we should be able to merge them. Let me get that process started for you. I will keep you up to date!
  • Why can't I get the fonts any larger. It reaches a point and won't get bigger. When using PowerPoint 60 would fill the screen, now 60 looks small.
    1. So it does help some to make the text box larger. But the font both in songs and other content items never really seems to get large enough for our screen.
    2. it does help to make the box larger, but I bet the issue is too much text on one slide. So scrolling through your slides and adding some line breaks should allow it to grow bigger! Granted this can be a little confusing at first and we are thinking about ways to make this better!
    3. Hi , we typically use a 70 font for songs. To make that work best I will often split lines as you can see by my screenshots. Then I try to keep it to no more than 4 or 5 lines per slide, though 6 lines will fit in a pinch. This also allows us to place lyrics where we want to on the slide.
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  • After I "Publish" a Proclaim File, I understand it "Posts" to a few places. Chuch Members can find them on the churches FaithlifeTV/Logos Mobile Ed site, but where do I tell frequent Visitors where to find them? Also, I'd appreciate knowing how to "Tag" or "Mark them to make them easier to find. I'm doing a teaching on "Better Understanding Paul" and I'd like to let people where to go to find Published Classes. As an example, my last Teaching on this is Titled "190504 - Toward a Better Understanding of Paul #6 Chapter 4". I thought including the Date would make it easier to find.
    1. Hi , The best place to point people for something like this is your profile on Faithlife Sermons. They can search for your church group in quotes to find your sermons (e.g. "Church of the Messiah"), then click your group name on a sermon to see all the sermon series published by your church group. The same search method will work to search tags for a specific series.
    2. Hi , just to add to what Brandon mentioned above, you can also embed the Faithlife Sermons player to an existing website or if you use Faithlife Sites, just select the Sermons widget. The embedded player will show a playlist of your recent sermons and gets automatically updated when you publish content from Proclaim.