• We run two "Onn" (Walmart) brand tablets along with our primary computer (Apple Mac Book Pro) for proclaim. One is for me to control my own slides during the sermon, and the other is for the tech person to run the remainder of the service. It has been working fine up until the last two Sundays. For whatever reason, they run fine during the welcoming/warmup section, then after the countdown stops and the first couple of slides, one or the other tablet, or both get kicked out of the presentation. When trying to reconnect during the presentation, it will not allow us to do so, even when restarting the tablets. I wondered if there was an update for the Proclaim app that I have missed or have not found. Thanks for any suggestions you may have.
    1. Is there a way to shut off the warmup section? My church doesn't use it and immediately switches to our sermon slides, pretty annoying haha
      1. Hello, -- A WarmUp section is not required if you want to go straight from your Pre-Service Loop to the Service. If the Pre-Service Loop is to continue until you are actually to start the service, define a Service Start Time later. You may move manually from the PreService to the first item in the Service.
    2. Does anyone know if I can some how import notes from iPhone into the program?
      1. Hello, - Just to be certain that I'm answering the correct question: The notes on the iPhone are in what form/app? You would like to import them into Proclaim, perhaps for viewing while using the Proclaim Remote App? https://support.faithlife.com/hc/en-us/articles/360007374591-How-Do-I-Add-Sermon-Notes-
    3. Greetings all. Noticed this morning that when searching for songs CCLI songselect only provides a preview now instead of the whole song... is there a toggle somewhere that I can choose between "preview" and "whole song"? I'd much prefer to see the whole song to make sure that I've got the right one as many have the same phrases... also if I'm not the one in the booth, those less familiar with the songs can find the songs easier. Any insights appreciated. thanks
      1. Hello, - I was able to confirm this was due to CCLI's requirements that we show only their preview. However, once you have imported and used a song from CCLI, the complete lyrics will show under My Songs and your Worship Team.
      2. this is such a bummer. Is there a way to get a "bigger preview?" On the fly just got way harder, lol. I'll reach out to their customer service as well... we're paying for that subscription after all. That was a huge help that hopefully we can either get reset or have a toggle for. Thanks for quick response!
      3. Yes this has really knocked my workflow and made the preview essentially useless from the CCLi point of view. Have the same first verse and then go off on a tangent.
    4. Program shows an update is avaiable but when prompted wont udate and relaunch. possible issues?
      1. Hello, - Going directly to ProclaimOnline.com or faithlife.com/products/proclaim and downloading/installing from there will usually resolve the updating issue.
    5. Hey...when using Proclaim, we have noticed that it shuts down after going on-air and then taking it off "on-air" as well as making display settings. it also seems to just "randomly" shut down as well. Has anyone else experienced this? We get a little nervous when our service goes live and are afraid this will happen mid-service.
      1. Hello, - If you would be so kind as to submit the Log Files from Proclaim: https://support.faithlife.com/hc/en-us/articles/360007374731-How-Do-I-Submit-Log-Files- These Logs should give us insights into the causes for this.
      2. Ours do that also I'm not sure what the problem is.
      3. Hello, - Log Files will help us track down what might be happening. If you could submit those, it would be appreciated.
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      Question about proclaim audio recording feature. Is it possible to monitor the recording as it is being recorded? Like is it possible to check so that in case there's something wrong with it, like sound quality or volume, we can adjust it? Thanks. PS: I have one audio input from the mixer to the mac via thunderbolt. And 2 audio outs. One to the house speakers via thunderbolt and the other is via the 3.5mm jack/Bluetooth headphones. I've found a way where I would just open OBS and use the monitor audio feature in OBS. but because it's OBS there's a bit of delay. I was hoping there's a native solution for this.
      1. Hello, - There is an audio level meter next to the microphone symbol in the top border of Proclaim (see image below). You may adjust the sensitivity level as shown in our support article here: https://support.faithlife.com/hc/en-us/articles/360007328211-Record-Edit-and-Publish-Your-Sermons-with-Proclaim under "1. Set up your audio device" Our "Five Tips to Improve Your Sermon Audio" article recommends a quick test of audio levels each week before a service: https://support.faithlife.com/hc/en-us/articles/360005129232-Five-Tips-to-Improve-Your-Sermon-Audio
      2. yeah. that's a visual "monitor" I was hoping for an audio one. like i can hook up my headphones to the mixer to do it. but was hoping for a solution that doesn't involve me going all the way to the mixer just to listen to the quality.
    7. I have learned that ++ will fade in text, is there a way to fade out text? Thank you,
      1. Hi , Sadly there is not a way to fade out text, but that would be a good suggestion that you could make here, https://proclaim.uservoice.com/forums/137112-faithlife-proclaim
    8. Hello, is there an "easy button" to make all of your songs have the same background without having to select from Media for each one?
      1. You can shift click or control/command click them first and then you are in multi select mode. From there you can chose your background and it applies to all of them at once.
    9. I'm using the same hymn throughout our Maundy Thursday service. Each time we sing it, I want to use a different verse. When I select a verse in one instance, Proclaim automatically updates the other instances to the same verse. How can I select a different verse for each instance?
      1. It sounds like you may be editing a specific arrangement for a hymn. If you wanted to have the same song with different verses throughout a sermon, the best approach would be to create multiple arrangements for the hymn which you can then use multiple times throughout the service. Feel free to reach out to our support center if you have any additional questions or concerns. https://faithlife.com/church-support-center
      2. I emailed you about this,