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    Thank you for choosing Proclaim, and welcome to the Proclaim group. This is where users like you can talk shop, drum up support for new features, and interact with Proclaim developers. We love seeing people excited about Proclaim, and whether you're a long-time user or just getting started we look forward to hearing what you have to say. To report a bug or get technical help from our support team, please call (888) 634-2038, send us an email at proclaimsupport@logos.com, or go to Help > Submit log files in Proclaim. To request a new feature, please visit https://feedback.logos.com/boards/proclaim, then post back to this group to let other users know where they can add their support. Thanks again for choosing Proclaim!
  • I accepted invitation to join my group. When I open Proclaim instead of the presentations showing up, I get a screen to start a new presentation. I accidentally set up a logos profile. I think I shouldn't have that. How do I delete it without disrupting my Proclaim login?
    1. please check in with the administrator of your church and ask them to invite you to the presentation team again. They would need to contact us if they need any further assistance with that as well. We are available at 800-875-6467 between 6 AM and 6 PM Pacific time during the week and 6-3 on weekends.
  • How To STOP Daily Emails? I've unsubscribed no less than 6 times, but still getting the daily emails.
    1. We have asked our email team to unsubscribe you as well, so please email cs@logos.com if you're still getting emails from us next week.
  • Is anyone else having a problem with the digital signage app on firestick stopping the feed and going to the Amazon firestick main page?
    1. Yes! I am. This just started happening in maybe the past week or two. Seems like something "times out" and my screens go black. I'm looking in the software with Proclaim, Firestick, TV, Monitor...I can't find where it's timing out. Help us.
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    How do I turn off the auto-publishing of bulletins by Proclaim when I go on-air?
    1. On this page, near the bottom of the Create a Bulletin section, are instructions for disabling automatic bulletin publishing. https://support.proclaim.logos.com/hc/en-us/articles/19864460453901-Digital-Bulletins
    2. Thanks Darrell and Nancy. My problem is that those instructions show a cog-wheel on the bulletins page that does not appear on the page I see. I assumed the help picture was showing a previous version of the software and the feature was now accessed differently. Is that not the case?
    3. Problem solved. it turns out that the 'Publish' button & cog-wheel only show for Administratorsand not Moderators (like I am!)
  • I have an added team member that seems stuck in "pending invitation"... I want to make them an admin, they've accepted the email invitation, but in 'Manage Team Members', as mentioned, after 72 hours says 'pending invitation'. I've re-sent invite and still am pending invitation on the management screen. Have I missed a step?
    1. Has anyone had any success in using the midi out feature of Proclaim to trigger an action in a different program such as OBS? I'm a one person team at the moment (doing slides, audio, and cameras) and I've been trying to have a situation where on a specific slide it sends a midi signal to change a scene in OBS and then the next slide triggers a different scene. Now I understand I can just remove or adjust my live stream feed with the NDI display but sometimes that requires me to duplicate the same slide just to have a different NDI slide. I've been using the "obs-midi-mg" plugin and also trying to use the Windows GS Wavetable Synth in both OBS and proclaim but I feel like I may be missing a step here. Mostly just trying to see if any other community members have had any success in doing something like this. Thank you guys :)
      1. - It looks like you have a custom stage direction? How do you add those? I've been using Midi triggers for quite some time. I started with this posting from 2020 - https://tinkerintech.blogspot.com/2020/03/interfacing-and-controlling-obs-or.html - I've had to change some of the pieces as I had some issues with some of the pieces over time (windows updates seemed to have messed up some of them). I've now used 0bs-midi-mg and found it to work well and is easier to configure. The only thing I've found is that attaching the midi events to slides sometimes seems to be delayed a bit - wondering if using the stage direction with the midi events might work better. How did you add that "Oval Transition"? I can't see a way to add custom Stage directions or cues.
      2. You can customize any stage direction, . Add Item>Cues>Stage Direction. Change the title in the red box, and the color in the green box (1st screenshot). The 2nd screenshot is of all of the signals that are contained in my Oval Transition. Each time the operator passes Oval Transition, each of those signals get sent. Those in the red boxes go to OBS, the green is for Hue lights. I have 10 different Stage Directions in a typical presentation, they contain signals to start OBS recording and streaming at the beginning, signals to stop those at the end. Signals that change the camera Scene in OBS, mute or unmute OBS. Change the lighting, etc. I combine signals on these Stage Direction cues and all of those that go to OBS work great. Hue light signals work ~95% (there are always one or two lights that don't change) which is why the Hue cues get the "Fire for each slide" checked.
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        Wow, that was too simple - I was just looking in the "details" box..... Thanks for pointing that out to me - I may experiment with this instead of tying the signal to the slide. It also calls it out more explicitly. Thank you!
    2. The spell check in the proclaim program stopped working. So I dont know what I may have misspelled when I make slides. How can I get this re started?
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        If you wanting to remove an audio file that was imported into Proclaim, you can right click on it then Delete.
    3. Hi everyone, is there a way to use Proclaim without internet access? Sometimes the internet connection at church is slow and it slows down the rate at which we can get scriptures on the screen. Or is there a way to download the bible and load up scriptures locally?
      1. Stephen's, helpful reply, includes 'BUT, if you want to add OSB on the fly, THAT requires the internet connection. '. What did you not understand regarding that section?
      2. I'm not trying to add OSB. Just a regular bible scripture. If that works the same way as OSB, you could have kindly said that. Anyway thanks
      3. No, , that is not possible. I had forgotten that a Bible service item requires an internet connection. I think that using Logos to send the scripture to Proclaim may be your only option for this case. I tried sending it from Logos without an internet connection and it works.
    4. Hey Proclaim users. We are co-worshiping with a new church that has given us a link to their Youtube sermon and it is not playing on Proclaim. The link is updated on the Sunday before church and it says "cannot play" when I add the link to the Webpage item I have earmarked for the sermon video. Any suggestions ? The link plays on my Chrome, on other computers. We are up to date on all our windows updates. We have been trying to come up with a solution on this for months. Our workaround is to go OFF AIR, play the YouTube separately, change our OBS scene to Camera only, Stream it on OBS with our camera "taking" a video of the screen for our on line viewers. its ugly, but it somehow works.
      1. Yes, that is also another workaround. Timing of this is tough as the download is only available after 9am Sunday am. That means local download, then upload during our sunday morning worship practise. This does not easily work.
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        Hi , I am pondering your dilemma, I was thinking that, since the download/upload length is prohibitive, you could cut more than half of that time by checking the "Use on this computer only" checkbox. Download speeds are far faster than upload speeds with most ISPs. In most cases the download will be 5 times faster than the upload. If that is still too much, you can do all of this within OBS, this requires more than one monitor in your booth. We use this method to send our first service (that isn't live streamed) to the lobby: First: Create a "Display Capture" source in OBS Click the + in sources and choose Display Capture. The second BenQ on my list in the second screenshot is our monitor that we use for this. On Sunday morning go to the YouTube page that will be playing the video and drag that window to that monitor. When it is about to start you can make the video full screen and click play at the appropriate time. Second: I will take it for granted that you already have your Proclaim output and camera views set up in OBS. We make great use of the "Multiview" in OBS. It is found in OBS in View>Multiview and we use windowed, not full screen. We have 3 PTZOptics cameras. In our Multiview we have 3 different camera views in the top row with Proclaim slides overlaid, the next row is for lower thirds, any slide that has transparency will show the camera view with the lower thirds overlaid on that. I'm sure you get the picture. What you can do is make sure your YouTube is one of those sources, your camera is another and Proclaim output is another one. The order they appear in the Multiview is determined by the order that you have them in the Scenes in OBS. You can also set how many windows you want in Multiview in OBS Settings>General (scroll to the bottom). Third: Right click on your OBS output window and choose your projector/display that your congregation sees and everything that is being streamed/recorded by OBS will now be on that screen. Unfortunately there is a bit of latency. At that point, all that has to happen is the presentation operator change the source by clicking on the appropriate window in Multiview.
      3. Thanks . These are some good options we will look into.