• Important news for Windows Users. There is a known issue causing Proclaim to crash on Windows 11. This issue is specific to presentations with Non-Latin Characters. When Proclaim falls back to system fonts for these characters, a new font in Windows 11 is causing the app to crash. We appreciate your patience as we work on this issue. Once a fix has been tested and released we will let you know.
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  • We're trying to use the confidence monitor template labeled "Current & Next Slide" for our worship team. The problem is that the "next slide" shows the entire slide with background and they want just the lyrics on a black BG the same as the "current slide" shows. I can't figure out how to fix that. Anyone have a suggestion?
    1. Is there a way to eliminate the pause between audio tracks when attached to song slides?
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        I have just posted a report of a bug with the colour picker in Faithlife forums -- I have also submitted my logs for inspection.
        1. Thank you for the report, . We will look into that for you.
      2. I have noticed that the confidence timer is counting down to the following day. Example I have a timer I start at 9:30 am to count down to 10:50 am instead of a hour and twenty minutes it adds 24 hours to the count down. Looking for ideas to this little bug. Thanks in advance
        1. May you try typing in Saturday 9:30 AM and see if that tells Proclaim to countdown to today? Sorry if this information is late as your service has already started, but please let me know if that fixes it for you when you can look at it.
        2. Also make sure your proclaim presentation date is set for the day you will be going live.
      3. Hi All; I'm not very enamored by the changes in Song service items. In the Summer, we have been meeting in the park that is adjacent to our building. Because we don't have the budget for huge TVs to show song lyrics, we create a content item that has the lyrics so people can follow along on their devices. Now the problem that the new changes have caused. We put a Song service item into the presentation that has the Title only. This way the song will be listed in the CCLI report at the end of the year. Our Worship leader loaded songs this week by using the Reuse function. Unfortunately, she loaded one of those Summer songs. Now EVERY instance of that song is Lyrics only. This change ruins one of Proclaim's best feature, the Reuse item.
        1. What's the name of the song, ? I can look into that for you.
      4. We are transitioning to a bi-lingual service. Is there a way to show split screens? One would have words in Spanish and the other in English.
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          Hi , I'm not sure if your meaning smart media that is formatted to be split for a bilingual service, if so we don't have a pre-made version of that for smart media currently. You can use emphasis text like recommended here: https://support.faithlife.com/hc/en-us/articles/360007374931-How-Do-I-Use-Proclaim-in-Another-Language-#h_8e2b8342-d398-4254-afb6-8b1e9037bc1d Otherwise our alternate screens allow you to create an alternate version of a slide in another language so one screen can be dedicated to one language while another can be dedicated to a second language: https://support.faithlife.com/hc/en-us/articles/4410176589965-Customizing-the-Content-on-your-Virtual-Screen
      5. Is there a way to create default settings for the font of songs and scripture- instead of changing the font features and settings each time a new presentation is created?
        1. Ummmm, , that article says nothing about setting default font settings. Your best bet, , is to use the Reuse function. It doesn't help for new songs, etc., but if you have used the item before it you can pull it into the presentation exactly the way you last used it.
      6. Is there any way to have a song slide automatically transition to the next slide? Here is our situation. I have song lyric slide with a background video playing with automated lyrics. The SLIDE font is set to transparent. The result is exactly what we need, the Congregation slides displays the background Video Lyrics, the Confidence screen displays the "typed lyrics" so we can add special instructions (i.e. "MEN ONLY, ALTOs only". It works great but at the end of the video background I would like it to move to the next SONG/SLIDE automatically. Otherwise, the tech is having to click to move on. Sometimes we need to click because of narration but many time we can just keep moving.
        1. is there away to big the images/videos to fit on screen or to resize them to fit or stretch to the screen? "sorry for all the questions we are officially rejoining and we do have training videos set after thanksgiving"
          1. Once you access the image in the middle column of Proclaim, click on it and click on Background. You will then see different ways to center the image so that it fills out the full screen. I fixed the first service item for you as well.
          2. ThAnk you Shara
          3. you can utilize the Logo quick screen to do this. Clicking it will take you on air directly to the logo. You can also click it any time while already on air.
        2. Can we Record the Sermon in Proclaim with video and not simply slides with audio?
          1. Use the video in setting. I use rtmp feed from ptz optics pull to obs then obs to proclaim. Rarely use it. Prefer sending proclaim feed to a video encoder. Ecamn is great it you're in a Mac. Obs is free.
          2. You can turn the recording on and off in OBS to record the portion you want to record assuming you have a video feed going into OBS.
          3. Thank you very much