• New in Proclaim 3.3


    Proclaim 3.3 includes updates and improvements to Grid Preview, the Media Browser, better support for Planning Center import and a number of bug fixes.

    These are the highlights, but you can view the full release notes here.

    Verse Labels in Grid and Timeline

    Now in Grid Preview and Timeline, song items will show colored labels for each song part! This makes it way easier to see which slides belong to which section.

    Note: Did you know that you can jump to different song parts with your keyboard? Each letter you see on the slide is a hotkey you can press on your keyboard. This makes it easy to jump back to the chorus when your Worship leader goes off script.

    Easier to select media

    In the Media Browser in series and board views (including Group Uploads) you can now use shift to range select multiple items, quickly delete old content or add multiple items to a media board.

    Changes to Planning Center Import

    Planning Center import now brings in headings as stage direction cues and uses the item durations in Proclaim’s target time feature. 

    New from 3.2

    Timeline Pinning Modes

    If you missed it in our 3.2 release, the Timeline now supports pinning modes, including pin to center. This will keep the selected slide pinned to a specific region of the Timeline. To change it, go to Settings > General to select your mode. After that, when you navigate with arrow keys or the arrow buttons your Timeline will keep the current slide where you specified.

    General Improvements

    Proclaim 3.3 brings with it additional performance improvements for scrolling Grid Preview on macOS, fixes an issue with videos flashing their first frame when no transition is set and many more improvements. 

  • I keep getting the notification that I have updates downloaded and ready to install and that I need to Relaunch Proclaim. I click on Relaunch, and it goes through the closing process and then tells me that the installation did not suceed. What do I need to do to fix this problem?
    1. Please run an update from https://faithlife.com/products/proclaim/download with your Proclaim closed and see if the Relaunch banner shows up after the update is complete
    2. Thank you. It looks like that fixed the problem.
  • I am using the "Reuse Item" option to add songs into my presentation. But for every song I add, the Font Weight is blank and I have to reset it back to what it was before - Regular. It actually looks like Proclaim is making it Bold.
    1. I've reported that for you, .
  • About a month ago our Win10 stick computer attached to our Fellowship Hall TV began to act up so we replaced the Windows based computer with an AppleTV. With the Digital Signage APP downloaded to the Apple TV some (videos?) digital signage is just a large black screen (within the Frame) on https://faithlife.com/fhcc-cottonwood-falls-fhcc-presentations/signs/fellowship-hall Can one of the Proclaim developers look at the file and tell me which slides are triggering the black screen? With the random order I THINK it is Verse Art videos. How can I edit the Feed so that we don't have the occassional black screen in the frame?
    1.  — Edited

      Hi I took a look at your sign feed. I'm seeing that some items in this feed were cloned into the feed. They are showing up as errors in the feed. An example of this is the 'Youth Group' slide. I believe this slide and the others like it could be causing the black screen you're describing. I'd recommend opening the sign feed in Proclaim and deleting these items and the expired ones as well.
  • I LOVE Faithlife Proclaim (and all of the tools here.) I have started having an unusual issue with our streaming setup that I THINK is non-Proclaim related. We are using Proclaim to feed OBS to stream to Facebook Live. Everything has been fine forever, but the past two Sundays our stream has not started at the pre-appointed time. Instead, it has started at a time near the end of the service. We can't even manually start the livestream. Anyone have any ideas? Oh, and I love this forum, too! Blessings!
    1. Hi It sounds like this has to do with how the event is set up with Facebook Live. You are able to set an event for each sermon. This help article may be helpful for you: https://www.facebook.com/business/help/626637251511853
    2. we used to do something similar and it seems like Facebook is always changing how they let you schedule a live stream. We finally went to another service that automatically sets up our live stream with Facebook and Youtube as well as our Church Online platform and we've had no problems since then. Before we did that we frequently ran into problems with our Facebook streaming. So my guess is that it's a Facebook issue, but since we haven't had to set up our Facebook streaming lately I'm sorry I can't provide more help.
    3. Hi , your experience and 's experience with Facebook is similar to ours. One day our events wouldn't start. They had changed the interface and we had to redo our event description . . . it was no longer in the same place and we had no stream to Facebook that Sunday as I was out of town and the volunteer didn't know what to look for. Did either of you know that there is a MIDI plug-in for OBS? I used to use MIDIKey2Key to generate hotkeys. I found the MIDI plug in and now Proclaim sends a MIDI note out when the stream is supposed to start. I was out of town again last Sunday attending an event with my son and his wife and the stream started perfectly. . . . Now, if I can only get the devs at to make the change I've been asking for - the ability to set each presentation to have two services with a 'Mid-Service Loop" I wouldn't have to download a 3 hour service in order to edit it into 2 separate 1-1/2 hour services :-)
  • Since we updated we have to have internet now to run the program and it is so slow to load and locks up constantly! Ugh
    1. Hi , thanks for the report, and sorry for the disruption. We released an update a week or so ago to address a crash going On Air without internet from a Windows computer. You can get the latest version at https://faithlife.com/products/proclaim/download. If you continue to have issues, can you please submit your log files? You can do this from the Help menu in Proclaim, or you can get them manually. https://support.faithlife.com/hc/en-us/articles/360007374091
  • Hi, for creating song lyric slides, is there a way to pre-set a template so that any user in our acc will automatically adhere to all conditions set such as font type, alignment and no. of lines per page?
  • Had an interesting experience today. Two of our songs kept switching to Nothing But The Blood Of Jesus (which is a favorite of ours) automatically. The slide title in the thumbnail said the right song, but the slide title and song lyrics were Nothing But the Blood Of Jesus. In fact, during the prayer for the last song we switched it to the Old Rugged Cross. Then on the second slide of singing the Old Rugged Cross the song suddenly updated to Nothing But The Blood of Jesus. I guess we were supposed to sing that today...twice! lol. Anyone else experience this before? The technology gremlins were in full effect today!
    1. Hi , thanks for the report. This sounds awful! Would you please submit your log files from the Help menu in Proclaim? We can take a look and see if we can figure out what happened.
    2. Sounds good . I just submitted them.
    3. Thanks , Looks like you've been affected by a bug we recently found in the way songs sync. This can happen if two people have the same presentation open at once and one of them has Proclaim at idle. Very sorry for the disruption. We've got a fix in the works and hopefully out soon.
  • Hi I am new to proclaim. My question was related to offline creation of Proclaim, similar to that of a Keynote or Powerpoint, but with Logos interaction. I found an answer stating "Yes, you can use Proclaim to CREATE, present, and record without an internet connection". The problem I have in 'creating' is in importing large and saved media files into Proclaim. Proclaim seems to not want to install directly but first upload them into "the cloud" and then back down to my computer. This does not work for me. Any ideas? Pr Edi
    1. After you choose your file, in the subsequent window you have an option to keep it local. Also, videos added as backgrounds are muted by default although they can be unmuted. However, using the Add Item > Video item, and then choosing your video with the choose video button is the better way, and will play audio. Lastly, if you ever do find yourself going to a remote camp without a laptop, you can export your presentation using File > Backup presentation. This creates a file on disk with all the media and the presentation so you can fully restore it on a different computer
    2. Thank you Jordan, I cannot find the ADD FILES panel anywhere. I do have an 'Add Item' in the menu, I also see the 'File' in the menu, but none of the drop down lists in the Proclaim menu, nor the top menu bar have an ADD FILE option as far as i can see. How did you bring that up? Thanks for letting me know the videos added in the background "can be unmuted", would you also let me know how? Sorry, I've tried finding all the logical places where these things might be, but simply cannot see them. Thanks again. Pr Edi
    3. you can get to that 'Add Files' from any of the import buttons in the main app. So under Background > Import or Choose Video > Import When you have a motion background (video) above the slide canvas should have a volume control which you can use to unmute.
  • Proclaim is crashing when it gets to a presentation page. Every other page opens except a presentation. Help please
    1. Please call in about this at your earliest convenience. Our number is 888-634-2038.
  • I am leaving to go out of town next week and need Proclaim to sync. But, for several weeks now, it will not. It stays with the red exclamation point. Everything else seems to work very well. I'm using a Mac.
    1. If you click on it, do you see any failed uploads? If so they should have a cancel button. Could be an upload failed awhile ago and that was the reason for the red. Otherwise can you go to Help > Submit logs and they will let us know what is up.
    2. Thank you, Jordan. there is no failed upload. It has the red exclamation point with "a synchronization error occurred" and then a green check mark underneath that. I have submitted the logs.