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    What's the difference between a music leader and worship leader? Who is "The Worship Initiative"? Learn more in this exclusive interview with the worship leading duo, Shane & Shane.
  • To whom it may concern, I'm having trouble opening up and loading presentations, specifically ones with slides that have Chinese characters. As soon as I delete the slides with the Chinese characters, it loads up fine and quickly. I've also sent in log files to support@faithlife.com just in case, but would like this issue taken care of before tomorrows services! Note: I've had presentations with Chinese characters in them before and they loaded up just fine, it's only happened recently.
    1. Hello, -- Glad we got to connect on the phone and know that the computer which will run the presentation tomorrow runs much faster.
    2. Thanks for the confirm of a problem that I suspected, as I need not only Han characters but two complete syllabaries for Nihongo Department, OMS Japanese Christian Church. No timetable on "native Yamatonego support" - I really want to be able to do the text in columns, but Proclaim only understands rows (smart-direction based on language) and Hurigana will require two main text fields (scaled at 3:1 font size) in Content, Songs, BIbles, Announcements, &c.
  • how can I import a powerpoint presentation?
    1. One thing that I can't quite yet get in Proclaim is how to get the stretch options at the bottom of the slides. (this is on the right after you import, select your background, and come back...).
    2. Just for clarity , you are referring to the stretch options as shown in the picture I've attached? Assuming the background isn't actually taking up the whole slide, that option should always be there. If you see otherwise, feel free to send me a screenshot.
    3. AH....so that's the trick...it has to not be taking the entire background
  • 1 Corinthians 6:18(KJV 1900) 18 Flee fornication. Every sin that a man doeth is without the body; but he that committeth fornication sinneth against his own body.
    1. But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.
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        1. When using the add bible or on screen bible features, is there a way to edit the scripture? My Pastor uses an older version of NIV and the scriptures that appear in the reference, do not match the verse he has sent me.. Am I able to to edit the verse to match what I have? thx!
          1. Thanks, ! That is a sweet little hint.
          2. Sorry . I was replying to another post, but my cursor put it in in this thread.
          3. Hehe smart cursor! Thanks for the tip.
        2. We have a team of folks who run the Proclaim projection on Sundays. When I come into the office on Mondays, I post the recording to our church website. Some weeks (like this week) when I look at the recording in Proclaim it will tell me that it is unable to find the sermon recording and that it must have been recorded on a different computer. This happens occassionally. What might be going wrong to cause this? Is it operator error in the way that Proclaim is closed out on Sundays? I need to be able to post the sermons from my laptop. Thank you for the help!
          1. "You can choose either, but you just don't want to close Proclaim down early. For example, once you are done recording a window will appear and the upload job will start. You don't want to close Proclaim during this process." - this is GREAT information! Our volunteers are often eager to leave at the end of playing the after-service loop and have shut down prematurely. Would an option to "upload recording" while still on air (playing post-service loop) be possible?
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            What you could do, is go off air just before going into the post-service loop (which gets the recording to display), then immediately go back on air, by right-clicking an item in the post-service loop, and then click 'Go On Air' in the menu that appears. This is what I was previously doing. Nowadays I go off air, then back on air when there is a blank slide, so I can upload it before the service finishes.
          3. Thanks . That is a good hint! love to learn best practices from other users.
        3. Advisory for big-memory VDA's for Proclaim: I have observed that a number of computer monitors are available in 1920x1200 pixels, which I consider ideal for Application in Microsoft® Windows® 10.0.18362.295 and later, as this size allows a full-time 2-height Taskbar with small icons; the Taskbar should not be duplicated on other displays. Currently shortlisted for my Byron, CA, USA, shops is a set-up with a 1920x1200px DisplayPort monitor (Display 1) for Application, a 1920x1080px HDMI display unit (Display 2) for Slides, and an undetermined-pixels DVI-D display (Display 3) for Confidence. This combination is at least partially supported by current-generation video display adapters; some VDA's also pack a USB 3.0 port originally intended for virtual-reality kit but usable for Confidence or Notes displays. The test combination parallels my proposal for a permanent projection system for OMS Japanese Christian Church, as a large 1080p-native SAMSUNG® Smart TV is already emplaced for Slides.
          1. Is there a way to download my “Group Upload” media that I uploaded to proclaim? Asking as I want to use some of it outside of proclaim
            1. Hi , that's not available at the moment as we don't have a mechanism in Proclaim that would allow you to do that. However I can help you get the media you're after if you tell me the description or the name of the file.