• I am using iTunes on a MacBook Air and also have some videos in my presentation but the video is very loud. I know you can adjust it in edit mode but if I do it for one it affects all my videos I am using and not all are at the same audio level. Is there a way for not to affect everything?
    1. Hello , There isn't a way at the moment to adjust the volume for one video, as the video player is the same one used throughout the presentation. So at the moment, you'd have to manually make those changes or adjust the video itself outside of Proclaim. Feel free to leave votes and suggestions on how we can improve on our UserVoice page!
    2. Could I use the video as a “background” or another form of an item that could be added to the presentation to them adjust the audio I need to adjust? I don’t want to have to edit the videos outside of proclaim!
    3. , I'm not sure if that would work, if a video was added a background to a certain slide, it becomes what is considered a "motion background", and the audio for that is muted by default.
  • When a song has the same title, why does it delete one and makes only one available..is there a way to stop this from happening. Any assistance will be appreciated. Thank you Nma CDMI
    1. Hello , Songs are currently created and stored in the "My Songs" database based off of having a unique name. So currently you can't have two songs saved with the same exact name, you'll have to amend the title to create a new entry.
    2. Thank you for the reply
  • We have two services at our church. They are already using Proclaim in the second service, while we are still using PowerPoint for the first service. We want to be able to use Proclaim for both, but have separate (but related) presentations (similar content, but separate). Thanks! Ken Rossman Montclair Community Church
    1. Thanks for the speedy reply, Brian. I guess I figured I'd be heading this direction, but in that case, it was not obvious to me how to give a duplicate of a previous presentation a new / different name, so as to keep it separate from the original it was cloned from.
    2. Hello, - Yes, the presentation name, just above the date near the upper left corner, will distinguish one Presentation from another. Should you have any other questions or concerns, our Church Product support team is available from 6am-6pm (Pacific Time), seven days a week at 888-634-2038 or support@faithlife.com.
    3. I've a similar situation at OMS Japanese Christian Church (Walnut Creek, CA, USA), but it involves services in different languages, so duplication may not be appropriate. Nihongo Department is also using Microsoft® Office365® PowerPoint™, and I already see it failing them in terms of properly formatting Song lyrics, as none too many business software suites available in the West are ruby-aware.
  • As many were astonied at thee; His visage was so marred more than any man, And his form more than the sons of men:
    1. Is there a way to export my presentation to a pdf or powerpoint?
      1. You can save all your slides as images and then use something else to make them a pdf. Or, if in Proclaim you click file > print presentation it will take you to a web view of the presentation. Lots of browsers let you export the page as pdf or on Mac you can ‘print’ to a pdf.
      2. I have done that very thing in my Mac.
    2. I uploaded some photos that brought up an error message. I no longer need them but the error (red exclamation point) is still showing up so I tried to cancel each upload and it doesn't seem to be working...how to I cancel all the uploads?
      1. Hi Brian! Sure, I can do that
      2. Here you go! -- Lisa Faria Director of Creative Communications Valley Bible Church 1477 Willow Avenue Hercules, CA 94547 https://protect-us.mimecast.com/s/R8fBC31JMNip8oL2SghQ4w?domain=valleybible.org office: (510) 799-3171 x155 cell: (510) 685-9598 email: lfaria@valleybible.org Facebook<https://protect-us.mimecast.com/s/P-LWC4xKNOSBjELlfx73BO?domain=facebook.com> | Instagram<https://protect-us.mimecast.com/s/iCfUC5y0OPcZn3q6fy1V5a?domain=instagram.com> | YouTube<https://protect-us.mimecast.com/s/WB1vC68VPQir37QyI5IjDl?domain=youtube.com> | Vimeo<https://protect-us.mimecast.com/s/lM0FC73JQRsAP23ZFq9FRO?domain=vimeo.com> | Download the VBC app<https://protect-us.mimecast.com/s/M9UlC82YRVS6JWnYiwvtKT?domain=subsplash.com>
      3.  — Edited

        Thank you, - If you will be at your computer today, I'd like to connect to it to try clearing the clog in the sync pipeline.
    3. want to post last week's announcements to this week's program
      1. Hey If you created the announcement already in Proclaim. You can utilize our 'Re-use Feature' by going to Add item --> re-use item and select the announcement filter in the top right corner to only view your previous announcements.
      2. Another option is to start the new presentation by duplicating last week’s presentation. That way you start will all the slides from last week.
    4. I have a background in my presentation this week that is locked. Although when I chose it, there was not an option to buy it. I try to go on air and it tells me that I need to buy this media, but when I click next, it tells me there's nothing in my cart.
      1. If it is one that is not in my media package, I would buy the whole series. I know I'll use this series again!
      2. Hey Sorry for the delay. This should be fixed now and you'll have access to that media series. No need to purchase as it comes with your Proclaim Pro Media subscription.
      3. Aawesome. Thanks for all you do!
    5. I am having a lot of trouble saving media. I have a Song Template that I use and simply add a background. However, Proclaim will either 1) Say 'Upload failed' after pressing the save button. 2) Say 'Failed to upload thumbnails or 3) It will show the Saving loading screen and basically have no end no matter how long I wait. How can I fix this?
      1. , saving as a compressed file is normal. I'm not sure why you can't open or send it however, what operating system are you on? I can send you a Google drive invite and you can try uploading it there.
      2. I am on Windows 10 Home, 32-bit operating system.
      3. How much disk storage do you have left on the computer? Also, have you considered trying to switch the system up to Windows 10 64-bit? 32-bit systems, from our experience, tend to cause more problems as it's limited on the amount of RAM that it can use.
    6. I downloaded a video and although I have volume during my preview, there is no volume in the presentation from the TV. Please advise.
      1. Oh, and yes I am referring to the Digital Sign.
      2. I have volume on my laptop of the video in preview, but no volume from the tv at any time.
      3. Hey Thanks for the information, to add on to what Justin said. Signage videos are muted by start. In most scenarios you can just mouse over the video and unmute them, but for Firestick it doesn't appear and something our developers are looking into, but no timetable on that right now. Sorry for the inconvenience, but we can post back here once that feature is available for you.