• New Beta Feature: Live Stream Cues

    Live stream setups can be confusing, so the Proclaim team came up with a solution that makes it easier: live stream cues in Proclaim.

    It’s as simple as turning on your webcam in Proclaim’s settings, choosing some lower thirds media, adding live stream cues, and going On Air!

    You can use any live stream provider, but we recommend Faithlife Live Stream for a more seamless integration. With a Live Stream subscription you can select your stream from the menu. If you choose another provider, type in your live stream information.

    This feature is currently in open beta and is only available for 64-bit Windows version of Proclaim. Support for Mac is forthcoming. Learn more

  • This may be a rookie question...but how do I delete a testing sermon upload through the sermon recording? I was doing a test recording by running the sample slides...not the prettiest voice out there :D. Also, I was only able to download the audio and not the audio and video. Is that another level of subscription? I currently have the Proclaim Standard Pro Air.
    1. After you have made your recording and published it, it will be available on sermons.faithlife.com If you want to delete it you can go to Sermons.faithlife.com, make sure you sign in with the same account you use for Proclaim, hit Edit then scroll to the bottom and hit delete. The audio can be downloaded immediately as a raw WAV file in Proclaim or after publishing as an mp3 on Sermons. And after a short while we will finish generating the mp4 that you can download from the sermons website. If you did not see it on the site before, I probably had not finished rendering yet
  • Feature request: countdown on audio tracks that are playing, both to the thumbnail window and to the stage display...
    1. Hey, everyone. I'm experiencing extreme video lag (short animated title slide) or outright pausing whenever I "Enable Video Input." This happens when there is no video capture going on in the screen and only on-air. (Preview seems to be okay). I have a pretty decent computer with dedicated graphics-all drivers are up to date- and I've seen it happen on two different machines. This happens with webcam as well as vmix camera feed. On that note, I can't get OBS cam to work at all in Proclaim. Anyone else have similar issues?
      1. Actually, I just saw a similar post that came in yesterday. I'll await a possible update.
      2.  — Edited

        Hi , the lag you described sounds like a known issue with video input on Windows computers. We're working to make this better and hope to have them in an update soon.
    2. How do I set Proclaim so that it is not in Full Screen when I am On Air?
      1. I need to be able to move multiple screens if our service gets off track, without having to go through every screen to figure out where we are. I was able to on my old computer, but unable to on my new computer.
      2. It sounds to me, , that your new computer isn't set to extend. I've attached a couple of screenshots (one for Windows, one for Mac)
      3. Thanks. I'll try that
    3. How are you doing multiple services in Proclaim? change start time and use the same presentation? duplicate presentation?
      1. You can use multiple start times in the start time box using a comma or semi-colon to separate them. Which works great if they are identical services. If they differ enough, I'd duplicate the presentation and then make whatever changes are necessary.
      2. Thanks for the responses. Jordan, when using the multiple times with the comma or semi-colin, how does that work with the pre/post-service loops? Also, is there a way to shut off the auto-record for the second service?
      3. , it will restart the warmup when you approach your next service time. There is not a way to stop recording for the next service, however Proclaim will mark the recording with a marker for where the second service started, so you can quickly crop the second service off before you publish.
    4. This is probably a rookie question, but is there a way to override the service start time if the service time is running late or you want to start earlier?
      1. Hi , to delay the start time, you’re able to change the service start time as needed. I would just watch out for the total length of Warm-Up and make sure to change the time before the Warm-Up section starts playing. If you want to start the service earlier, you can manually advance to your Warm-Up or your Service section.
      1. Thanks for following up. I'm not surprised you're still crashing, as we're still investigating the crash and haven't shipped an update. You might make sure any drivers for the webcam are up to date. I'm not familiar with OBS Virtual Cam, this sounds like a permissions issue with your (other?) webcam. If you're using it with Proclaim, check your privacy settings to make sure that Proclaim has permission to use it.
      2. Thanks. Sounds like (in general) the Video Input function on Proclaim needs some beefing up. Any idea of a time frame for an update?
      3. I'm sorry you're having trouble. I don't have a time frame for an update, but I'll definitely keep you posted as I learn more.
    5. Can someone help me understand what I need to run from our Light board and get connected to Proclaim to use the Lighting signals for the scene. I'm not sure that I understand the whole "Midi" thing very well and I don't know if I'd need another controller between my lighting board (with sliders) and computer? or do I just get a DMX to USB cable?
      1. It’s also possible that your board supports RTP-Midi that allows you to do it over the network.
      2. Adam, another possibility worth exploring is using BitFocus’ Companion application that can act as an automation gateway for all kinds of stuff. It can take MIDI in and send out DMX or ArtNet. It also integrates with the elgato streamdeck.
    6. Hi, My church's primary language is Vietnamese. Is there fonts that support the unicode to type in Vietnamese? The ones that I've been using and seem to work, for most of the time, are Linus Libertine, Open Sans, and on occasion Times New Roman. Our service is bilingual, so I would like to be able to type both languages without having to change to font that fit. Also, the Vietnamese typing (using the mentioned fonts above) would not shown on the Confidence screen as on the main projecting screen. Are there setups I need to follow?
      1. Hi Brian, Thank you for the link. I'll try to see if I can play around some more for the Confidence screen display. I would love to have the Vietnamese on there for just the pastor to see plus it has the clock :D. I don't know if other users are able to display other languages beside English. I would love to learn.
      2. if you have your own font that works well with Vietnamese you can 'edit' the confidence template of choice and change the fields to use that font. Then you should see the text correctly! Google's Noto font is a great choice as they support tons of languages with one nice font
      3. Thank you Jordan. I tried and it works.