• Hi. We are going to have a Memorial Day tribute during our message this coming Sunday. Is there a way that I can have the slides in tribute loop while in the service section? I see there is an auto advance, but the repeat box is grayed out. I don't want to put it in the post-service loop since I'll have announcements.
    1. A couple options I would use: 1 import from powerpoint and give control to PowerPoint; 2 export slides from powerpoint as jpg files, then use slideshow in proclaim. If the power point has a mix of pictures and video, or slide transitions, you will want to use the first option.
    2. If you're able to export the PP slides as JPEGs, you can insert them into a image slideshow which can automatically advance and loop within itself.
    3. , read above
  • Hi everyone, this may need to be posted in the suggestion area, but wanted to reach out to see if anyone is currently doing this in Proclaim or digital signage. Here goes ... Weather Forecast 5 7 or 10 day screen. This last week, we noticed a lot of discussion surrounding next weeks forecast for over 100 degree next Sunday and we referenced sites for that information. However, it may be an opportunity to promote our technology, site or signage to provide that same information. This would be posted on social media and hopeful expand outreach. So does anyone currently pull a clean website to display that in Proclaim, site or Signage? A little worried of using some sites, as they display ads that we would not be control of .... or can this be added as an option for Faithlife? Thanks Everyone
    1. Sure can! https://proclaim.uservoice.com/forums/137112-general Also, how does this look on your sign feed as a slide? https://darksky.net/forecast/30.3027,-81.9754/us12/en#week Isn't working for me inside of a Proclaim presentation as there is a visible scroll, but it's ad-free when displayed through the sign feed.
    2. Was playing with dark sky last night as well. The bottom portion of the display is almost exactly what I was thinking. If we could match that up to a template based upon the signage color that would be fantastic. I know they have the APIs, so a template based upon the groups address listed in Faithlife could be possible. I have posted the idea here
    3. In signage you could have another check box to turn the feature on or off like you do for bible quiz.
  • Way too many updates lately that cause issues with our presentations - in that we have multiple people accessing and updating the presentations each week. Because of the updates - **If one computer's automatic update doesn't happen and they open the same presentation as the rest of us, it deletes a bunch of background shapes. ** This started Easter Week and has plagued us every week since. It has really screwed up our Sunday Morning presentations. I understand the need for updates, but you need to fix this issue as it's making the use of the program sketchy and our presentations look damaged. Please make this a priority!!
    1. Very sorry for this Daryl! We made a data change a while back to shapes to future proof the app and unfortunately some people got bit by this bug. The fix is to make sure your whole team updates; we thought this would go relatively unnoticed due to our background updates. Again I apologize for the disruption
  • background audio to imported video file. I captured a video that has no audio and was able to upload to Proclaim. I found an MP3 of thunder that I wanted to play when the video was playing, but the "background audio settings" pop-up seems to run away from my mouse and when I am able to click it, nothing happens. Any Advice?
    1. THANKS Jordan. it works perfectly now!! I appreciate you responding in the middle of the night on a Saturday so that our Sunday can be less stressful!!
    2. you are welcome and I hope your service goes well!
    3. Also, , you can add the video to the content item, then the sound and video play together. Be sure to set the audio to play until End of playlist (once through) or until End of service item. I've had sounds that keep repeating or play longer than I want when I've forgotten that little tidbit
  • I'm Having trouble with my pictures I am uploading as a flyer. Its not going full screen its only pictured in the middle. How do I edit or stretch the pictures I have made as flier?
    1. If you are uploading them as backgrounds you can click again on the background button to see the options for fit and fill to make it fullscreen.
  • We have purchased the "Pro Media" subscription Quick question does that autoload to proclaim or do I have to download them separately ?
    1. , it auto loads in the Proclaim media browser! All you have to do is go to Media > Browse Media, and then look on the left-hand side. You'll see under "Collections" an option for "Proclaim Pro Media". If you select that, it will bring to view all items from the Pro Media series.
  • I am trying to play a YouTube video in Proclaim I can view the video in YouTube . I copy the URL as required when I try to ply the video in Proclaim i get the message video unavailable. Any help out there?
    1. Hello , Unfortunately not every video on Youtube will play in Proclaim's embedded web browser. Certain videos seem to have something in-place that is not compatible, or does not allow them to be played back int that embedded format.
  • I am trying to reconnect Graceway Media after resetting our login credentials. Like previous attempts, Proclaim won't let me enter anything...I just get a blank screen. Last time I had to call Faithlife/Proclaim and they had to do it from the offices. Any thoughts?
    1. Hello , We're aware of current issues when linking Graceway accounts. The system we used to link the accounts before has changed since their merger with Igniter, and we're actively working with them to try to restore this account link. In the mean time, you'll want to log into their website to download the media items and re-upload them into Proclaim.
  • I was so excited to see a thermometer so that I could show progress on our church project, but I am unable to overwrite the amount that is showing from the giving tool. Is there a problem with this feature or am I not doing something right?
    1. I think you need to make sure the ‘fund’ is on ‘select your fund”. This is kinda a bug and we are looking to fix it
  • For some reason I am unable to add keynote slides to my presentation. I get to the add button, and it says unable to add. Any thoughts?
    1. It says an unexpected error occurred...
    2. Hey I apology for the troubles and hope this information helps you out this evening. When dealing with keynote files, we check to make sure Keynote is installed. Can we verify that it is installed. Second, when you go to settings —> General is the keynote setting checked? If it is trying unchecking it as you’ll then use our 3rd party tool to import the files. If everything is still not working at this point your log files will be the next step which can be found from the help menu. Email those to support@faithlife.com. We are available via phone 7 days a week until 6pm PST if you want to give us a call at 888-634-2038.
    3. Thanks Matt, I think I found a solution :-)