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  • I used to be able to export a presentation from Logos with verse slides only having one verse for slide. I can set that in Logos but they refuse to do that in Proclaim. I can find a setting or force the slide to split any ideas. Thx
    1. Hello, Saints of God. I'm pretty new to Proclaim and I have a question. Is there a way to import songs from my "Amazon Music" to my presentation for teaching? I really appreciate any input. Many blessings.
      1. how to use you tube videos
        1. This is what I did, but it is not working on the windows computer.
        2. I ALWAYS download YouTube videos. There can be all sorts of problems when streaming them. Plus, I can go in and edit some of the beginning and ending stuff that wastes time.
        3. Do you have issues with the file size?
      2. Issue with playing YouTube Video We have just had our service computer upgraded in the past week. On the previous computer I had trialled using YouTube clips, but there was a sound issue with that computer hence the upgrade. I had a youtube clip to play at the end of mass. I had tested on my computer, which is a Mac, and had tested that the Youtube clip would play correctly in Chrome on the service computer, which is Windows 11. In the mass the audio worked correctly, but there was no video showing. Even at the actual service computer no video was showing in proclaim - it was just a grey screen. After coming home I tried again on my own Mac and the video plays correctly in Proclaim. I remotely connected to the Windows computer to check some settings, the youtube video will display in Chrome without an issue, and I can put it on the main screens. I am not sure whether this is a Proclaim issue or a computer issue? Is there anyone else having issues with playing YouTube videos on a windows computer?
        1. yes, after embedding them it'ssay unavailable
      3. in proclaim, how do I open 2 sermons at the same time?
        1. How do I re-layer text boxes on my announcement slides? I can't find anywhere to "bring to front", etc. Thanks.
          1. How do I import a picture?
            1. Can i print only the slides from the songs in a presentation for our singers. They are having trouble seeing the screen and they do not have tablets. I do not need to print the entire presentation. Thanks
              1. We've emailed you about this, .
              2. Please share troubleshooting. Thank you
            2. I'm having some weird issues with Bible verse formatting using [[Psalm 23:3]] (as an example) The alignment is not correct. It seems to have a little to do with font size, but still, something is off kilter. I've attached two screen shots. One is with "centered" alignment and the other with "left" alignment. As you can see, it is not aligning the text properly within the text box. Centered is more "right aligned then centered" rather than "center, center" Left aligned properly aligns the first line but the rest has some weird tabs, indentations, etc. Anyone else experiencing this? I don't feel like I used to have an issue with this.
              1. Hello,  -- The lyrical/poetic format of the Psalms is what is driving the "off-kilter" view of those passages. I would recommend using the Block Paragraph formatting as described at the bottom of this article: https://support.faithlife.com/hc/en-us/articles/360007127752-How-do-I-use-an-Embedded-Bible-Verse-
              2. Ah yes, that makes total sense, and thank you, the block paragraph does exactly what I want it to do here, appreciate it!
            3. Good Morning! I have been getting "Warning 1946." each time I install.
              1. Hello, -- I'm sorry for the frustration of the Warning Message. This is likely a parallel for our Proclaim installation as we occasionally see with our Logos software. Our online documentation for Logos provides a solution: https://support.logos.com/hc/en-us/articles/360008055812-Warning-1946-or-1909
              2. Thank you!