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  • How do I download a video Larger than 600 MBs
    1. I split the video to two videos and that worked. I used Microsoft ClipChamp Software to do it.
  • Is there a way to download/show videos larger than 600mb. Our videos for VBS are 1-2gb and Proclaim will not load them
    1. Is there a way to save a presentation in Proclaim with all the bridges, tags, and arrangement of verses for each worship leader? We have different worship leaders with different bridges, tags, and arrangements of a song. Saving in Planning Center does not bring in the song properly into Proclaim.
      1. Yes, you can have different arrangements. Click on the down arrow for Arrangement: Main Arrangement (just under the song title; it might say Arrangement: No Arrangement) and choose "Save as new arrangement." Give it the name of one of your worship leaders. Edit the arrangement as that worship leader wants it. Then repeat until you have an arrangement for each worship leader. Now when you use that song, you can easily select the arrangement that the worship leader uses. If most worship leaders use the same arrangement, you can use Main Arrangement for that and do special arrangements for the ones that are different.
    2. Does anyone know if there's a way to play the pre-service loop on the main screen while presenting something entirely different (lyrics for instance) on the confidence monitor? We are evaluating Proclaim to consider a switch, and this might be a make or break feature. Thanks!
      1. I had thought of this as a possible workaround. But it seems overly complicated for a feature that happens readily in other software. Also, not being able to deactivate auto-advance on preservice slides seems like a silly "feature" to have.
      2. Well, that is true, though it is a once and done procedure. If you use a single image slideshow in your preservice loop then you wouldn't have the slide advancement cause problems on the New Confidence. I don't quite understand why you would want to disable auto-advance on the pre-service slides. Would you want to have someone manually advancing those slides?
      3. Well, for this exact reason. If I want to play a song preservice (prelude songs are not exactly uncommon) I can't have lyrics without someone controlling them. Even the feature where everything in preservice loop or warm up automatically advances to the service at the set hour is strange. I get it - start on time - but if my prelude song ends 15 seconds early or 25 seconds late, there's no control over that either. Having been in ProPresenter world for so long, all of this seems so counterintuitive. I thought I'd try out proclaim because there are some great features that Pro doesn't have, and it's far less bloated and cheaper, but the flexibility in Pro is the reason that so many people keep on using it even with all its frustrations.
    3. Hi, I need some help figuring out why our song slides work fine for morning practice, and then once the service starts the song slides will not show the words. It will show the title slide and then just blank song slides. I have been able to troubleshoot it during the service by duplicating the service and recreating the presentation, but I would love to figure out what I or my Slide guy are doing wrong in our setup or operation to make this happen. Any help is appreciated.
      1. Check to see if the instrumental is checked. If it is uncheck it then the words should appear.
      2. I had the same issue. Did what Brandon and Trade River Church said and ours has been working fine now. The update one was the bigger issue for us.
      3. Thank you very much, I will try these things and hope to not have anymore problems.
    4. Is it possible to make larger the display of music slides for in worship presentation
      1. You can increase the font size, but you will have more slides per song. Make sure you are breaking the song lyrics at the end of the lyrical meter that represents the number of syllables in a sung phrase (8:8:8 or 8:6:8, etc.). There is usually a natural pause where singers can take in a breath. This will usually happen after the end of a short sentence, between the main clause and dependent clause, or at the end of a noun phrase, verb praise, prepostion phrase, or predicate.
      2. Keith, when you are working in 'edit' mode, be sure to widen the text box screen as much as you can. Click on the blue outline, move the cursor over the corner until it shows the double ended arrow, then pull it open as much as you like.
    5. Anyone else noticing that countdown timers reset to 12:00am every time a file is opened? I set my countdown timers when I'm setting up my services, but when the media team opens the program on the media computer, all the countdown timers we have set already default back to 12:00am.
      1. Can a Team Member listed as a "Moderator" import presentations from Planning Center online or delete old presentations?
        1. Can I insert text over a loop video?
          1. You can, . But you have to upload the video to a Content service item.
          2. What Seven says but remember... Upload the video as a background item. Double check you have the right settings in edit ie Sound and Loop Video.
        2. I was wondering if there was a way to upload a video from a website (i.e. YouTube or Vimeo).
          1. Google "Video 4K Downloader"
          2. Ditto to what said. you can also use this same thing to download just audio if need be.