• New Feature! Confidence Templates

    Confidence monitor customization is one of our most requested features. We’ve heard you, and we’re making it happen. You can now preview the confidence output per item with the new Confidence tab available in the Edit view of every service item. Choose between a few predefined templates, including Presenter View and Large Lyric Preview.

    Use Presenter View while controlling Proclaim from the pulpit—it shows you your notes and the upcoming slide in addition to the clock and any current timers, such as a confidence or recording timer. It can also be used on the back screen for those who want the next slide preview on their confidence monitor.

    Large Lyric Preview increases the size of the preview line and its brightness to make it more visible when the confidence monitor is far from the stage.

    You don’t have to use the same template for everything. Choose your own defaults for each item type within Proclaim in the settings. You can also override this default per item on the Confidence tab.

    Soon—in weeks, not months—you’ll be able to build your own confidence templates! This will allow you to change the color, size, and position of the elements.

    What would you like to see on a confidence monitor? Video or motion backgrounds? Chords?

    We’d love your feedback! Let us know in the comments below. All the above is available in Proclaim version 2.12 

  • Psalm 48:14 (KJV 1900) 14For this God is our God for ever and ever: He will be our guide even unto death.
    1. When I add a previously used song, it seems to always select the last used verse order, when I'd rather it use the full default order we use the majority of the time. Case in point: at the end of a service we sing a shortened, reprise version of a song from earlier. I add the song and create a special verse order (starting at the bridge, for instance). Problem is, next I time I use that song it uses the shortened version and I have to go back in and recreate the full version, which is frustrating. Is there a way I haven't found to save a default verse order?
      1. I believe that's what I'm struggling to understand. If the box is NOT checked, what order does it follow? The one down in the main lyric window? If so, does that mean I need to repeat things like choruses so it follows the order we use the majority of the time?
      2. Hello, - Yes, if the box is NOT checked, the order follows whatever is in the text box below. You would need to include the extra instances of the choruses. Our Custom Slide order provides an easy way to change what segments of a song are to be sung without reordering, reentering or removing anything in the text box below.
      3. Thanks for your help. That will work, now that I understand what's happening. (I did experiment with another way of achieving something similar. I created a second version of the song. I simply put the word "REPRISE" after the title and used the custom slide order to set up a shortened version of the song.)
    2. Does Proclaim have a way to give us a list of what songs we have sung for the last 3 years?
      1. Hey We only track it from the past year. In Proclaim at the top right corner you'll see a drop down menu that will take you to the song report. You can also do this on the web from your presentation team under 'insights'
      2. Hi , unfortunately we only show song histories dating back from a year. I'll send this feedback over to our developers so users can access song histories past 1 year. If you would like to access your song history from the last year, in Proclaim, click on your account (your photo on the upper right hand corner), and then click on "View song usage reports". This will redirect you to the web page where you can click on "song history."
      3. Thanks so much. This is very helpful!
    3. Sorry- one more question. When our church has an event on the calendar, I would like to share it as a reminder or as a new announcement on the "news" or "activity page". Is there a way to do that, I haven't found a way other than doing an invite. Thanks again!
      1. So I see there have been some updates/additions to the confidence monitors. Maybe this can help my situation. My question is that I would like to add a confidence monitor as we have 2 big screens behind me and I can't see if the next slide has changed as sometimes they don't. I have tried using my IPAD as a confidence monitor though not with the best of luck. My question is, can I use an additional Laptop (wirelessly) to view the presentation that's "on-air" set to confidence or does it have to be connected somehow to the other display? Our setup is 1 Laptop, to a 3x HDMI output-which connects to 2 Big Screens. Do I need to buy a 4-way HDMI splitter? Thanks!
        1. I currently use a laptop into a docking station. From there, two hdmi ports are thrown to three tvs. Hdmi port 1 goes to a gofanco that has an hdmi input and two cat6 outputs that then go to our TVs. Hdmi2 then goes direct to the confidence monitor. I have never had a situation where the next slide does not change for the confidence monitor, though. I would assume you can split your feed to the confidence monitor using an hdmi splitter or a gofanco like device (depends on your distance), and put an additioal small monitor wherever you are seated. Are the hdmi runs long? Are you using hdmi splitters and maybe losing some signal quality there? Just brainstorming a bit...
      2. How do I link SongSelect? I have a valid profile on songselect and cant link.
        1. Like so..
      3. I'm wondering if there are any known issues with the use of Surface Pro touchscreen to control proclaim presentations. The touchpad/mouse works flawlessly, but I cannot seem to make either the SP pen or my finger on the touchscreen work. Using SP7, i7 16gb with windows 10 pro. Touchscreen seems to work fine on other devices, just not the Surface Pro. Any insights?
        1.  — Edited

          After a bit more fiddling, it seems like the touchscreen works when it's not projecting. I'm using a usb-c to hdmi adapter to project. Tried a couple of different adapters - same result, so it doesn't appear to be an adapter issue. I'm wondering if it has something to do with projecting from the usb-c port?
      4. We are examining Proclaim for purchase. Our worship uses a lot of liturgy (call and response words between worship leader and people). It doesn't feel like the content slides are suitable to create these slides but I may just need further info. Can someone point me to any more detailed instructions for editing content slides (I've looked through the printed instructions and the video instructions)? I can create the worship liturgy in powerpoint and import the slides, but it feels like duplicative work. Any help? Maybe Proclaim is not the software for our worship?
        1. I just copy and paste the entire call and response text into a content slide. Then I use the return key to put spaces between the lines. Usually, Proclaim can auto format from there.
        2. Hi , We are another Lutheran congregation in Pennsylvania. We set up our slides similarly to , italics for Leader text, bold for Congregation. I attached a sample slide. It works great once you get used to it. The major advantage of Proclaim over Powerpoint in this regard is that you can paste in a whole pile of liturgy text in one text box, and Proclaim will automatically split it into slides based on the length, or you can just put in a line with "--" on it to create a slide break. It's **way** quicker than formatting a bunch of individual slides in PPT.
        3. Also, , you can use the Emphasis text (under my mouse pointer in the screenshot) to turn either one or the other a different color. I would start a new presentation titled Liturgy and enter all of the liturgy (copy and paste as recommended) then you can use the reuse function. It would take some time, but once the Liturgy presentation has all been entered your work load each week would be much lighter.