• I just discovered that turning off scroll view in Logos mobile also removes the ability to swipe in any possible way to the next resource. Rather, you have to go down and tap the tabs icon to show all tabs and then select the next resource. Has this always been the case? I find it very awkward. I'm willing to concede to user error if I just haven't found to right place to swipe from.
    1. You can use a two-fingered swipe when not in scroll view.
    2. Thank you! I figured I was forgetting something. :)
  • In Logos mobile, a highlighted word in ESV now opens an Oxford English dictionary, while other Bibles still open BDAG or BDB or other biblical lexicons, as my ESV has always done before as well. I've made no settings changes I'm aware of, but there was a mobile update a few days ago. I'd like for my ESV to open a biblical lexicon like it used to but don't know how to reset that for an individual resource. Please advise. Thank you.
    1. I think the lookup has always defaulted to an English dictionary where there is no underlying original language word. I can’t think of anything else it could have done - but I can’t be sure!
    2. - in the Android app it should be possible to get access to reverse interlinear information by long-pressing on a word. It is just that we can’t see the “interlinear lines” as we can on the desktop. The same is true on iPhone / iPad as well
    3. thank you, that's really helpful.
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    I just noticed starting today that when I read the Scripture in Logos I am getting a lot of verses underlined with highlight icons saying "## people have highlighted this". How do I turn this feature off?
    1. It works well the other way too! for instance when you are journaling or taking notes it will tag those notes to other translations so you can see how you have matured
    2. It is also possible to turn it off in ALL your Bibles. Hover over the row in the Visual filters and click the circle-arrow on the right. You can disable it in all resources of the type "Bible"
    3. Thank you Simon Rühl! That "popular highlights" Kindle-like feature was driving me nuts. #whew!
  • Hello I have had my Logos Bible Software and never learned how to use it. May be now some one could take some time to help me.
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      Once you have found your feet with the basics, I would recommend you look at https://mpseminars.com/ who does in depth looks at the various features in Logos. There is a fee for this, but he also does a monthly seminar available to all, this month it will be looking at the Concordance Tool in Logos 9. You can find more details about how to sign up for that at https://event.webinarjam.com/register/48/0no35bgl. There is no right or wrong way to use Logos, it is a very powerful tool, and not all features are used by everyone. Some people will be happy having a bible commentary following along with their bible as they ready, others will use it to make notes about a devotional they read daily, others will use it to do word studies in the original languages, so please don't feel too overwhelmed by all the different tools, none of them are essential.
    2. Good answer Kevin! And best wishes to you Julia! I began with Logos in 2014 and over the years have made, what for me, is a substantial investment. I love it's potential but still sometime get irritated that I'm studying the program instead of the Word! But there's really no way to go wrong with it. As a lay person who is "bookie" and a natural student I just keep plugging along.
    3. My journey began with quick verse which became “word search” when I began pastoring in 1999. The Logos software is amazing but can be a little expensive and can be too overwhelming. there are a lot of features that I discovered after going to a conference with Morris Proctor who is a wonderful guy. i’ve tried many of the features but they are time consuming and require hours of learning. I mean categorizing every book? Forget it! even doing the expository sermon takes forever. but like anything else let LOGOS serve you and don’t worry about learning everything. I have basically reduced my studies to the LEB and NKJV. I have my own saved layout with my favorite dictionaries, commentaries , lexicons, Bible translations and search engines. But even doing sermon notes on Logos is tedious. I still do my sermon notes on a microsoft word document. But the audio pronunciation of the Greek and Hebrew are wonderful! when word search was bought by LOGOS I was able to combine both libraries. and I have LOGOS platinum. i’ve actually tried The portfolio to see if I would really need all that and most people don’t. I think I have reached my limits accessing many study materials for the rest of my life! but I have to admit I have yet to open or looked that many of the books. to me a lot of the books tend to be unnecessary like cable TV that has more infomercials than movies ! I mean why do I want to read an articles from Christianity today from 1958 to the present? Or any magazine for that matter. But the dictionaries are second to none!!! the pronunciation feature, right click to get the meaning of the word immediately, so my suggestion is don’t study with Logos but let LOGOS study with you! create your favorite layout and let it go!! happy studying until Jesus comes!
  • When typing Information in a Sermon Document in the Sermon Manager, it will suddenly deselect the document so that I am no longer typing in the Information pane of that document. Did I see that this was supposed to be in a recent fix update, or is it still something to be corrected? Is there a hotkey I'm somehow accidentally hitting or something to jump to another location in Sermon Manager? Thank you!
    1. I run into this regularly if, for example, I duplicate a Sermon Document within Sermon Manager. The issue seems to arise when I type in any Info box that is connected to the Filters down the left-hand side of the Sermon Manager. It's like it can't update the filter changes fast enough and jumps out of the document to no document selected at all.
    2. Out of curiosity, what version of the program are you running? When I test duplicating a document within Sermon Manager, the original one I duplicated is deselected but the focus of the selection moves to the newly duplicated line item. I'm not able to reproduce the issue you're describing about typing info in the left sidebar filter and then losing the selection. That's an interesting one that we may need to look more into to see what's going on.
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      I may not have been clear, sorry. I'm not typing in the left column, but the left Filter column updates the data as I type. For example, if I have a document titled "Salvation" and then duplicate it, a new document is created titled "Salvation (2)", and the left Filter column will increase the numbers by 1 next to the each category heading associated with my "Salvation" document and series to account for the new document added. Then if I type in the title box to rename the new document, I get a few characters typed before the document is somehow deselected, and my typing is cut off. I then have to scan the Sermon Manager for that new document which now has a partial title of however many letters I typed before it cut me off. Perhaps I type too fast for the filters on the left to keep up with updating the information I enter in the boxes on the right. Or it may have nothing to do with the data in the left column. I really don't know, but since I see the filters update as I change the information on the right, I thought it may be connected. My current version is, by the way.
  • Sorry if this is a basic thing I've forgotten, but how do I enter a carriage return after a Scripture reference in a Sermon Document without it inserting the full text of the reference? Thank you!
    1. I appreciate that. You'll see above we did discuss that.
    2. If you aren't operating within a list and just the normal area, then yes, at this time, it will require an extra character or punctuation. However, it is under consideration to allow allow a keyboard shortcut like Control+Enter or some combination to allow this action to take place. I will discuss it further with the development team. Thank you for the feedback.
    3. Thank you, it answers my original question, and I appreciate the help! I'm never above conceding user error either, lol.
  • No birthday codes this year?
    1. I would just email support. Occasionally an email may get skipped. I've had that happen a couple of times. Make sure your birthday is still in your profile. They are happy to help send you a code.
    2. Got mine. However, it was in my junk folder.
  • Does anyone have experience using the Thompson Chain Reference Library on Logos? If so, what is your take? Thanks
    1. Also Pete was correct in referring you to “fact book” but you could also type in the search bar “kingdom of God “and then look below and you will see various choices of how you want to look up the term
    2. Thanks very much Jeff...
    3. I did a short video for my VIP customers at www.LearnLogos.com on how to get the most out of the Thompson Chain resources with Logos Bible software. I think you will find this helpful: https://c67361c235d761e0f3a2-72e0f5f867f89e49b556eb344d1d423a.ssl.cf2.rackcdn.com/ThompsonChainVIP20220314.mp4
  • How do I go about getting all the biblical references to the concept of the Kingdom of God, either literally or figuratively? Thanks
    1. Try opening Factbook to "The Kingdom of God" Then if you scroll down you can see a list of references. https://ref.ly/logos4/Factbook?ref=lsto.KingdomOfGod
    2. Right on Pete
    3. Thanks Peter and Jeff...I was looking for a search approach that also picks up the Old Testament allusions to KOG, so that both literal and figurative references can be identified. Thanks again.
  • Hello Logos team, After a resource has been updated, is there a way to see what was updated in it? I can see that one has been updated but would like to know what was done, if possible.
    1. Presently we don't have any means of providing that information but it's something we're looking into.
    2. ok, good enough for me. thanks...