• I love your apps. They're so appropriate to studying scriptures and compare them.
    1. I'm trying to find all of the instances where the Gospels are quoted and/or cited in the Ante-Nicene Fathers. Is there an easy way to do that with a certain Search Query? Thanks for any help anyone can give me!
      1. Each volume has an index of texts at the end of the book. That index shows each verse cited and the page reference. Otherwise, you can define your search to limit it to the ANF series and then search for bible:"Matthew-John"
      2. Thanks
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      When selecting text in sermon editor and formatting as a numbered list I'm not getting a space between the period and the first letter/word of my sentence. Is there a way to fix this?
      1. When editing a sermon in Logos (using the sermon writing feature) on my Macbook, for some reason, an ellipsis (...) doubles in length when I use it. It's very frustrating. I always have to delete three ... when I type out an ellipsis. Is this a glitch, or can I change it? Thanks! (I also posted this on another forum here.)
        1. @JimN - you're right! Mine too..I don't use double dashes much, but mine doubles up as well -- -- . And speaking of glitches, I don't like how formatting automatically carries over into the next line after pressing enter. For example, when I use a bold font and press enter, the next line is bold as well until I turn bold off. I wish there were a default formatting option. It's annoying having to undo formatting!
        2. Thanks for bringing these items to our attention -- we already have an open ticket to get these issues fixed on Mac and hope to get them resolved very soon!
        3. Thanks!!
      2. Is there a way to disable the left and right arror keys? I am using a laptop, and I use the up and down arror keys but it is so easy to hit the wrong keys (left or right).
        1. No - this is not possible
        2. Thanks Graham. It would be nice to lock a book that can't be changed, only by unlocking it. Sometimes my fingers don't do what they are suppose to do.
      3. In the genealogy of Jesus, what is meant by the phrase "42 Burning generations" ?
        1. Well the two genealogies take a different perspective, and perhaps Luke’s can be considered more precise, but since Matthew’s is also scripture, it is no less accurate.
        2. Matthew and Luke present two different genealogies splitting at David's sons Solomon (Matthew) and Nathan (Luke). Luke may have given Mary's family while Matthew gave Joseph's family. The reason for Matthew's division into groups of fourteen is because the Hebrew alphabet functioned as their numbering system as well. The letters dalet and vav were numbers 4 and 6, respectively, so David's name (DVD) is 4+6+4=14. When Matthew's Jewish audience saw "14," they recognized it as a stand-in for "David" because Matthew emphasized Jesus as David's son, the Messiah.
        3. Concur on the codeword Dōd (דוד) for the fourteenth man St. Matthew's book of generations. Perhaps there is a codeword that spells twenty-eight (numeral)?
      4. Glory be to the God and father of our Lord Jesus Christ
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      5. I need help with the NOTES tool. There are about 6,000 notes and highlights due to my ongoing study of the Christian Standard Bible. How can I delete some of them, without having to dive into a sea of prior notes?
        1. I'm not sure if the IT guys could or would be able to help you, but who knows. Are they in any sort of grouping or order? If they're all in your Christian Standard Bible, you could enter that (CSB) into the Search bar to bring up just those notes. If they're all from the same time period, you could sort them by creation date, then select a note, scroll to the end of some and click on one while holding Shift to select all notes between them, and/or hold CTRL while clicking on individual notes to select them if not in sequence. It may take a few combinations to locate them all, but I'd definitely utilize the Search bar and any sorting or notebooks where they might be found. There probably won't be a quick way otherwise.
        2. I feel you. Notes, Clippings, and more are unfortunately confusing. The simplest suggestion i have is to label them with "Z" to put them at the bottom, and then over time as you go thru the bible, just delete them one by one. that's more or less what I am doing. the proper organization of my notes is gonna take years.
        3. Label the notes 'Z', O.K. Thanks, Barnabas
      6. I have a small timeline of Israel's history in a spreadsheet. I would like to be able to either import it or copy and paste it into a Note. The only import option for Notes seems to be for images. I can create an image and import it, but then the information in the image is not indexed nor can it be searched. When I copy and paste it, under either "paste" or "past without formatting" options I lose the spreadsheet format of columns and rows. I have had many instances where being able to create a small table of columns and rows in a Note would be very helpful. Does anyone know if it is possible. Thanks.
        1. as far as I know, not yet; this has been asked for in the forums several times and there's a very popular suggestion on the Logos Feedback system: https://feedback.logos.com/boards/logos-desktop-app/posts/add-support-for-tables-in-notes
        2. Thanks. Probably from a software design perspective, the Notes feature was never intended to be a fully functioning word processor, but ability to add a small table would be nice.
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        I had to replace my MacBook Air hard drive recently. I've forgotten how to customize Logos, specifically how to change the color displayed when double clicking on a word to see the original languages in the same window. I thought I'd find it in "Preferences" but could not. (I know it's a small thing, but I liked the color I had before.) Can anyone refresh my memory on this?
        1. I'm not sure what you mean by "to see the original languages in the same window". But, more generally, we don't have any options to change the double-click colour.
        2. Hello! When you've had to replace the hard drive on your MacBook Air and want to customize Logos, including changing the color that appears when you double-click on a word to view the original languages in the same window, try digging deeper into the app's Preferences or Custom Tools. If you can't find the option you need in Preferences, it may be located elsewhere in the interface or require an update. Also, if you're experiencing issues with your Mac charger, check out the tips here https://setapp.com/how-to/fix-mac-charger-not-working-issue for solutions. It is important not only to customize the program to your needs, but also to ensure reliable operation of the equipment