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    Hi I have problems with exporting sections to Microsoft Word from Logos. Whenever I choose certain sections, and click send or paste to Microsoft word, it will only export the final section. See the example below. I've selected multiple sections (1st pic), but it only paste the final section for me into Word (2nd pic). Yet, in the preview pane, everything looks fine (3rd pic) - all my selected portions are there.
    1. when i chose, save as rich text format, it repeats the last section multiple times for a whole 19 pages
    2. Hi , What version of Logos are you on? So far this is working for me when choosing to export section(s) from a Logos resource to MS word. What kind of a resource are you using? I've been using a bible resource for my initial test. Regarding the save to rich text format, I'm not getting that behavior on mac or windows when on version 25.2.56. I tried using the ESV bible and a few commentaries.
  • I have had for a few months a problem when updating my Logos. Always an error reading that says logos updated failed. I have in the past contacted customer support and tried to follow the instructions but nothing helped. I did solve it but it is a bit of a pain as I have to download the setup.exe again, let it unpack, and reinstall. but the strange thing is that it is only a problem at times as I have logos on 3 PCs /laptops. sometimes it works and other times it does not
    1. Thank you for sharing, Paul! It appears it is resolved in full now? Please let us know if you have any other issues.
    2. It works now, thanks but every time there is an update - the version, not books, this happens. It is not consistent - as I first thought it was a particular PC - but this is not the case. Sometimes it is my work laptop, other times my home PC. But the strange thing is that it is not any specific update, so like the latest 25.2 update, my work laptop had a problem, but my home PC did not. For the 25.1 update, it was the opposite
  • “Parallel book sets” versus the “Multiple books display” I’d like to see some discussion about the use of “Parallel book sets” versus the “Multiple books display” – pros and cons of each and whether people use one or the other or both and how they use them. I got this idea after reading a 2016 article by Dr. Mark Ward in which he showed a screen shot of his six column Multiple books display of Greek lexicons (which he called the “multiview”, perhaps what it was called in 2016 in Logos 6). Here is the article: https://www.logos.com/grow/the-logos-feature-that-makes-using-bdag-a-breeze/ I’ll start. I use both, but each in a different way. Parallel book sets I have set up my lexicons in my preferred order of access in the “Prioritize Books” list from within the Library. The order that each appears in the list is the order that they will be displayed on the “Parallel book sets” list (the // symbol) and the order they are displayed using the right and left keyboard hot keys. One of my Layouts has a Tile with multiple Panel Tabs, one for each type of lexicon (Greek, Hebrew, etc.), so whether I’m in the NT or the OT in the Bible, I have a tab for that language. I can then roll through each of my prioritized lexicons that addresses the particular word I’m looking at. Multiple books display In the abovementioned Layout, I have another Tile with multiple Panel Tabs, and each Tab displays an original language text linked to the Bible. (These are also ordered using the “Prioritize Books” list). If a text has an apparatus that accompanies it, I display the text and the apparatus side-by-side in a Multiple books display in the Tab. This gives me immediate info on variants in the text. Those are ways I’ve figured out how to use these two features of Logos. Are there others out there that have different uses of these features?
    1. , as I'm thinking through any feedback that I might be able to offer to you that may be of help, I wanted to at least mention that you may see more engagement around a query such as this over in our Logos user community. Here's a link for you to crosspost this post there if you would: https://community.logos.com/forums/170.aspx
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      Thanks, Jason. I'll repost over there. It looks like I could use a tutorial or explanation comparing the function of these groups vs the community forums. I thought these were set up for discussion of various topics in Logos.
    3. That's a great suggestion, and we will consider a quick overview of these groups vs. community.logos.com. That said, the community forums are usually a much more efficient place to start when it comes to questions such as yours. Thank you for being an inquiring Logos user! If you do not find that your question is answered in the forums, do not hesitate to reach out to me directly so we can find an answer for you. Enjoy your studies.
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    Anyone having trouble with the Sermon Builder? It's putting my Title graphic background on every header/subheader and I can't find out how to remove it and reset headers/subheaders to the default black background. (I also did NOT click "apply to all" when I added it). This is a new and annoying problem that happened just after the update. The new sermon loaded with the background graphic of my last sermon for the Title slide and not the default black one. Edit: I forgot to add that if I go in and "delete" media, the dialogue box still wants me to select a background. Unfortunately the sort doesn't work (like recently used) and I can not seem to find the blank, default option. Edit 2x: I think I found a workaround for those looking (though would love for a Logos rep to point to correct answer). Basically format a Scripture slide with the generic black reference. Then apply that format to all slides. This seems to reset the headers/subheaders.
    1. With some recent changes we made to the Media tool and slides experience, this was an unfortunate bug that appeared. We are actively working on it today to try to get it resolved ASAP.
    2. Thank you!
  • Anyone having troubles with Android samsung SM-X800 or a7 lite in Logos/Verbum since last update. I am having trouble bringing up the top and bottom Taskbar to open new resources. I have to kill the app and restart to open a new resource.
    1. I don't have those devices, but I did notice a change in the app. I tap where the resource name is, then I get the top taskbar. Earlier it came when you scrolled up. Does that help?
    2. Yes, this is the information I needed. Thank you!
  • iPad Mini for preaching? Hey All - considering picking up the iPad Mini to be able to read Logos books on and then to use for preaching. Anyone have any experience using sermons on an iPad mini to preach from? Any feedback from your experience would be great!
    1. It seems that many in ministry and others are attracted to the iPad and Mac environment. I'm a PC guy, and always have been. 10 years ago I used a mini, 2nd generation, and there were many things I did like about it. However, my $500 went in the trash at 4 years when it no longer updated. I now use Samsung A series tablets for longer periods of time, and don't have to engage apple in any way. I preach, teach, and read on it.
    2. From an IT perspective, if you are part of a church with a 501C3, you can get much better pricing on android tablets and google apps. You can run all those on the ipad, but from a financial directive, you are almost always more cost effective to go Android or Chromebook. Are there any specific apps you are looking to use that would guide you to the ipad? What are you using to compile your sermons? As a e-reader, I like my Amazon Fire 8 with Bible Gateway. My fire's performance is not as smooth or as fast as my wife's ipad, but it is more than sufficient for my needs.
    3. I use an iPad Pro to preach from and sometimes even do my sermon prep on. I generally use the desktop version for writing and the iPad version for reading/preaching from.
  • I cannot find the Logos Flashcards App in the Google Play app store. Has it been discontinued? If so, does anyone know of any other way to connect a Logos word list to any Android flashcard app?
    1. I've been using the Anki flashcard app and finding it really useful. I didn't know about exporting word lists in CSV format, though. So thanks, Mick.
    2. I just looked again and it seems the export will be to Excel (or a spreadsheet file in XML format, readable by Excel). There you can save as CSV or whatever format you need for Anki. Found one of the threads discussing this: https://community.logos.com/forums/t/213855.aspx - that user exported to Excel and then saved as Unicode text, I think Anki accepts various file formats.
    3. Cool. Thanks both! I've started using Anki and it seems pretty good.
  • Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere. I haven't found any documentation on it, so I'm hoping someone can point me the right way. I'd like to take the slide backgrounds we create for our sermon series and turn them into smart media so that Logos Sermon Builder knows where to put the reference, translation, etc. without me having to edit each individual slide. What's the best way to do this? If I create it as smart media in Proclaim, can I use it as a background in Logos?
    1. Daniel, Recently, our development team has been working to make strides in improving the Media Tool within Logos and also its integration with Proclaim. As of today though, there is not a way to do exactly what you are trying to do with the Smart Media. For now, it would still require editing the individual slides but we have on our roadmap to do more work in the "Apply to all" slides area. What you're describing would likely fall under that scope of work. For now, if you do create any Smart Media in Proclaim, you can use it in Logos but really is only valuable if the slide is already completed within Proclaim first. However, through some testing today, I was able to create several scripture slides with Smart Media in Proclaim, then copy/paste them over into my Logos Sermon Builder document, which retained all of the correct formatting. Thanks for checking in on this. It's valuable information to receive as we continue to work towards improving this area.
    2. Thanks Austin! Appreciate the reply and the walk through and work around. I did end creating smart media in Proclaim, exporter my sermon to Proclaim, utilized the smart media and then exported as images and imported into PowerPoint. More steps then ideal but the process worked. Looking forward to the further integration of tech between sermons-Proclaim. Grateful for the great work you all do!
  • I would like to add "Records of the Life of Jesus" to the "Parallel Gospel Reader" feature. Is there a way to do that?
    1. "Records of the Life of Jesus" is a type:Bible Harmony, but we're unable to select it from the Parallel Gospel Reader. We will notify the appropriate team and look into this. Thank you, Rick!