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  • Introducing Proclaim 3.0

    Faithlife brings you many new features with Proclaim 3.0 and sets the stage to help your church stay connected—whether they’re in the sanctuary or at home.

    Use NDI with true transparency to painlessly integrate Proclaim with your live stream setup. Forget about chroma and luma keys, use the new alternate content virtual screens to send what you want to the displays (e.g. Foreground only for a song, and duplicate for a video) while using full-slides in the sanctuary. Setting up NDI

    Display videos on the confidence monitor and add a video countdown to see how much time is left. (Enable this by editing your confidence template and checking the box, use video player when available, on the Current Slide Content)

    Mark up scripture and maps from the Proclaim Remote with the new on-screen annotations.

    Display chords on the confidence monitor for your band, save multiple arrangements per song, and more with our integration with Faithlife Music.*

    View the full release notes.

    *requires an additional migration for your group to Faithlife Music. The migration process is automatic. If you don't notice these new features, email us at support@faithlife.com and we can check the status of your group.

  • For the church planters: 1. How did you going about financing the ministry? I've been able to support all our efforts going forward myself, but am looking to expand our outreach efforts and just do not have the finances, so I am looking to see what others are doing. 2. How did you find ministry partners who pray and believe in your efforts? 3. If you planted prior to COVID-19, how has this impacted your church plant? Will you be relaunching? 4. Is there anything else you think I should know about church planting?
    1. I posted this on the user voice/feedback page, but then realized it might already be available! :) We use the On-Screen Bible every Sunday during live streaming. Is there any way to have its display on the confidence monitor so that the first line of the next "page" is visible at the bottom? This is similar to how the first line of the next slide is visible on the confidence monitor during songs, to help vocalists smoothly transition. In the same way it would help the speaker smoothly move to the next part of the reading without any delay (while the regular/visible screen is doing that neat scrolling animation). Thanks!
    2. Hi, We are maybe one of the few churches that don't have internet access at church [though we have a spectacular view :-)] That in itself renders a couple of huge challenges to us. 1) We can't display any On-Screen Bible verses. 2) We can't add any Bible passages to the presentation on the go. 3) Bible Trivia doesn't work. 4) We can't do a Survey or show Survey Results. 5) The congregation can't follow the Signal feeds in the presentation. All of these are such awesome features (THANK YOU FAITHLIFE). Is there a way to utilise at least some of these - like having some Bibles available off-line? OR... is there a way to set up some sort of network that doesn't connect to the internet but that would allow mobile devices within a certain range to connect to Proclaim and follow the Signals or participate in a Survey? I hope that there are a couple of "Yes'" to these questions... :-) Kind regards.
      1. If you have good enough cell reception and have a generous cell phone data allowance, can you set up your phone as a wifi hotspot to share with your church computer? I don't know if this is considered fair use of your cell phone data plan, but aside from that, I would think most of the things you are asking for are low bandwidth/low data usage enough to allow this be technically possible.
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      When I try to "Add Item" to my schedule, my purchased Bibles are not available in On Screen Bible nor regular Bible item list. When I go to Logos, it says I own the versions I'm looking for (Amplified and The Passion Translation). I was previously able to access these, but can't figure out how to get them back. Additional Note: I can access them on my personal laptop, but cannot access them on our church media laptop.
      1. Hi , to access your purchased Bible translations you would need to sign in with the account which you used to make those purchases. Bibles are licensed only to the user who purchased them. Let me know if you continue to have trouble and we can connect to help you resolve the issue.
      2. Thank you, I logged out of my personal account and into the church account and they were there.
    4. Does anyone know how to use the virtual alternative screen to show lower thirds and not blank, background, foreground, or duplicate, but show a different screen inside the church?
      1. This is not possible yet in Proclaim, but is being worked on. For now you would need to use your streaming software to take the foreground output and overlay it on a background for lower thirds.
    5. So I was having the same problem as Hills Church talked about below. I tried relinking our CCLI account with Proclaim. I'm now having problems with Proclaim recognizing our Worship Team. It says "The worship team for this arrangement was not found...." But we've used this team for five years. We had to manually input the lyrics (the order we use them) this morning. Any help?
      1. Hi , sorry about the trouble! We're investigating this issue and will get back to you shortly.
    6. So I have reached out to support but haven't heard back yet so I thought I would try here and see if there was anything I could do. The first day I setup Proclaim on my computer I could see the Arrangements options for songs. However I disliked the way our church name was being displayed so I attempted to fix it and the name of the Presentation team's name and now I cannot use the arrangements options any longer. Our worship team leader would really like to see the chords display option in action. So if there is something we can do to re-enable the arrangements options and chords display it would be greatly appreciated.
      1. Hello, -- The login with your church email was a part of the Presentation Group and Worship Team, but the account with your personal email was not. I have added you into those groups. That should resolve the lack of access -- but let us know right away should you continue to have difficulties!
      2. Unfortunately that doesn't seem to be it. Neither the of the email addresses see arrangements. If I login in with church gmail account or my personal domain account neither see them. And I just elevated my personal account to admin for the the Presentation team and the Worship team.
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      When trying to create arrangements in Faithlife Music I am receiving an error that says we need the correct permissions.
      1. Hi , You're seeing that message because your group hasn't been migrated to Faithlife Music just yet. But once it gets migrated you will be all good to go.
      2. Thanks
    8. Has anyone had any luck with doing a lower third graphics for the live stream and then simultaneously projecting the words/lyrics on a projector with a background of some sort? I want to use lower thirds but I need to project the words for the church as well.
      1. , we do this - we use the normal slides in the center of the screen with a background, and then we use an alt content screen that is set to foreground only on all of the service items. We then take that alt content screen, send it to obs, and then dragged that entire screen down in obs, so it looks like lower thirds. We then put a semi-transparent black rectangle under it as a source in obs, and then put our camera feed behind it. I hope this helps.
    9. Cant access CCLI...song missing from My Songs....Also having problems editing and using basic custom/added fonts (Gotham family). This is very frustrating today :-/
      1. Sorry , I was responding to the comments about CCLI being down and neglected to respond to the broader problems you're having. I'm sorry for the bad experience. We'll take a look at the font issues and the issue with My Songs in the beginning of the week. They are loading fine for me at the moment, but there could be something unique to your situation that's causing a problem.
      2. Hi Brian...yes, it appears that "All To Him" was used the previous week. But that was a matter of nor duplicating th previous week's service, and the person who set it up "renamed" another song in that schedule to "All To Him." Never the less, the actual song was not present in our entire list (as I kept clicking more until no other songs in the "my songs" list were available. And yes, thatn you Brandon...this font thing is super frustrating. You probably could pull up todays schedule were two other fonts other that Gotham were used for the lyrics, even though on our system it said that Gotham was the font select. It feel like as if it was a regular website that the css or html was corrupted.
      3. Hello? Waiting on a reply. Thank you.