• We are trying to set up going live from one campus to another. As of right now we are using Facebook Live. The problem is that to get it on our projector we have to use mirror display on the computer. Is there a way to put it through Proclaim so that the whole congregation doesn't have to see everything we are doing on the computer in the back?
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      Hi , I'd be happy to discuss some options to help you resolve your problem. Would you be able to tell me more about why you have to mirror the display?
    2. Take a look at the OBS software. It can do streaming of specific windows (as well as lots more advanced stuff). We have ours streaming to YouTube, and I'm using Proclaim's MIDI triggers to start and stop the stream, so it's fully automagic.
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    I wonder how many churches are using the Proclaim Remote (Android or iOS)? Every now and then (once every 3 or 4 weeks), a slide will refuse to advance (with a spinning circle going on for several seconds). It's very disruptive if this happens during a song or a responsive reading where timing is important. How do you prevent it? (Our WiFi connection is very strong. It's not our router problem.) We don't edit slides on the fly during service, so if there's a way to cache several slides in advance, it might prevent the problem. At this point (after more than 8 months of using it), I'm quite convinced that Proclaim Remote is unpredictable and unreliable, even though I prefer the wireless feature. One possible solution I will try next week is to plug in a remote control (the type used for PowerPoint) and advance the slides with it. That means, I have to hold two things in hand, the tablet and the remote, instead of just using the tablet. If there is a more reliable solution, I'll appreciate the advice. Thanks!
    1. Hello , Sorry this feature isn't very stable for you still. If you can send us log files we'll take another look at them and see what we can determine from them. If you remember what slide prompted the slide change error I can do some testing on it. As for your alternative solution, wireless clickers do work as long as they translate to arrow keys or the page up/page down keys.
    2. It happens randomly, sometimes during a song, or sometime during a Bible slide. Sometimes it happens because I advanced slides too fast, which is understandable (e.g. the musician has already started, so I quickly advance to the first verse briefly displaying the song title slide--i.e. advancing two slides quickly. That doesn't work. I have to rest on each slides for at least 3 seconds.)
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      All my PowerPoint remotes work with Proclaim. So, that may be the solution before having to resolve to the wired setup. I might keep it by my side as a backup. One more item to add to the pre-service routine (to remember to plug in the USB dongle of the remote).
  • Perhaps I need to clarify...I want only background pictures for EACH individual song on each title slide and each last slide.
    1. So this should still work for you using the foreground image option in Proclaim . On the title and end slides for each of your songs, select the "Add Foreground image" button and use that to add an image filling out the background. Your text should still display over top of it. If your foreground image is being applied to every slide, right-click on it and deselect "Show on all slides". Let me know how this works for you
  • Is there a way to have background pictures only on title slide and end slide?
    1. Is there a way to play the audio only from a youtube video without showing the video?
      1. Matt - thanks for the reply. I am on a Mac and this solution will work. Here is another way that I discovered - use the voice memo recorder. I start the recording, start the YouTube clip, then go back and edit/trim what I don't want in the recording. It saves the file as an m4a and this works too.
      2. Also, you can use Real Downloader to rip the YouTube video to your local computer, then use Real Converter to save as MP3. These are both FREE programs that come with REAL Media Player. I appreciate having the MP4 and MP3 on my local computer so that I don't run the risk of an Ads playing when I play a YouTube video or have to worry about internet lag.
      3. One of the ways that I have accomplished that is by resizing the video to where it is not seen anymore. Just make sure you have your parameters set for how it is to play first. It tends to be hard to find later, but it's quick and easy!
    2. Very excited, just built a missions wall in our lobby with an over-sized TV. Our goal is to use Proclaim via FireTV to show our missions fund for each week - including using the FaithLife Giving screens! Unfortunately, while the Thermometer screen shows the correct numbers, etc. in Proclaim, on the FireTV screen and on the preview screen from Proclaim Digital Signage page all I get is ####### in all the fields. Am I doing something wrong or is this just not possible?
      1. Thank you for the quick response, at least I know I'm not doing something wrong. We will import screen shots until that feature is available. Thanks again!
      2. Just to add some more information. We plan to support web based media that way it’ll preserve the cool animations. We are aiming to start on this early July. I can’t guarantee a date, but we have plans for the near future. Appreciate the patience on this Bill.
    3. Hello. Is there a way to export a song we have uploaded to Proclaim? I need to adjust the pitch a bit and can't seem to export the mp3. Thanks for ideas!
      1. Hi , was the song added as Background Audio? I can grab that file for you and send it to you. Can you give me the file name?
      2. Hello Slav. It is called "Lord, I need you." Julie Brownfield (one of our former pianists) recorded it in-house 3 or 4 years ago.
    4. Can I make future Sunday presentations and save them? I went on vacation and only made one Sunday presentation for the pastor because I did not know if I could make multiples for the other upcoming services when I would not be here.
      1. Hey, , I typically work 2 to 3 weeks ahead, creating a presentation "shell" and then add or subtract items. Since we use the date of the service as the title it makes it easy to find the right one
      2. I did that when I went on vacation. I typically label each of my presentations with the date of the service, too, just like .
    5. Hello, I am trying to connect Proclaim with CustomChurchApps.com and they said they needed the Proclaim Presentation ID. Ideas on where to find this at?
      1. Hey Thanks for reaching out as we can supply you with that ID. We hide it on the front end side. I'll send you a Faithlife message with your ID so make sure to check your inbox.
    6. Good morning, While running through this coming Sunday's presentation, one of slides in the bible trivia appeared micro. This is not the first time it has happened, however, I was able to take a picture of it. I deleted the bible trivia out of the presentation and re-added it and appears to functioning properly. The slides appeared fine before, so not sure what is causing it. I am not sure if it is an issue that is intermittent or is an issue when I added the trivia and just caught it. I have added the picture I was able to capture. It is projecting the same way it appears. Any ideas?
      1. this is a new monitor. The last time it happened it was on a different monitor
      2. would it help if I sent you our logs?
      3. , sure, that'd be great! Just in case you don't know, in Proclaim go to Help > Save log files and email the resulting zip file to support@faithlife.com. If you could note in the email the day and approximate time you saw this it'll help us know where to look. Thanks!