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    New in Proclaim 3.1!

    The latest version of Proclaim is available now, and will auto update the next time you restart Proclaim. (Don’t see the update? Download here.)

    Here’s what’s new:

    Custom alternate outputs for your live stream or multi-screen setup.

    Quickly and easily customize your alt-content outputs. Go to your alt-content tab, and start editing! Drag your lyrics down to lower thirds and change the background, or apply a Smart Media Template from the media browser. Learn more

    Find and choose from new Lower Thirds media. Choose Media > Browse Media, then, under Popular Tags, select the “Lower Thirds” tag.

    New 16:10 aspect ratio! Do you have a projector in 16:10? Now you can forget the letter boxing and use the entire projector with more aspect ratios coming soon.

    Customize stage messages by changing the color, font, and size.

    And much more! Check out our release notes for the full list of feature updates.

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  • Wondering about analytics of our Livestream. Is there any way to determine how many watched, how long they watched, etc?
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      I've recently downloaded the latest Proclaim update ( I tried to make a virtual screen default for the logo. That's when Proclaim crashed. I tried to boot it up again and, according to Task Manager, Proclaim loads up really fast, gets to the "Syncing" part, suspends the application, is not responding, and immediately closes Proclaim. I have unistalled and reinstalled it again and the same problem persists. What can I do at this point?
      1. Thanks I see them! Looking closer
      2. Ok , I restored a version of your presentation, so if you let Proclaim sync, it should open up! We will need to ship a fix tomorrow to prevent this from happening again. Also, I am gonna send you a message with one more follow up
      3. It has opened. Thank you so much! Blessings.
    2. A few weeks ago, we had problem with the "text effect" disappearing on us, we updated Proclaim on all our devices and the problem was fixed. Last Sunday, on Feb 21, we encountered the same problem and I tried to updated all Proclaim spent some time in testing the "text effect" part. Problems seems to be fixed but would reappeared. I finally noticed that on one of our computer, the update would revert back to older version I reinstalled the latest ( a few times, checked the version showing to make sure it is good, just to find that it was back to Is it possible that the update wasn't done properly? Has anyone encounter anything similar?
      1. Yes, it is. It's one of our newer computer. Would it be possible that two copies of Proclaim were installed?
      2. Not if you are using the download file we provide. It's possible that after downloading the install file if your going to your local download file a previous installer could have been installed. I'd advise giving yourself a clean start and deleting any installers and the Proclaim app. I'd then go and download again from proclaim.faithlife.com/download or http://faithlife.github.io/ProclaimReleaseNotes/3.1/ReleaseNotes.html
      3. Thanks for the suggestion, Sean. I will try that and see if that fixes the problem.
    3. Hi everyone and sorry to bother you, Does anyone have experience of streaming using a hardware encoder and could advise on minimum spec required for the PC. Thanks for any advice, and especially if anyone can share the spec of the PC they use successfully. We're trying to decide whether to go with higher-spec laptop with OBS or lower-spec laptop with hardware encoder (eg. Atem Mini Pro or Blackmagic Web Presenter). Thanks! Stuart
      1. do you guys have your computer specs on hand? Personally, I'd go hardware encoder route as it'll take less stress off your computer, but I'm sure others can share their success stories as well.
      2. Thank Matt. & replied to a question I asked recently about specs for a laptop using OBS, so I'm not sure they use a hardware encoder. But if they do or can offer any advice, we'd be really grateful!
    4. Discovered a problem with a Livestream to OBS using a Mac. Using a sermon content slide and the "++" triggers to add paragraphs one-at-a-time, the main slides screen (sent to the projector) works correctly and adds the desired paragraph content on each successive slide. However, the virtual livestream screen sent to OBS displays all paragraphs on each slide. I have some screen shots illustrating the issue. The two screenshots from within the Mac Proclaim app are taken with the same slide active in the edit window, and the livestream screenshot is from the same relative place during the service.
      1. I believe we just fixed this with yesterdays update, could you make sure you are on build 48? ( You might have to make a small change to the service item to get it to regenerate.
      2. Thanks Jordon; my system updated to 48 this morning. I regenerated the slide as you suggested and the problem appears to have been corrected.
    5. how can I add a text box to an image slideshow?
      1. I don't think you can, . You would probably have to add your text to the images before you upload. Alternately, you could add each image to separate Content service items and then add whatever text you like to each.
    6. The annotation feature in the remote app seems to have stopped working. I can annotate in the app but it does not show up in the slides. Has anyone experienced this issue? I downloaded the app again from Playstore but the issue persists.
      1. Sorry about that. I haven’t heard other reports, but we will investigate tomorrow morning. Thanks for the report
      2. Hi , Are you using NDI for your slides output? I did some investigation, and it looks like my annotations aren't showing up on my NDI outputs.
      3. Hi Brandon, I am not using NDI with Proclaim. The weird thing is that when I draw a line from inside to outside the slide on the remote app, the line shows in the display slide ... sometimes. It does not work the other way around. And it does not work when drawing is confined in the slide. I hope this makes sense.
    7. Is there a bug in the system of Content Box resizing? Today, I went to edit a block of text inserting line breaks to spread the text out over several slides. After doing so, I resized the box and the text shrank even though there was plenty of empty space at the end of the text (up to half a screen). This never happened before so I'm at a loss. I don't like having a nest of overlapping boxes whenever I have one or more text box on a given screen. Is this a bug that can be fixed? Steve
      1. Could it be that one of the slides was needing the space? We do try to keep the size consistent so if one slide was shrunk the others might seem to shrink unnecessarily.
      2. Thanks for the reply. That was not the problem. It seemed to happen only on one or two sets of slides. I reset the customizations and re-pasted the text. It persisted. After the update installed yesterday, everything is fine. Go figure.
    8. Can I mix live video as a background for Youtube Live stream, but not have it show up on the display in the sanctuary?
      1. Hey Yeah, I made this video yesterday and apologize for the speed run (I only have a 5-minute limit I can record) I walk through setting up the virtual screens, alt -content, how to send the feed to your in-house feed vs your live stream feed, all in Proclaim. I go over OBS as well, but feel free to ignore that if you are using a different software encoder. Let me know if you have any questions. https://www.loom.com/share/cca85c60e2384908a6bbc31c125fa89c
      2. I have been wondering the same thing. I have the ATEM mini pro but I'm going to try to set this up for Sunday!
    9. After proclaim updated the onscreen Bible would not work and I could not upload a power point. Thanks, Burleigh
      1. I disabled powerpoint and it worked but my powerpoint is 64 bit.
      2. thanks for trying. If the quality looks good then that is a workaround you can use. Another is exporting as images from PowerPoint directly, then you can actually drag all the images to Proclaim's order of service along the left. Proclaim will automatically create items for each slide and group it up nice for you. (just like when using the import.) One more thought, could you have multiple PowerPoints on your system. If you go to Start > add remove programs and search for PowerPoint you should be able to see what is present. Could be an old version is getting picked up first and messing things up.
      3. I checked, only one office. This is a new computer and this is the first and only version of office I have installed on it. Is there some other software I need that may have updated and caused this to happen, because it was working fine until it updated.