• Can you have a split screen on the back wall for the worship team songs? We used propresenter before and it allowed the current verse and the next verse to be side by side.
    1. My worship leader said this is not good enough. We need both side by side so they can be seen. Is this something we could develop?
    2. Our issue with this is that the "next slide" is in a grey color and from that far back we can't see it...we'd prefer a top bottom approach but with both slides being able to change the color of text...
    3. Thanks for the feedback everyone. I know we do have some future plans on the confidence monitor, but don't have the final spec quite ready. Keep the feedback coming though!
  • How can I add music to play behind a slide? I would love for our youth to be able to hear some hype music while the Game Time slide is on the screen. Any ideas?
  • How do I remove a comment in the discussion section? Also, how do we edit or remove prayer requests?
    1. Oh I apologize. On the far right side close to where it shows the time of the message. Move your mouse over there and a pencil icon will appear. You'll have to remove the text, then press enter to "save" your changes.
    2. Thanks. One more question. We just started using the digital bulletin. How do I access any contact cards that are filled out?
    3. You'll want to go to your bulletin and at the bottom of the contact cards. You'll see a spot where you can download the responses.
  • We have an issue with videos and motion backgrounds. After we go live, when we click edit to make a change, when we go back to preview, all the videos and motion backgrounds stop moving. Workaround is to close out Proclaim and restart. Anyone else experiencing the same issue?
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      These are my specs: On your machine can you go to the start menu and type in dxdiag. That'll pull up some information. I believe you'll select display 1. At the bottom do you see a [VRAM] section? Is yours in the 128mb range?
    2. Running a Dell PC. We have a GeForce 9300 GE 256MB that has a dual monitor port. Running DVI on monitor and HDMI to the projector.
    3. What CPU? On my ASUS® CM1630-06, I've run into System Interrupts jamming all other processes when running a full scan in Windows Defender; the stock Advanced Micro Devices® Athlon II® X2 220 can't keep up and is slated for replacement with the same vendor's Phenom II® X4 820. (The stock ASUS® M4A78LT-M/CM1630/DP_MB cannot handle a six-core AM3, even with the latest BIOS.) In your situation, I'd have run no less than an ASUS® TURBO-GTX960-4GD5 (nVIDIA® GM106), as I consider 1 GB VRAM insufficient; but I suspect your CPU can't cut the mustard.
  • Is there a way to print just an item? One of our pastors wants to start having a print copy of his slides, but would rather not print the whole service. I know he could export them as images and then print everything in the folder, just wondered if there was something I'm missing inside the program or in the print settings.
    1. That's currently the only print support we have at the moment . Another alternative is you could always try printing out the Digital Bulletin. It doesn't print out by default in a very elegant manner as your web browser will remove a lot of elements, but an extension like Print Friendly may make it easier to remove slides you don't want printed off. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/print-friendly-pdf/ohlencieiipommannpdfcmfdpjjmeolj?hl=en
  • why does a video work fine on one computer and not work on another? even though it has been uploading to the web sever
    1. Hello , What kind of video file was it? It looks like it's not transcoding properly, hence why it's not playing properly on other computers. See if you can run the video through Handbrake, transcoding it to a mp4 H.264 codec (should be set to this by default) https://handbrake.fr/ It's possible the video was in an H.265 codec which isn't currently supported in the program.
    2. Hello, -- Just bumped you an email with some results that I was able to achieve for you after the chat we were in seemed to go silent. I did run the video through Handbrake, so I'm guessing that was on track with his comments.
  • How do I add text to photos/pictures in my presentation?
    1. Hey You'll want to add an image as a foreground and then insert a new text box. You can do both functions from the menus you'll see in my screenshots below. Let me know if you have any more questions about this.
  • I am looking at setting up lighting with proclaim. I am curious in what hardware and software people are using to do this. Thanks!
    1. We use a BlueLite X1-Mini and the software that comes with the controller.
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      I'm triggering cues in Obsidian Onyx via a rtpMIDI network link, which is then going out via a USB DMX interface (Enttec, but I hear support for them is about to be dropped by Obsidian). It's working great! I had to be a little creative to make it work as desired for our service style and flow, but I've been incredibly happy with it since getting it running about 6 weeks ago (and my volunteers have loved it, too!).
  • We have been using Proclaim for more than 3 years, we are also Pro Media users. I would like to message the design team for the Pro Media. Would you please consider reworking the ADVENT slides. These slides do not meet the needs for 2019- they look like clip art on google images. ADVENT is a big deal in the Christian calendar- would you please try some updated designs. Thank you.
    1. Hello, -- Thank you for your feedback! We have made certain it gets to the design team for ProMedia.
    2. thanks
  • Hi! My motion backgrounds are motionless when I go on air. How can I troubleshoot this? Thank you!
    1. Hey Based on some data it looks like you guys were previously using a Windows 7 machine. Is this still true? Is this happening on all machines or just the one you previously tried on? (We recommend Windows 10 with dedicated graphics card or a Mac OS X) Part of the reason why is when dealing with an on air presentation video playback tends to be heavily relied on your current machine specs. If all this seems pretty new -- feel free to give us a call at 888-634-2038. We are here from 6am - 6pm PST. You can ask for Matt and I can remote into your computer and check on your hardware and give some recommendations if needed.