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    Hello Proclaim Users We deeply apologize for the challenges you, our valued Proclaim customers, experienced these past 2 weekends. On 7/17 and 7/24 Proclaim experienced degraded service. This resulted in many customers being unable to sync changes, failed media up-and-downloads, and a complete outage for some. Our team was automatically alerted and addressed the issues as quickly as possible.  What happened? On Sunday July 17th 2022 and July 24th 2022 The main database server for Proclaim and Faithlife Music was overloaded, which caused very slow response times for many customers, and a complete outage for others. Why did it happen? The on-premises servers that power Proclaim were completely moved to a new cloud hosting provider (Azure Cloud Service) on Tuesday, July 19th. In preparation for this complete move, we moved some of our caches to Azure. This caused excessive latency between our on premises servers and our new Azure servers on Sunday, July 17th. On Sunday, July 24th there was another outage resulting from a scaling issue on the new servers. A configuration error caused a core service for Proclaim to have insufficient capacity (CPU Cores and Memory) to handle the load.   What are we doing to ensure this does not happen in the future? Additional capacity was provisioned on Sunday July 24th 2022 to handle the load. We are reviewing all capacity to ensure it’s sufficient for our customers’ needs. Development teams are being trained on responding more quickly to this type of incident. We also apologize that you may have experienced challenges with other Faithlife products. Over the past few weeks, we have been migrating all our servers to create a better experience for our customers. Our goal is to improve site and service performance, security, and reliability. Our migration is now complete. Again, we are deeply sorry for the service disruptions. We strive to be a trusted provider for you and your church. We are confident that we have addressed the underlying issues and have put extra steps in place to ensure that services are not disrupted again in the future.
  • Sunday July 24, Proclaim customers had degraded service between 7:30 and 9:00 AM PDT. This manifested in failed media uploads and downloads, leaving many customers unable to sync new files with their presenting computer. Our team was automatically alerted about these issues. We quickly investigated and, once we found the problem, made a change. Within minutes we saw the errors begin to resolve and our customers began to report that things were working again. We apologize for the disruption. We know that people rely on Proclaim for their services, and that Proclaim needs to work to that end. We are very confident that the underlying issue has been resolved. If you continue to have issues, please contact our support team at 888-634-2038 or support@faithlife.com. You can also visit our status page at status.faithlife.com, then click on Proclaim to see any affected services and subscribe to monitor our progress.
  • Hello friends! Last week, I accidentally deleted our Proclaim group and someone was able to make a new one and reactivate our subscriptions. But now I am getting this alert in Proclaim when trying to add songs. I have been trying to follow the instructions provided but I am not having success. Can anyone walk me through what I need to do step by step? I don't want to lose all of the presentations that we've already built.
    1. I emailed you about this, .
  • This may not be the best place to post, but hopefully another church can offer insight: Our church website is nhb.church but we are looking at getting more professional email. Faithlife doesn't host emails. We do not qualify for the free g suites through google, because we chose not to be considered a 501c. Are there any suggestions for email hosting that we could do: tech@nhb.church, youth@nhb.church, etc
    1. Hello - I am the music minister for our church and am new to Proclaim. I am trying to get the basics of importing our Planning Center plan, with correct lyrics for songs, to a weekly template on Proclaim. Would a power user, be willing to jump into a meeting with me for 15 mins today, to give me a run down and answer a few questions?
      1. Hi , Do you have ‘prefer lyrics from planning center’ checked? If your lyrics aren't coming in as expected and you have a SongSelect account you might want to consider unchecking that which should result in your CCLI Song select account to pull the lyrics in automatically. Otherwise, I'm not sure if you've seen this article, you can either start a presentation from scratch via File>>Import>>Planning Center, or you can import into an existing presentation via Add Item>>Import>>Planning Center. https://support.faithlife.com/hc/en-us/articles/360007374791-Import-a-Service-Plan-from-Planning-Center-Online
    2. Submitted my log. I am unable to sync my files on Proclaim.
      1. Hi Heather, Thanks for submitting your log files, we can take a look. Do you mind clarifying a bit more about what you're experiencing? Are you getting any red exclamations icons where you'd normally see the green check or blue ellipsis? Are you having issues syncing to a particular computer?
      2. , After looking it doesn't look like I'm seeing your logs. Can you resubmit via email: https://support.faithlife.com/hc/en-us/articles/360007374091-How-do-I-submit-log-files-if-I-can-t-open-Proclaim- Additionally prior to submitting can you verify that both your operating system and Proclaim don't have any pending updates. https://support.faithlife.com/hc/en-us/articles/360007128092-How-Do-I-Update-my-Proclaim-Software-Manually-
    3. Keyboard shortcut to play video? I've tried searching but can't seem to find a way to play a video content item without clicking on the play button with the mouse. I do not want it to play automatically but I don't really use my mouse for anything else during a service so, reaching for that every time isn't ideal either. Anyone have a solution to play the video content item without clicking? Thanks!
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        I apologize, , to have communicated that incorrectly. We do not have a hotkey for play video at this time.
      2. Ok thank you for letting me know,
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        that is a great point and I am a little surprised we dont have one for that. I'll create a case! The most obvious shortcut would be 'spacebar' however that is already used for advancing slides. Do you have a good one in mind? Maybe just command/control P for play/pause (oh we use that for print today )
    4. Is anyone having issues with scriptures not posting as they should while "On Air"? I am getting a blank screen and I have troubleshot any issues I can imagine. The internet connection is strong, I have reinstalled Proclaim just in case, and I'm still seeing that no scripture is posting during the service.
      1. , We are happy to look into this, do you mind clarifying what scripture you're referencing and what presentation you're looking at?
      2. Scriptures as part of the service presentation. Do you need specifics on which of our presentations? It’s the last one in my services.
    5. In customizing slides for songs. Is there a function of a page break after so many lines? I know I can enter multiple blank lines and it will eventually go to the next slide. Didn’t know if there was an easier method I was unaware of.
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        You would need to manually enter a line break, .
    6. Hey guys We have 4 LEAD lights on floor of stage aimed up Colors etc is controlled by an old mechanical analog box with sliders. We want to get those LED lights into our PC to control through Proclaim. What do we need to do?
      1. is correct, you'll need some kind of lighting controller. Our lighting setup is fairly simple and we use a Bluelite X-1 mini that controls all our lights that are daisy chained together. (http://www.lightinmotionshowcontrol.com/) We control the dimmers on our house lights, our wash lights on the back wall and our stage lights all through that controller and software.
      2. I use Sweetwater all the time. My contact is David Mikautadze , david_mikautadze@sweetwater.com
      3. Your problem is similar to, albeit on a smaller scale than, the problems I face, specificating a complete re-light for OMS Japanese Christian. ENTTEC® manufactures a half-dozen models of controllers for DMX512, only one of which (viz., the 70314 "USB DMX 2.0" with two DMX512 and one MIDI loops) can take MIDI Scene commands from external sequencers, Windows servers, &c. I still haven't obtained complete documentation for the Allenorgans® MIDI Assistant II™ to see whether the Organist is able to control the scene sequence (which will of course necessitate mission-specific toe studs or piano pedals).
    7. Changing Song by Changing Song Title in Song Editor; Doesn't Always Update Song Title in Schedule Hello, my process is usually - Duplicate last week's service - Update service items including songs by changing the existing slides - When updating the songs, click on a song in the schedule, then go to the song title at the top left of the editing window, begin typing in the title I want for this week's service, then click on the song I want when it appears in the choices offered by the search bar When I update songs in this way, sometimes the title in the schedule on the left part of the screen changes to the newly selected song. Sometimes it does not change, and I have to manually rename the schedule item. Is there anything I can do so that it always updates the title in the schedule when I retype the song title in the editing window and select a new song as indicated above? Thanks! Daren Butler First Baptist Church, Kingsville, TX
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        I have also seen this since the latest software update. I have noticed it at home on my Mac and at church on our Worship computer running Windows.
      2. Hey everyone, once the two get out of sync, they will stay out of sync. We could probably do something better here to let you know that. But, essentially, all you need to do is edit the service item title in the Order of Service along the left, clear out the name and hit enter. This will restore it to following what ever song you have selected. You probably got out of order once (edited the service item title first) and now Proclaim thought that was what you wanted it called.
      3. 's solution worked for me when I tested it in a file that was having the issue. Then also, after duplicating the file, the sync-ing done in the first file carried forward in the duplicated file. Thanks, Jordan!